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  1. My Arizona did awesome, quad citted the Izo's 1 salvoing them. T4 bb vs T6 bb was brutal, those Arizona clustered shells wreck face. Leander did pretty good, had around 20 cit hits in single round.
  2. Mobility > Brute Force

    Id explain that I know how it works as best as we players can without being the guys who did the equations and that I wasnt referring to just sigma, or that the Montana has 3 additional guns to get a hit with by comparison of gun to gun performance. But being dickish to me about it, well this is all I care to bother with.
  3. Mobility > Brute Force

    Nope its Yamato.
  4. Mobility > Brute Force

    Cruisers generally do really consistent damage. BB tend to be feast or famine, due to longer reloads missed shots have much more impact on your score. Part of the reason Yamato is higher in stats is that it has 18.1inch gun over match and highest accuracy making its shots much more consistent in ability to land and do damage. DD vary, gunboat DD tend to be more consistent in their damage scores since they can land shells easy. IJN DD are again feast or famine, due in large part to torpedos being much harder to hit consistently with then guns. Mobility plays a part in all this, but main thing if your ability to land the shots. Mobility is just a means of getting you in range in warships and tends to effect games less then tanks, the true winner in tanks mobility is capping and positioning. In ships the true winner is detection + mobility, and DD are the best at that, which is why they are keys to winning more often in warships. Their ability to spot, cap, and deal devastating damage make them invaluable to a match. In tanks the terrain can often negate the need for scout tanks, like city maps, maps with lots of hills which cut view ranges, maps devoid of bushes. In warships terrain is less of an issue, we can shoot over small islands, and in open water there is no cover, anything we cant shoot over we can just go around or completely avoid. Tanks is a diff animal where terrain is a very strong feature in every map, in ships its more just something to look at as you sail by. Not saying it cant be used to effect it just has less of an effect on over all gameplay here.
  5. Whoa whoa whoa. Stop right there, this is the same people that buffed the Khab. I think hipper and eugen do under preform by way of sear feeling alone, you get in them and they just dont feel as compeditive as the other T8s in many cases. The NO got buffed and for me felt pretty good. Now I got in my Eugen and ran with my friends hipper last night, we won pretty easy, I sat out about 14km and spammed ap and HE on my targets. Wasnt a stellar match only 50k something dmg cause it was over so quick and hardly any targets in my area of defense. She felt good but not to the level of my Atago or NO. She is pretty balanced, but id say she is more like 90% of 100% to being balanced out to T8 standards as they are now. I think a RoF buff of a few seconds and a simple heal will be enough to put her right in the pack of T8 good cruisers. I truely do enjoy that ship, but just needs that tiny bit to really make her shine vs the others. The shimakaze is in a much worse place I think balance wise, something the stats may not always show. Because there are so many shimakaze and she has been played by so many for so long, people have made her work. That being said, making something work, doesnt make it good. I can make a flintlock musket work, doesnt mean I want to run into battle with one.
  6. Not all tech trees are consistant, they change gun set ups torp ranges all kinds of stuff. So having longer range torps on the hipper wouldnt be a big deal, i dont think its the right way to buff her tho since her playstyle is more about being at longer ranges so buffing torp range isnt going to help.
  7. Gremyaschy needs a buff

    Cause its not like it can cit people with its HE or anything. Gremy is still a beast.
  8. Hindenburg 250k damage battle.

    Well done OP, upvote for you!
  9. MO, all around good ship that makes money, lots and lots of money.
  10. I voted no because I dont want any ship released ASAP, I want them balanced and properly tested before release. Also Im spiteful and full of hate.
  11. Id prefer a RoF buff to hipper/eugen there is enough radar ingame atm, a heal of non cit dmg would be welcomed like the Atago's. Personally I think all T8 and up cruisers could use that kind of heal. As for the shima getting buffed, bout time. She has needed something since the torpedo nerf. Hopefully its a torpedo reload boost consumable, with or without smoke. IJN smoke is pretty bad reload so Id prefer to keep smoke + reload consumable. But get rid of the 20km torps so we dont get stupid stuff like the Asashio. Her guns could use the IJN awesome HE back, and slightly slower RoF to balance that. I like IJN dd a heck of a lot more with the IJN HE and slower RoF then I do what they have now. So somewhere in between would be good place for them I think. And reduce her torpedo detection range on her torps a bit, to 1.3km or so, that or speed them up by 5 knots. Id make the shima reload booster not drop it down to 9 sec reload but something like 30-40 sec would still be a big help per match and it would keep the shima from having 30 torps in the water at once. The modded guns would let her contest caps a lil better without making her a gunboat, she would no longer get completely slaughtered in a knife fight but would be at a disadvantage so a nice balanced point.
  12. Montana Over-buffed?

