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  1. Well I think the most important thing is to make them welcome. No need to show them special favors. Just keep it friendly. The more people who have a good time the better for everyone.
  2. I'd like to keep this on the first two pages through the weekend.
  3. Ahoy Captains, Welcome to World of Warships. Please plan to spend a little time getting acquainted with the New Player Guides forum. I encourage you to browse the guides, especially the ones that have been pinned. Well you can ignore the ones written by that black sheep yahoo. Like he would know anything. As if! As a favor I would like you to not post new threads in that forum with questions, although posting questions in the existing threads about its topic is fair game. You can always post questions in the General Gameplay Discussion. That would be here. We also have dedicated forums for suggestions and lots of other topics. Some of the forums require a minimum post count before you can create a new thread there. There is also a minimum battle count requirement. It's very low and it's intended to weed out the spam bots. You can probably knock out five battles in one sitting, so it's not a big deal. I also encourage you to use the forum search functions. They have helpful advanced options. They do tend to stumble on very short words. Don't be discouraged if you don't start out as a frag god. The game has a learning curve. Now here's the important part: Have fun!
  4. Other: People who look for fault and stir up divisiveness.
  5. Nothing smaller than a destroyer, or we would have frigates. Besides 1977 is a little recent for the game.
  6. Bottom line. Making private reciprocal arrangements not to attack specific enemy ships is not acceptable. No red gets a free pass.
  7. They mean you can't mute a specific players messages. You have to mute them all.
  8. I just meant the rheostat on your speakers, but that could work too.
  9. Volume Control?
  10. phyisics.

    So, many players are defeating the OP.
  11. Soon to be appearing: A Mutilated Missive. Filmed in Punavision. Directed by Unconventional Wisdom. A Quarrelsome Production.
  12. Well, some of us feel that the player base would be improved by the players not being rude and flooding the team communications with useless insults. If you want to offer advice that's great. Most people will not listen to advice that comes wrapped in insults. If you want a better player base you need to inform them. Politeness pays off and it costs nothing. You can't educate someone who's mind has been closed to your message because you threw in salt that does nothing to make the meal more palatable.
  13. Try in the maps discussion forum. Most of the images are 850 X 775 pixels., You need to click on them for the full size version as the website scales them to 600 pixels. I try to keep them up to date.
  14. So the solution to toxic chat is too ignore it? Feel free to ignore players who don't meet your standards then. No reason to chat about things that are beneath your contempt.