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  1. These are my opinions, and im starting this thread to hear YOURS 1) i understand there a "less traffic" times on servers. I'll wait. i'm not a little [edited]. i'll wait 5 minutes for a 5v5 cuz those are super refreshing at 2am after playing 10v10-12v12 matches for several hours 2) when there's more bots than players....just call it co-op and reduce rewards. that's what it is. 3) I enjoy alot of T4 ships, i don't think of myself as a seal-clubber cuz i don't win enough. but the introduction of bots makes me never want to play T4 again. and that just feels bad. i understand what the CV haters feel like: this is thoroughly unenjoyable for me and i don't want to play with them anymore. What do you all think?
  2. dawggunner

    HELP I have a simple question about Yahagi model

    Got it! Must be like the Churchills with the bushels... zr07q5u.mp4
  3. I have been looking online and at a local library for a few months, on and off, to try and figure out what the hell the timber planks are on her aircraft deck on the in-game model. Now for months clearly this has eluded me, frustratingly. BUT things got even more interesting today when i looked at the Armor Model even closer... WG went all in and they correctly DID NOT model the the armor from the portion that is open and covered in a timber pile. But now I DEMAND an answer: What the hell is this? where are the sources? pictures? I believe its real and everything, i just want to know what are details are. @LittleWhiteMouse can you ask around? (i don't know any other WG users to ask on here sorry)
  4. dawggunner

    Yubari can still be fun

    Dude it took me a month to realize what you changed in my post! lol, thanks, now shes gets and even smaller single secondary gun hahahaha
  5. Dear WG, I would like to use the coupon on perma-camos for ships i actually play alot, enjoy, and would like some of the cool camos they have/had it real life even. Off the top of my head: Bismarck skins, Kii, Roma, Hood, all the National Camoflages(i foget all those ships) Also, WG, i would probably still spend more dubloons over all, because i would buy so many camos each year. so the house still wins. lol.
  6. these ships aren't carriers though, and this would remove them from play essentially for several minutes at a time. Absolutely no one on your team is going to say "yeah stop doing damage and go spot" to a perfectly good cruiser. Plus you don't want your CV getting shot at while you're flying around right? so you hide it. But if you do the same thing with your cruiser or BB you're robbing you're team of guns. The Map-directed scouts would perform the reconnaissance you want and keep the ship in the fight where it needs to be, plus if extends the cruisers range it help keep threats at an arms length. I understand the "historical doctrine" and i make that pitch alot, but this is an arcade game and we have to make BIG concessions to that end. Simply having an IJN aviation cruiser go more or less AFK to go spot a few targets is not worth it to you, or the team.
  7. @mofton you are totally right there. These hybrid BBs are way too weak to go beyond mid-tiers. I always forget that although they survived til late way, they were pre-war ships that could only be upgraded so far. @Skyfaller i agree; ive always like the idea of one way scouts. but definitely not flown by the player. way too distracting. and i just had an idea on that: when you use the consumable the map pops up(like M key) and you click on a square and your scout travels there and then disappears or returns. super simple. ish.
  8. dawggunner

