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  1. Still wasn't as funny as when you detonated in that same battle.
  2. Lol that was my div-mate who blasted you. To be fair you were well-angled to my Roma which was on the other side of you. You completely bounced a salvo. But there was no way you could be angled against both of us.
  3. Invisible Islands In Clan Battles

    It's an issue and doesn't seem to be client-related. I was sitting out the particular battle where it happened for our clan, but I saw the screenshots. Trees sitting in the middle of the ocean with no surrounding land. But the land still registered because it was blocking torpedo spreads. Not sure on the map either.
  4. I bought 10 and got Lyon (along with the tier 5). I think it's completely random.
  5. French Containers

    The ship should be in your port in its basic configuration with a 3-point commander. Fully researched upgrades too I believe. You can play the ship and accumulate XP on it. You just won't be able to use the XP for the next ship in the line until the French line is formally released. I think this is how it works anyway. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. If you're really after the BB missions only it likely isn't worthwhile. If you're spending $100+ you could likely just convert enough free XP to get a good way up the line when it's out.
  7. I picked up 10 and got the Tier 5 and 7 missions. Also a bunch of doubloons, flags and camo (which I don't really need). The flags are the nice ones - Ouroboros, Wyvern, etc. The missions are a real gamble and seem to be completely random. The crates do have decent items aside from the missions, but money-wise I'm not entirely sure what their worth is.
  8. No! Not the Krasny Krym!
  9. Aigle

    Sounds like it will be earnable through missions, but it is also quite possible that it will be available to purchase during the French BB missions and make the completion of those missions simpler (based on past Warships events anyway). Just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's how it's set up.
  10. DeGrasse or Duca d'Aosta

    I love the De Grasse. The Duca not so much. The De Grasse with IFHE does solid damage, has decent range and can use its speed to kite and burn people. The range on the Duca really limits what it can do. It is great against DDs though.
  11. Made me laugh because I have a Saipan in my port for pretty much the same reason. I want to learn CV but I stink at it, so I just run the odd co-op games for missions.
  12. I think I was in a game with you 3-4 months ago. You were politely told at that time by several people on your team that you shouldn't be playing tier 8+ CVs outside of co-op if almost all of your games to that point were in a tier 3 St. Louis. You chose to get belligerent about the advice and essentially told people you'd do what you wanted to do. You'd likely taken a bunch of abuse by that point already which is possibly why you went off - I don't know. CV players take a ton of abuse whether they're good or not. It sucks, but that's just how the game is. CVs exert too much influence on random battles. And if people see you aren't playing well and also see you don't really have a lot of CV experience they're going to get upset. I'm not saying it's right - but if you keep playing higher tier CVs without a lot of CV experience, you're just going to have to accept the fact people will continue to get upset. If it gets bad just use the "ignore" feature. There really isn't another option - outside of improving in co-op or lower tier.
  13. Anyone Like The Orion?

    The Orion is a lot of fun. Pretty OP overall. The dispersion can be wonky but that’s the only real knock on it. It’s got the crazy good British HE and the AP is great on broadside targets. Because of the dispersion you might want to go HE at longer ranges because even one or two shell hits can easily result in a fire.
  14. Roma=Clevelands worst enemy?

    Lol. Actually it was the double on the York first, double on the NO, double on the Alabama, then the triple on the Cleveland. I should retire the ship because I won't get another match like that.
  15. Roma=Clevelands worst enemy?

    I had a triple cit dev strike on a Cleveland in the only Roma game I played last night. I think it's the concealment range of the Roma. When you pop on a broadside Cleveland at under 12K there's not much the Cleveland can do.