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  1. Actually it did not need to be said. Ever.
  2. ... Switch the polarity from positive to negative and from negative to positive... It COULD WORK! Victor Von Frankenstein. Seriously, what is this formula of which you do not speak?
  3. Well I for one would like to see limits in the game. Two capital ships (that's a battleship or a carrier) per team. So two battleships, or two carriers, or one of each on each team. That's the game I want to play.
  4. So on what tiers do you want to see Ocean played? Go here to vote. Fear not, there is an option for no tiers at all. Ocean Tiers
  5. philology philatelist I don't have any idea what collecting stamps has to do with it. Perhaps it's just a sticky topic. hee hee hee
  6. @Skpstr, perhaps you exaggerate. Perhaps you are just a malodorous miscreant.
  7. No, but an excessive consumption of roughage may lead to flatulence.
  8. I am sentanced to fail spell check in my sentences. A philatelist philologist; there's a hobby you can stick to.
  9. Alas, it's not the ships that shall be the death nell. 'Tis the abysmal lack of punctuation, spelling and good sentence structure in chat and on the forums. The grammarians are departing in droves. What's a philologist to do?
  10. Thanks GP. I enjoyed your post and appreciated your return to the topic.
  11. Elegantly phrased, Wandering Ghost.
  12. Posters who make demands in their posts may think they are demonstrating the strength of their convictions. e.g. We demand ... WG must ... Eliminate it NOW... Banish ... ... or else ... To me it just looks like they don't know how to make their case. Most people respond to belligerent demands by getting their hackles up. The knee jerk response is to reject the argument out of course because "No one tells me what I can have/do...". On the flip side, when someone opens a dialog, people are more likely to read the argument without rejecting it out of hand. They may disagree but at least they will finish reading the post. As an example I'll grind one of my favorite axes that no one seems to care about but yours truly: I would like WarGaming to restore the ability of battleships and cruisers to set way points for their scout planes. I found it very helpful in Alpha and it gave me something to do while waiting for my guns to reload when I was using a battleship. The early identification of the enemy movements helped form strategies... I welcome your thoughts on this idea. See, you may think the idea is idiotic, but I have put nothing there to offend and I opened it up to discussion. Posters may reply that they do not want the hassle of setting way points on the map, because they don't want to open the strategic map, or because they fear they will lose the 'let's peek over the island mode', but they will read the post and think about it without rejecting it out of hand, because my language did not imply that I should be in control of the decision making process, or folks that disagreed had better watch out! If you want to get people to come around to your point of view, a good start is to not make them angry. Now I shall drop the other foot. Here are a few comments on style. If you want people to read your post: Capitalize the first words in a sentence, proper nouns, and acronyms. Leave the rest lower case. Use punctuation and good grammar. Don't use texting short cuts. Use spell check. If you mess something up, edit it. Why? There's one reason for all these five points, and it has nothing to do with my being a former newsletter editor. Do it because it makes it easier to read. It may take more work to type but its worth it. If something is hard to read it won't get read. Nothing forces a reader to read a post. The easier it is to read, the better your chances are of making your point. If you start a new thread put a little thought into the title. If you want to change it you can edit it with the "Use Full Editor" button. The thread title should tell the reader something of what's inside. False advertising makes people grumpy. Well I think I've spent enough of my time and your goodwill on my soap box. In closing; I thank you for your kind attention. P.S. Those who are long in the tooth may remember this thread from a former incarnation. I brought it back because I've been noticing quite a few threads that are making demands. I did not necro the last one because there were some troll posts on it that I do not want refreshed. I have nothing against a good troll as long as they are creative and their grammar is up to at least third grade standards, but the language was truly execrable. I have a hard time believing the posts weren't censored by our moderators. Well they can't catch everything. Respectfully yours, Quaffer
  13. There is a point to the grind. It's great that you advocate spending money and supporting the game, but skipping ahead tiers means you miss out. Each ship in the progression has lessons to teach, for those who pay attention. You can have a lot of fun along the way. There is a thrill associated with unlocking each module. Taking the freeway often means you miss out on some of the best scenery.
  14. I would keep the battleship and a cruiser in your port and play them occasionaly. A change is as good as a rest. Playing other ship types will remind you of their strengths and weaknesses and make you a better tin can jockey.