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  1. Copperhead550

    ID Help: What is this Russian protected cruiser?

    Kinda looks like the Pallada-class cruiser. the only other russian protected cruiser class that had 3 funnels (that i know of) is the svetlana-class
  2. Copperhead550

    Research Bureau question

    need to regrind the lines to get the RB points! i know it sucks but thats how it is!
  3. Copperhead550

    So what's your take on the Huron?

    Previous dockyard had different free ship for the D7P. Was the Leone if I remember correctly?
  4. Copperhead550

    Halland Torp spread angle changed

    Maybe your being thrown off by the new camera
  5. Copperhead550

    Ship's Log: Indian Shores

    It’s called sarcasm
  6. Copperhead550

    Ship's Log: Indian Shores

    that message is that we all love submarines and love seeing them daily in port!
  7. Copperhead550

    Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

    i love my epoch and christmas camo though :(
  8. Copperhead550

    Back from the Wall...for my mental health?

    I would love to get my hands on a nice warspite model. just so darn expensive!
  9. Copperhead550

    Did I just miss it or......

    I’m impressed you managed to hurt yourself
  10. Copperhead550

    Colbert ou Vampire?

    I prefer the Vampire, She has many good attributes to help the team
  11. Bet you feel silly now! lol
  12. Copperhead550

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    Is there enough real life or planned DDs for a full line? i sure do hope there is!
  13. Im stuck on what line to reset next. Im thinking the Daring
  14. Oh no it’s already starting @Ensign_Cthulhuhalp