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  1. What's wrong with Z-39?

    There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s quite competitive at tier 7. The guns are slow - reload and traverse, but once you get used to that it’s fine. I find RDF can really help on the Z39 because it will help you get your guns pointing in the right direction before a DD engagement. It’s got great concealment for its tier and the usual fast reload German torps which have a solid range of 8.5K. I’m one of those rare people who actually enjoyed the Z23 with the 150s, so the Z39 feels very familiar.
  2. I Love the Republique

    I'm not really a BB player, but the Republique is my favourite tier 10 BB for its combination of speed and relatively fast reload. I've been running it a fair bit in ranked and it's done decently. The highlight so far was a 15.2K distance salvo, two minutes into a match on a bow-in Gearing spotted in the cap. 5 pens, 17.6K damage (which was all he had left) and no more Gearing. I know I got super lucky on the dispersion, but with the fast reload you're willing to take those kinds of shots that you might not bother taking in other BBs.
  3. How is the premier league meta?

    From watching a few games on Twitch last night, it looks like World of Hindenburg. I watched multiple games with 6+ Hindenburgs in them. Kind of funny because if you're playing with multiple other Hindenburgs, it makes it trickier to keep your star.
  4. I'm primarily a DD player but I'll likely switch to my Hindy for Rank 10. I've only played 35 ranked games so far, mostly in the Lo Yang because it gives you a much better chance to win - but even at tier 8 you can see the effect. There is more radar and sonar than ever, making capping much more risky. Yes you can prepare yourself for for radar by playing defensively and backing into caps, or using islands effectively, but if that one random yolo radar cruiser on the other team charges the cap and your team of randoms doesn't stop him, you're likely dead. And if you die early and your team loses, you're not keeping your star. Too often it's the useless camping BB at the back farming damage who keeps his and it's very frustrating.
  5. I think the Kidd is perfectly viable. With all the guns and the heal it's great for contesting caps. However, it's no Lo Yang. That long range on the Lo Yang's hydro allows it to dominate caps like no other DD.
  6. Meh. WT does planes well. And that's about it. I doubt Wargaming really cares too much about WT and ships.
  7. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    As others have said it depends what you like to run. I've had some success with the Atago in the past, but if you don't normally do well in it, one of the BBs is likely better. Lo Yang is almost definitely the best overall tier 8 if you're at all comfortable in DDs, but you didn't list it, so I'm assuming it's not an option for you.
  8. The Sims, just don’t

    The Sims is awesome if you like U.S. DDs. It's been kind of power creeped by the Gadjah Mada, but it's still one of the best tier 7 DDs.
  9. Memory Leak

    My usual random div mates and I all have the problem. We're all running pretty recent graphics cards - 1070s and 1080s. We downgraded our graphics from DX11 to DX9 because we thought that might help but after 10-15 games it starts to get bad. Lots of planes and/or torps definitely make things worse. Pretty sure it must be a leak as the first few games after a restart are always fine - even with CVs present.
  10. Lyon is amazing against cruisers. Part of the problem likely is the BB population has exploded for the French release, so there aren't as many cruisers around as usual. Lyon can do well against broadside BBs. Against angled BBs it struggles.
  11. New French BB's

    I don’t think they’re bad from what I’ve seen so far. Tier 7 Lyon. It’s pretty OP to be honest. 16 AP shells are a CAs worst nightmare at tier 7. Tier 8 Richelieu. Only played 12 or so games in it. Decent but not OP like the Lyon. 8 guns in front is nice but if you get too close in you’re likely to lose them. Tier 9 Alsace. Only 5 games in but I love it so far. It seems more like a big AP-slinging cruiser than a BB. Great for getting out on a flank and shredding ships broadside. That said, I don’t think the French are going to change the meta at all. They don’t punish like Montys and Yammys.
  12. Still wasn't as funny as when you detonated in that same battle.
  13. Lol that was my div-mate who blasted you. To be fair you were well-angled to my Roma which was on the other side of you. You completely bounced a salvo. But there was no way you could be angled against both of us.
  14. Invisible Islands In Clan Battles

    It's an issue and doesn't seem to be client-related. I was sitting out the particular battle where it happened for our clan, but I saw the screenshots. Trees sitting in the middle of the ocean with no surrounding land. But the land still registered because it was blocking torpedo spreads. Not sure on the map either.
  15. I bought 10 and got Lyon (along with the tier 5). I think it's completely random.