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  1. Bismarck seems extremly mediorce...

    Personally, I detested that ship. Didn't like the Fredrick either and would rather sail Yamato or Montana than the GK any day.
  2. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    @Cruiser_Atago you've got to update that signature.
  3. As with last season, we suggested the time frame should be extended by at least two more hours for the west cost players. It's a bit silly that they stuck to the same time frame after how much feedback they got as to how inconvenient it is.
  4. Well, it is the JMSDF ensign today so it should be alright. It's not like in Germany where they banned that offending item in question.
  5. CV gameplay Change

    I'd recommend watching some carrier guides on the YouTubes. I'm a CV noob and it's helped me. Kicking myself for waiting until I had around 6k battles before even trying them. Long after they took away the alt attacks at 4 and 5. Just got to tier 6 and it's a totally different game. Good luck!
  6. CV gameplay Change

    You can do this by right clicking on the squadron you want to cancel at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Emblems make you a target

    What he said. Anyone can grind for those emblems; some people do nothing but these days.
  8. Yamato or Nelson

    Yup, hence the edit not long after posting.
  9. Yamato or Nelson

    You have no tier 10's, only 9 total battles at tier 9 and just 7 battles in the Amagi. You are not ready for Yamato. You can get it but you will be a liability to your team and will likely lose more games than you'll win while you learn to play it. Skipping the Izumo is a bad idea (the ship's better than she used to be and is a good trainer for Yamato tactics). EDIT: Never mind, you play PvE far more than PvP. Knock yourself out. Just don't bring that thing into PvP if you do get it.
  10. 2 flags

    Finish the Yamamoto collection and presto. Good luck, it's a bit of a grind.
  11. Bayren

    She has excellent concealment and secondaries. Close range knife fighter with punishing guns and hard to citadel.
  12. If you love the Age of Sail

    Many of us who were around during alpha tried to caution them about investing too much into an OW model. Many of us came form Pirates of the Burning Seas and had first hand experience of the pitfalls of such a model. The constant battle instances were far more preferable. Glad they came to their senses though it would have been far better for the game had they not strayed off that path.
  13. If you love the Age of Sail

    I opted into it. That's what the game was at first. Much more enjoyable.
  14. Lost a BB Duel to an HE spammer...

    You have range, AP and speed on him. He has armor and HE on you. Stay just outside his range and just ahead in speed (3/4 on Kongo should be plenty) and have your way with him. If he turns away, you follow and keep range.