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  1. Defensive RPF on BB also is an assist for pre-positioning Turrets (particularly single or dual aft turrets).
  2. Just finished a Ranked Battle (win) where I was in a cap with a Shimakaze; Timer is near count down, and Score is only slightly in our advantage - if Shimakaze gets the cap we lose... if DD torp kills me (maybe I'm 8K HP +/-) we lose. I'm out of my Hydro Charges, I'm out of Heals... I'm left guessing, with only knowledge of game mechanics of where the DD last was, and where it might be if I'm suddenly spotted near an Island next to the Cap... I start evasive maneuvers to bait torp volleys, and hope to rely on Vigilance... success - I dodge 2 volleys... then the third and last one to get into the cap and stop capture. The Shima Smokes when I get a bit too close - I push hoping to beat torp reload. ... at this point I don't know where the DD actually is... Cap capture stops but then restarts - did he back up or am I getting flanked on the blind side of the smoke??! Sure enough, the Shima is trying to flank torp in a last ditch effort to remove me from the cap and take the Ranked match. Thankfully I had him pre-targeted w/ Secondaries, so when minimum guaranteed detection kicks in, and as the torps come out only closing from 3 to 2.5km I was fortunately able to kill him before his torps hit me. We win... ** This is why I use RPF on a GK ** And why I want it back as an option. I find myself dealing with this scenario so much that RPF has become a necessity to keep tabs on lurking DD's that are maneuvering to torp, and island block or maneuver and/or angle accordingly. DD's love torping GKs because if even moderately flanked, especially Swedish DDs, the torps almost always hit. The ability to use RPF Defensively is invaluable to Hydro equiped ships - Hydro DD and CA's still have it - BB's Captains should also still have this option! 20210128_185428_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  3. Just got out flanked... again by a Halland throwing '95knt' Torps... I saw them coming but was angled the wrong way because I didn't have RPF FFS its my 4 captain skill points why would you remove RPF WGing... ? At the very least have some of the 4 SP slots 'dual choice' of either 'something' OR RPF.
  4. RPF on a Hydro/Vigilance BB... hmmm? And when Swedish DDs can torp at 15 km flanking, then you don't even know you're about to get torp ambushed passing between islands pushing objectives.
  5. the gk is a 'big' battleship! even when you combine vigilance skill and hydro acoustic search × it's tenuous to successfully dodge all the torps a invisible dd can flank and throw at you... × so prior to the new commander skill change i finally finished maxing out al roon (captain) × and decided to flirt with using rpf so i could have none visual bearing on a dd that was going to use me as a torp pinata - and angle appropriately... because knowing the direction Torps are coming from is invaluable! i can understand where the devs would never see the rpf skill as orthodox for bb - × but i got immense benefit from having it on my gk captain! × please look at this again × and consider evolving the current system so that there is both an 'orthodoxy' of skills for each ship type × but also an ability for pure customization - to
  6. WGing: Seriously - You need to fix this - either allow Det flags to be equiped or stop allowing the Detonation Mechanic in Ranked play for Atlanta (I've detonated twice tonight, and can not equip Det flags and according to the game No det flags because there's no risk of detonation with this ship?)
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    WoWs submarines are shaped like this...
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    AL Prinz Eugen: Being elusive, seductive, and making you feel inferior all that the same time.
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    Is telling you to pause the conversation for a moment, because of suddenly feeling nauseous from trying to log into WoWs weeks after #NTChernobyl
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    Allegedly started playing Naval Action (PVP Server).... and likes it.
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