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  1. JToney3449

    Terrible dispersion on Iowa

    Since when is the Iowa slow? Even after the CE nerf its got great concealment for a BB. The Iowas cit was lowered a long time ago it is no where near as easy to hit as it used to be. And as for Iowa "having to get close" all bb in the game have to get below 15km to reliably do damage. Yamato and Musashis over match and accuracy is the only exceptions. Iowas like almost all other BB is in their elemental at 10-15km 12km being the happy medium.
  2. JToney3449

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    I sold my Kaga and saipan back, used some of the dubs for last of the Fexp and bought the Alaska. Do not regret it, Alaska is fantastic and fun. WG needs to balance out AA so it scales better, atm we have ships at T6 fighting T8 CV that cant shoot down a plane and at T10 they murder the T8 CV. There needs to be a reasonable increase where T6 ships can defend themselves and T10s do not obliterate planes. Or WG could take a simple step and make CV only +1 -1 MM like they should have done from the start.
  3. JToney3449

    Secret to Doing Massive Damage with CVs Found!

    This is how i felt about the PEF, so I equipped it with ramming flags and ram killed 3 ships in the same game. Best part of the PEF its bow has 100% accuracy.
  4. JToney3449

    CVs, refunding CVs, etc...

    Here is the way I see it. When a CV is on your team you want him to do good so you win. But when you have to fight a CV you hate them so you want them gone and ask for a nerf. Then you complain that the CV on your team sucks because he does far less damage then he used to before the nerfs. And around and around we go. This pretty much applies to any class, HE spamming cruisers, AP spamming BBs, DDs of any kind draw hate because they influence the battle more then any other class with their spotting and capping abilities. CV have been nerfed hard enough i just didnt find them fun any more they felt frustrating to play. Just felt the time played vs reward wasnt there. Next up will be another class and around the circle will go.
  5. JToney3449

    Display cases instead of port.

    Might be just and idea but its a good one. I like it as a fellow model builder myself. Problem is it would take a lot of reworking to do it, perhaps instead of changing the port they add a museum tab where you can go in and the ship is in a glass case, then it has all kinds of IRL info about the ships class. If its a made up ship the devs could include the story behinds its creation and addition to the game etc.
  6. Graf spee is a great lil ship, when she came out we all wondered if she would really work. Well she turned out to work just fine, I love her too. Glad she made your week, this thread made my day oddly enough.
  7. JToney3449

    Curious Carriers Carry No Magazine?

    Wayyyyyy back in the day we could det them but not any more. They also have added i think at almost full health its impossible to det now. Then again I remember the days DD had cits lol DD think they get deleted now you should have seen back then. Every DD used to be like an Omaha facing off against a Yamato.
  8. JToney3449

    100 games in a West Virginia '41

    I havent seen anyone talking trash about the WV41. In fact ive only seen positive comments about it, now PEF that ship had hate, I detested mine but opinions vary.
  9. AA is so over buffed right now its not even funny. T6-8 CV can lose entire squadrons at the drop of a hat. Just cause the nelsons AA sucks does not mean CV need nerfed or AA needs buffed. If I play a ship with no AA and there is a CV i fully expect to be the soul focused target, its logic. The Hak has been hit hard by nerfs and so have all other carriers, to the point almost no one plays them, prolly even less people then before the rework. OP you are way off base.
  10. JToney3449

    And a gift full of love for you too.

