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  1. IgnisFatuus

    Permanent Camouflage prices

    I have bought several perma camos for TXs. Definitely for those that I like to play a lot as it really does you a favor on income rates. They are worth long as you really play the ship, otherwise better off investing in a premium ship. Also, they guy that pointed out that camos a re means for WG to have funds to keeps game up and running is spot on. If we don't spend any money in game WG will eventually drop it in favor of other regions or games.
  2. IgnisFatuus

    I've got the coal, is the Yoshino any good?

    Yep, Zao has seen way too much power creep its perfectly understandable not to grind it. Back to Yoshino, its fast and hits pretty hard. Its the most accurate ship in game at long range. And never ever get caught broadside by absolutely no one or you are done. The builds are honestly super flex. Ill give my current for reference. Capt: Tier 1: Grease the gears, swift fish, incoming fire alert. Tier 2: Pyrotechnician, or you could pick expert AA marksman. Tier 3: Heavy HE and Adrenaline rush. Tier 4: Top grade gunner and outnumbered( a skill only useful for the faster cruisers. Equipment: Main armaments mod 1, DMG control, main battery mod 2, steering gears mod 1, steering gears mod 2, main battery mod 3. You could pick the AA one in tier 2 as the Yosh AA is very serviceable unlike other IJN ships. The thing for this build is that you have zero concealment(16.9 km) but once someone is within that range you have your reload down to 15s and if you are caught alone and without support you sail over 38 kts with sierra mike. Rudder is down to 6.5s and that will compensate big time for the big turning circle. As for the torps, both picks are solid. 20km ones require a higher torp technique but can deliver some unexpected hurt or team DMG. Consumable wise fighter plane and hydro or AA is up to you. If you like to push on DDs, you can delete them in 2 good HE salvos quite frequently but will put yourself in a complex situation as the ship is really long and the turning circle is large also. If you happen to pick Expert AA go with the AA consumable you can deter most CVs from focusing you, you are not unsinkable but there are plenty of better targets always. Good for you it has ZERO playstyle commonality with Zao. This is a 19pt capt build, I would probably pick gun feeder as ammo picking in this ship does wonders(a good AP salvo can have any player feeling bad instantly) once I reach 21pts ill probably drop swift fish in favor of AA expert to have a little more flex as MM delivers whatever it feels like.
  3. IgnisFatuus

    I've got the coal, is the Yoshino any good?

    I like it, after the capt skill revamp the ship has seen some very interesting build options. Its long range game is outstanding and you can either go extra range or reload, i have played a build suggested by a player in this forum in with you disregard its excellent concealment for ship class and go full gun build. You know the skill for better reload and the enhanced HE shells. Anyway, what I do not suggest is to acquire a TX ship without grinding up there first. Ship has a low base game and a high ceiling though.
  4. IgnisFatuus


    My first premium, it's a neverending love relationship.
  5. IgnisFatuus

    Why so many Petropablosk in matches?

    you need to close in, like 14km or closer. Not an accurate ship downrange. Also, battlecruiser HE is a pain in the AH. Has downsides, not for the inexperienced to exploit though.
  6. IgnisFatuus

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    That phrase answered your questions and claims. I have a Thunderer, still think its OP. The only thing it sucks at is BRAWLING(i.e being closer than 10 km). Has an excellent rudder time, accuracy, fire chance, reload, firing range, decent speed. Has about everything for it. Needs further adjustments if you ask me. Now for Stalingrads radar time, its among the least useful radars, being long range is a double edge sword, this ship sucks when close in(don't get me wrong, there are a few ships that will go bummer if they suddenly see a Stali @10km). No comparison with a Petro. While having a ridiculously large health pool when compared to other supercuisers(Yoshino), it can only bow tank at range. Maneuverability sucks, concealment sucks and when broadside is butterarmored. So this nerf is akin to Kremlins AA nerf, just to say they nerfed something.
  7. The only thing you got rights is that we lack access to adequate information to determine this behavior. Else is tin foil hats. You have freedom to play a different ship if you feel the one you were using has suffered from powercreep(which happens as the game introduces new content and evolves so to be attractive to new as older players). I am mostly an IJN main, definitely them ships. But I bear in mind that that navy needs a revamp in several cases, mostly Zao(I play TX the most). SO I grinded other lines, have several TX cruisers and each have their pros and cons, even the mighty Petropavlovsk. Player skill is always the defining factor, as a good Zao player will beat a bad Petro player. The thing is that there is no control of in which team a player of certain quality will be in and that ads to the randomness and enjoyment of the game,. You can get a potato or a unicorn, or even the battles I enjoy the least in which there is unicorn vs potato match and the steamroll is so obvious. Now, if WG decided to factor in all stats as someone stated previously they will eventually level out, they would normalize. And from that point on you would have no means to differentiate, or at least it would be considerably more complex, a potato from a unicorn. TL:DR, MM is just fine.
  8. IgnisFatuus

