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  1. Quaffer

    Introduction to Aiming

    Generally speaking, the shorter the range you fire your torps at, the greater the chance of hitting your target. Torpedoes spread out as they travel and ships, smart ones, change course and speed. Also there is less chance of hitting a team member.
  2. Quaffer

    Introduction to Aiming

    Break target lock with X. Point cursor at prefered target. Press X. Target locks will only activate if the target is in range. A target lock will not guide a barrage to the target. A target lock will maintain the aim point with respect to the center of mass of the target. This is good for ranging shots if the target does not change course or speed, more the fool them. You can adjust the locked position with your mouse but too rapid or far a change breaks the lock. If the target exceeds the range it will break the lock. If the target goes behind something it will not break the lock. Target locks for torpedoes are established the same way but you will see a grey trapezoid on the water. Line up the grey trapezoid with the green trapezoid of your torp firing arc.
  3. Quaffer


    Read the section on evasion.
  4. Quaffer


    Last I heard no one is charged to repair any damage. There's a set fee we all pay even if we don't get the paint scratched.
  5. Quaffer


    The team kill damage threshold is accumulated across multiple battles. Odds are you just passed the threshold and you're paying for past sins. Behave yourself and you won't suffer any real penalties.
  6. Quaffer

    What is & Where is the "Aim Lock" ?

    Gunnery Basics Turret Focus Weapon Bearing (Shift-X) (Ctrl-X) (X) Help Screens Enjoy.
  7. Quaffer

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    Consider this; in domination, the first team to cap wins more often than loses. Unnecessary? What did you do in the war daddy? I explored the shore line of these islands closest to the border. Did you sink any reds? Not until the end of the match. Did you win? Well, no, but I survived. You're my hero daddy.
  8. Quaffer

    A_Horde_of_Sharks Tactical Guide: Kiting

    Good job!
  9. Quaffer

    Playing for "Fun"

    Well, as I see it you have people who enjoy winning. You have people who enjoy blowing ships up. You have people who enjoy assigning blame and lamenting their tragic fate. Far be it from me to deny them their chance to inflate their opinion of themselves by admonishing others. These people must find some way to justify their misfortune. It can't be their fault.
  10. Chill. It takes three, maybe four clicks to turn it on. Save the indignation for something worthy of it.
  11. Quaffer

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    It is more likely that for every 65%er there are three 45%ers.
  12. I hereby bestow upon this thread coveted (and why should this be so?) HGED* award. * Highest Grammatical Error Density. This tasteful crystal chalice is filled to the brim with the tears of English teachers from across the continent. May we learn from their anguish.
  13. Quaffer

    Strategies for Warrior's Path?

    Feel free to use the images found in Maps Found in Random Battles in your posts. Just click on the image, Right click and select Copy Image Location. Then go to your post, right click and Paste. Most of the images will be larger than the ones that you find in the wiki. If you click on the image it will expand. I have most of them set at 850 x 775 pixels. Some are a little larger.
  14. Quaffer

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Just to pose a thought problem; imagine that WarGaming selected a criteria for "skill" and instituted a "skill" based matchmaker. Can you imagine the salt, not from the people who don't want a "skill" based matchmaker, but from the players who are convinced that the system is rigged to frustrate them and that it should be obvious that they have been thrown in with the wrong "skill" level. The dead sea should have so much brine. Pure random is looking pretty good about now, don't you think?
  15. Quaffer

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Instead of "skill" based matchmaking that no one seems to be able to define I propose sorting a match where ship type, improvements and captain points are considered and sorted into the two teams equally, or nearly so.