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  1. I was in my iowa carrying a game with a friend it was 3 to 5. I fired a salvo at a colorado at about 10km he fired back, i deleted him. At the same time I took a salvo from a NC both clipped my forward turrets and knocked out both my forward main guns at the same time. It was 3 to 4 and I only had my #3 turret left. Our CV managed to take out their CV but lost all his planes removing him from the rest of the game. My friend fired a salvo and took out a hipper. So it was 2 to 2. My buddy then took a broadside from that NC and got deleted back when the cits for Iowas were still high. I fired my number 3 turret and hit the NC broad side and sank him. It was now me vs another NC he had 30k or so HP, I was down to 10k. Match was down to under a min, I managed to bounce most of his shells and rammed him with 2 sec left on the clock as he was running from our CV who was out of planes trying to ram him. We won because our CV lived. Epic game. Was full on BB slugging match.
  2. I could care less what Flamu said, if he's right he is right if he isnt he isnt. But I look at the ship itself to see if its OP or not and rarely are things OP. Usually its over blown. The Musashi has decent armor but a huge cit, no AA, no secondaries, a large health pool but that is really really minor as it is easily eaten up by fires/shells, but she has good guns, and bad detection. And AA is important to a BB as they are CV fav targets, but AA isn't what I would balance ships around since CV arent always in matchs. The question is does Musashis guns alone cause it to over preform? I seriously doubt it. 18.1 inch guns while fun are hardly game breaking. I cant see being awesome in 1 single area as making a ship OP when it is down right meh or garbage in everything else. Lert's point is more about the community then it is about the actual ship. What seperates the Conq from the Musashi is you can do a lot more to avoid AP dmg then you can to avoid a flamethrower. Once your lit on fire 5 times in 30 sec your just SOL, but so long as you use angling and manuver you can avoid massive damage from 18.1 inch guns. Unless your a person who likes to sail broadside to Yamatos. Is the conq OP? No, but fire damage is when you have 40%+ fire chance. I think that was WGs mistake in the basic layout of the game that fire and flooding being % based can kill you before your repair ever comes back around. Should it hurt you bad ya, but 3 fire/flooding doing what it does atm is a bit much luckly we can mitigate it some or this forum would really be full of threads on it. The bright side is fires and flooding rarely remove ships from the field of play so Conq might get high average dmg but doesnt get the winrate that should go with it.
  3. Considering the Musashi has no AA, basicly useless secondaries, all thats really left worth nerfing is her guns and well without those she would be complete garbage. I seriously doubt she will be majorly overpreforming once people are used to dealing with her. As with most new ships until people learn to counter them they tend to do better then what their averages settle down to. And yes she is a Yamato but people arent all used to facing a Yamato down a tier. I see your point Lert but I also don't want to see WG go "What that ship needs nerfed already calls for it".
  4. Badge Requests

    Hey I wouldnt turn down a mythosaur skull or a madalorian helmet patch. But copy rights suck and it will never happen.
  5. If turning the filter off demounts the camo then thats a bug. Filters are only supposed to remove the visual and not the camo with its bonus. Suggest submitting a bug report, and a useful one not OMG FUGLY! But seriously OMFG that thing is FUGLY! We really need a way to put a camo visual on but use the bonus from what ever other camo we like. Have 2 slots for camo one for appearance and one for stats, the appearance one doesnt get used up but stat one does, with a simple check box of use same as appearance for if you wanted to use 1 for both aka perma camos.
  6. We need premium T9 cruiser

    Im kinda torn, Id love to see the alaska at T7 and T10 as with the right balancing she could be in either place. WG could do the Alaska as a T7 bb sharn equal, and a T10 Alaska-ish next gen design as a T10 cruiser. That would make both camps happy. Sorta like having Musashi and Yamato at different stages of their lives divided by a tier, do something similar with Alaska but on a larger tier spread and a designation change from bb to cruiser. After all this is a game so why not?
  7. We need premium T9 cruiser

