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  1. You never play DD before CV rework ? The spotting ability of CV take a serious nerf with rework, because the CV have only one squadron and weak zone fighters for spot, before is between 3 and 8 squadron for spot, and destroy lot of ship in one strike. When a skilled player run their three squadron of torpedoe bombers, if he catch the DD, the DD are dead even he are full HP.
  2. tugdual

    Khabarovsk in ranked

    I will see to retry with Khaba, we have less Smolensk now.
  3. tugdual

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland Sneak Peak

    To resume the first page :
  4. tugdual

    Khabarovsk in ranked

    I test the Khaba this season, to many Smolensk for me.
  5. tugdual

    Smolemsk and IFHE

    And you can destroy T5 BB in 1 one minute without fire.
  6. Hello Ranked sprint will be in 1vs1, how i will blame my mate when i lose ?
  7. I actually use build with CE, propulsion and 40% rudder module; they work fine in the last T10 ranked (rank One only Khaba Heal). The propulsion module is useful for play juke enemy fire, with speed boost activated, they can get full speed very quickly, only have second rudder offer 7s rudder shift time, is playable with training. I use CE to not be out-spotted by some sneaky cruiser and give some comfort for some aggressive plays and going dark. The problem of Khabarovsk efficiency, with the nerf, he being a ship easy to play, hard to master. Easy because you can get smoke, legendary module and just spam HE at maximum range. Hard because a efficient Khaba how know play in very offensive way, including cap contest.
  8. tugdual

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Khaba is not useful pick for CB, but he is good against Kléber, try to catch Khabarovsk with only one Kléber is suicide, try with 2 Kléber is dangerous sport, and even that, Khaba will heal the damage taken, Kléber not.
  9. Farm ribbon in coop is bad idea, is to short and only 7 opponent, i will farm less than normal battle.
  10. tugdual

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    After test, the better thing to dodge shell are not the double rudder, is propulsion mod + rudder mod at 40%.
  11. I don't think IFHE are useful on Khaba if you don't go for full DPM build. If you need more sneaky playstyle, for ranked btw, you will need to many more important skill, in fact is more useful for taking AFT, CE or RPF than IFHE
  12. But i don't have some problem to manage enemy Kléber with some of ship. I m to aggressive with Kléber, and i not train them a lot. I prefer Khaba, i play him close playstyle of Kléber, but i have more experience.
  13. tugdual

    Balance Smole

    You have Kutuzov, and more impressive : the Flint, is a Smolensk in less powerfull, but he is T7. The 127 works better at these tiers, the russian 130mm equally, is interesting to use IFHE with Minsk, Gnevy, etc. You want more cancer division than 2 Smolensk together, try Gearing with Worcester, is bit less brutal, but more versatile. You have the smoke, the spot, the hydro, the radar, the alpha damage, the fire and torpedo, what else ? After to your point, ship with smoke work better in solo and average player don't have skill for counter that, in battle between skilled player, the Smolensk are less powerful because player know blind shot, DD waiting to drop torpedo in Smolensk smoke, and radar are ready if you go to close. They don't have the 32mm HE penetration. And pro-tips, if you play german or british battleship, you can citadel the Smolensk with HE shell.
  14. Kléber have counter, play Movska (also have good AA and good against Smolensk), Daring, Z52, La République, Le Bourgogne, Khabarovsk and some other. Don't forget he have very bold playstyle without smoke and heal. I m wait the beginning of season, my Khabarovsk will rule the sea.