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  1. madmikey77


    I’d love to use the Jutland for ranked, but can it get by without RDF in ranked? And if not, what do you give up? I guess it would have to be SI, but losing that heal hurts.
  2. I’ve run co-op with the ship whenever I feel it makes sense and I’m not really a co-op player. The dispersion is just so awful. I’ve gotten to the point where I aim a bit higher so at least I’ll get overpens instead of shots into the water. Even on the odd occasion I manage a cit, the rest of the shots seems to flat out miss or overpen. I’m not sure I’ve had more than one cit in a salvo. But I’ll suffer through it. Not sure I’ll ever play it after the missions are done though.
  3. madmikey77

    Does WG hate skill?

    I'll go out on a limb and guess they likely prefer money to skill.
  4. madmikey77

    BUYER'S REMORSE Kronshtadt

    With a typical cruiser though, you can play decently at range. The Kron doesn't do well at range because the guns are so inconsistent. I find that to do well with the guns you have to push in. If you don't run into a tier 10 BB that can work, but it's not what I'd call a typical cruiser strategy.
  5. madmikey77

    BUYER'S REMORSE Kronshtadt

    Your assessment looks dead-on to me Lip. I want to like the ship more than I do but it's so inconsistent. One game you'll get some great broadside pens and cits; the very next game you'll get a couple of broadside overpens while most of your shells head off into the ocean. The ship drives me nuts. I've mostly gone back to the Roon as my go-to Tier 9 cruiser.
  6. The highest DPM DDs are the Haragumo and Khab. And both of those still eat full AP pens.
  7. madmikey77

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    Roma. Without the beer can.
  8. madmikey77

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    The change is designed to force BB players to think more - ie. load HE once in a while in a non-British BB. I don't think it will succeed, as the number of instances where HE is better just isn't worth the lengthy reload time. In the end I don't think the change will be a big deal. 4-5 overpens is still going to sting for a DD. And most DD players are not going to run around trying to yolo-torp BBs. This will reduce some of the ultra-punishing RNG shots on DDs - like the time I dev struck a bow-in Gearing at 17K in my Republique with 4 shells. But those aren't that common anyway.
  9. madmikey77

    Saw that the Conq is getting a citadel.

    I like the fact it's getting a citadel. For players used to playing other ships it won't be a huge deal. They likely aren't constantly sailing broadside in the Conqueror. As for the HE spam, it is what it is. I don't see how it makes a typical Conqueror player think less than the average BB player. The average BB sits at range and slings AP all the time. The average Conqueror sits at range and slings HE all the time.
  10. Coal incents people to play more. They need log-ins as well as cash. It's all a balancing act for F2P games.
  11. For me she's not. And I'm a whale. Although I also already have Missouri and Musashi and don't really enjoy BBs in the first place. If I do decide to get her I'll pay in coal. I could afford her now, but then I'd be really short on coal for future purchases - so I may hold back.
  12. It won't be. They make too much money from Free XP flags and conversions. They will almost certainly make some of the new ships available for free XP. They could also stick the JB in there as a free XP ship eventually too. They're just playing with different ways to try and make money at the moment. I'm not sure this was a wise move for them long term as it may turn some free XP collectors off, but time will tell.
  13. They're going to need to sell some of the new ships for free XP - otherwise people will stop buying the flags and camos that give free XP boosts.
  14. madmikey77

    Daring build- suggestions?

    I like the Daring but unfortunately I don’t see a ton of build flexibility with the ship. You’ll want SE. You’ll also likely want SI because of the extra heal. That’s hard to pass up. You need CE - really no option there. And you pretty much need IFHE - or any DD that knows what they’re doing is going to go bow-in on you, meaning you do almost no damage. That’s 14 points gone. I run PT, LS and AR as my other three skills. I’d love to run RDF, but with this ship it’s really hard to fit in.
  15. It’s definitely not OP, but it is fun to play and not as awful as some people think. As long as you stay around 10K and don’t move in straight lines it’s extremely hard to hit. At 50+ even ships with rail guns have to shoot so far in front of you that a hit is unlikely. I’ve only played a few games so far but haven’t come close to dying. Your potential damage taken should also be decent if you’re running the British missions that track that. I cracked 2 million in one game. Edit: The MM still sucks - no way around that unfortunately, but at least with this ship you don’t care as much because you’re as hard to hit for 10s as you are for 8s.