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  1. JToney3449

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    Yoshino is a good ship, I enjoy mine, its like a bigger Zao. Long range HE spammer, her AP can spank broadside cruisers, and she has some nice torps for area denial. Draw back is she has a large cit so if you get hit boardside it will hurt, and her bow and aft can be overmatched, but with all the 18inch guns out there now that isn't much of a downside cause almost all cruisers are in that boat together.
  2. JToney3449

    How do you feel about Wows?

    I dont care for where its going, subs are going to be nothing but trouble. CV once they lose spotting will be far less of an issue but still broken because AA balancing is a joke.
  3. JToney3449

    How WG Can Reduce Credit Surpluses

    My question is, how does there being a credit surplus negatively affect anyone other than WG? We can trade nothing ingame, there is no economy between players.
  4. Yeah, XI is it for me. This is where I totally pull the ripcord and uninstall. They are fine in their own game modes but tossing them into ranked and after that you know they will be in randoms, no thanks. I don't like the trend this would set, and I don't like the direction the game has been going for a while now, and this just looks like it will be bathed in scumminess and I've got 0 faith left in WG. And no I'm not worried about how OP they might or might not be that is a whole other issue.
  5. JToney3449

    Des Moines Damage Values on Bourgogne

    Or you got slapped by something else at same time. The only way for DM to do that with AP is all cits on a broadside/close to broadside at less than 10km you would know for sure if it was in that scenario.
  6. JToney3449

    12 Bundles - No Missouri.

    This reminds me of the old saying "A fool and his money... something... something.... darkside."
  7. JToney3449

    Final dev replies released for Q&A 3

    Saved you guys some time reading. WG - We know more than you and you should play how we tell you to despite not actually playing the game ourselves. We also don't make mistakes.
  8. JToney3449

    Lets Look at Prinz Heinrich (Speculation Time!)

    im just concerned that when they say they are WWI designs what they really mean is, we gave them sh*t pen and bad shells like PEF. I seriously don't want a whole line of PEF's, rather have Sharn's. Putting 1910 ships against 1970 Russian ships is kinda dumb to boot.
  9. *looks at the new BB/Cruiser hybrid CV's* Bit late
  10. JToney3449

    New Dev Blog for Captain Skills

    That isnt what i would call a buff. You have to have your secondaries firing constantly for 45 sec straight on the SAME target to get a marginal increase over what the skill did before. Sorry but I can't see this as anything but a nerf is actual practical use. WG made this so overly complicated that the skill won't be a buff. All WG had to do was make the original skill fire on both sides but only boost accuracy on the targeted ship, and apply the full buff to all tiers so low tiers got use out of it. Nah lets nerf it and pray no one notices and say its a buff, crap they noticed its a nerf say we will buff it, now lets overcomplicate things to the point the player will get next to no value from it and pray they don't notice its a nerf. Secondaries was never the effective build, it was for fun, but we cant have that can we. What I want to know is WHO is asking for skills designed like this? Anybody? All secondary ship players asked for was return it to old skill not this garbage. This is the same kind of development that World of Warcraft has been doing in the last few years. Dont listen to the players, make something overly complex to solve a problem that didn't exsist/the devs created.
  11. Only happens every septober 32, at two tiny hands pointing at numbers o'clock. Tis a rare event.
  12. I said they were the core of the issue and the easiest way to resolve it all was just to disallow it. If enough people use a system someone will abuse it, that its sadly just human nature. The video game doesn't make people [edited], people just are [edited].
  13. No matter your opinion on the issue, it's clear to see WG kicked over a hornet's nest. Their stated reason is a load of sh*t in my opinion. Why that's my opinion is simple, if stat shaming was such an issue why not make everyone's stats private and remove XVM type mods, these are the source of stat shaming the very core of the problem. If we go by the rules then yes Flamu was in violation, like 5 years ago.... sooo yeah not buying that one. IF all CC were to be held to the rules there would probably be no CC. I watch flamu and his being kicked doesn't bother me, WG is within their rights, but WG at least be honest about it. The pitchforks came out hella fast this time because WG has put the community on the sh*t list for the last few years with CV rework, PR disaster, subs, then skill rework. Not to mention the straight ignoring of tester/CC feedback on all this. They can't get out of their own way. WG has earned the hate that is thrown their way these days, it's just boiling under the surface. I saw what that kind of stuff does to a community, it happened in SWG and in WoT, its not a good road to go down. Hopefully, everyone can take a min and cool down some. Maybe WG can find the time to pull headfromass and start listening to player feedback.