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  1. mmliu1959

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.7

    That mid autumn festival mission was a pain. Much more difficult that the Tokyo one.
  2. mmliu1959

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    The in-game role of submarines will partly reflect their historical role. That is, first and foremost, about positioning, planning, waiting for the best moment to attack, and subsequently diving into the depths of the sea to escape retribution. From the right position, a submarine can cause turmoil in enemy lines, strike from an unexpected direction, disable a dangerous enemy, or divert the attention of destroyers towards herself, thereby allowing her allies to act much more freely. Yeah all in a 20 minute game. I hope they keep this game mode out of randoms and ranked and co-op.
  3. mmliu1959

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    Historically, they were a threat to convoys and in the case of the war in the Pacific, they were used as supply ships by the ijn. Very rarely was there a battle between a capital ship and a sub.
  4. mmliu1959

    WINNERS - Starfall Competition

    How does one use tier v to tier x ships in space mode games?
  5. Well I am truly blessed and a big shout out thanks to the RNG gods. I think I came out way ahead this year. I bought 40 MEGAS, 6 BIG and 2 GIFT boxes this evening. I got 7 ships (Musashi, Massachusetts, Roma, Gascogne, Le Terrible, Ashitaka and Haida and 5400 gold for T-61 I already had). 20,400 gold (includes 5400 gold from T-61 above) 25000 coal and the following flags and camos 165 dragon, 150 basilisk, 30 leviathan, 30 ouroboros, 45 hydra, 60 wyvern, and 15 scylia flags 10 spring day, 10 asian lantern and 104 New Year camo. Thanks WG,. Really appreciate it!