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  1. Franklin2013VMI

    [12.6] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Hey Wyvern, BZ on the flag update! I've also got a random idea that I'll probably do on my own and release separately: for those who got the deluxe Arizona bundle and have the memorial flag, I was thinking of going over that in the flag.dds file with a rear-admiral's flag, as to reflect Arizona being Isacc Kidd's flagship. I'll keep my eye out for that future Arizona skin. I don't have much experience with skinning here just yet, but I might work off of that one to make a pre-war 1930's option you could pair with your original.
  2. Franklin2013VMI

    [12.6] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    I noticed that the flags.dds file is out of whack again (Wargaming...why must you reorder everything?!) with the latest patch. I went to find the current .dds file to simply edit the German and Japanese flags myself in Gimp, but the file located in my res folder doesn't reflect the latest update (i.e. not seeing the deluxe Arizona flag in the file). Could anyone upload the most recent flags .dds file or will there be an update for the historical ensigns mod to reflect the patch? While on the topic of camo, how would I go about manually editing the .xml file to remove the camo for Atlanta, Indianapolis, Texas, and Tirpitz? I don't want to remove all camo, as I still want to see Arizona's (since disabling her camo removes her Measure 1 paint scheme). When I Ctrl+F in the .xml file, I get no results for the premiums I mentioned above.