    Yubari can still be fun

    So just like @Swine_007 yub yub was the first ship I owned(i bought all three in the package but i instantly fell in love) in the game. To date i have just over 1000 game in her, and that about 1/8 of my total games played! Do you guys remember when it was a stealth fire MONSTER?! After the stealth changes, but before CV changes and AA changes i used to div with T5 carriers and never worried about a T7 match up. hell, it was a fun challenge! AA could certainly tear up 5/6 carriers still! @darth_beer strongly agree! can you imagine 6 gun yubari with her Aim mod? that would be evil! Just some thoughts in general: -this is the meanest DD hunter out there, and you can bother everybody else -the guns are amazing, and never won't be(but 6 would be fun) -the AA has been overnerfed, i think we can all agree. It was an AA cruiser, but it just isn't anymore, period(what if, hear me out, it got unlimited DFC like atlanta?(this is the only changes it NEEDS right now cuz AA is so weak)) -the torps, while they have bad angles, are pretty GD good when you are able use them right -The stealth has and always will be great and fun to use(but why the hell does Huanghe get 8.3?!?) -it can often be overlooked, or undervalued, as a threat allowing you to make some magnificent plays sometimes(i have sailed up to BBs, while firing at them, and dumped torps into them while they steadfastly ignored me) -Kraken is NEVER out of reach!
  9. So to be clear this is a real spitballin' session, I just want to hear what you guys think of, and how we might alter, an new IJn line. Title should make it clear that I know this isn't going anywhere, so just be cool and lets have a bit of fun. And i have a few basic rules/ideas i want to start with: 1) Anti CV/aviation people, i get it. it do. bear with me. AND those of you who lament overnerfed AA in recent patches, also bear with me. 2) No numbers here, this is just concept discusion 3) This could be a split class line, meaning CA/CVs and/or CA/AAs (Heavy Cruiser/Aviation/Anti Air) terminate in a BBCV hybrid Ise/Hyuga 4) These will use fighters, and at higher tiers their DP secondaries, to provide AA support to allies, and guns(turrets forward) to set fires Okay so next i just want to flush out that last point: the Mission. It's essentially FIRE support(IJN HE) and AA support. Here's how. starting at t5 with Agano IJN aviation cruisers get a fighter consumable that acts like DFC on Atlanta: unlimited but with a cool down AND extended range, maybe 5km? now before you scream OP, neither IJN AA nor fighter consumables are particularly OP, even when paired. And we should probably buff the HE fire chance one or two percent. And maybe since its a weak aviation cruiser give it a spotter plane consumable(limit this one?) so it can stay safe and fight sometimes. But thats plenty. Keep in mind the Agano-class has NO ARMOR and are never frontline fighters, so they are already support ships. Now with this in mind let me spitball a few more suggestions for the tree. At tier 6 we have Oyodo, with her awkward setup and NO TORPS OMG. Honestly this ship deserves to be a premium, so we might have to slip some other design in here but I'm using it as a placeholder. However the AA suite is SIGNIFICANTLY enhanced with those Japanese 100mm DP secondary battery. same purpose; AA support and setting fires. maybe the bow will need to be buffed a bit to give it a vague chance in some head-on fights but again this ships is meant to support. Next the CV hybrid Mogami at T7(crazy right?) 3 turrets forward, with 203s only, with aviation facilities aft, just like Oyodo. Funky, almost seeing a pattern. Now while the AA suite takes a hit, doesn't mean we can't fudge some numbers and get it close to american t7 AA? plus the unlimited fighter consumable and the spotter. But IJN torps have returned. Next Tone-class at T8. Four 203mm turrets forward, aviation facilities aft, AGAIN. same deal, same mission, same consumables, with one clear trick: lets give her Atago concealment, so she's stealthy. Tier 9.........Hyuga? with Ise at T10? just buff everything like AA, fighters, and give them British BB type HE? So have it it then. That's all I've got in me right now but i'll check back tomorrow TLDR: a new branch of IJN carrier hybrids with unique unlimited fighter consumables, limited spotter consumables, mainly turret-forward designs, slightly improved fire chances, and enhanced IJN AA
  10. dawggunner

