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  1. Copied from the Reddit mega thread: Rewards gained: Queue Jumper: 5x Type 5 camo Fire Show: 25x India X-ray Big Roll: 1 mil credits Festive Soup: 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone Life and Soul of the Party: 25x Juliet Charlie Run Admiral Run: 25x Victor Lima Manners Maketh Man: 25x Zulu Hotel A Shot in the Dark: 25x November Echo Setteseven Rise of the Machines: 25X Zulu King of the Party: 5000 free XP Edit: List complete! Whoo! Looks like I'm third person on NA to finish!
  2. The problem that I see is that it's just plain un-fun playing an IJN CV against a USN CV. Oh, you want to fly your bombers over there? NOPE! They're all destroyed. Congratulations you now have no planes and mine are useless against boats. GG.