    Well a T9 USS Johnston would be awesome and long over due for how famous the ship is, or a sister ship to the roon would be good as its a solid t9 that is well liked. A des moines class with lower RoF would be good at T9 if balanced right. T9 is chocked full of potential when you consider T10s debuffed a bit similar to the Musashi. And there is plenty of T10 cruisers that are good, like Moskova if you tone it down right itd fit in at 9. Its all a matter of what you debuff on them to bring them in line with T9 power balance.
  8. *Hears a rifle shot as Mouse straight up dropped him* And thats why I stay on her good side, well slightly less bad side. *ducks and runs* Put the knife down Mouse! *off camera screaming and sounds of meat being hacked to pieces* As far as turrets, them being penned can cause dets, but its usually from the magazine being struck from the side that tends to do it. Unless you are a dd, HE penning a turret on a DD is about like instant death for me. Aside from the magazine being struck with a shell, a torpedo which has the explosion get far enough into the ship to hit a magazine will also cause dets. Tirpitz and warspite are kinda famous for this happening in the game, 1 torpedo and done if they strike a torpedo below a turret. Warspite used to have part of her cit actually show through the front of the ship, no outer hull covering it but it was below water, if that was hit by a torp you went belly up.
  9. 1) Don't insult Mouse. She has done to much for the community and is known to be 100% fair. 2) MO is equal to a fully upgraded Iowa + a small armor buff + radar making her actually better then tech tree Iowa by a minor margin. 3) Don't insult Mouse. Or we will have to take you out back and old yeller you behind the woodshed like we did ghostdog, why you think his name isnt just Dog hummmm?
  10. Personally I think all premium ships of the same tier should make the same credit earning. Silly to have one T8 bb make more then another when no diff camo/flags are used. Boosting Mu up to Mo's I think would be fair as the cost of these ships is insane vs T8 premiums. Im not going to grab a pitchfork over it but in my opinion gun sounds needs fixed and credits need boosted to Mo level. Seriously wg wth with the gun sounds, why would you not just use Yamatos they are identical guns, anyone who has played a Yamato in this game instantly noticed the difference. I dont care for the HSF camo costing 5000 dabloons but looks like there might be a mission coming for that at least. All the perma camos in this game are way over priced in my book, T10 camos 5k dabloons... come on its a camo that costs as much as a mid tier premium 1500-2k is much more reasonable. Reasonable prices = more sales. More sales at low prices = same amount of money earned but with the added benefit of happier customers who are then willing to spend more in the future.
  11. Awesome review as always Mouse. I wouldn't go so far as to say over powered but safely a great boat. Like you said once she has a weakness exploited she will sink fast, keeps her from being full blown op. I'm happy with how MU's final release stats went, I was hoping for secondaries buffs so that Yamato-Musashi captains could use that build equally well and make those extra 6 inch guns worth having but I'll settle for the buffed main gun reload time. Can't wait to pick her up in a couple weeks till then ill just have to play my Yamato. Hopefully the Musashigaddon will have died down some by then. When CV's start flooding into que you should see them take a nose dive. Mu's will be beyond easy targets for any CV that can get to them, good time to play MO's use your AA to guard your teams Mus and your main guns to punish the broadside n00b Mu drivers.
  12. Musashi in port

    Gratz guys, I wont be picking her up for another 2 weeks or so. With her recent buffs she should do pretty well. Post up some battle results for us when you can. Hopefully we can see what kind of credits she produces now that she is live we can fully compare her to MO.
  13. Ive got 193 games in mine, 54.92% win rate. MO is a good ship, the main differance from the NC is turn rate and rudder shift are sh*t. Ironicly in the 34 games in the Iowa I had a 67.65% win rate hehe. Best way Ive found to play them is concealment and main gun accuracy. Sneak in close then delete anything you can surprise with your wonderful 16 inch guns. But remember dont show your side, you are much bigger then a NC and easier to hit with a longer cit. If you can't bow tank something back out away from it, use your cruiser speed to relocate across the map and try to stick to engaging CA/CL and not other bb's. Farm other bb's from long range when you see their sides, like silly german bb's aim above the water line and your shells will plunge through their side and cit them at 12-15km. Nothing quite like triple citing a clueless tirpitz at 12km and flushing him to the bottom of the sea. "Hacker you can't cit turtle back!" "My shells beg to differ."
  14. Ive drug a friend on my torpedo bulge after he ran into me straight into a wave of torps causing him to get rekt while i continued on. Its sorta the reverse of putting myself in harms way but um i find it better cause it wasnt me who got sunk. What made it even better was we were on discord and all you hear is "Dude! Dude! What are you doing! Dude! AHhhhhhhh! *boom boom boom boom*". We both nearly died laughing, especially since i mowed down 2 DD with my bow as I came out of the smoke cloud, ran them over with my Warspite, good times.
  15. No one says MO makes 1mill per game all the time. But ive had games almost hitting 2 mill around 220k dmg or so in the game or more. So with flags camo etc you can hit 1 mill pretty regularly if you can put out consistant games. There is a reason its known as the Trump wagon.