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  1. KaptaynAmeryka

    Did Yoshino get set up wrong in Match Maker?

    Yoshino can push and contest with the best of them. She's not an Henri, she isn't a Hindy. Somewhere in between. Fast. Armored. Great guns and strong torpedoes. Sitting in the far back is not how one should play this ship.
  2. Paying customer? Bro, you already paid. Ships need to be revisited for balance. GC is pretty overpowering at tier 5. Rebalance is a fact of life and I don't believe that WG ever said that premiums were untouchable. Deal with it. Its not "business suicide" and if you think that, I urge you to educate yourself on business practices, market analyses, financial analysis, and data analytics. WG has entire teams of people dedicated to those roles and I guarantee they know more than you.
  3. KaptaynAmeryka

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    To be quite honest, the MM is in the best state it's ever been since the Alpha. To be further honest, you need to adapt to the conditions of the battle as they're presented to you. You're not going to get an even match every single time where your chance of winning is exactly 50%. You'll be top tier, bottom tier, you'll be the only one of a class or have many with you. You might be a brawler, kiter, camper, whatever. You'll never get better if you are not challenged. Basically, I'm saying you need to learn to play.