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  1. JToney3449

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Terrible vid zoup. Saying to any part of the community we dont need them just leave is sad. WG and a lot of companies in general as of late has being doing a lot of really bad if not down right shady sh*t in some cases. Like Bethesda, Epic, Bioware, Activision/Blizzard and EA etc sometimes it bleeds over into here or sometimes WG just comes up with a down right horrible way of doing things like the CV rework to make them more popular by nerfing them into unpopularity. You say that you and your friends sometimes root for failure so that people will learn a lesson then say you dont understand that logic with WG, thats contradictory. People can vent their frustration, if you dont agree with it say so but telling people to just leave is not good for the game or the community.
  2. JToney3449

    Turn Radii of Tier 7 & 10 Destroyers Visualized

    Thanks for the info mouse. Upvote fired. Also first for a change sorry lert. *pets Lert to appease him*
  3. JToney3449

    What the heck you have to do to get any credits?

    "Buy bundles with lots and lots of credits, then buy T9 premiums with free exp by converting with dubs you also bought, then buy premium time, and buy premium camo and flags." - WG In all honesty all you need is prem time or a high lvl premium ship and you are pretty set for credit making.
  4. JToney3449

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    Everything went to plan then! *evil laugh*
  5. JToney3449

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    time to buy a lotto ticket
  6. Im not going to pay someone for not doing the stupid thing they said they were going to do. Rewarding them for not doing an insane idea just encourages them to do this sh*t storm all over again. Its like people applauding Bethesda for fixing fallout 76 *or trying to* they dont deserve praise they are doing what should have been done from before that game even launched! 1 good move does not just erase the stupidity that came before it.
  7. JToney3449

    The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization

    It is a good video with a ton of valid points. I watched it when it came out and it is sickening to see how one human could purposefully do these kinds of things to another. Most of the big companies in gaming atm look like dumpster fires and full blast. Blizzard, bioware, EA, Bethesda, each one worse then the last. There was a time when all of these companies were enjoyed even loved by the gaming community. But now we see Bioware took money from EA for 5 years to develop anthem and never did anything in those 5 years, they then rushed a game together in 16 months just to get something out the door. EA has been going balls deep on Fifa and other micro transactions till lawmakers are now having to step in. Blizzard has straight gone down hill and wants to go mobile gaming micro transaction hell on us. And Bethesda is just as awful as the guy giving the presentation in the video. They knew Fallout 76 was total garbage and not worth anything, they sold it any how, they lied, they cheated, and they stole from you so much you dont even have your pipboy on. They tried a bait and switch with the canvas bags cause ya know 'The great canvas shortage' of 2018. Then they messed up and let peoples info get leaked all over the net, then the whole nuke rum bait and switch. Bethesda in my book is even worse then EA now and thats saying something cause EA will leave you in a seedy motel bathtub full of ice after they drug you and steal your kidneys. The utter bold face lies that are being told to people has come to a head. Its time we all close our wallets to them and just watch the fire burn. As much as we may have loved those companies they are no longer the shepards of the gaming industy they are the wolves. The preying tactics companies are employing everywhere these days is going to have massive blow back, the CEOs seem to forget without their audience their towers will crumble to ash in short order. Its truly sad that everything has come to this, I just want fun games with no extra transactions shoved down my throat, ya know just play the game. These days seems easier to dodge bullets matrix style then to dodge games with extra fees their everywhere.
  8. JToney3449

    azuma don't look SO bad

    People really liked it with Zao dispersion. Then WG took it away and people hated it again. The 25mm all over plating means anything hitting you with HE will wreck you and any BB AP with smash your face on a curb. Torps + extra mm plating on Yoshino help her a lot, Azuma needs a bit of a boost to be come close to being on par with alaska. Kron and alaska are far and away better. Im going to pick up Yoshino but mainly as a co op boat/ijn trainer for T10. I rather play my Atago in a T9-10 game then Azuma.
  9. JToney3449

    Tier 10 CVs

    Midway torps also have laughable dmg, and yamato has insane TDS. CVs have gotten the axe in just about every way possible but hey lets push and push and push till they are unplayable that seems like a great idea.
  10. I dont think that BB will be any happier with this change then DD will be. Now all the HE spam will be doing overpen damage to AA/Secondary/super structure. Cruisers arent going to enjoy this any more then anyone else either, when those big BB salvos come in and instead of eating a few with AA mounts they get tagged with more overpen damage. Bad change is bad no matter how you slice it, as others have said this will just negate more of everyones armor, and result everyone will die much more quickly.
  11. JToney3449

    Rockets on CVs

    CV drivers didnt even want rockets. If we had fighters with strafe removed that would have been enough.
  12. Wait wait wait. What the hell is going on here?! A thread about CVs without hating on CVs?! I must be drunk. Yep.
  13. JToney3449

    (VIDEO) CVs are broken

    You said it yourself, your team melted, you isolated yourself, you were open to cross shots, you took a cit from the yamato. The CV did minimal damage to you, you shot down a ton of his planes, then you triple cit him. You got non pens cause you fired HE into an armored flight deck. He also didnt just get to sail away, his team forced you to sail away which was a good play. While you may be trying to 'carry hard' for your team, they did the same for theirs. There is 0 issues in this video worth complaining about. Your team melted, thats on them, you isolated yourself thats on you, you were open to cross shots from bad positioning again on you, you got nailed by a yamato good for him nice shot. You triple cit the CV and shot down a bunch of planes, good on you. You flubbed your first volley on the CV by firing HE, easy mistake but still on you. You were pushed away from the enemy CV by his team, good for them nice team play. You shot to high and hit the flight deck instead of the con tower/stern of the ship, that again is on you. People need to get over their hate for CVs, you want to talk about the bad CV touching you at least have something relevant to say, none of the above explains how 'cv are broken' it does however explain why your team lost and little of that had to do with that CV targeting you. Hate on CV, but at least hate on them for a legit reason.
  14. JToney3449

    State of AA and CVs in the Game

    Whats funny is we asked for a CV rework not an AA rework. WG took it upon themselves to mess up AA, and most of the CV players hate the new AA system as much as surface ship players do. The old AA system wasnt perfect but it was heck of a lot better then the flak system. Keep the fancy flak visuals but revert the actual mechanics to the old system, best of both worlds.
  15. JToney3449

    Opinions on the State of AA

    AA right now relies to much on flak. Flak is normally easy to avoid, but if you clip it you can lose an entire squadron which is equally stupid. The old system was far less random, and had overlapping AA rings. Flak is pretty but to much of an all or nothing. Depending on the ships AA can be stupid powerful or so weak you dont even notice it shooting. This badly balanced system is why the rework is failing. I want consistent damage as a surface ship and as a CV. Having an entire squadron blown out of the sky because 1 planes wing clipped a flak cloud.... there just arent words for how stupid that is. The AA changes messed up the AA on so many ships because they now fire mostly flak which is dodged. Consistent plane loss where we lose a few each attack run is a far better system. It lets both sides 'feel' the impact of good AA. Keep the pretty flak but drop its damage, add over lapping AA rings back, and return the flak firing guns to constant AA dmg, then adjust planes/AA dmg to balance the system. This way DFAA is worth more and ships like the DM go back to having their old AA dmg. Flak = Fail.