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  1. dawggunner

    Checking up on Yahagi

    @HazeGrayUnderway we've crossed paths on this topic(IJN CLs) and some CV stuff(Hornet) before i think and i highly value your opinion. On the Yahagi i completely agree that a bit more stealth might make all the difference for this ship. and honestly maybe less range(for spotting when you start shooting). I still like the idea of the IJN CL side line, not a full line, but just a bit more flavor! But on a side note i want to know if you think WG is making a pattern of releasing a number of high tier, and nigh OP ships, followed by some really bad mid tier ships to try to quiet down the rest of the population. Ark Royal and Yahagi certainly have their places in history and in the game, both released recently, and both poorly received by the majority of customers. I'm really afraid this might be the new modus operandi for WG and premium ship releases. I'm not asking for OP mid tier ships, but something better than these two lovely boats. Seriously though, i have mad respect for you and your knowledge of both history and the Game(that we just lost).
  2. dawggunner

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    This was my 20th game in Yahagi, and a milestone. so far I've had a helluva time breaking 70k dmg, and 2 kills. the only reason i manged this was because i was ignored by a BB as i passed it at 8km, ignored by a furutaka(5 of the 6 cits) as i passed it at 5km, and ignored by the enemy CV(idk how) as i closed to 3km. I will admit it was a fun game, but to be clear it wasn't the ship that made it a cake walk. \
  3. dawggunner

    Just played Ark Royal for the first time...

    You guys haven't tried Yahagi yet. i want Ark Royal but after feeling the same way youre feeling about this ship i've decided that WG isn't actually ignoring low tiers as much as they are [edited] on them. How many T9 and T10 premiums did we get this year that were unnecessary and near OP versus how many T5-T7 ships did we get that got a halfway decent review?
  4. dawggunner

    Checking up on Yahagi

    God i wish i had read this before i bought it this morning. couldnt agree more. a really beautiful piece of [edited] that someone [edited] on.
  5. dawggunner

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    yes, by about 3km, but i mean use islands to ambush. I have so many kills in that little beast from catching unsuspecting BBs at 3km and dropping all 4 into them. Yahagi just can't quite do that.
  6. dawggunner

    Yahagi Review w/ TLDR

    This was gonna be short, but bear with me. I'm a little mad and this only after about a dozen games using several different 19pt captain builds. Awful. God awful boat. DO NOT BUY. Worst POS I've ever played in the game. I saw the reviews, but I'm a history nerd with hope in my heart....huge mistake, my hope is dead. Sorry had to get that outta the way. I am not unicum and i never will be, but I understand the mechanics and I know how to play all the classes and love "unique premiums." I can get Krakens in my Yubari and Huanghe most days(and have a blast playing them) but this thing is nigh hopeless. Let me just skip to the facts: -Protection: This thing has a magnetic citadel. One very large and very long floating citadel with absolutely no armor. Period. just like Yubari. but somehow worse. WG says "high maneuverability and low detectability protect the ship better than her weak armor" but this is only true if you never engage the enemy at all because even they do very little to protect this ship. getting spotted and then targeted is usually a death sentence. Period. Maneuvering doesn't really help, but more about that later. BBs shells of any variety will wreck you, with HE almost being more effective. rudder is super vulnerable it feels like. -The guns: so bad. WG advertises the HE as "menacing". this is true if you're shooting at a wedding cake. But if it's wrapped in tin foil you will do no damage. IFHE doesn't help dmg output enough to be worth it. you can do decent damage to a DD but between your reload and turret traverse it will probably get away or outplay you. This light cruiser cannot dominate DDs like many others i hold dear. You need to be kiting a DD chasing you to be in a good position. And low fire chance. -The torps: great range and great damage, as advertised. I knew the angles we're just as limited as the Yubari, and to be fair i can work with that. But that's assuming you hit anything. i get more strikes in my Duca because i can launch 3 torps every ~30 seconds. i have yet to get more than 3 strikes in one match. That being said i finally sank a Pyotr V with 3 torps last match. The reload is painful, but that's no secret. Somehow Ducas sea mines(51kts vs 60kts) are just so much better its baffling, if only for their reload. You just can't spam them which is what long range torps are for. You can't really "ambush torp" from behind islands like Yubari because its not as mobile or sneaky. -The detection: advertised as good but you can't do anything with it because your weapons suck. plain and simple. somehow the Exeter st 9.5km feels amazing but at 9.9km(with Concealment expert) this thing feels kinda rough. i believe its the maneuverability, as Exeter is better there too. again, using "stealth and speed" i've manged to flank entire teams but its pointless because other than murdering a CV or two you can't do much damage to other ships without getting sunk. -AA: it's Japanese, you don't have any. Won't shoot down T4 squadrons even with your fighter and flags. They will get a second pass. This shouldn't surprise IJN players. -Mobility: just plain not good enough. In fact it has one of the worst turning radii of all T5 cruisers in game at 590m, same as Graf Spee, and only better than Marblehead at 600m. the speed boost is fun, and occasionally useful. But i have no idea why they put it on this boat at all. I guess cuz it needed *waves hands* something extra. Might as well have given it Defensive Fire for AA. I have manged to speed down a flank when no one was watching and literally pop up next to their CV but other than assassinating that defenseless ship and running before my inevitable death i haven't found it to be "utilitarian." Kiting gets you killed in this ship no matter your speed. Back to turning radius really quick; its bad enough that even when your hydro spots torpedoes coming at you its actually hard to dodge them. Which i absolutely hate in a cruiser. I've been torped several times in the dozen games i've played because you are weak against DDs at most ranges. which i also despise in a cruiser. TLDR: a giant Yubari/Huanghe hybrid specifically with the worst traits of both ships and none of the benefits. DO NOT BUY. I wanted to love this ship so bad. But i can't. And i doubt you will either. my advice is don't spend money on it, but I can't stop you. This ship is for collectors and sadists only. Marblehead might even be better and i hate mine. Now i'm scared of what Oyodo will be like if they add it.
  7. dawggunner

