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  1. I'd like it at least to reasonably work the way it actually did rather than be totally fictional and just a game. That is to say, I'd like what worked in reality generally will work in the game to a good degree even if the scenarios are totally contrived. Oh, went on about the money thing because I take some grief over things like how many ships I have, or what tiers I have compared to the number of games I've played. I'm slot limited obviously and don't have premium ships unless they are a give away. Seems a lot of players automatically assume I dumped lots of money into the game because they did. I know in WoT I've been told by players more than once that I'm full of $h!+ claiming I play for free, that it's impossible or "Nobody does that..." I get a little defensive about it now.
  2. Actually, I play entirely for free so it takes forever to move up past about tier V. Yes, I have not spent a cent on the game, and I'm not "new" to it. Now, since I haven't played top tiers, if that's how those are played, I probably won't be doing much of it when I get there. Sounds like the game becomes more and more like a game not something with a modicum of reality involved. That's too bad. Oh, I don't gripe or hold a grudge against those who spend tons of cash to buy their way to the top. That's fine with me as that's their choice and they make the game possible.
  3. This argues that players using battleships or cruisers should forego the strengths of the ships they're playing in favor of doing stuff with them that doesn't make sense. Forcing a battleship forward into relatively close range combat is, from the battleship player's perspective, stupid. But, if the game was incentivizing that, it would be forcing a battleship player to do what doesn't work for their ship. Same goes for cruiser drivers. Rushing forward to get more capture points because the game is laid out that way will only get the ship pummeled and lost quickly. These options run contrary to what the game should incentivize, good play. It would be better to simply rearrange the capture points such that battleships and cruisers have more opportunities to get on them within the game.
  4. No, definitely not. Battlecruisers come in two rough groups: Faster battleships sometimes with a smaller battery of guns, or with smaller guns, like say a Scharnhorst, or sometimes an equal battery but slightly weaker armor like a Hood, and Cruisers with bigger guns. The Graf Spee in the game is already in this category. There is no need to differentiate the type further.
  5. You have to know how to play the ship you are using. Me? I prefer cruisers. They fit my style of play best. Destroyers have to get in close and use torpedoes while maneuvering like they're on a hot stove. I tend to lose track of who's where and have more difficulty with shooting in really close. So, I usually let somebody else play DD's who likes that style of game. Battleships are for slugging it out and fire slowly. You have to balance defense like your repair and DC parties with offense (your guns). You can do long range fire, or get in a bit shorter range and hope your armor will let you last. It's very much a balancing act. I can manage, but still prefer cruisers. Carriers are spoilers in the game. They contribute damage but are sort of in their own little world for most games. The "Sky cancer" nickname is most appropriate. Cruisers can play one of two major ways. You can go in closer and try to maneuver against the opposition. This works well when faced with DD's. They can't stand up to concentrated cruiser fire. You also have the option of using torpedoes much of the time. HE versus most targets is best, unless you face another cruiser you know you can penetrate, then AP works really well. The other way you can play a cruiser, particularly one with longer ranged guns and a high ROF is stand off behind your battleships and snipe with HE. Raining HE on a target at long range is something a gun cruiser can do really well. Range makes zero difference with HE fire, and if you have a battleship or two in front of you they usually get the attention turned on them rather than you. So, you survive while supporting your BB with lots of rounds on a target. As for teams... Most of the time it's hard to get a random team to work together. You have to read the map and see what your team is doing on the whole. If they are moving to a flank, you might want to consider moving that direction. If one or more ships near you are doing "the right thing" then you should consider simply joining them and acting to support their actions. You don't need to be in a division necessarily to move and fight with another ship or two. You read what they are doing by their actions and simply conform to them. If on the other hand, you charge forward with a cruiser on your own and then wonder why you got blown out of the water, that's because you didn't play the ship in an intelligent manner. If you can't maneuver in close and use smoke correctly along with making good torpedo spreads, maybe you should learn how to before playing destroyers. With carriers you have to use the strengths and weaknesses of your planes to best advantage. If you can't you need to practice first. With battleships, same thing. Closing to short range is only going to get you torpedoed and sunk. Battleships don't slug it out at short range except maybe some at the lowest tiers. If you haven't figured that out may you need more co-op games to learn.
