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  1. You know I have nothing against reviving an old thread if its worthwhile. But please use better judgment in what you bring back. Perpend: In the fall of twenty twelve the forums were begun A chance to play the biggest ships that had the biggest guns The threads came fast and furious. We had a lot of fun With experts, trolls and humorists, the threads were never done The older threads were sinking down, regardless poor or good And every necromancer, knew and understood They had to seek the necro, their diligence was key And find the threads forgotten, now lost beneath the sea We'll find the threads that warmed our hearts and never mind the fuss We gotta bring 'em back 'cause the world depends on us Hit the decks a-runnin' boys and spin those winches 'round When we find our favorites we'll send the divers down "We're writing new threads all the time and they deserve their day" "Leave those old ones in their graves or else just go away" "We don't much like your antics" was the critics sound But when the smoke had cleared away the necros would not drown So through long days and weary nights the necromancers sail While anti-necromancers, against the practice rail And somewhere neath that ocean, I know they gotta be We gotta raise the necro from the bottom of the sea Now some old threads are excellent to show the newbie green Still some are just plain stupid, and some are just plain mean Not every thread is worthy of coming back again We all should use discernment before we post and grin Johnny Horton - Sink the Bismarck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RTuaqL-eD4
  2. I believe there is already enough paranoia in the world without adding to it with this kind of ... thing. Don't believe me? Just browse the forums.
  3. Broads don't like it when you call them chicks. Alrhough the inclusion of hot lessens their ire.
  4. On the other hand the number of the verb agrees with the number of the subject and punctuation was included. So who has not thought through what? Have a care whom you would contradict.
  5. No. All aspects of the game should be available to anyone who gets an account.
  6. I have the data for you. On the left side of the keyboard, adjacent to the Shift key, there is a key marked Caps Lock. Avoid pressing this key. There, you look smarter already. You are most welcome.
  7. I don't mind it if someone hacks. As long as they have the courtesy to cover their mouths. I usually just offer them a butterscotch candy or a lifesaver and ignore it. As for busting punk. It only makes sense to work with small pieces of punk when trying to light a fuse or fire. Bust all the punk you want.
  8. People have no respect for the classics anymore. A proper duel is fought with balloons and blunderbusses, by preference tethered over a cess pool.
  9. LaLaa and More Witches. Would you please agree to disagree and stop posting on this thread. It's becoming repetitive and a trifle annoying. I'm going over my pixel allotment trying to keep up.
  10. Just an observation. You team killed to sink a bot. How did this punish the bot owner? Did it get less experience? Did it cost more repair fees? No and no. How did this benefit your team? The bot no longer provides a distraction for the enemy. You spent time and effort sinking a bot you could have spent accomplishing objectives. How does this benefit you? You have now been branded an unreliable player. Better to report the bot and get back to the battle. Team killing is not a good use of your time.
  11. Ewe have to be very careful about it around here. Especially when they call out RAMming speed!
  12. It has been my experience that team with three or four players working to achieve the same plan always do better than a team of twelve do your own thing hot dogs. Of course if you have five or six working on a common plan the term steamrolled can be applied, but that is a very rare occurrence indeed. It's often good to persue rarity. After all, you have nothing to lose but a pixel battle. If you can get two divisions on the same team to coordinate, you're well on your way.
  13. The rules say you are allowed one account on each server. We know we all follow the rules.
  14. When you find yourself with a moment to breath (traveling in open water, no enemies in range) press M to bring up the full screen tactical map. It's easier to read. If you're feeling cocky you can set multiple way points. Press M again to toggle out and never stay in it very long. I find that less distracting than a large minimap. My one gripe about the minimap is there is no scaled zoom ability.
  15. Actually I can't update the links. Assuming you are referring to the blue links. They refer to the files on my home computer from which the pictures on the forum were uploaded. Even if it wasn't turned off for most of the day, I wouldn't give the world access to it. The fact that they appear at all is an artifact of the forum changes. Before the changes they were hidden away. I upload the files to WG rather than storing them in an online picture vault and providing those links because, in my opinion, it's more reliable. Under each picture you will see a quoted text string. For using the images on the forums open a text editor and type http: then copy and paste the quoted string, without the quotes, select the whole thing and copy and paste it into your post. Witness the above image. To download the pictures for your own use I recommend you click on the picture to bring up the full size version, the new forum pictures are scaled down by default with the new changes, right click and select the appropriate save as. I have no objection to people using or editing my images, I got them from manipulating screen shots of the tactical map, after all. I would appreciate credit for my work and a reference to this thread be included in any presentation where they are used. You should know that there are multiple versions of Haven: The zig zag shown, one with the four caps in a square, etc. You can find them in the training room. I don't publish them all because I have a limited file allotment for the forum. So no kitty posts from me.