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  1. I see this topic 20 day ago, i just write why this sentence is partially wrong. For a example, i get the rank one with 60% w/r by playing Khabarovsk only. Why i said partially wrong, because if a skill floor of Khaba are simple, skill ceiling are extremely high. Khaba can being very useful in ranked, but a way to make it useful require a very skilled player. Because a true way of Khabarovsk in ranked is playing like a new french DD, with less damage potential but better survivability. Because that, is all-or-nothing ship in ranked. I see that, because skill requirement, lot of player are phantom, little part are the Flying Dutchman.
  2. tugdual

    Kyiv, not Kiev

    Kiev is old city, and old city different name in different language. For rest in Russia : Russian : Movska German : Moskau English : Moscow French : Moscou And sometime is just orthographic change : Tashkent in english vs Tachkent in french. Kutuzov vs Koutouzov.
  3. tugdual

    Terrible losing streaks!

  4. tugdual

    Ranked Predictions

    I will running a Tachkent because russian bias.
  5. tugdual

    Best ships for ranked t6

    I play Gnevny, because russian bias. Edit : Leander are strong equaly.
  6. Japanese fleet go in Mediterranean sea during WWI, one Malta cemetery have memorial for Japanese sailor died. https://www.cwgc.org/find-a-cemetery/cemetery/11204/Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery ________________________ Pearl Harbor is massive strategical fail and mitigate tactical victory, with lot of mistake from japanese pilot despite massive american security failure.
  7. tugdual

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    I m 22, is very old age for a pigeon.
  8. tugdual

    Fighting Friday - Destroyer Dance of Death

    Khabarovsk, because russian bias is very effective. I sink enemy DD on the cap (and get it after) without any respect.
  9. tugdual

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    Yeah, in a context of Cold War.
  10. tugdual

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    From other world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlMH9rfhwjg
  11. Strange, two screen come from NA server premium shop
  12. Why price of ship change and gain more 50% after i be connected on the premium shop ?