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  1. What I was thinking is that there will be a similar relationship as with the chinese company that has the license for WoT/WoWs in China. However the "no longer affiliated" part can be interpreted in many ways.
  2. Not here to start any flame wars, get into politics or be judgemental of anyone. Just saw this and am wondering how it affects all of Wargaming titles, as well as what happens with Lesta and WoWs specifically. This is coming from the official LinkedIn page of Wargaming (and their own portal, as updated by a fellow forumer below), so no rumors, that's as legit as it gets. Quote (and sources) https://www.linkedin.com/posts/wargaming-net_wargaming-announces-decision-to-leave-russia-activity-6916701766524813312-c3ec/ https://www.stockwatch.com.cy/en/article/emporika-nea/wargaming-announces-decision-leave-russia-and-belarus https://wargaming.com/en/news/business-operations-worldwide/
  3. warheart1992

    Lighthouse Auction: Gremyashchy

    Hello, I'm back from my hiatus from the forums and from the game to congratulate you on the shift from lootboxes to FOMO instead. I'm sure loads of people will observe that all the pools are shared between all servers (which is only described on the portal page by the way).
  4. At first it was the joy of a brand new game other than WoT, with a fresh team that appeared to be listening and looking out for the game. Then it evolved to becoming a better player and getting interesting ships. It's final and current stage on "why do I keep on going" was the pleasure from making matches miserable for others, partly from disillusionment with the future of the game, and partly because I had nothing to do. Which is exactly why I stopped indefinitely. Just a different viewpoint that's not all roses.
  5. warheart1992

    Hmm......it seems that we have a new bug:(

    Welp, I came back after two months to check out the game again with a bit of a fresh perspective. Obviously specced some of my DDs for SE. Good to know I have one more reason to not spend more time, since obviously asking for a free respec is in the realm of fiction.
  6. Hizen had Yahagi. As for Odin and Graf Spee, the latter isn't really a top tier vessel. Where it shined was in competitive due to the quirks of that CB season. However I will definitely say that from a historical/collecting standpoint, Graf Spee is definitely in a top 5 list of desirable ships. Personally the Odin Dockyard was one of the better ones.
  7. warheart1992

    HotFix: Game Balance

    I really appreciate this type of information, I'm sure others too and it's definitely something dispelling lots of myths. My question and concern however is that it took pretty much a riot and the mass exodus of most prominent CCs to release this info. Can't help but wonder whether most of the backlash could have been avoided.
  8. First of all, good on you for posting it on news instead of devblog. What was in your message is definitely a step in the right direction, if it is sincere. However I will touch upon the one thing that isn't mentioned. Communication within the organization itself. There are numerous testimonies from former employees that there is a large disconnect between the regional offices, that in turn lead to misunderstandings, elitism from certain parts of the company and in general impede the efficiency of the company itself. So while I appreciate trying to improve your image towards us, there's also the internal aspect that needs to be addressed.
  9. I have to agree on the Kidd AA comments; it ain't anything particularly crazy on that field, albeit is better than most of it's peers. What it does well is to be safe from any T6 CV, be a reasonable dissuading presence for T8 CVs and being somewhat ok when it comes to T10 CVs. This doesn't mean you won't dumpster clueless CV players, but I have found Kidd to be benefiting more from the reputation as an "AA platform" than the actual capabilities. The real reason Kidd is good is the heal, not the AA.
  10. Half expecting a devblog post to detail how filling in a survey while not being the target group is a bannable offense....
  11. warheart1992

    Forget Subs, Super Ships Are The Real Issue

    I would say that unless there has been a mention in a stream, the devblog post is somewhat hazy on that aspect: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/227 So what I read is that the superships will indeed not affect the XP aspect of the reset, but the part about credits is left vague. Until there is a clear and concise mention that Superships don't affect any aspect of the reset it is open to interpretation. The way I see it there are the following scenarios: You have to buy the Supership to reset the line, but you also get extra RP. Whether they will be scaling to conform to the credit pricetag is unclear. The moment you play your tier X you get the option to reset the line again, nothing changes. You only have to research the Supership to reset the line, you don't get extra RP, but you don't have to pay for the Supership either.
  12. warheart1992

    Forget Subs, Super Ships Are The Real Issue

    To add a bit to that, there's also so far no mention on how the Research Bureau and resets will be affected. If superships are considered the next step of progression and in order to fully complete a reset you need them too, then that means you will have to also buy 1.5x-2x the value of a tier X ship. While this isn't a huge issue for people stacking resets, for someone organically trying to grind that also buys and plays each ship it's a huge resource burden. In that sense doing your utmost to farm of convert FXP will be the more reasonable way and completely squash WG's argument that resets exist so players get to experience the lower tiers again.
  13. warheart1992

    BB Novorossiysk (Russian Refit?)

    Judging by stats the guns are the original italian ones. The AA and secondaries are the ones that change.
  14. warheart1992

    WG, T7 needs some love...

    Someone had to be the sacrifice for T8 to be a bit more hospitable. There's the potential that Superships may help decongest somewhat these issues, though not having high hopes.
  15. warheart1992

    New ships and new code

    I really have to wonder whether the WG balancing team is just playing darts with ship gimmicks. Sevastopol looks like it.