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    I have returned with more ammunition: back to back Kraken with a damage total of less than 100k. If we need evidence, then perfect this is good evidence: even when you do good youre not actually doing great. What else do we need?
  11. I really love these hybrid vessels and i really do want to see them in game. And before i tear into this i want to say i'm really glad other people want these ships in the game too! but controlling planes and a combat ship is just too much. im sorry, but i think WG will veto that idea right there. as well they should. You mentioned it in the beginning of your own article: These are not going to work as fleet carriers, the only viable carrier gameplay type WG will ever be able to implement. the reason carriers can go park behind an island is because the ship itself has no combat utility(graf is a freakshow). but if you park your hybrid cruisers with a bunch of 203s behind an island then you are taking your guns, and torpedoes, out of the fight. Are you really suggesting that we park the Ise, with its main guns, behind an island while you launch a few waves of planes? plus how long is the average sortie versus how many salvos can you fire? if your sortie is over 60 seconds that's 2 BB salvos, or 4 IJN CA salvos. way more potential damage than a few T4 bombers yeah? i would think so. And shells won't get shotdown on the way there. Those bomber squadrons won't last against a Tier 6 american cruiser, let alone a Tier 7, and god help your planes if you get near my Wichita. A USS Sims could probably waste them. so they really are useless. it just doesn't work. I much prefer the idea of having one way scout planes that you can assign to fly to various sections of the map and extra fighter charges. if you have guns, you need to use them. if you have planes, you need to use them. but you just can't do both. Not just fast reloads and slightly larger range on them. check out this post about slightly different consumables
  12. dawggunner

    Tone, Chikuma

    I think this is a fantastic idea, way better than the half baked ideas i posted last year! this really is fun and unique and this setup really captures what it was designed to do. However it might be beneficial if you're personal range was extended with this new spotter because with all guns forward its slightly situational, so give it a bonus to help it fight fairly? im thinking i'd like to play this thing at stand off range when i can get away with it. Absolutely agree, which i why i love IJN torpedo-botes. And i totally agree about how its up to the player(although im not sure about Yahagi lol). I'm already trying to figure out the playstyles of one of these in my head. and personally I would prefer one of them at T7, possibly even T6(becuase of all guns forward) because i enjoy the mid tiers. This is an interesting concept, i like it. i figure as a support ship you want to be in the back or behind an island, but not quite "out of the fight"
  13. i just want to say quietly i wouldn't mind a few more T6 CVs, even premiums, and this seems kinda fun
  14. dawggunner

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    Are we talking about the same ship? I want a fair representation in-game of a real ship: The Agano-class have 6x152mm guns in 3 double turrets. The Japanese 152mms were in fact pretty bad ballistics so that okay with me. The torp angles and damage i'm also okay with although they NEED to buff reload time and maybe a few knots of speed(5kts or less). And i will agree with you that using them can put you in a compromising position for the enemies. But i heartily disagree with the notion that they are trash: they may be hard to use but this is a IJN Torpedo-bote and thus it is built around these weapons. They are essential to its identity. I WOULD BE HAPPY IF THE ONLY THING WG CHANGED WAS BUFFING THE HULL I WOULD BE ELATED IF THEY BUFFED THE TORPEDO RELOAD ON TOP OF THAT While i'm not surprised with their message i would've replied with the fact that the ship has no strengths whatsoever, and you cannot take advantage of any enemy weaknesses. I think the best way to sum it up is: THIS SHIP HAS ZERO OFFENSIVE CAPABILITIES. MEDIOCRE GUNS, LOW ARMOR, AND POOR TORPS ANGLES MEANS YOU CANNOT PUSH. NOR IS IT AMAZING ON THE DEFENSE. FOR THE EXACT SAME REASONS. While it might not be fair to continue to compare this thing to Yubari considering they have different playstyles i want to point out that I am more comfortable engaging any T5 ship in that little T4 CL than i am engaging a low health DD with this T5 CL. I wish i had taken more notes about my kills, but i can say with relative confidence that 75% of kills I've earned in this ship have been either extremely low health ships i finished off, DDs running into a torpedo(feels good man), or ambushing DDs with the HE at close range. The other 25% of kills are against full health ships that completely bungled the engagement. As i pointed out my best game was due in part to the enemy ships IGNORING me as i sailed past at point blank range.
  15. dawggunner

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    i think you're right. and i desperately hope one of those great players can teach me. i still don't think i've broken 100k dmg in a battle, 10k isnt uncommon lol. and yet i try and try again. because i love the potential of this boat. i must be clinically insane