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  1. If you love the Age of Sail

    Don't forget the audio. The thunder of cannon fire is very immersive. The 1v1 battles are some of the most engaging and tense game-play you'll find; especially when fighting against a larger vessel than your own. You must maintain the wind gauge because one mistake will cost you dearly. He may be slower and less nimble but one well placed broadside can do a world of hurt. They also had a pretty interesting concept for the map borders; as the battle went on, the circle shrank in size. If you went outside of the circle you would suffer damage. So you could kite only so much before you were forced to give battle.
  2. Thank you kindly. Your work is very much appreciated!
  3. Getting the following error when installing the Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter':
  4. Izumo Chronicles: Day 6

    Press + on your number pad to increase the mini-map size.
  5. Anyone dislike the new bow wave?

    Is it an improvement from what was there? Absolutely. Is it perfect? No, few games get that detail correct.
  6. Pink account name! for nothing!

    Play a few games and it'll go away. Co-op works if you prefer that route. It's not permanent, nothing to get that worked up about.
  7. 7.2 CV controls

    Make sure that the alt-controls didn't reset it (deactivated) in the options. It's been known to happen in the past. As to the other, are you sure you didn't have your fighters selected by mistake?
  8. Confession: I enjoy my Mutsu.

    I like the Mutsu as well. Sadly, I lost my last battle so she dropped below 70% WR. Most of those were during season 6 of ranked. While Nagato was in battle I would run Mutsu to train my Yamato commander. Since both ships are very similar, I was in the zone.
  9. Emblem patches influencing Game?

    Technically, all of them are achievable with time. However, the nation specific ones take more of an effort than the damage ones. They also look better, by and large.
  10. Emblem patches influencing Game?

    I prefer the nation specific ones because they require one to win and be top of the team in xp. As to the damage farm ones, it's just damage farming.
  11. You ever had matches like this?

    Oh that's not so bad.
  12. That's the default free-look button. You can remap it as you like though.
  13. Nerf Nerf Nerf

    User error.
  14. Agreed. It's a tad irksome.