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  1. warheart1992

    What's the most powerful type of ship?

    DDs may be pretty strong, but their high skill floor doesn't allow them to assert dominance. More often than not you will see them dying in the first five minutes of the game.
  2. warheart1992

    stray torp brings ban?

    It's not stray torps; when you fire them you own them.
  3. Awaiting for the coupon renewal to snatch Neustrashimy myself, quite a big fan of niche playstyle DDs.
  4. warheart1992

    Status of German tier 9 supercruiser

    OP most likely means Siegfried, for which and Hayate there haven't been news in months.
  5. warheart1992

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland

    First of all, thanks for the wonderful review Miss Mouse. Secondly, I am sincerely in love with Friesland, from the moment I bought her (immediately after she became available), even though I was and am at times skeptical. She presents a unique challenge and playstyle that as a mainly DD player really appreciate. I have also come to realize how the lack of torpedoes can often work in her advantage by being able to lay traps or lure enemies into overextending to get you in your smoke. You simply have to lay a sizable wall of smoke, then as the enemy advances on you abandon it, while using the line of smoke you left as a vision barrier to keep on dakka. Most enemies will rush only to find themselves in a bad spot and with no sunk Friesland to boot.
  6. warheart1992

    ST, Arms Race and other improvements.

    My only gripe is that Atago kinda becomes redundant with Takao getting the same premium earnings; still, Atago is prettier .
  7. warheart1992

    ST, European destroyers

    So basically Swedish DD line, might as well call it that. We could have ships like Grom and a pretty varied line, but might as well overgimmick it to hell.
  8. warheart1992

    Found my Co-op American DD...

    To me Kidd is probably the best tier VIII DD, not just premium. She allows you to survive situations where other DDs would crumble, duel tier IX-X DDs as long as you know how to engage, and be a huge thorn to the side of CVs. Especially on the last part, seeing tier VI CVs in Kidd is downright broken in most scenarios. Glad she treats you well.
  9. warheart1992

    Ranked and the rare Klebers

    What Fantasque gets over Mogador is the competitive stealth for an open water gunboat DD, something that gives you a comfortable torping window. That said, I would agree Mogador is better tier for tier.
  10. warheart1992

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for picking the NA server to play instead of EU. Quite a few decent people here. Would be thankful for a Roma.
  11. warheart1992

    Having a horrible time lately

    If you see you are on a bad roll for let's say more than 5 losses in a row , just close the game; play something else, or spend your time differently. Alternatively do a bit of co-op.
  12. I got her, she got boring for me pretty fast. Still, if you want to devastate DDs up to 12km with ease she is for you. Only thing is you need a 19 point Commander to get out of her all of her potential.
  13. Are you a devoted DD player willing to forgo torpedoes for tier X firepower and Germany style Hydro in tandem with glorious AA, USN smoke and potential insane ASW capabilities in the future? If yes then Friesland may be a fit for you. That said, there's a good chance she will feel pretty alien. My advice is to watch as many vids as possible and gauge whether she will fit your playstyle.
  14. warheart1992

    ST, peculiarities of Günther Lütjens

    I don't like the activated skills one bit. Yamamoto and Halsey special achievements can take some effort to get so this just feels like being handed out on a platter.
  15. warheart1992

    Leone, Leone, where art thou?

    My guess is that WG decided to go ahead with SAP and trampled Leone's development in the process.