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  1. mmliu1959

    Popeye in the Armory!

    Would be nice to have the choice of using these "commanders" on any nation's ship. I don't need any more USN commanders.
  2. mmliu1959

    Sunlit Fair

    Fiddle dee dee!
  3. What's with cherry picking specific nation's ships for sale? Why aren't all ships on sale?
  4. mmliu1959

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    If gold purchases are not eligible, I'll pass.
  5. mmliu1959

    New Operation Wolfpack

    Yeah. The Battle of the Atlantic was dominated by German U Boats that sunk tonnage by shotgunning their opponents, using speedy homing torpedoes, and high underwater speed to escape. /s The only good thing from this event is maybe it will take subs away from random games.
  6. mmliu1959

    Ranked Battles: Season 9

    No steel and gold?
  7. mmliu1959

    Update 0.11.9: Submarines

    When's Dalarna coming? I thought it would drop with Patrie and Edgar.
  8. mmliu1959


    Lol. Unintended consequences of separating econ bonuses from cosmetic camos. The value of camos lies only in the credits received when sold. Of course there are a few that get "value" when mounting them on ships. Good luck trying to fix this.
  9. mmliu1959

    Lighthouse Auction: Belfast and Superships

    The minimum auction price for the Dalarna is 100 mil credits. When Dalarna hits the tech tree in a month (?) or so, it will be sold for 45 million credits; the same price as the Yamagiri and Zorkiy. So the additional 55 million premium is the price someone pays for having the ship earlier. And this is assuming it sells for 100 million.
  10. mmliu1959

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Destroyers

    Yeah. Maybe much harder to play than cb.
  11. mmliu1959

    World of Warships Anniversary

    I hope modules are on sale too.
  12. mmliu1959

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    I wonder if revenues are lower now given the current underwhelming offerings in the Premium Shops (not interest in Kong and Godzilla). After the separation of econ bonuses from camos, only econ bonuses are worth paying money for.
  13. mmliu1959

    Godzilla vs. Kong: The Titans Return

    Hey Wee Gee, you made camos have little value since its now just putting makeup on a ship for ship owner. You are trying to convince players (and possibly yourselves) that camos are bags of gold when its a bag of fertilizer.
  14. mmliu1959

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    Wasting time and money on sound changes not needed or wanted.
  15. mmliu1959

    Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

    PR is even more expensive now (in terms of gold and time to complete) compared to last go around. Thanks but I'll pass. Underwhelming at best