    Well the old cv planes werent piloted 3rd person, when you are in your planes you can only move your cv with auto pilot. Makes perfect sense that if you are directly controlling the aircraft and not the cv at time of its destruction you would continue to do so.
  11. Players want balance, even with premiums what they dont want is bait and switch sales tactics. And that is exactly what was about to happen, sell one thing repeatedly market it as having superior strength then change it later without even an option for a full refund *No Dabloons for a cash item is not a full refund*. Most of us dont want OP premiums that rofl stomp the enemy team, why cause we might be on the enemy team next game. Nosters video about this made me angry when he was like "not many care about balance like I do." That is complete bull, I care very much about it as does most of the player base. What WG should have done is as soon as enough stats were collected to show it over preforming they should have nerfed it then, not repeatedly tout it about the shop saying hey this is broken buy it NOW! Premiums should be 'rebalanced' in the first 2 months of release if they are over preforming by that much. But here is the issue 'Where is the line that makes something OP?' Is it 1%? 2%? 3? You need to have clear rules about where that line is and on what stats before WG goes about deeming things OP. Even the community doesnt have a set of clear lines on this and this needs to be decided BEFORE rebalancing anything other wise how will you know when its balanced? You only know when the ball is inbounds because you know where the out of bounds is. Once the bars are set then rebalance new ships as they are released with it clearly stated it is subject to change shortly after release. Now as to what to do about old ships? Leave them alone unless they are underpreforming. Why? Because that is what is fair to the customers, WG blew the chance to balance those ships when they marketed them as broken and waited to long to fix them. Is that fair to new players? No not completely. There will be a few over preforming ships, but at least new ships would be better balanced from now on, I think it is the safest and fairest compromise that can be reached for the whole of the player base. Add to this the ability to try out premiums for free in their last phase of testing on live to gather more data before actual launch of the ship. This would also help to build up hype and sales and fix bugs and performance. There is no perfect make everyone happy solution but this is the best we can hope for in my opinion. Other wise you anger and alienate your paying customers that allow this game to be F2P. Not to mention set a terrible precident and ruin trust with WG.
  12. JToney3449

    CV's shouldn't be able to...

    Its not like they really take off from your cv, they just spawn at the end of the deck. Not to mention there is no wind to turn into ingame.
  13. JToney3449

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    I think this is the right choice for what was happening. We want our ships to be balanced and we do care that there are unbalanced ships in the game. But ship balancing needs to be done ASAP after a ship is released not 1-2-or 5 years down the line. Especially after the item had been repeatedly marketed as being rare and strong on many occasions to boost sales. You also need to set requirements of what marks a ship 'over preforming', how much of a % difference does it make in each area before its over a line. The number one thing WG needs to learn is make MINOR changes and not sledgehammer when all you needed was a tack hammer. Look at the horrible state of carriers as all the proof you need for that. And for the love of god listen to the players, you dont have to do everything we suggest but the community is a resource and it is foolish to largely just ignore it at times when it comes to ship balancing etc. I sold off all my CV including my premium ones due to sledgehammering, CV balancing felt like i was on a roller coaster with no rails to guide its direction just aimlessly going up and down as hard as I could till I puked all over everyone. Use forum polls and ingame polls for all kinds of stuff like, what ships would you like to see next, what ship in this line do you consider bad/broken/op etc. Polls can give you a nice direction to head towards, you have the ability to post them so USE IT!
  14. JToney3449

    Does the new midway suck, or do I

    Without reading the OP and just replying to the topic title. My answer: Both Why do I say that? Cause im a [edited].
  15. JToney3449

    HMS Hood Review Post Buffs

    The short fuse used to be good for taking out DD, but the change to DD always over pen took away another major source of Hoods dmg. While I hated that they made the Hoods guns weak the short fuse timer gave it a unique play style that worked. Had they given Hood normal fuse timer with decent guns I might have been happy with the change but they didnt adjust the pen or the krupp value. By leaving the guns with crap pen/krupp and long fuses they broke the unique game style she had and didnt make the new one work. While yes the Hood did use an inferior shell in real life this is an arcade game not a historic simulator, plenty of other stuff is complete [edited] in this game so is changing the hoods shell to not suck really that bad of an idea? I mean we are getting a completely made up [edited] line of russian BB's to be fair. While sigma buff is nice it still doesnt do much because if your shell shatters it doesnt do any dmg. And if you do hit you will now overpen a bunch of stuff you wouldnt have in the past. One of the great things to do with the hood was use the advanced AP angles to shoot the bow of ships and get full pens off them with the short fuses like a DM, not any more though. The Hood can still have decent games and can still do some dmg, the question is was the buff an improvement. I would say no the buff was at best a side grade and at worst a nerf when you factor in AA changes and DD over pen changes. WG attempted to make her fight like a normal BB but failed in my opinion. I say put her back how she was or fix her shells.