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  1. I got it running a mix of all the tier 10 DDs - although my most played in that stretch was likely the Gearing. Granted, this was before the radar explosion when doing damage was a bit easier and there were more BBs to farm.
  2. Sharks are Winning by a long shot

    They'll likely just scale the bonus more until Eagles start winning some. I really don't think it's a huge deal. One bright side for Eagles is it's a bit easier to get into the Leaderboard lists.
  3. I still play from time to time with a few RL friends. We've played off an on since it launched. I still think it has the best dungeons of any MMO out there. But there isn't a whole lot else. If I didn't have a group to play with regularly I doubt I'd still be doing it.
  4. Since it sounds like it's ready now and wasn't released with Monaghan and Mass, my guess would be yes.
  5. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    And I paid real money for the Indy.... This is pretty standard in freemium games. Stuff that used to be harder to get (through investments in time or money) becomes cheaper over time as new things come out.
  6. Flambass State of the Game Vid

    They’re testing new 12K torps on the Zao. I think he was referring to the fact if Zaos get those they’re going to spam torps like crazy, like many Atagos do - which can in some cases be bad for their own team.
  7. Flambass State of the Game Vid

    He’s 100 per cent correct. Yes you can still play DDs. Yes you can still cap. But XP in this game is largely based on damage. Want to smoke up in a Gearing or YY and get in some gun damage? Forget it. Any smoke screen is now just a big “Radar me and melt my face!” signal. You can get some damage with torpedos, but you’re likely going to have to fire them from 10K+ which means the chances of getting much damage are minimal. When there were 1-2 radars per team you could bait a radar, wait it out, then get a cap. With 3+ radars per team now that doesn’t work as well. You can bait one radar but if there are 2+ more available you’re going to have trouble. You can spot for your team and contest caps late-game - but the game doesn’t really reward that in terms of XP. I enjoy playing CAs so it’s really not the end of the world, but I can’t see myself playing high-tier DDs much until it becomes more rewarding. With all the radar now it’s just not enjoyable. I suspect the radar will go down to some extent, but we now have yet another radar-based line plus potentially another DD with radar. Not to mention a premium cruiser. And with the upcoming CV revamp, likely more CVs. The DD numbers in high tier are way down at the moment. If it lasts I’m sure there will be some re-balancing at point in the future.
  8. I like challenging but unpopular ships. For instance I really like the Indianapolis. And I've always liked the Prinz Eugen. I'm also one of the few that plays (and enjoys) the Makarov. But the Krasny Krym is really, really hard to like.
  9. It works well on the Chapayev (and the Kutuzov). The Donskoi's guns are too big to really benefit.
  10. Hands-down I'd say the Krispy Kreme. I knew it would be bad when I bought it and it didn't disappoint.
  11. I prefer the Kron to the Musashi - but I prefer cruisers to BBs. The Kron isn't a true cruiser - it's kind of a cruiser-BB hybrid - but it's still a lot more flexible than the Musashi. The Kron does have paper armour from the side, but I haven't really noticed that being an issue. Bow-on it's pretty solid. The only negative for me is the guns - they are frustratingly inconsistent. Sometimes you'll get citadels on shots where you really weren't expecting them. And at other times you'll get 6 overpens on a broadside U.S. cruiser at 10K. You just never know.
  12. Kronstadt’s HE is so bad and the AP is so good you almost never want to go HE. But in the end there are times you have no choice. If the Kronstadt is trading HE salvoes with another angled cruiser though, odds are the Kronstadt is going to lose. I’ve enjoyed it so far but the poor dispersion and awful HE are definitely drawbacks.
  13. What's wrong with Z-39?

    There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s quite competitive at tier 7. The guns are slow - reload and traverse, but once you get used to that it’s fine. I find RDF can really help on the Z39 because it will help you get your guns pointing in the right direction before a DD engagement. It’s got great concealment for its tier and the usual fast reload German torps which have a solid range of 8.5K. I’m one of those rare people who actually enjoyed the Z23 with the 150s, so the Z39 feels very familiar.
  14. I Love the Republique

    I'm not really a BB player, but the Republique is my favourite tier 10 BB for its combination of speed and relatively fast reload. I've been running it a fair bit in ranked and it's done decently. The highlight so far was a 15.2K distance salvo, two minutes into a match on a bow-in Gearing spotted in the cap. 5 pens, 17.6K damage (which was all he had left) and no more Gearing. I know I got super lucky on the dispersion, but with the fast reload you're willing to take those kinds of shots that you might not bother taking in other BBs.
  15. How is the premier league meta?

    From watching a few games on Twitch last night, it looks like World of Hindenburg. I watched multiple games with 6+ Hindenburgs in them. Kind of funny because if you're playing with multiple other Hindenburgs, it makes it trickier to keep your star.