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  1. Anyone wearing a Hockey Canada shirt is ok in my books.
  2. Interesting interview. The UMR-R guy basically said they deserved the punishment they got. Very honest and not at all what I was expecting.
  3. I’m a whale but even I’m not crazy enough to convert XP for the research bureau to get legendary upgrades. It would cost a fortune for very little benefit. To be honest I enjoy having a line to regrind each cycle. It gives me a reason to play. Although I will typically start at tier 5. It’s not much free XP to get that far and tier 1-4 are fairly pointless for experienced players.
  4. madmikey77

    Zepplin worth it?

    It’s my least favourite of the tier 8 premiums CVs. It has fast planes and that’s about it. The rockets and torp bombers are both decent. The dive bombers have a unique drop pattern that is pretty easy to use. However, the bombs are wonky. I still have not figured out how to get consistent citadels with the DBs. There is a lot of RNG in WoWS and these DBs are the definition of RNG. Very very frustrating to use. The bombs seem to have a habit of going out to the edges of the reticle and either overpenning or flat out missing. But every once in a while you’ll get the nice close cluster you’re looking for.
  5. Yes you have to get them in sequence. You can’t just jump to the tier 9.
  6. madmikey77

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    The Smaland I think will be one of those DDs that really benefits from divisioning up with other DDs. A Smaland with a Gearing or Daring would be devastating for any DDs they come across.
  7. madmikey77

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    So far they seem ok. I've only played the 5, 6 and 7. The 5 was a fairly painful experience because double CVs are very common at that tier. I was averaging more than 3 planes a game shot down. The AA is decent but it certainly won't save you even from tier 4 CVs. The Tier 6 I liked a bit more. The gun layout makes it easier to kite and shoot without losing a lot of health. The Tier 7 was meh, in part because it's Tier 7 MM. Again though it seemed decent - nothing great, nothing awful. I've played one game in there tier 8. The gun reload seems quite a bit better which lets you do a bit more.
  8. madmikey77

    Whale your way through the new techtree

    I got 80 tokens total from finishing Directive 1. The containers seem very underwhelming. EDIT: Actually it was 100 total. 3x20 and 1x40.
  9. madmikey77

    Whale your way through the new techtree

    It's pricey but a better deal than the gambling option, which is the other way to get tokens early. At least you know what you're getting.
  10. madmikey77

    Free2Rico done in 104h 42s total.

    People who paid for boosters have received it. I guess you could argue they paid doubloons, but they didn’t pay nearly the full doubloon price. And yes the ship building will complete (at least it did with boosters). I went to bed on Jan 1 with the ship incomplete, worked 9-5 on Jan. 2 and logged in to a complete Puerto Rico in the evening. So it “should” work fine.
  11. Technically it’s not wasted money. You’ll still be able to buy the ship at a reduced price depending on how far you wind up progressing in the build. You might have to spend more than you planned if you don’t play as much as you expected, but you also won’t have to pay 35K to finish the ship. How much you’d have to pay I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s worth it. I’m just saying it’s not “all or nothing”.
  12. OMG I forgot all about that. I used to come home from work and grind until midnight. Then play most of the weekend. And I think the highest I could ever get playing at that rate was First Sergeant or Senior Sergent (or whatever the title was). After a couple of months I just stopped because it felt more like a second job.
  13. madmikey77

    The clock is running!!

    If you have a Gorizia it really doesn’t take long. Took me 4-5 hours in a mix of co-op and randoms although mostly co-op. The only big negative is you actually have to play the Gorizia in randoms which is painful. For some of the torp or kill missions co-op Ohotnik is super fast.
  14. madmikey77


    I was laughing about the Zulu thing too. Zulu Hotel. Zulu. Zulu. Zulu Hotel. Mostly what I seem to get. Papa would have been nice.
  15. madmikey77

    Italian premium crate heads up

    I got the tier 8 mission from one of the regular containers I received from finishing the first set of Regia missions. I did buy 6 premium crates and received the missions for the 5 and 6. It’s completely random though. I’ve certainly had worse luck on other nations’ events.