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  1. Submarine Watch - Update

    You mean the Stalingrad class battle cruiser that was designed in 1941? Sure it was intended to be built in the early 50's.
  2. Submarine Watch - Update

    So you are willing to include submarines from 1958 when the rest of the ships in the game were from August of 1945 and before? How convenient?
  3. There are two basic problems here. 1. Most maps are too cluttered with islands so there is too little sea room. The maps are defined by their channels and straits and you get soggy tanks. 2. There are too many players that would rather fight their ships as if they were tanks, than learn to fight their ships as ships.
  4. Submarine Watch - Update

    Don't misrepresent what I said. A dedicated game could include: Submarines Cargo vessels traveling in convoy Destroyers and frigates Blimps, and other aircraft Harbors Mines Anything else they can come up with. Hell, they could even include a battleship or a carrier, anchored or tied up in port, as a mission objective, aka target. Ask for that. Just keep the subs out of WarShips where they don't belong.
  5. Repairing ships

    Healing potions that repair 20% of your health are not realistic and should be removed from the game. Repairing broken modules like propulsion or steering I can live with. The alternative being to abandon the game. Remember it is a game. The "Arcade" means the game does not play like a simulation. The less simulation the more arcade it is. It's just a phrase, no need to get hung up on it.
  6. We had that in Alpha. We also had a plan view that you could pan around the map. BB guns had their real ranges. You could set way points for your scouts. Ships had bouyancy separate from hit points. They scrapped them to give the game more of a FPS style. That's just a few of the things they did to make the game more arcade friendly. More is the pity.
  7. Submarine Watch - Update

    Don't even open that door. Where it belongs is in a dedicated game. Ask WarGaming for that. I'd play that game. Stop asking to shoehorn it into WarShips.
  8. ship and captain

    You can find all of the settings here: Help Screens What you are looking for is in the controls section: Alternative Interface Mode pull down: It's the last entry in the left column.
  9. Submarine Watch - Update

    You bet. I consider the addition of subs to be such an ill considered idea that it would cause me to lose faith in anything else WarGaming would ever do. If they are willing to break the game, for such a small portion of their player base, there would be no point in seeing what they would do next.
  10. Submarine Watch - Update

    Actually many would not be back again, myself included. Not that I worry about subs. I'm fairly certain WG has no interest in adding them. When you consider the persuasiveness of the pro sub factions posts I am convinced we have little to fear from that quarter.
  11. Submarine Watch - Update

    Gee, it couldn't be that depth charges could be used on submerged submarines, where small/medium caliber bullets would run out of kinetic energy from trying to move through water and hence be inneffective against submerged vessels. That couldn't be the reason they brought depth charges, could it?
  12. Submarine Watch - Update

    It's not the pressure hull that's the issue. Ballast tanks are on the outside of the pressure hull. They aren't armoured. If you poke a hole in the ballast tanks they don't hold air. What happens when you don't have air in a ballast tank? Down you go. The level of research and opinion on this topic is simply astonishing.
  13. General rule of thumb: If the person is telling you what to do, and includes insults with their chat, feel free to ignore them. If a person offers advice in a calm, rational manner, they may have something worth listening to. Courtesy should be rewarded. Disparagement should be ignored. Most of the time the ones who are insulting are just venting and trying to justify their misfortune. After all it can't be their fault, can it? The ones without an axe to grind want to play with better, more knowledgeable players, and are hoping to help you be one of those.
  14. Temporary zoom of the minimap

    Press again and its gone. Big and temporary. Exactly what you asked for.