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  1. 4thTaterBattalion

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Looking forward to; 1) The continuation of having Brawls. 2) For a USA Supership Battleship. 3)Waiting for the unlocking of the USSR Battleship USHAKOV to be unlocked.
  2. 4thTaterBattalion

    Hapa_Fodder needs one of these while Streaming.

    Sir Hapa_Fodder needs to be setting a chair like this while Streaming. This way he will still feel the affect that he is actually on the Ship again while he was in the Navy during his Good Streams. What do you think? Image him rocking. Kalvothe .. Mademoisail .. KARMAT1KA .. SeaRaptor
  3. 4thTaterBattalion

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Why cannot Brawling season be longer as some of the other game mode events? I personally like Brawling more then Clan Battles. It gives small Clans more of chance to be able to participate together and be Awarded for winning. I rather do Brawls then Operations of the Week. Burnt out on the same operations to play over and over again. Small Clans has a disadvantage over the Clans in some ways. Small Clans are more personal to each other.
  4. 4thTaterBattalion

    NA Community time with Mademoisail and Hapa_fodder

    As long as @Mademoisail is going to be there. I will make sure I am there to cheer her on in the games. Sorry Hapa_Fodder I need to watch another good stream of Hapa.
  5. I will be there just to watch and hear @Mademoisail while you try to sink ships again. LOL Looking forward to the Stream. Thank You
  6. 4thTaterBattalion

    NA community time with Maredraco and Hapa_Fodder

    wouldn't miss it for darn sure!
  7. 4thTaterBattalion

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    @Hapa_Fodder Again as I have mention ...I might missing something from the reading except now to understand it is 2 separate events...Okay I will wait for the Verizon Branch Challenge on Dec 5th and see if I can help. Alumni Donator for 5 years to 4 major Veteran Charites (DAV, WWP, USO, and Fisher House), I wanted to participate and help even more..I just not understanding how it suppose to work so to speak.. I do not do Clan Battles, but I still put my name into Comments of the Facebook Posting as well as a few of my friends....I just feel there is not a clear understand how the Teams will be picked. Only My opinion...I will re-read the information again...SORRY, but it is confusing to me...So I learn from it and move forward. Thanks for your response.
  8. 4thTaterBattalion

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    @Hapa_Fodder Maybe I am missing something after reading the Forums and re-reading the the News Ad about the Verizon Warriors Challenge / Verizon Branches Challenge. It starting to sound it is just another Global Clan Battle Tournament for the already well know Clans to participate in tournaments. I would not be surprised that over half of the Clan Members in the Clan are not or have not been in a Branch of Service. The ID.Me is good but when the Tournament actually starts. Who is going to verify the Clan Members playing were. Even in the Clan I am in, a third of our good players are not Branch related but are the better players. I just feel I missing something when there is players out there in a Clan and not in a Clan that can represent one of the 5 Branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard) that is better then those Standard Tournament Clan Teams. It would have been better to let One Person to pick/form a Team from all the Players that play Warships from all the DIFFERENT Clans to represent a Branch. Then have a week to play together before having to have to qualify for the Tournament. Not the standard Clan vs Clan Tournament players. I just do not like the Title Verizon Branches Challenge when it is basically predetermine what Clans will be participating my Branch of Service. Again I am missing something to whole reasoning to this Challenge and calling it as you are. Explain please!
  9. Someone is not updating things if I am not mistaking. lol. Ends before it starts. lol
  10. 4thTaterBattalion

    WoWs verison of the Kansas.

    Thanks.....I like to see the basic blueprint.. Just post it here...So the Kansas is a South Dakota Class ship?...Interesting...
  11. 4thTaterBattalion

    WoWs verison of the Kansas.

    If anyone finds actual images of the Kansas to which WG WoWs designers came up with for the new Battleship Kansas. I can only find the images of the dreadnought version and the new modern missile ship. I would appreciate to see what you find. Thank You!
  12. 4thTaterBattalion

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    I have done it before. If you be become short of the 300 that you are looking to get. I will work around my schedule to help you out.
  13. 4thTaterBattalion

    Clan Brawls

    Hey TheURLGuy......I agree totally with MJR_Tom...Clan Brawl should be 3 vs 3 like the first time it was played. Maybe even the 4 vs 4. MAX!!!!!!!!! Just guessing, I would say 70% of Clans out there cannot even come with 5 Players to dedicate their time and participate at any one time. I know some well known Clans that even have that problem...Do you even pay attention or talk to other Clan Members to get their thoughts on your own and not just through the Forums while playing...Clan Brawls are a great idea, but the numbers of Clan Players this time is far reaching...CASUAL Players in Clans do have a Life (JOBS) and Family Duties Outside of just playing Warships every waking hours of the Day.... Stick with 3 vs 3.. You get more Players participating and enjoy Warships even more....Get yourself another Coffee and sit back, truly think this out...Listen to your CUSTOMERS/Players also.