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  1. warheart1992

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    Picked up on the story early on, as every hour passes seems to be getting worse. This is devastating on on many levels and I hope the death toll doesn't increase. From what I read as well a 41 year old male is the prime suspect, seems to be in custody and injured. Most likely a deranged mind.
  2. That's more accurate than it feels comfortable to admit. On a more serious note, a DD smoked up the moment a CV spots it finds itself with one wasted smoke out of a max of 4, stuck on the cooldown and potentially loses it's escape plan. Keep in mind that smoke is a pretty valuable consumable. It all comes down to the player's decision and how he wishes to use his HP.
  3. warheart1992

    T9 Random Chat

    Champions focus on their performance and at least get the satisfaction of giving their all, even on a horrible loss. Team chat toxicity is just a diversion to this and to be honest I think you would struggle to find a PvP game without some abuse.
  4. warheart1992

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    The way I see it, there are two "addictions" that fuel each other. There is the addiction to new content before everybody else, to show the new toy around. In that sense also Free XPing on line releases is based off that. But then there is also the addiction to lootboxes and their contents, which some argue is gambling. By combining these two WG can put pressure on both of these fields by combining the early access, showoff character of the first, with lootboxes from the second. And I mean, it's a way to monetize your game, far larger names than WG follow this practice and they seem to do ok. Even if it becomes regulated some other loophole will be found and so on. That doesn't mean I have to like it, and while everyone has a right to spend his money any way he/she wants it can still leave a bad taste.
  5. warheart1992

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    And that's what I meant about addicts. My free advice to anyone interested in these ships is take whichever stuff is free first. Have a taste of the line if you are lucky since it has no smoke. Then, if you really want some high tier ship and can't wait just convert the XP and have it. If anyone wants to play slot machines there are many online casinos.
  6. warheart1992

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    At that point I don't know anymore. Am just waiting on the tier X one armed bandit style boxes. It's interesting though how the game's one allure, progression through the tiers and grinding is thouroughly trampled before the new lines even hit the servers.
  7. warheart1992

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    Welp I know I will offend some people, but this is a deal for addicts and people that can't be a bit patient for a patch. If someone is so horny for a Tier IX pixebote might as well splash the doubloons on Free XP conversion, save you the "surprise mechanic" aspect and keep the rest of the line as well.
  8. warheart1992

    Stalin is stronk my new dmg record !

    It's all about consistency. I think my own should be 190k+ in Tashkent in Randoms, but I would take constant results over fireworks any day.
  9. The best case scenario would be Benham ending up as a coal ship. Could definitely be a consolation prize since Somers will be locked behind Steel.
  10. warheart1992

    p2w clan wars

    Afaik Chapayev is pretty common. I wonder if Cossack will see some play due to the smokes, stealth and Hydro.
  11. warheart1992


    With all due respect, since you know you aren't a good player have you given it some effort to improve? You have already taken the most important step, recognising you need to get better. I don't mean that you should instantly become crazy good, but slow baby steps will help both in the amount of fun you have and in your battles. Just start thinking next time how you can pull your weight as well as improving your knowledge of the game. There is tons of material around that can help. Besides, if there is one thing 100% guaranteed in each battle you play, is your presence in it. Start with that.
  12. If you can stock us with torpillows, we can shoot them to unsuspecting friends. Makes for a good first WoWs lesson too.
  13. warheart1992

    Long Weekend Spree

    Look, I know the costs are daunting at tier 9+ but consistency is key and can make these tiers viable without the need for premium account or permanent camouflage. Clan benefits, good single use camouflages, careful signal choices, Ranked Star flags, these things can make it bearable. That said, you need to be able to pull your own weight performance wise, and if not confident in that department I can understand wanting to abstain.
  14. warheart1992

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    Can't really disagree much on the T8 pricing front, yet this is greatest discount this tier gets. Up to whoever is interested to make the call on it.
  15. warheart1992

    HMS Nelson - The Lancia Delta of Battleships?

    Top Gear has got you covered on the Lancia angle, in one of their episodes they detailed their rally history, from Stratos to Delta. While I don't think Nelson has that important a service history, her sister Rodney does if you are looking for more footage and info.