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  1. I am just undewhelmed by this RN event. The rewards from the crates are not that great, just a coupe of flags and some camo. This is especially true if you take away the Guineas, which as of this writing, are only useful as a discount for a ship that I must say I probably don't want at this point, even if I maxed out the discount so I'd only have to pay a couple of bucks (and I *like* playing DDs). Part of the reluctance to buy the ship is I don't know if I'd like it, but I'm also concerned that sales will encourage WG to run additional lackluster events like this in the future.
  2. I'm more annoyed about the otherwise useless guineas (I don't plan on buying the Cossack, even if it is highly discounted) reducing the value of the Royal Navy containers. Instead of getting three usable items, (more if you want to include collection items or badges) WG is only giving us two.
  3. Had to go all the way to page three before finding someone who actually GETS IT.
  4. My concerns aren't directly related to the subs themselves, but rather that WG is apparently willing to commit resources (programmers, time & money) to introduce a potentially completely unbalanced type of ship when they are still struggling with balancing the four types already in the game. But WG apparently feels that the best way for them to make money is to constantly crank out broken content. Who cares if it works as long as it's shiny and new, right?? I would be more willing to spend money on this game (mainly Premium time) if some of the more egregious gameplay and balance problems were addressed.
  5. Jarink

    Why on Earth London and not Portsmouth?

    The setting takes place during the "Great Smog" in 1952.