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  1. madmikey77

    Bought Maya

    Only played one game in it so far, but it’s pretty much as advertised. A lower DPM, tankier Myoko. As top tier it actually managed to tank just over 2.2 million which is kind of nuts for a tier 7 cruiser. The heal really helps. But the DPM definitely is not great. If you like Myoko though, you’ll like the Maya.
  2. madmikey77

    How much longer do we have to endure Subs?

    Likely about as long as we have to endure super CVs. They were both really poor decisions.
  3. That's how it's designed to work.
  4. Can confirm my two Cossack games yesterday were not registered. Those were the only two games I played so it was pretty easy to notice. EDIT: And missing a Kleber game from the day before. Might be missing others but I wasn’t really paying that much attention. I should also note that despite the games not registering for the ships, everything did register for the Missions I was working on, which is really all I cared about.
  5. The line is ok as long as you don’t play them like DDs - at least early in the game. You shouldn’t contest caps at all until later in the match. But this is also the main problem with them - you have to rely on other actual DDs to cap and spot so you can farm your AP damage. I’m not sure it’s the best design.
  6. madmikey77

    DD player returning and radar

    Radar isn't that hard to deal with if there are only 2 or 3 in a match. Tier 10 has become a bit of a joke though. In most games you have to deal with a carrier and 3+ radar because WG keeps adding more and more radar ships - especially the annoying Russian radar which has a longer range than some DD guns. Yeah you can play around radar, but if you're playing around too many radar ships you wind up playing a completely defensive game, which is about as much fun as watching paint dry. DDs are still fun up until tier 8 or so (and that's if you get into a tier 8 match instead of a tier 10). High tier play for DDs kind of stinks right now unless you run gunboats - like Kleber, Marceau, Groz. Halland has the long-range torps as its main weapon so it doesn't care much about radar. Same with Shim. I'd just avoid higher tier DD games - but frankly with the high tier meta the way it is now you could say that about any class of ship with the exception of CV.
  7. madmikey77

    Use Caution on the Italian BB "Random Bundles"

    I was not inclined to buy any bundles, but the 10K tokens was showing as my first bundle so I bit. Sadly my second bundle was not the tier 9, so I'm done.
  8. madmikey77

    Why would you ever push? So Sad.

    Well they are both Canadian... I don't really think they sound alike though.
  9. It's more of a convenience feature. It's very useful for moving commanders from tech tree ships to premium ships and back.
  10. madmikey77

    Marceau or Z-44

    Marceau is a lot of fun to play. I don’t have the Z44 but I also see no real reason to get it.
  11. madmikey77

    Premium Ship Review #144 - Cheshire

    I feel like Cheshire is kind of under-rated. It's a better ship than most people seem to think - as long as you play it carefully.
  12. madmikey77

    Goliath ?

    It’s not as awful a ship as people seem to think. It’s just not that exciting to play. It excels at farming BBs and large cruisers at range - especially any cruiser that decides to take a bow-in, stationary position. The reload is slow but the damage from the HE salvoes is crazy with a very high fire chance. As for range or reload, I go range, but you can certainly make an argument for reload. I just don’t like to be very close in the early game because you can eat random citadels very easily from almost any angle. I think my Goliath actually has the highest average damage for any of my cruisers at a bit over 120K, but I don’t play it that often because of the play style.
  13. madmikey77

    Anyone else kinda bored?

    At the moment no. But if you play any game enough you're going to get bored of it. I'll usually have 6-8 weeks a year where I play very little but I always seem to come back.
  14. madmikey77

    Steel Ships & non-Clan Battle Players

    The last couple of years they’ve offered Steel for real money (or doubloons) around the holiday season. That’s how I’ve gotten most of mine (although I also dabble in CBs and Ranked). You can also now get a bit in daily missions (which you likely know). Steel ships aren’t anything super special. They’re just different tier 10s. There was a time you could have argued the Stalingrad was an OP ship that gave steel-generating clans an unfair advantage but those days are over. I barely play my Somers. And I think I’ve played a whopping two games in the Stalingrad, which I find super boring.
  15. madmikey77

    IS Lutjens worth it? anyone have him?

    Yeah he’s worth it. Works Well on German BBs with secondary build. Also on German CAs with decent ROF - especially Hindenburg and Mainz. Not sure how well he’d work on Agir or Siegfried. I doubt you’d get enough hits in those two to trigger his reload boost.