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  1. I got chat banned the other day for a week, and I didnt even say anything in chat. Automated system is broken as all hell, first time ive ever been chat banned in all my years playing WG games.
  2. JToney3449

    What's the status of USS Enterprise?

    She is still on her 5 year mission to explore strange new world and seek out new life and civilizations.
  3. When people start off with "I feel or We feel" you can be pretty sure what is coming next is bullsh*t. When you have numbers to back up your claim you lead with that not 'feelings'. Operations take far more teamwork then randoms take a good while to finish unlike a co op match, so it makes sense that they should have higher payouts. Honestly Co Op payouts need to be raised some, not as much as random but right now coop rewards are pitiful even in 300k dmg games. Wargaming really wants to blame operations for the mass amounts of exp and fexp? Yet they just tested mounting all exp and eco flags... maybe i donno the mass increase in eco flags and camo flooding into the game had something to do with it.... nah itll be fine. Operation payout of Nari was fine, I would have liked to see more Ops at higher tiers like 8 9 and 10. But if they pay jack all no one will bother doing them. Why cut your own contents throat? makes no sense. I dont care if you are doing Ops, co op, or randoms if you are playing the game you deserve decent payout and progress no matter which way you are playing it, barring training rooms.
  4. All they needed was to cut the fire chance, the armor changes and everything else was unnessary. So my vote is Nay. It unbalanced far more ships than it balanced in my book like Atlanta. I will say that it wasnt a big mess like the CV change roll out but last thing Atlanta and some others needed was another nerf. I just about stopped using IFHE all together after the update, only my Cleveland and my GK *full secondary build* run IFHE now.
  5. JToney3449

    A sad morning

  6. Prolly the utter surprise ones. Like when i first started playing id just be in my kongo and hit spotter plane soon as game started then blind fire toward enemy cap. Got a bunch of instant kill dev strikes on Omaha's leaving their caps that way. Aside from that ones where a DD is rushing you around an island in a bb and you blap him before he ever gets off a torpedo. Catching an island hugging HE spammer CA in the open or a CV after they have been on you all game.
  7. JToney3449

    CV Rocket Plane Adjustment Suggestion

    I think your idea would be fine if it wasnt going to have to be combined with the already short plane spotting ranges of DD. Personally I say get rid of rockets all together, no one asked WG to make rocket planes a thing. For a 3rd strike you can keep fighters but change them to light bombs or do bomb skipping so you have to impact the side of the dd with a skipped bomb. The dmg of the rocket strikes are fine but the consistency and lack of AA make DD life hell. There needs to be a balance between CV's ability to hit and do damage and surface ships/dd's ability to negate that damage. The main problem wg caused is that CV do consistent damage while AA tends to be inconsistent and thats due to heavy use of flak mechanic and its avoidable damage. Rockets are part of the problem but the whole way wg engineered AA around flak is the bigger one. DD need high constant AA dps at short and mid range allowing them to deal carriers heavy losses per strike.
  8. JToney3449

    Some thoughts about what 'OP' means

    Im just here to do this *pets Lert and leaves a upvote in his bowl for him* Mission accomplished Im out of here.
  9. JToney3449

    How big of a game changer is 510mm vs 460mm?

    How big of a game changer is it? Close to none. 510mm will overpen more often, and anything the 510 overmatchs so does the 457mm. Basically treat 510mm like you would a 457mm.
  10. JToney3449

    Hood: Why the Hate?

    Undergunned as in her guns/shells are worse then the Warspites a tier lower. Her short fuse shells used to be effective at doing full pen to bb's secondary belt and deleting cruisers but they took that away. Her shells tend to shatter because of the lack of pen. She kites well and can be fun, but if you ask me she should have been more akin to the Thunderer then what she is currently. Basing her around an AAA gimmick that killed more of her own crew then any enemy was a huge mistake. And now that AAA gimmick is gone leaving her even weaker in a role after CV update.
  11. JToney3449


    +1 for your clickbait skills
  12. Ship seems kinda pointless to me. 6x510mm guns alpha against 9x457mm kinda evens out, anything you would NEED to overmatch with 510mm you can do with 457. And having so much pen you overpen lightly armored shps well thats Yamato and this ship both. Secondaries are not an improvement over Yamatos. So that leaves you sacing 3 guns and reload for some AA?? That seems like a bad trade. If you want to lulz overmatch and delete BBs Yamato already punches that ticket. Giving up 3 guns aka 3 shells per volley if you are broadsiding and its 3 chances to hit per volley and reload speed for a bit more alpha per shell? No thanks. Ohio/Thunderer gives a whole different feel from the tech tree counter parts, Yashima just looks like more of the same, and arguably worse will be funny to see Musashi curb stomping Yashima's.
  13. JToney3449

    And people say the PR is weak...

    Co Op doesnt say much about a ship. Bots sail broadside way to much, friendly bots torp each other and us. Basically there is a whole lot of oddball behavior in Co Op. I mean I got torped leaving the spawn like not even 40 sec into a match by a bot cruiser on my team, not my first time being friendly bot torped but even that one had me dumbfounded. There is also a difference between not good and weak. Ive seen some strong ships called not good because of the way they play, same thing happens in world of tanks. I used to crush stuff in my GW Tiger arty with AP rounds, but it wasnt a good arty. Alaska is pound for pound a better ship per tier then the PR, thats mainly what has been said, and most of the comments are just that PR is not as good as the other large cruisers outside of maybe Asuma. This is mostly due to PR BB dispersion pattern and its bad firing angles on the rear guns.
  14. JToney3449

    Which BB line to take to T10 1st?

    If you have USN to T9 might as well do it to 10 first. Montana is a fantastic BB. That said my first T10 was Yamato then Montana, granted my 1st of 3 Yamatos was during beta. All the T10 bb are worth it if you ask me, depends which playstyle you love the most. GK is a secondary monster, French has pen for days, Montana is all around solid, Yamato cause lulz 18.1inch gun overmatch. The RN T10 'conq' is pretty awesome, Thunderer on a side note is sick I love it. The Rus T10 is considered top dog atm, but I think they are all good.
  15. JToney3449

    Hill, Siraco, Benham (return) ?

    All 3 are available from xmas crates.