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  1. I miss the old HE we used to have on our IJN DD. We didnt fire as often but when we landed a shot it hurt like hell for the other DD. DD fights all used to be knife fights, now if its a non IJN DD vs an IJN DD its a knife vs spoon fight. Yes IJN get good torps but high tier USN DD have equal or better torps, the VFM dont need torps cause lolfire and speed, the KM get hydro and 150mm guns, and now pan asia is getting deep water torps all of them still maintain good guns. IJN DD having now have meh guns, decent torps but not the best, and low speed and manuvering, while having basicly almost the same detection as several other branchs, a long smoke recharge combine to make the IJN line now the worst of all of the DD lines. Are IJN DD complete garbage? no, but they have been hit very very hard by nerfs and time. IJN needs the torpedo reload consumeable added as the national thing for the nongunboat branch, yes even on the shima in a nerfed form, a serious look at the torpedo stats on some of the ships like speed/detection/range/exp costs etc. Its not a good idea to have a branch of destroyers that cant contest other DD well at all. If you are in a game in a shima, and the other team has any other non IJN DD you pretty much go well sh*t... and that sorta tells the tale. Objectives are the game, having IJN DD not play to the objectives like all the other DD do sorta bones them a lil to hard.
  2. I play a lot of hearthstone and dont consider packs gambling. For the simple reason you have garanteed min value in the pack that is actually worth something. For instance you are garanteed 5 cards one of which at min is a rare or better, anything you already have copies of is reduced to dust used to craft any card you like and you are garanteed 1 legendary card every 40 packs. My best was 2 legendary in 1 pack =). So you have a set minimum value. STO's lockboxes has no real min value the items in them range far to much to be considered universally helpful to the players. I cant speak to all TCG but hearthstone at least is not what I would consider 'gambling' in its true sense. STO lockboxes on the other hand I consider full blown gambling.
  3. Im glad to see loot box type crap on the way out. WoWs ones like the Xmas ones are an exception as you get more then your moneys worth every time. I hate the true gambling you get junk for your $ kind like what StarTrek Online does for example. Or Elderscrolls Online. Loot box type stuff are a slippery slope, the game that sells it needs to have things in them that are universally important to players like in WoWs we have camo, dabloons, etc. In STO and ESO there is nothing that is quiet that universal, but that being said let me say ESO monthly subscription rewards are awesome and is a fantastic game, and STO F2P model is the best there is. I rather see everything go into a store and stays there forever. Im sick of limited offer [edited], im sick of loot box [edited]. And for the love of god would someone please add shopping carts so I can buy multiple things at the same time!!! Whats so hard about make stuff, put it in store, price it reasonably, make it so people can get multiple things at once, profit, that game companies find so hard??? /end rant
  4. If they had only given her fletcher torps or a shorter reload on the benson one it might tempt me. But ships that completely rely on team mates to do all the dmg for me? Pass. I played WoT forever and scouting taught me one thing, no one likes to shoot what I spotted lol *and I was a good scout*. In team play Kidd will prolly be good, but in normal play with lack of coordination and focus, its going to be more of a fustration to her captain than to the enemy. And sadly as important as scouting is in both games, its normally boring as f*ck to sit there not doing anything but watch.
  5. There is 2 classes that make most of the major contributions to winning games, DD and CV if the CV isnt a potato. Those two classes had far more impact then most BB in almost any game. CA/CL come in 3rd, and BB come in last on consistantly impacting the winning games. Keep in mind this isn't always the case but most BB dont average even their own HP in dmg, have low RoF and wide dispersion so harder to secure kills with unless the enemy is broadside. They are also usually the slowest ships in the match, barring the BB that crest 30+ knots, with the worst detection ranges leaving them far from the best cappers/reset. Do BB dump high dmg hits sometimes? Heck yes thats what those big guns are for! Do BB miss a lot, have to wait a long time to reload, and overpen a ton? Ohhhh god yes! BB are not all crazy out of balance powered killing machines. Most of them are easy to spot, easy to hit, turn like a garbage scowl, have 30-35 sec reloads, etc etc etc. CA/CL/DD/CV/BB all have their str and weaknesses people need to get off this idea that ALL DD were OP cause of stealth fire, or ALL CV were OP cause of torp planes, or ALL CA/CL were OP cause fires, or all BB were OP cause I got cit penned by 6 shells cause I sat broadside to a BB at 3km. Some days you are the hunter, some days you are the deer, and some days the deer gores the hunter to death. Skill and luck will determine which you end up being, not what ship your in.
  6. Honestly if it keeps that long torp reload it needs fletcher torps for it. If they cut the reload to 90 sec for the benson torps it would be a much better ship worth buying. Or if they really wanted to make the ship intresting give it the option to mount benson/fletcher torps with those modded cooldowns which is the option id like to see, then you can chose better torps for worse cooldown or worse torps with faster reload. If the ship is only good in compeditive gameplay its not going to sell nearly as well as other ships like the tirpitz. And there is no reason WG cant make it functional in both reg gameplay and compeditive, shorter torp reload i think is the key to that or much higher fire chance on the guns then normal 127mm which I dont care for that option cause we have more then enough fire dmg in the game at current.
  7. Sorry but what do you expect good players to do? Just free exp every line to T8 min? Bad players will always reach higher tiers as it just takes TIME and nothing more. A bad player on your team in halo is no diff then a bad player in a game here, same with good players. Threads like this don't do anything to help anyone, we are all free to enjoy whatever ships we own, and we dont owe team mates anything more than to try and win, but beyond that we can do and say whatever we want so long as we aren't hurting anyone aka team killing etc/causing ruckus in chat with hate. People in this world need to focus less on what everyone else is doing, and focus more on what they themselves could be doing instead.
