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  1. Murotsu

    USS Connecticut Final Investigation Report

    My bet, the pump was pulled when the sub returned to port, and rebuilt in shop 51B then sent to 92A for sound testing. That is, they tested it to make sure it was properly quiet when running. Been there done that. How'd you like to pull and replace bearings for the Nth time because they make too much noise? Oh, been a USNI member since 1970...
  2. Murotsu

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    It's far more difficult to do that than you state. All of the PE's machinery is metric and of German origin. That makes it incompatible with US machinery. The electrical system is a combination of 440 /220 VAC 50 hz and DC, while the USN uses 450 VAC 60 hz. That means any attempt to install US equipment, fire controls, radar, etc., will require the entire electrical system to be replaced with a US compatible one. Then you have things like differences in crew berthing, messing, etc., that would have to be dealt with. US policy even in 1939 was cruisers don't carry torpedoes. The only--ONLY--reason the Atlanta class got two triple launchers was BuOrd and NavShips thought the all-5" gun armament was too light to take on enemy cruisers and the torpedoes were an attempt to make up for some of that. They were later removed in favor of more AA firepower. So, the USN in this case, would remove the launchers and not replace them using the weight saved for something else. That's the reality of this. It wouldn't have happened simply because it would have been the same as building a whole new ship. As for in the game, it'd be easier to just conjure up some fantasy version of existing US cruisers with some torpedoes slapped on them.
  3. Murotsu

    Fix The Game Please

    Given that you can load and run the game several ways, like direct download and login or say through the Steam platform, along with different operating systems and computers in use, I'd say some buggy software is inevitable. If you are having a serious issue, one solution might be to change something at your end if you can and see if that helps solve the problem, no need to wait entirely on Wargaming to fix the problem. Be proactive about it. If that doesn't work, okay, then you have to wait on Wargaming.
  4. Murotsu

    WHAT IF the Washington Treaty failed?

    With the US, I can see 4 to 6 of the S. Dakota (1919 class) built along with 2 to 4 of the Lexingtons. The others, likely not started, would have been cancelled. With America coming out of WW 1 pretty flush with cash and these ships already funded, the USN would have gotten some of them completed. I think the Lexington class battlecruisers are less in line with USN thinking on capital ships so they'd be the first to face the chopping block if Congress cut back funding. The US is also likely to keep more older BB's and other ships either in service or in reserve be it laid up or as naval reserve ships. If Congress were cutting back on funding, the Army would get hit the hardest. This was traditional US policy. The USN was usually more generously funded. Once an arms race between the various nations began, the US has the advantage of better yards and more money in the economy to build more ships. I'd think the USN would build the Langley, then Ranger, and go to something like the Yorktown class thereafter. The Lexington and Saratoga might still get built if, and only if, the USN decided battlecruisers were not doctrinally worth it. If that were the case, there could well be as many as 4 Lexington / Saratoga class carriers built. The IJN would be hard pressed to build more than 2 Amagi and 2 Kaga class battleships / battlecruisers. Given completion times, it's likely that any beyond that are dropped before being laid down in favor of a more modern design. Japanese carrier development would hinge more on British, than American developments although the Japanese are likely to build more with an eye to countering the USN than RN. The RN really couldn't have done much more than it did. It might start the equivalent of the KGV class from on of the designs they had on the drawing boards in the early 20's rather than build just the 2 Rodney's. This class might be say 6 to 8 ships total, built in two batches of three and replacing the R class by 1939 with three or four more BB of a new class (something like Vanguard?) being laid down to enter service in the early to mid 1940's. The RN is unlikely to do much more with carriers than they historically did given the fight between the RAF and RN over even the mere existence of the FAA.
  5. Arkansas and Wyoming were still in service in the 30's. The reason was the same: Naval treaties of the period allowed each participating nation x number of battleships and every one of them kept the full amount the treaty allowed. As newer BB's were constructed and commissioned, older ones would be decommissioned and scrapped to meet the treaty limits.
  6. Murotsu

    Were planes the only reason BBs went extinct?

    On the other hand, USS Arkansas wasn't so lucky... Talk about being blown out of the water!
  7. You should tell her vasa matter with you...?
  8. Murotsu

    pt boats

    Hey, I didn't say it'd be fun and wonderful, I just suggested a method that would make PT's at least viable in the game, such as it is...
  9. Murotsu

    pt boats

    In terms of WoW, and this being a game, it might be possible to do PT's like the game does aircraft. That is, you get a "squadron" of 4 to whatever. They can launch torpedoes like the planes would. Some (particularly US and Russian) could have rockets like the planes do and 'strafe' a target in the same way. It would take multiple hits to eliminate the whole squadron, and until you do the player has some level of effectiveness. Give them smoke, possibly depth charges, and maybe an engine boost, or the like. It's likely that like airplanes, the squadron would be destroyed PDQ so you allow it to regenerate X number of times before the player can't do it again. Regeneration occurring at the point of origin (eg., where the PT's started the game). Or, the player gets a PT boat tender that acts like an aircraft carrier. The PT's launch like planes and you can control one squadron at a time Sink the tender, no more PT boats... While it might be fun for a minute, I doubt many players would find it fun enough to do other than occasionally or for laughs. US PT boat with rocket launchers and torpedoes, 37mm on bow, 20mm offset on bow, .50 MG's and likely a 20mm or 40mm aft. Russian WW 2 torpedo boat with 12.7mm fore and aft, 82mm rockets amidships, and two stern torpedo launchers. Something like this might be silly fun for a minute, but I think they'd quickly become passe and abandoned by players.
  10. Murotsu

    Inside Battle ships

    My bet, given it's Rodney or Nelson, is that it's a part of an admiral's suite. From the curvature of the compartment, I'd say it's also right at the stern again likely admiral's country.
  11. Murotsu

    Naval Miniatures Games

    One of the best, and it's fun to play, is Fletcher Pratt's Naval Wargame. You'll feel right at home if you've played WoW with this set of rules. It'll also teach you more about the ships than any other naval wargame you'll ever play.
  12. As in the First World War, the German pilots were almost always fighting heavily outnumbered by their enemies--at least on the big picture / whole. That meant they often found themselves in a target rich environment. For the Allies, it was the other way around. There were fewer German aircraft to shoot down. The Luftwaffe by late 1942 was no longer really doing things like making deep penetration bombing raids on targets with any regularity, and even when they did it was almost always at night. So, for Allied pilots, just finding something they could shoot down was a lot harder.
  13. Murotsu

    Naval Miniatures Games

    Fletcher Pratt's Naval Wargame.
  14. Murotsu

    Forum game - The worst battle in history

    Starting over... You turn to port. G +30 seconds you accidently toggle a salvo on nothing. Targeted by 5.
  15. Murotsu

    The fun is gone

    It's be quite a while since I played it and that used to happen all the time.