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  1. Someone could have said the same back when USN CLs were able to stealthradar and Worcester was considered OP, or when RN BBs entered the game and the abomination of Conqueror emerged. Point is, power creep is a good source of attracting income, regardless of nationality.
  2. warheart1992

    Hospital Ships Deployed

    While a good move, I heard there is the issue of manning the ship with nurses and doctors, as there is no permanent contingent on the ships iirc.
  3. warheart1992

    Me no math good

    Kleber took the two torps at the same spot, leading to reduced damage because of saturation mechanics. The first torpedo did full damage, the second reduced. As for Yamato, you don't have to penetrate to be able to set fires, so some non penetration started the fire.
  4. warheart1992

    Huge container haul

    Got to tier VI halfway through the Directives which is my norm with every early release line, so my expectations are somewhat met. That said, the premium bundles look downright bad with the token RNG taking hold.
  5. There's also that issue. Many premiums were hit by these blanket changes. Some, like Smolensk deservedly so, others like Atlanta or Flint didn't need this, especially in the light of the AA changes that gutted their role. In general, CAs look quite a bit stronger nowadays; I just hope if the situation is truly bad WG acts up on the info to rectify any ossues.
  6. With 0.9.2 we had one of the bigger mechanic changes, a rebalance of IFHE, as well as changes on the plating of cruisers to make them more resistant to incoming fire. The logic behind this change, and something with which I agree, was for IFHE to not be anymore the "must pick" skill for CLs that gave raw damage without a big tradeoff in fire chance. So you either have to pick fire starting or capability of raw damage. Or at least that's how it must have sounded like. This made sense, especially when it comes to ships like Smolensk or Worcester with terrifying HE DPM. In addition, the change of HE rules when it comes to penetration means that some ships like Daring that had to have IFHE to even penetrate with HE now could do so without, further freeing up 4 skill points. Yet I think the implementation of the changes was rushed, confusing and in certain cases downright frustrating for a number of reasons. Will get over them shortly and without too much detail. 1. Inconcistency and at certain points confusion; WG has made many changes under the logic of simplifying mechanics in order for the average player to be able to grasp them without much trouble. Hydro and Radar range changes are such two examples. Yet now we get different penetrations with IFHE for tier V-VII and different ones for VIII-X, for guns of the same caliber. Yes you can make sense of them, but can you say the same for the average player or a newbie? 2. Diminishing returns the higher up you go; Consider this. Let's pick a Seattle, without DE or flags, but with IFHE. Seattle with IFHE under the new rules gets 12/2=6% fire chance. But then you start pilling up fire resistance coefficient, commander skills to combat fire, even upgrades reducing it. But for this example, let's consider a tier X BB without any special skills or upgrades. Just by itself it gets a fire coefficient of 0.5, meaning that 6% fire chance just became 3%. And when you add RNG into the mix it doesn't look good. In high tiers where HE and fires, broken as they may appear at times, are often the only means to counter bowtanking this is a big impediment. 3. Too little time for respecs; First of all, I appreciate them even being offered. Yet I believe that one week was too short a time period to make up your mind skills wise, or even have the time to enter the game and respec. I couldn't be on during that time period, so I happened to miss the respec. I have loads of Commander XP so it didn't hurt much, but I am sure it hit others. Keeping in mind the slew of issues arising with the spread of coronavirus I believe two weeks for free respecs would have been better and give the playerbase an easier time adjusting to the changes. To conclude, please keep in mind this is a personal opinion from playing for a few days after the patch. It's still early to have a completely concrete opinion and I will continue testing. Nevertheless I have to confess that some of these issues could have been handled better, maybe even addressed in the testing phase. In my opinion the 50% reduction is a bit too brutal and somewhat extreme. Not saying we should go back to before the changes, but another look wouldn't hurt. Hoping to hear more opinions on the subject in a polite discussion and not have this develop into a dumpster fire thread.
  7. Granted it ain't fun, but on the other hand it's one of the few ways to effectively combat bowtanking that's so prevalent at higher tiers. Besides, HE eventually has diminishing returns; saturation slowly decreases the damage that can be taken. Besides, you could argue that AP and torpedoes serve as the form of alpha damage, whereas HE is more focused towards DoT.
  8. If EU DDs part 2 is gonna be on April, then it would make sense for the split to happen in May/June. Keep in mind though that WG may not like the direction of the new ships, or that coronavirus may delay things. Still, never hurts to wait a little longer, that also means more people will be able to get Moskva before her status is changed.
  9. warheart1992

    Question with regards to AP

    https://wowsft.com/arty You can use this website to look up and compare penetration values.
  10. 1 mil FXP is the upper limit I will get, 2 mil is just silly and a sign of further FXP inflation, regardless of the ship. Now if WG wants to dangle a new carrot more power to them, but I don't see any point.
  11. warheart1992

    radar ranges

    It's the same old problem; I don't mind Radar, I mind unequally stacked Radar, especially in Ranked.
  12. warheart1992

    Question for Moskva users: how do you set her up?

    Drink Vodka, answer come up.
  13. warheart1992

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    Also unless the only enemy left, never go hunt a CV alone; in many cases it's a slow and painful death since you will be perceived as the greatest threat.
  14. warheart1992

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    With very few exceptions, unless the enemy CV is dumb enough to run it's planes through flak bursts or is a tier or two lower, you will never be able to beat the CV completely. Take it from me, I got hundreds of battles in Kidd and Friesland; if the CV is fixated in killing you, you will eventually be sunk either by the CV itself or the spotting, regardless if you got monster AA for a DD. What you can do however is present yourself as the least attractive target.
  15. My opinion is people have left Venezia to become a "sleeper" ship, focussing on the bad reputation(and rightfully so) of the line, while ignoring a very competitive (and beautiful) ship. From what I have seen she is a terrifying ship when properly played, with all the tools to have beast battles. She is certainly on my grind list after Moskva is done. Puerto Rico got a decent rep on the other hand, as an "Alaska with one more turret". She is a more known value and may have had an easier time attracting attention.