  8. Mushashi for Japan at T9. Since 18'1 guns lol pen t10s the whole but but t7's [edited] is pointless only differance will be HP of ships it pens and shell dmg/reload etc can all be modified to fit T9 lvls of gameplay. T9 Fletcher USS Johnston, the living embodiment of "The fighting Fletchers".
  9. Made me laugh nonstop good vid.
  10. I think the reasoning is much simpler guys. Match making. CV always requires 1 on the enemy team, and when you guys can be placed into CB without a CV vs a CV that would be horribly unbalanced unlike arty in WoT. Having 1 CV on a team and none on the other would mean one could easily find and spot with little to no effort, strike from distance to avoid taking damage etc. In WoT you can simply hide behind a rock to avoid arty or remain unspotted, thats not really an option vs CV's. This goes to show why CV need reworked, if they cause this much of an issue with just 1 in the match. Having just 1 BB or 1 CA or 1 DD doesn't have near the impact. Their choice to keep CV out until reworked is a good choice for now, though the fact that they let CV get in this bad of shape is sad and I feel bad for CV mains forced into other ships just to play in clan battles. Our WoT clan loved our arty players on some maps in clanwars, we saw them get some pretty epic shots during campaigns.
  11. Why has no one memed in the Count yet? You all are letting the internet down by not throwing in the obvious chance for a Sesame Street reference. For shame....
  12. Lert that is so true. All the modifications in the world cant make a crap weapon into a good one. The mikasa is basicly the same as a smoothbore musket trying to shoot at the same ranges. Her guns are almost as likely to hit the water as they are the moon, thank god her secondaries work worth a damn.
  13. BB are not destroying the game any more then any other class, they are for the most part easy to spot, easy to shoot, slow to reload, etc etc. They are not the indombidable kings of the sea that people claim them to be. If I want mostly wins I play a DD, they contribute more to winning the game then BB tend to as they can control obj and obj win games. And im a BB main i guess you could say, I enjoy them the most but i play everything.
  14. 1 up/down isnt a fail division, this isnt WoT tiers are massively more powerful. In WoT a T8 vs T10 is pretty much game over for the 10 unless terrain favors them big time. In WoWS a T5 can kill a T10 if the player isn't a complete idiot. Fires/HE/Torps are huge equalizers in this game with restrictive MM of 1 up/down, and equal team matching fail divisions DO NOT EXIST in WoWS. Its jargan that carried over from WoT and does not apply here any more, so do me a favor and drop it completely.
  15. Unsurpisingly im with Lert on this one. If you get the Bama no need for NC. Bama is a fantastic ship I love mine and I have MO as well, fun to have for diff lvl divisions.
  16. Wow Flamu came off super whiney in that vid, at least to me. Lets face it the USN bb were wayyyyy over the top easy to cit, they needed changed. BB one would think should be harder to cit since i donno their battleships.... the reason that most CA/CL are given massive cits to hit is because they gain torpedos. In real life its hard to island ambush/smoke jump some poor ship and no ship goes into battle alone. But this is a game, we get smoke/island jumped and have to fight on our own a lot. So CA/CL/DD get the lolburn you to the water line with HE, or torp the snot out of you. BB get to delete those classes with big a$$ guns as their counter. And well CV just play an RPG game none of the rest of us do. Flamu needs to get that stick out of his a$$ already and move on. The RN bb need to be tweeked but the cits are hardly the main place to start.
  17. I have to completely agree with Lert, if your worrying about drownding in credits, stfu thats a good problem to have. I see no issue, as there is no ingame player to player economy its fine. I played WoT forever, and still do, the credit making over there blows vs ships constantly having to grind credits sucks.
  18. BB shouldnt be able to outright delete their counters? Uh if DD can delete a bb with torps the BB should be able to do same with its guns assuming it gets solid hits or atleast cause massive damage. IJN DD need buffed where they can at least not get slaughtered in knife fights, the Khab needs nerfed mainly just its armor brought down to reasonable lvls. Rest of the DD are pretty ok USN/German. Cruisers need more rebalancing then DD in my book.
  19. Ever consider becoming a plumbers assistant? Cause you're a real tool! See what I did there?!
  20. Is she worth it? Yes. She is fun and trains crews and makes credits. Her 16" guns are meant to overmatch to get most of the pens not pen through shear force. So in an all T6 match like T6 ranked season she will be a serious threat. She has speed, decent detection when skilled with CE, punishing guns, and torpedos for 'o'sh*t' moments. Besides ranked she is a fun co-op ship for a change of pace, as for randoms due to MM being broked thanks to WG change of t3-4 mm its rough for her in randoms. Her AA isnt the best, and her armor is thin but if you think of her like a kongo +1 tier with 16" guns.... well whats not to love about that right there??? Solid ship 8/10 would buy again. PS Her torps maybe weak but they cause lots of flooding fire some HE on an enemy ship till they use repair then torp them for almost 100% chance to flood kill them. Torp tubes on both sides means if your stuck inbetween 2 enemy you can hit them both with torps like a derpitz.
  21. The restrictive MM has cause a lot of problems. In WoT they removed tier battle twelve and it cause a huge issue of pulling T8s up into T10 battles just like how 3-4 restrictive here has a huge effect on 5-10. They need to get rid of the protected MM stuff it doesnt help people at all.