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  1. My bad, i got all excited searching for skins on google. Disregard, i repeat, abandon ship~!
  2. Can anyone make an Iowa Hawkeyes based Iowa BB skin, as well as an Arkansas Razorbacks themed skin for the Arkansas Beta?
  3. Thank you for the information good sir. I believe I will be switching back to the main battery accuracy mod. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but the secondary upgrades aren't exactly paying off like I hoped they would. Will give ranked battles a try now after seeing your success with the nagato.
  4. I'm curious to what upgrades you bought for the Nagato? I've fitted mine out with all of the secondary upgrades but after seeing you nail a couple salvos that might change. Good video matey!
  5. Liquidator the one based off of flood damage? I don't really pay attention to the achievements and don't play DDS often. Gave CVS a try but it didnt hold my interest. For a player with my battle count, am I doing decently? Lol
  6. Furutaka + Fuso = ?

    lol.. pat yourself on the back for having the awareness to snag a screenshot at such a monumental moment in history!
  7. Call J.G. Wentworth, 877-Cash-Now!!!
  8. Cool thing you are doing here, not very many generous people out there these days! Ok here's my lame attempt as I'm tired from work.. "What do sperm whales like to eat? Seamen." Lol..
  9. Heck, I don't even care if the AA guns are on par with the Wyoming. I'd be content with a few Roman candles shooting back... Something, anything!
  10. I guess I need to do a little research on the ships history. Planes probably weren't a big issue in the time frame it was first in service.. Makes sense in that aspect, unfortunately.
  11. Was hoping the ship Michael Phelps could outswim would get some anti air capabilities... I love the ship hardcore as I feel unique when taking it out to sea but cmon, it needs a little AA!
  12. Good stuff. Wanted to make sure before I either wasted experience on modules I didn't need to research or simply came up short in the free xp needed.
  13. I am going to free xp past the Colorado USN BB. My question is do I need to research the last hull upgrade to be able to research the north Carolina? In essence is it similiar to how researching in world of tanks works where you have to research the module leading to the next tier first?