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  1. warheart1992

    This was fun. But what do you call it?

    Don't mind seeing test a single ship in divisions, but when all of the ships are test ones it gets excessive. Still, unless WG forbids it, it's not their fault.
  2. warheart1992

    Statistical proof that MM is NOT RIGGED

    Dunno exactly how you are gonna get to that, but I can recommend http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html if you haven't checked it out already, loads of stats pulled out straight from WoWs API.
  3. What scares me to be honest is a scenario with Richard Montgomery blowing up while something like a tanker or ship with dangerous cargo passes. The environmental damage on an already polluted river could be devastating. Also, if not wrong, there are some fragmentation bombs and cluster munitions that are especially dangerous.
  4. warheart1992

    Hallands - once again

    You could just send her a message instead of making a thread. More discreet and easier to do.
  5. warheart1992

    How does someone with 35% WR end up in rank 7?

    This will never happen, simply because there will be no interest in the end. Consider the average player, and how far away Steel is from him aside from snowflakes or paying. CB is a small part, while Ranked allows everyone regardless of clan or skill to get some Steel provided there's a bit of effort. That doesn't mean Ranked is perfect or doesn't need a major look at, but it serves it's purpose, and that's perfectly fine; a quick and dirty way for the average player to get their hands on a valuable currency.
  6. warheart1992

    How does someone with 35% WR end up in rank 7?

    Ranked isn't a matter of skill, it's a matter of how much you can bash your head on a wall and keep on going. When you can just spam Ranked sooner or later you will get somewhere. The only thing skill affects is how fast you get to where you want. It took me 57 battles to get to rank 5 from rank 12 and I consider myself decent. I'm certain there will be many people at the same rank with double or triple the battles. What remains is they got to rank 5 and got the exact same rewards as I.
  7. Would instead prefer alternate tech trees and MM with subs, with the largest class being Destroyers, and Destroyer escorts, corvettes, gunboats and torpedo boats to be represented. Would offer a different experience, allow subs to be somewhat more balanced, introduce ship classes that will never make it into the base game and so on.
  8. Definitely. Everyone goes "Slava this, Slava that" while ignoring the fact there's a tier IX ship which is far more accessible, which you can buy for coal with a coupon AND which also helps handle Directives easier this patch. Here's some first day info on Slava and Pommern from na wows numbers, I wonder for which ship it would be more important to have some early impressions.
  9. Since there's barely any worthwhile video on Pommern and how she handles, and a lot of questions on the forums on how the ship performs, here's a first impressions video on the ship and if it's worth the while. Hopefully it clears up some things for potential buyers.
  10. warheart1992

    Did they nerf the GZ's bombs and rockets again?

    All rocket reticles and firing patterns were standardized this patch.
  11. warheart1992

    Kitakami making a return as a tier 10?

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/46 Here ya go, with some stats too. Yuudachi torps for her.
  12. warheart1992

    Missions designed only for the Elite players!

    High tiers and Elite players are two things I would almost never expect to hear.
  13. warheart1992

    Convoluted Coupon

    If you spend money according to WG logic you are already caught so there's no need for incentives. Am sure @theLaalaa can tell you how long it has been since he spent anything in the game.
  14. The Italians don't get that big of a buff, took a look at my Venezia but wasn't anything too special. Still, a straight up bonus for any ship with a long action on it's smoke.
  15. Who would have thought Haida needed a buff; certainly not me as I consider her one of the best tier VIIs and a very unique experience. Seems Lesta disagrees since: What does this mean? Only a 17,55 second buff to Haida's (and any ship with the same smoke generator) smoke. So yeah, thanks for the bonus, my Cobra chicken appreciates