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  1. Closest or Bloodiest game??

    Ive had several matchs end in draws due to every ship on both teams sinking, mostly due to ram at the end. Doesnt get much bloodier then every last player sunk. Also had lots end with the last guy putting out a fire with just a hair of health while the other guy gets finished off for the win. Those are the best matchs down to the wire, tooth and nail.
  2. I blame them for my loss even in CV free matchs, even other games I still blame them for my losses. Why you ask? Cause I can!
  3. Call it the 'Phantom Restricted Area That We Are Totally Ripping Off' we dont want any copyright [edited] going on. We must think of the children after all!
  4. IJN 8-10 BUFF cruisers

    QFT The 8-10 IJN cruisers are in need of no buffs, the Zoa is still one of the best cruisers in the game. If you need 20km torps on a cruiser you are doing something seriously wrong.
  5. Well 1st thing you did wrong was play a CV. The second thing, see #1. Jking. This part is a PSA for peeps: WR is subjective, as are all stats, you can have record high WR but crap every other stats by getting carried. Or you can have record low WR by getting bad teams/sucking more then a $2 hooker. Look at your damage, kills etc, if you still have a low win rate consider that maybe you arent targeting the right things. Aside from that people need to pause from time to time and consider what they could have done differently to win a game they lost. Like capping sooner etc. Stats dont lie but they never tell you the whole truth, there is to many variables for them to paint a solid picture at best you get a rough idea. I suggest only using them for self improvement and nothing else, they can not tell you if the guy your fighting with or against will have an awesome/fail game that game. So stick to using them to see where you are strong and where you are weak, and ignore W/R almost entirely as that is based on your entire teams effort not just yours.
  6. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    Dear god what did I start with that response of mine lol. Also nice, mouse. You get upvotes I got downvoted for saying same thing lol. This is how I feel toward you atm mouse.
  7. Does the Yamato need some tweaks?

    No yamato does not need buffs.
  8. Hood worth buying?

    No if you want a T7 brit bb get the nelson only heard good things about it. I have the hood thanks to a friend, and it is decent but not the ship it should be. WG really went full [edited] on the AP shells with garbage pen and krupp value, and the short range AA rockets of slaughter that was known for killing their own sailors on the deck. Only WG could go, Fantastic 15inch guns? We will make them crap! Horrible failed AA system that kills your own crew? Ya we will make that the stand out awesome part of this ship! /facepalm I campaigned so hard for them to fix that stupid line of thinking, but alas we got it any how. Now we have flamethrowing BBs, I make exception for the nelson in this case because it has basicly no armor and eats cits so fire on nelson, rest of that line being HE slinging noob flamethrowers saddens me to no end. Royal navy known for long history and skill? Lets turn that into HE slinging crapfactory! Now Ive made myself depressed, I need a drink. Back to boats.
  9. T10 Ops?

    Agreed, Ops for every tier would be good, then just rotate through them new one each week. Or have 2 per week a low tier 1-5 and a high tier 5-10 range, so you could have say Tier 1, and a Tier 10 one on the same week. This would shorten the cycle of ops so they come around more often. Wouldnt need to wait 10 weeks to see the same op that way.
  10. My Arizona did awesome, quad citted the Izo's 1 salvoing them. T4 bb vs T6 bb was brutal, those Arizona clustered shells wreck face. Leander did pretty good, had around 20 cit hits in single round.
  11. Mobility > Brute Force

    Id explain that I know how it works as best as we players can without being the guys who did the equations and that I wasnt referring to just sigma, or that the Montana has 3 additional guns to get a hit with by comparison of gun to gun performance. But being dickish to me about it, well this is all I care to bother with.
  12. Mobility > Brute Force

    Nope its Yamato.