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  1. Mega_Killerz

    Avoid the CV Grind up from T4 to T6 at all costs?

    Luckily, CV tier 4 is a breeze. T6 with all the AA, AA consumables, and fighters makes it very tough. I find CVs take more skill, because you are constantly engaged in seeking targets, attacking the right target with the right plane. The slow speed of the carrier doesn't allow it to keep up with the fleet oddly - when they are the lead/core of the fleet. They should speed it up to match at least a cruiser in speed, as many early CVs were built on Cruiser hulls.
  2. Mega_Killerz

    Avoid the CV Grind up from T4 to T6 at all costs?

    Thank you! I did watch a few vids from Ahskance. He does mention that t4 is way easier. T6 you see AA Flak and fighters. That is why T6 is much tougher. I also noticed his intro CV vid is from a year ago, and the animations, timings, and indications given to enemy targets have been changed (nerfed). Regardless, good info. I had watched that before starting CV play, and it was helpful. I'd like to see a high tier CV video, that would be more helpful, will keep searching.
  3. Mega_Killerz

    Avoid the CV Grind up from T4 to T6 at all costs?

    Great replay, thank you!
  4. Mega_Killerz

    To many DD's make the game unbalanced

    DD's are okay, but homing torps on Subs got to go! Do you like Subs?
  5. Mega_Killerz

    Fair game? Not with us!

    Nelson? Looks funny!
  6. Starting with a new account, ran US DD until I got the T4 CV. It is okay, but you rarely kill ships, causing low XP and slow grind. Finally got to the T6, and enemy ships decimate planes, even with upgrades. You get one run on a ship, and will lose most of your planes - if you even get close. Changing speed and direction does little to nothing to throw off AA. Should I just stop playing CV now? It seems very broken! Oh, and the speed of CVs is so slow, if anything gets in range of it, it's dead.
  7. For the matches I have played for the last few days, mostly 1 carrier, rarely two. DD's just roll up on them and torp them to death, so easy. I just watched another match where a German cruiser AA down all the carriers aircraft, closed with it, and torpedoed it. How hard can a CV be? For Wargaming in general, their games last a long while until you get sick of them and move on. Time to move if you no longer have the desire. My first day back, I got banned from Random matches for hitting friendlies. 10 or 11 of the friendlies...were bots. :name: I was watching them hit each other and wondered; what happens when all the bots get banned for hitting other bots? LOLS. It's rediculous. Have you tried Magic the Gathering?