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  1. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    Was the way they was set up. That is what I talking about. Anyway long time no see lol how are you doing?
  2. GravyDave1

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    you got that from the black boxes? If so lucky dog lol
  3. GravyDave1

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    They do not listen just do their own thing.
  4. GravyDave1

    Random Battle Anomalies

    Well if you think their is a bot. Screen shot it and post it here. Most bots usually have a famous military name to them. WoWs did something like this is in the past. But was more for testing. I have not seen it in random battles.
  5. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    Unless something happens subs will never be part of regular game.
  6. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    Well I have played CV since alpha to the opening of WoWs. In supertest and I still have a few in my port. A lot of times I watch chats and see complaints. From to OP to why they are not doing nothing. Still to this day and I know many know how to play this game. Complain because they do not watch their mini map. So to devs I have answered many a time and sent changes to them.But many the changes they did was to get people to spend instead balance and improve game play.
  7. Been awhile guys. But I am back.

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    2. Redwing6


      You left? I did too for about 18 months. came back in early summer. WB!

    3. compugeek5150
    4. Mayhem1


      Welcome Back

  8. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    It is possible. Just tried I got same thing
  9. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    To my understanding they are bumping them up to tier 8 ahhaahaha love the show when I was a kid.
  10. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    Good points like the feed back. lol
  11. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    I use to love playing CV. I like all classes of warships. The mid to higher tiers CAs and BBs AA is deadly to planes. With US lines most effected. I think they do good to split the CV line with CV and CVL lines. The British, US and IJN had them. The problem with the line is is how the squadrons are broken down. To me it is very unbalanced. Giving the IJN line the advantage for attacking ships.
  12. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    That is why I want it back. Also to many BBs want to hide behind islands. Instead using tact tactics.
  13. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    Without looking if they are even tier keep them. Odd tiers they are taking out of game to my understanding. I would keep the odd tier ones until they remove them. So get the XP for them.
  14. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    I have seen this before. Think you have a point.
  15. GravyDave1

    Games Changes

    The smaller map for lower tiers I think is a good idea.