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  1. Anyone else having problems logging in to the website or forum on Chrome? I've reinstalled Chrome to no avail. I still get the errors attached. Would rather not use Safari if possible :P
  2. Daily Ship Sales for July

    It's an incredibly strong ship if it clicks with you - great stealth and a VERY strong armour layout if you angle right. Here's my stats in it, definitely one of my top ships and served me very well in the last ranked season:
  3. Hey @Pigeon_of_War, with the introduction of the new currencies, are there any plans to introduce any kind of conversion from standard resources (like ship XP or Free XP) into these resources? For example, I'd love to get Stalingrad at some point, but am currently not part of a clan and have never gotten to rank 1 in Ranked before. I have however made my way up to T10 in a bunch of lines. Could we convert XP from T10's to steel with doubloons perhaps?
  4. Looking for relaxed casual clan

    Thanks everyone! I'ma do my research
  5. Howdy, Thought I might give being in a clan a go. I live in New Zealand, so timezones might be an issue, so I'm looking for something really relaxed with minimal pressure. I don't have a mic or anything on my computer - but could possibly get one. I'm mainly a cruiser player, but seem to do as adequately in DD's and BB's as well. My tier 10's are: Minotaur, Hindenberg, Henri (my favourite ship in the game), Khaba, Groz and Republique. Here are my very middling stats: http://www.wowstats.org/stats/na/timmmeh/
  6. I'll be hitting ops with the Budy - will definitely give the Dallas a go though.
  7. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    yup! Both Dallas and Pensacola will be T6's - but the Dallas is the Clevelands Replacement at T6, so you'll get that if you have the Cleveland.
  8. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Going by the previous line splits - you'll get a T6 to replace the T8 that's been moved up in the line - so you'll get a Dallas
  9. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    You'll have T8 Cleveland, T6 Dallas, T8 Baltimore and T7 New Orleans. 4 FOR THE PRICE OF 2!
  10. The Henry is my favourite ship in the game. Crazy range, trolly armour, pin point accurate guns, high fire chance and the neeeeed for speeeeed.
  11. Henri IV Secondary Build

    Roon secondary build is pretty fun! It's got a few of those 150's
  12. I don't know, I've had hilarious fun with secondary-build Roon
  13. Bellerophon is NASTY

    first game in it, stock with a 1 point captain: Probably a lot of luck and certain amount of potato, but I think I like this ship...