    Montana is far from OP, she is solid and nothing more.
  13. A salacious thread? Deserves a equally Salacious meme.
  14. What is poi?

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Dear god what have you started!!! Im out!
  15. Concerning Cruiser survivability

    And here in is the problem. People are thinking that DD/CL/CA shouldnt be vulnerable to bb fire for some stupid reason. I see cruisers do well very often even at high tiers, people post screen shots on the forums of their scores. So it isnt that cruisers cant do well, its that the skill ceiling for them is different, same with DD. BB's are obviously more forgiving to play due to armor/guns. I have no issue in cruisers or DD and im far from being a bad a$$ in ships. CA and CL are meant to be floating cits, why? They dont have the armor of a BB. In return they get speed, turn radius, rate of fire, and other buffs. If you play fragile but powerful ships you get that. No one here is saying cruisers and DD are bad. So where is the problem hum? You are asking for a net buff to all cruisers, what are you willing to trade for it? Cause if the ships are good atm, then you want a buff you better expect to pay a cost for it. We are not buffing under preforming ships after all. These buff DD/CA/CL threads are getting straight silly. As a BB i worry a lot about CA/CL/DD. When people play right they are big thorns in a BB side. Its all about making yourself the unappealing target as a DD/CA/CL you need to keep moving and not get close unless its a torp ambush. As a cruiser I have no trouble staying at range and spamming shells or helping my DDs. Do I get pasted by BB sometimes? Heck ya, but thats part of being a non bb. I get plenty in return for that, rof, speed, flexability. If you want to buff a ship, give the ship name and a reason. Buffing entire ship types is just silly. Not every ship of a type will need it, and buffing already strong ships will just cause more problems.
  16. Happy Birthday LittleWhiteMouse...

    Merry Xmas Mouse! *looks at you* what i wanted to be different.
  17. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    If planes are surviving to get all the way to your Missouri youve done something wrong. Torpedo bulges might reduce hits but it is hardly a trade for having less AA then T6's. Normally I say AA isnt a balance point since you can have no CVs. BUT when it is in the extream as far as MUs AA it really is a balance point. In a CV game a MU is basicly just food for the CV unless a kind AA speced CA/CL or CV fighters shadow you to keep you safe. Mu is a good ship. And more balanced then people thought a Yam at T9 could be.
  18. Horrible idea, then no one would bother playing anything but premiums. They already get played more then tech ships because we grind credits, if we did this, we wouldnt even need reg exp any more.
  19. Back on 2.26!

    He will be home on the 26th is what it means, and he wants to know if we think 7.2 will be out by then.
  20. Stop and think for a moment, just 1 moment. Do any of you really want Mino's with no cits? Cause that would be fun, or kutz with no cits? Should I keep going how bout belfasts with no cits. DD getting nothing but overpen from BB ap.... lol k. How bout we just make an easy mode so we dont all have to play by same rules. What is up with the forums lately and people just straight up asking for free advantages for whole classes. People flipped out over fixing the Iowa cit box and that was 1 ship, but now suddenly hey lets just remove cruiser cit and make DD take little to no damage so they can drive staight at you and torp the ever loving sh*t out of you. WG just needs to close threads like this. Utter joke of a suggestion.
  21. Im sorry so you want BB to have 30s reload and no chance of citing a cruiser. DD want to have BB ap do little to no damage.... ok where is the Koolaid and what did you all put in it this time, pcp lsd? You can tell me Im hip.. Im down. In all seriousness. You crazy right? Come on, this is getting out of hand, DD gets pwned by a single salvo runs to the forums now cruisers are doing it. This is the kinda junk that led WoT into a bad state, people run in and go but but TD's touched me in a bad place! *WG sprays herbiside on the map killing all bushs* But but arty touched me! *nerfs arty x10*. But but medium tanks have to high of pen *nerfs mediums*. You seriously want to see that fail train roll through warships, by all means. But seeing how CA and CL do just fine in matchs, I dont think cits are as big of an issue as people think. Now is it sucky to get deleted, yep but BB get deleted to, CV delete them they delete one another torpedos delete them. We all get our turn on the [edited] train, thats life.
  22. I have a simple question, how many times does your Gearing/Khab dodge BB rounds at 14km for every 1 time you get instantly deleted by BB AP rounds at 14km? Cause Im willing to bet it is something like 100:1 and if its anything remotely close to 50:1 hardly anything to complain about. This is just like detonations, we remember the 1 time we blow up but not the 10,000's of rounds we take/dodge before that 1 detonation. I wont tell you to git gud, i will suggest calming down as being raged up doesnt help anyone.
  23. Stuck on a dam island

    When you get stuck on an island just remember.