  6. The other thing I really like with the St. Louis is you can stay in sniper mode and be turning the ship every which way you can and there's always a gun pointing on target. That same effect is also useful when you have to suddenly switch targets and the new one is on the opposite side of the ship. It takes maybe 2 or 3 seconds at most and there's at least a few guns aimed on the new target, so you hardly ever have to cease fire and wait for the guns to turn to get on target.
  7. Which biatch are you talking about and how much an hour does she cost?
  8. Tonight, season 2 premiers. I watched season 1 after seeing a random episode on Netflix. It was so totally off the hook, insane, and weird I had to see the whole season. It looks like season 2 is going to be even more insanely weird. It's like watching Doctor Who where all the characters are The Doctor and on serious recreational medication. Anyone else watching?
  9. St. Louis. Mine consistently scores very well, game after game. I know some people like the Bogatyr, but I found for my style of play its shorter gun range and slightly slower rate of fire isn't equal to the St. Louis. I can stand off and pound a Bogatyr who really has little option but to try and close while avoiding return fire.
  10. So far, the show's been pretty lame. It needs a different angle... I think if MacFarlane played the straight man while insanity swirled in chaos around him it'd be funny. He would be the half clueless guy as the insanity ensued. Maybe add his talking to the audience directly with some obvious stuff making it clear it's all really just a big joke. He could introduce the bit pieces within the show. Like this... Captain to audience: My bridge crew is really taking shape. They've become such a dedicated bunch of professionals... Carl (the Black guy on the helm): Turns to Lenny (White guy with orange hair) (Whispers) Hey, Lenny, I put Venusian rum in my soda cup. Want a hit? Lenny: (Whispers) Man, you can't be drinking and driving! Carl: (W) It's all good dude. I drive better when I'm buzzed! The ship sideswipes something... Captain: What the hell? Did you just hit that (whatever it was)? Lenny: No sir, they hit us. Carl: /Snickers/ Captain: Fifty billion cubic miles of space and you let the only thing other than us sideswipe the ship? Do you know what the admiral is going to do to me? Carl: (W) Bend you over for cheap sex? /snicker/ Lenny: (W) Man you are so wasted... That's the sort of Seth MacFarlane gutter humor you'd expect from a show by him.
  11. It was happening intermittently at first. Now it happens every time I log in when I go to start my first battle. The message comes up at about 10 to 40 seconds into the queue process. I also now have to hit the start button twice to get into the battle. After that first occurrence, I'm not seeing the message again and the game seems to run normally.
  12. When I first log into the game I am now getting a repeated small pop up screen that says "No disc in drive" it gives options for cancel, ignore, and reenter. Cancel lets the game load and I have no further problems. But, it once popped up in a battle and crashed the game forcing me to reenter from scratch. And, of course, it is annoying.
  13. I think an interesting set of variants would be having battles where the teams are deliberately mismatched. Not so much in numbers, but in ship types. For example a team with carriers, cruisers, and DD versus at BB / cruiser heavy force (CV vs. Surface Action Group). Make the map large enough to give the carriers room to maneuver and evade, but only at the expense of longer flight times for their planes (meaning fewer attacks) if they do that. Or, battles excluding BB and CV like the ones that the US and Japanese engaged in off Guadalcanal repeatedly. Another would be to arrange the map so the two sides don't start lined up facing each other. By varying the starting points you get unexpected variations in play, plus the players can't consistently count on where they or the other side will start. That means you have to have better tactical skills to choose your actions rather than play largely by rote. Of course, the more brutish simply destroy the other team should be an option seeing as how many battles already go there with both sides largely ignoring other objectives. While I'm not a big fan of the demolition derby type game, there are enough players who are it should be an option. Another interesting variant would be a game in which the play runs continuously for a longer period. That is additional players are fed into both sides showing up at the edge of the map. There is no win-lose per se but rather you get a score based on your individual performance. You could even re-enter the game in a new ship. Maybe make such a match go on for 30 to 60 minutes of play. This sort of game might even have more than two sides in it...
  14. How many fast food places serve a double bacon cheeseburger with extra bacon or something like that? How many serve a BLT? The BLT is so like 50's - 60's... Besides 2 out of 3 of its ingredients are vegitables! Who wants that other than some Vegan! On the other hand, a bacon cheeseburger has the three essential foods anybody could want: Dead ground burn cow, cheese, and of course, bacon.
  15. Interesting. I enjoy my St. Louis and usually do quite well with it regardless of how the tiers come out. The usual problem with losses is the team as a whole just is poor. But, I note when I'm not running a premium account I get poor teams more often.