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  1. warheart1992

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    A Nueve de Julio after 5 medium crates. Cashed out before the house got me bankrupt; after that only free crates.
  2. warheart1992

    The state of the Leone

    I would add that the "overgimmifickation" of these exact ships (Aosta, Abruzzi) shows how WG tried to shove them into upper tiers. Aosta was the first cruiser -RN aside that is a unique case- to get three separate consumable slots, way before the USN CLs. Abruzzi as well. Then there is the mediocre HE performance and the way AP behaves. In general the whole process behind these two ships shows that at some point they just started giving them gimmicks to justify the tier. The conspiracy theorist in me would say that is has to do with pricing, but I hope it was just mistakes/miscommunication at the time. I had no idea by the way about the armour model, only that Lesta had some difficulty accessing the relevant ship files.
  3. warheart1992

    Way to turn off new AA visual Effects?

    On the recent stream devs were asked about the impact of the new CV system on game requirements. All of them answered that to their knowledge there would be no issue with game performance, nor a change in minimum requirements. Most likely there will be some options, or at least mods to fix AA effects if it becomes an issue.
  4. warheart1992

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    Oh, I misunderstood Legendary Commanders (Yamamoto) for Unique ones like Dunkirk, Doe etc. Yeah then, am all for it with Master Marksman. Possibly the French got it the best; Master Marksman and Adrenaline Surge applies on so many builds.
  5. warheart1992

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    Tameichi Hara as a Unique Commander with a focus on DD skills.
  6. warheart1992

    Narai Operation

    Nice writeup, I would also recommend Boise/Nueve de Julio as the Repair Party can come real handy.
  7. While it's the internets and nothing should be taken for granted, Kongo's thread track record shows he/she is just interested in game knowledge, nothing malicious of the sort.
  8. warheart1992

    Nagato or KGV

    Nagato will be getting a buff soon to 30 secs reload time instead of 32, this could factor in your decision. As for KGV, she is nice to look at but I feel pretty dirty .
  9. Hey, I'm just transfering what WG officials offered as a justification for not going for the Los change. Whether you believe it to be true or fake is your opinion, same as the route this game should take regarding radar. To me the more baby steps taken, the better, cause it shows patience and willingness to correct things. Let's just wait and see how the proposed change will turn out to be, and who knows, plans change.
  10. In the internal tests that they did they mentioned how DDs could abuse LoS radar with the current islands and practically make it's function worthless. Most of the maps would also have to be redesigned to account for any such changes.
  11. My guess is she would turn up a bit too strong. Tash and Khaba are pretty clumsy whereas Kiev can move her tush easier.
  12. Next week on Thursday there will be also a CV rework centered Dev stream, I expect some news to come from that as well Kizaverxis.
  13. Not only that; they mentioned how this aspect of the game would have to be designed again from scratch. They also talked how in the internal tests with Los Radar a well played DD could be almost completely immune to it.
  14. warheart1992

    T5-8 to consider keeping

    Cruisers: Konigsberg, Furutaka, Emile Bertin for tier V. Tier VI I would Budy and Leander. Tier VII Fiji, maybe Algerie if you enjoy the playstyle. Tier VIII Almost everything, it's a playstyle question. Destroyers: Nicholas for tier V. Tier VI Fushun, Fubuki, Farragut. For tier VII I agree Mahan is good, and only bound to get better (scheduled for a main battery buff to 3.3s). As for tier VIII, Kiev, Benson, Lightning are pretty darn good. Akizuki as well Battleships: Kongo maybe for tier V. I have found Normandie to be a very capable tier VI. Tier VII and VIII are a matter of preference, almost everything is viable and a potential keeper provided you enjoy it.
  15. Personally she reminds me of Cossack and how for a few months she had totally vanished.