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  1. Torgamous

    As a DD I now feel sorry for CV's

    CVs are still too OP. DDs can't get within 5 k of a cap without getting spotted and swarmed by planes. Just got 2 shot by a Midway in my Gearing, and there is NO counter for a DD player other then to hide in the back and be useless to their team. NON CV ships need their AAA range mods back so we can impact planes at a manageable distance. You should not have to fully spec your ship for AA to have a chance of keeping the skycancer away. This rework is not fun.
  2. Torgamous

    My username was changed without my request or permission!

    I did submit a support ticket, fyi.
  3. I logged into my account last night to find that my username was changed. All details on my account seemed to be correct (had my ships, etc), but I never requested, authorized, or wanted to change my username. I am also not sure how this occurred, as I understand it costs a lot of doubloons to do this, and I would never have authorized such a thing. There was an email notice sent about 2:39 am last night saying the change was completed, but I did not want this. My username has been Torgamous for years now, and I would not change it. Now it is showing as Gr1mm_. Please help!
  4. Just had a tier 10 game, with an opposing Lexington. 1 Dive bomber strike completely took a Bismarck from full health to 0 in 1 hit, no detonation, just bomb citadel damage. Sorry, but this is just way too unbalanced for fair play. The problem is the tighter drop reticle removes the RNG from the game for CVs. Not really fair when the rest of us are subject to RNG with every shot. Not saying AP bombs should not be in the game, but they should have the same drop reticle as HE bombs. You should just have to choose whether you want lesser guaranteed damage with the HE splash or risk it for less hits but higher damage chance. As it is, it is just too unfair. OK, done ranting, begin the trolling....