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  1. Everyone Complaining about MM

    Sweet idea Cluch. The way I see it working, is that at the begining of the match, you would see nothing on the red team column. As your team spotted reds you would see the ship silhouette in the red team column but not the player name and the red player names would not appear in the ship icons or maps. No red silhouette would appear in the column until they were spotted visually. Radar and hydro would not provide red team column information. When a red is sunk you would still see the sunken silhouettes. The sunk by message would just show the ship information. At the end of the battle all would be revealed. For many this would be a whole new game. Sounds more fun to me. A little mystery is a good thing.
  2. Vulgarities

    While I am an engineer by trade, I used to volunteer as a writer and then newsletter editor for eGO. So I'm not a professional, just an amateur. I have found the best rule of thumb for grammar is how it sounds when you say it. I think "a EULA" sounds more natural. The reason good writing uses good grammar and spelling is it is easier to understand. Anytime the reader has to pause and replay a phrase, to understand it, the writer has not done well. What you're looking for is a smooth presentation. If you leave out articles or punctuation, or don't capitalize, the readers brain will fill them in for you, but you've asked them to do your work. If something is too much work, the reader will stop reading. I am envisioning the responses; tldr.
  3. Well killer I'd avoid chess too, if I were you. They've got this thing called Castleing that is totally bogus.
  4. Shift X is better for locking guns on a stationary target. The guns will try to aim at it regardless of your ships movements. I only use Ctrl X to get the guns pointing toward where I expect the enemy to be as I look somewhere else, such as a pesky rock or too amorous team mate. I use free look a lot as well. The danger of free look is it's easy to become disoriented when you snap back. Bottom line. Know what's available and use what works best for you.
  5. Auto aiming or aim lock

    If I may suggest: Gunnery Basics Torpedo Basics Turret Focus Weapon Bearing (Shift-X) (Ctrl-X) (X) The WASD Hack Gunnery basics will walk you through the lock target feature. The rest will help with other things. They also include links to threads that are useful but not weapons related. Torpedo Basics also covers evasion techniques. Good to know even if you don't use torps yourself. Some things to remember as a start. You need to lead your targets. If you shoot at them you will miss. The "target lock" maintains the position of your aim point relative to the enemy ship, regardless of your speed and heading. You can adjust it with your mouse. Too large of an adjustment and you will lose the lock.
  6. Vulgarities

    Under digital oath we all said we would abide by the terms of the End Users License Agreement. So we all agreed not to misbehave. Funny how often that is forgotten.
  7. Vulgarities

    Ignoring the virtues or relevance of free speech for the nonce, perhaps two nonces, the EULA sets forth what is unacceptable in chat. People agree to the EULA when they install the game. People who violate the EULA have no... Well, there are so many ways to finish that remark that I find myself at a loss. I guess it boils down to this; is your word good or not? My word means something to me. Your words value is up to you.
  8. Vulgarities

    I must say, I too tire of the common vulgarity. Not only does it tie up chat bandwidth best reserved for team communication it is repetitive and dull. The english language is capable of so much, and yet we see the same old tired phrases repeated ad nauseam. The putrid, pernicious plebs lack lovely, lucid, loquacious letters.
  9. Well let's see. The battles where my teammates cry "I don't want to play this map", or "against this: Tier Type Purple Tomato Game type Etc. and quits the battle. Gird your loins or don't come to battle!
  10. While I am not Mouse I will answer. One of the challenges of the game is to inflict damage on the enemy while avoiding damaging your team mates. You are responsible for your own fire. It requires attention to detail and an understanding of when not to press the left mouse button. In games where friendly fire is not registered there is no reason not to "spray and pray". It leads to an entirely different style if play. It is not a style that I enjoy or appreciate. I am not alone in this.
  11. If by bad play the OP means poor sportsmanship, I'm sure we could look to the OP for a few examples.
  12. Put 'im in the brig 'til he gets sober, early in the morning...
  13. What mods do you use and why?

    If I had influence with the developers we would have: More maps with mostly sea room. Randomized cap and spawn locations. No healing potions. Complete color and font control of the HUD. Way point control for scouts. ... I'll get right on that annoying flibertigibbet thing.
  14. Dear B Kongo. If you want to express your dissatisfaction in a players performance during a game in a polite manner, fine. Wasting chat band width during a game, distracting your team from the accomplishment of their objectives, is not behavior that I will condone. Use the provided report feature if you must and get your head back in the game.
  15. Well let's see. How should it go? Stop the ship. Recover the plane. Refuel the plane. Preflight check. Arm the catapult. Brief the pilot. Launch the plane. You ought to be able to get that done in an hour or thereabouts. Yep. What we have here is totally unreasonable. Something should be done.