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  1. Quaffer

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    Lots of folk have responded with the obvious, or what should be obvious, your torp your responsibility. To be blunt a friendly torpedo is an oxymoron. Allow me to point out what you don't seem to get. If you are launching from so far away that a friendly has time to get in the way you will likely only hit with one torpedo, and that if the target does not change course or speed. You are wasting a spread. The chance of damaging a red increases dramatically as the range is reduced. You are just adding to the torp spam. Can I get home fries with that?
  2. Quaffer

    Pc chat

    Dear me. I find your attitude most distressing. I find I am most wroth. And yet I shall not insult you. Your behavior speaks more eloquently than ever I may.
  3. The point of team damage is that it changes the way that the game is played. Many of us consider this to be a good thing. Your team is not responsible for avoiding your ordinance. You are responsible for your ordinance not hitting your team. Nuff said.
  4. If you are considering avoiding gameplay in order to improve your statistics, I have to wonder why you play the game at all.
  5. Quaffer

    Battle results

    Experience points can be used to unlock new ship modules and new ships. It also adds enhancements to your ships captain. Credits can be used to purchase ship modules and ships. The more you earn the better your toys.
  6. Sorry, I plead ignorance.
  7. Battleships never had healing potions.
  8. Quaffer


    CVs are carriers. CA are cruisers.
  9. Quaffer

    Should Super-testers be Super Unicums?

    Super Testers are not chosen based on their game stats. The player range covers all abilities and so do the testers. It's more about their ability to communicate clearly and knowledge of the game. Trust me, I know my stats. Super-unicum they ain't.
  10. Quaffer


    Sure, but the player who is damaged gets charged the same maintenance cost, no matter if he's damaged by a red or a green, or takes no damage at all or is sent to the bottom. I don't think the penalty credits are gifted to the victim. If they were, the griefer rats would be swarming out of the bilge.
  11. @Gen_Saris, the Pixel Protection League has added you to its data base. We find your attitude to be suboptimal.
  12. Quaffer

    Forum culture

    Pay attention to where you post your threads. e.g. guide forums are for guides, not questions. Suggestion forums are for suggestions. Questions are appropriate in general discussion. Don't expect everyone to agree with you. Everyone does not agree with me. How odd is that? You can have differences of opinion. The important thing is how you handle it. If you disagree with something slapping a bored or angry imoge on is not as useful as explaining your opinion. Always address what your issue is, not the qualifications of the poster. Experience is not a requirement for good judgement, though it helps. Experience is not always synonymous with knowledge. Feel free to read more than you post. Go back and edit your posts for spelling and grammar. If your opinion matters take the time to present it well. The easier it is to read, the more it will be read. Keep it friendly and you'll do fine.
  13. Quaffer

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    You make the most of what you have. If you're sunk you join a new battle. You are ignoring the frustration of the players who throw the dice to sink a ship and are stymied, again and again. Sinking ships and being nearly sunk makes battle exciting. Repeated repair just drags things out. A short life but a merry one.
  14. Quaffer

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    I don't see this as a red herring. If I manage to do serious damage to a heavily armoured ship I want them to stay damaged, so I and my team mates can sink them. They are already have too much going for them. No need to make it worse.
  15. Quaffer

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    We already have too many healing potions. We don't need clerics. This is WoWS, not WoWC.