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Can you read the offer again, no requirements other that click the button. it adds up. That's like ONE battle. None. Read mate, read.
  9. IgnisFatuus

    Thanks for the New IJN Commanders!

    yep, but IJN has been a part of the game from day zero.
  10. IgnisFatuus

    MM is a complete failure. Time to fix your game WG

    its a very simple math problem that you need to understand. The MM you want is self defeating.
  11. IgnisFatuus

    Bound to be chat banned warning

    thks for replying. Is what support provided as grounds. I am not stat shaming nor anything like that, you think it can build up to a further sanction?
  12. The case is that the chat bans come sometimes pretty spot on and sometimes a bit off(id say overzealous). There is no pre warning like when you do some team DMG. Straight to the ban or nothing. There should be some sort of behave indicator or warning. the following interaction costed me a 10 day ban: 1002261078 ID=1002261078 2021-04-24 14:51:41</br>(2021-04-24 07:51:41) colorado what the crapyou doing mate? 1002261078 ID=1002261078 2021-04-24 21:58:39</br>(2021-04-24 14:58:39) [edited] The aforementioned "[edited]" are my clan mates that happened to join the same battle without any sync nor anything like that. I personally consider it excessive. I don't make the rules I know, but i think is way too boolean.
  13. IgnisFatuus

    NON-MAGIC version of Commander Skills

    This is an excellent idea OP. Should have some further refinement but i think its among the best I've read in a long while. For DeadEye, now to be defunct, id say that "due to training and battle hardening sailors and officials operate with more calm and efficiency as they know they are safe from enemy fire at this distance." GJ OP.
  14. IgnisFatuus

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    Thanks for this. I also do not watch or would like to watch any of those anime or manga naval fiction. I actually bought the Graf Spee from one of those series without knowing. Sold it after getting the "real" one. Would definitely like to see some events and game modes catered to us more interested in the historical thingy. LOL get some tin foil mate. Thanks, have not read it yet but will. I do not like the magical or sci fi theme in game. Not that I would like that those that like it don't have it but or us to have an option, and since the game is based around some degree of historical contents.... Well, you can zip on a GK @35kts, its faster than some cruisers and you can be clever and position yourself quite effectively negating other BBs their DeadEye(and being in range for your secondaries to their thingy) skill and being in an unexpected place. I see potential for some BBs and for players that have skills beyond clicking. Where BBs need to be? where is that exactly? is there a universal spot or area for BBs? is that meant for some BBs? Look, Thunderer and Yamato have the traits to really exploit DeadEye and not go astray from their intended purpose in game, however there are other BBs that are better off TANKING(for the team mostly, you know team game. Don't forget to collaborate with mates in battle). 2 or 3 kts for this ships a whole new level of combat ability, it allows to reposition or cover more map during a battle. Seems little, but some BBs will be able to catch up I'd say majority of cruisers. Thanks, a thinking individual. Lets be friends I guess. Lord I would love naval mines. Also I have always wanted that the buoys denoting cap areas to be solid object that could be rammed and cause DMG. Again thanks, lets drink a beer. True, I have started game as an IJN main, only missing the TX CV(had no interest in CV and doing them only for campaign reward purposes). It can be certainly felt that the IJN was left behind in the early game days. The ZAO is laughable when compared to the rest of the TX cruisers, will not go into detail here and if you like(anyone) we can talk about it, just like Yoshino is the least capable battlecruiser and Yamamoto triggerable skill is probably the least triggered skill in gaming history. On top of that there are no extra acquirable capts to compete you fleet. Only on "cool" capt and that's it. Started to transition to URSS cruisers(besides IJN main I would sub-classify as cruiser main). They are really nice, the Nevsky being a more situational thing that the universal Petro. Where I'm going with this, try other ships as the IJN will not see the love it deserves for a long long while.