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  1. Copperhead550

    Vehicle Restoration Tool

    Done that already.. and DMd one of them in the forums for it to be ignored.
  2. Copperhead550

    Vehicle Restoration Tool

    90+ free ports
  3. Copperhead550

    Vehicle Restoration Tool

    3,960,000 credits... which i have well over that but they want doubloons
  4. Copperhead550

    Vehicle Restoration Tool

    trying to restore the Perth.. sold it early days of having it lawl
  5. Tried restoring a ship i have the credits to do so, even the support website says i can buy it back w/ credits. WG support on the other hand says i need doubloons to restore the vehicle..
  6. Copperhead550

    Best DD at Tier 7?

    Z-31 best DD
  7. some IJN ships too
  8. Copperhead550

    Armada: Constellation

    The Constellation was to be a Lexington class light battleship. 6 planned none finished. In game name, Copperhead550, NA server
  9. Copperhead550

    Outnumbered Skill. Do you like it?

    “Airborne! Want to go blow up HQ?” Its a good skill to have if all the BBs are dead i use it for a few ships
  10. Copperhead550

    Which Premium ships need to be buffed...

    Z-44 needs some love...
  11. Will do next time it happens but it’s only maybe happened 5 times over the years I’ve played
  12. That glitch has happened to me a few times and I don’t use mods
  13. Copperhead550

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    True, but long ago when she first came out WG did slip up calling her a Leander-class :)