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  1. warheart1992

    The much misunderstood Tiger 59

    Dunno, to me Tiger '59 has the tools, but not the firepower to accomplish much. You can surely hunt DDs with all the gimmicks you got but with just four turrets, even with the improved accuracy, a DD paying the slightest attention can escape or minimize any damage taken. Ships like Kiev and Fantasque can straight up outgun you, and you lack any torpedoes to be a threat to smoked up ships or anyone rushing you. Now, I'm not saying the ship is worthless, I can see it working in divisions and in a support role, but for the price that's asked and for what is offered, I would rather take Edinburgh with Radar for free and take my chances with the lack of smoke.
  2. The Dutch reaction seems pretty accurate .
  3. warheart1992

    Kronstadt? Collecting 305/310mm battlcruisers

    It cost 750k Free XP, and in an economy where WG had absolute control and at the same point managed to lead to resource inflation, it was deemed too cheap to be available.
  4. warheart1992

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Regardless if you like Flamu or not, he nails one thing. The issue that has to do with subs and team size. It is my understanding that there will be a two Sub cap on each team, but this still removes more ships which can engage in direct combat. If we pick a common lineup we get lately at tier VIII+, 1 CV, 4-5BBs, 4DDs,2-3CAs, then adding two more subs really reduces the number of ships you can directly engage. If it were a 15v15 it would be a different case, but he's right that battles look somewhat empty. If WG is so keen on implementing subs in PvP, the announced convoy mode should be a no brainer. You can also be using mostly DDs/CAs there, so you don't have the headache of balancing all the classes versus subs.
  5. warheart1992

    So which one is floaty botes?

    I will take all of the above, depending on you winning, losing, or are by definition salty. On a more honest note, the game is "almost" fun enough to keep on playing.
  6. warheart1992

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    As much as I dislike sub implementation in general, and this one in specific, this is one iteration of many, on one test session of many. It is worrying that WG considered them ready for testing by the playerbase in that state, but there's still ways to go. And if this what we get, at least I can leave the game in peace knowing it's unsalvageable.
  7. Keep in mind that battles played in the ship also play their role; Kleber is also the least played tier X tech tree DD. (not that this doesn't make it still very strong). Similarly Manfred has a fraction of the battles played by Hakuryu and Midway. Also wowsnumbers doesn't take into account meta, patches, nerfs and buffs so aside from a very general indicator these winrates aren't anything to go crazy about.
  8. warheart1992

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I would buy sister ships if they were called Oompa and Loompa. At least it would be honest it was make believe .
  9. warheart1992

    New ships (Dev Blog)

    For all intents and purposes yes. Oregon city from what I remember was Baltimore with a superstructure offering better AA arcs and a different smokestack. To be honest it's a decent addition, the ship was real too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Rochester_(CA-124)
  10. warheart1992

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Don't bother trying to explain stuff based on history. What I want to know is how safe it would be to stay at the bridge with planes taking off and landing constantly next to you.
  11. warheart1992

    New ships (Dev Blog)

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/162 It's ok, now that there's the excuse of modelling underwater environments to delay even further a single new map, I'm sure we might be able to see one or two new ones before the servers shut down.
  12. warheart1992

    Griefing with the new friendly fire system

    I totally won't be able to push a ship outside of smoke without anyone getting penalized. I totally won't be able to push a ship so it presents a better target than me. I totally won't be able to dump torpedoes like a dumba$$ because I'm unfamiliar with things like "you fire it, you own it". What the change shows to me, is that WG must be considering us really, really dumb.
  13. warheart1992

    Airstrikes nerfed (Devblog)

    Of course, this is definitely the case. But let's take for example French DDs, one of the lines that's not that new, nor that old and definitely has some gimmicks ( the special saturation rule, the long Engine Boost duration, the Reload Booster). You don't have to just stick at range and farm targets, though this can be the most efficient case. You can yolo rush if you think you can get away with it, you can use AP to absolutely gut a variety of ships, you can even stealthtorp to some extent if that's your thing. Point is, you can dynamically switch your gameplay. Something like RN CAs on the other hand revolves around staying at range and spamming HE. Not saying it's not effective at doing damage and winning, just that it can get stale quickly. So in the case of Dutch cruisers if the main battery takes a secondary role compared to airstrikes, you are just a delivery system for it.
  14. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/164 We adjusted the parameters of some ships based on testing results. The changes will be applied to the "Airstrike" and other parameters of Dutch cruisers. General changes of the "Airstrike" of researchable cruisers: Increased the bombs drop zone; Reduced the time bombs fall; Increased the number of bombs dropped by each plane; Reduced the planes' flight height. Dutch cruiser De Ryuter, Tier IV: Main battery reload time increased from 8.5 to 9 s. Dutch cruiser Kijkduin, Tier VI: Main battery reload time increased from 7 to 8.5 s. Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 60 to 80 s; Maximum bomb damage reduced from 5800 to 5100; Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 33 to 29%. Dutch cruiser Eendracht, Tier VII: Main battery reload time increased from 7 to 8.5 s; "Airstrike" reload time increased from 60 to 80 s. Dutch cruiser Haarlem, Tier VIII: "Airstrike" reload time increased from 80 to 100 s. Dutch cruiser Johan de Witt, Tier IX: Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 80 to 100 s; Maximum bomb damage reduced from 7400 to 6100; Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 42 to 35%. Dutch cruiser Gouden Leeuw, Tier X: Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 80 to 120 s; The number of "Airstrike" charges reduced from 3 to 2; Maximum bomb damage reduced from 8500 to 6800; Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 48 to 39%. Dutch cruiser De 7 Provinciën, Tier VIII: Main battery reload time increased from 6 to 7.5 s. Changed the "Airstrike" parameters: Reload time increased from 60 to 80 s; Number of planes in the "Airstrike" squadron reduced from 12 to 6; Reduced the number of bombs dropped by each plane; The number of "Airstrike" charges increased from 1 to 3; Reduced the time bombs fall; Reduced the bombs drop zone The changes will make "Airstrike" more comfortable to use. Now the armament will make dealing damage more consistent, but at the same time the damage from each Airstrike activation will become lower. Well, it's definitely an improvement, though not sure how it will end up being. The penetration remains untouched, so is the ability to stack flights. What concerns me most are the nerfs to main battery to be honest. Because if the ships turn out to just be airstrike delivery systems, aside from the airstrike mechanic they will be pretty uninspiring. One dimensional gameplay loses its attraction fast.
  15. warheart1992

    Community Tokens, new currency for 0.10.5

    It isn't technically a new currency, it's more of an expansion of recruitment points to encompass more things to be applicable to, under one umbrella store. In fact I'd say this move is a net positive, as it let you choose your reward for once.