    Checking up on Yahagi

    I honestly don't care I'm apparently a lover of "underdog ships" so even i'll probably put up with it no matter what! but don't let WG know that....
  8. dawggunner

    Checking up on Yahagi

    So.....where'd it go?!? I was just thinking about how I love unique and historic premium/reward ships in the game and how I'm looking forward to maybe one day seeing some more mid-tier prems again. I know we just got sirocco, which is cool. and Ark Royal might be coming soon, which is very exciting! But what ever happened to Yahagi? i think it was a great ship for collectors and captain trainers alike! Last I heard(youtube reviews) it was a semi-useless IJN light cruiser with 10km Long Lances at T5....like a Furutaka and Huanghe smashed together. So i had an idea: give it Torpedo Reload booster(like huanghe) and good concealment(also like Huanghe) and make it a CL to train IJN DD captains....like Huanghe trains DD captains for Pan-asian. The guns aren't great, so make it not about guns. Plus it even vaguely resembles its historic role. VAGUELY. It was a submarine/DD squadron leader with a "quick torpedo reload system". Tier 5 too low for this seal clubber? Maybe, so do it right and it might be able to sit at T6. BUT JUST PLEASE PUT IT IN THE GAME SO YOU CAN TAKE MY MONEY!
  9. dawggunner

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    to start with i have no clue what your sentence about scenarios/advantage/flux is referring to, please give me some guidance. expand upon your paltry thought. skipping that, lets cut to the chase. each nation had different strategic goal for their subs. American subs by and large were to be used as scouts and hindrances to enemy warships, and murderers of enemy shipping. by the end of the war they sank 201 japanese warships: 1 BB, 4 fleet carriers, 4 light carriers, 3 CAs, 8 CLs, 43 DDs, and 23 large japanese submarines. (of those 8 carriers 2 were sunk dunking the Battle of the Philippine Sea MILES behind the fleet actions) far more importantly they sank nearly 1200 merchant vessels. big ratio right there. In the end they actually sank more ships(5% more) than the american surface fleet, its aircraft AND USAF aircraft combined! But thats ships TOTAL, not warships. And here's the really big point: MOST of these kills were from hanging around narrow straits that contained much of IJN and merchant traffic. they waited for prey to come to them, because when surfaced they had a top speed of around 20kts. most BBs and CVs could and DID outrun them. They weren't active hunters because of their speed. most "chases" lasted hours, sometimes even days. DAYS. what im learning from this is the DD might be best used to hunt the enemy CV by flanking around the entire map. way better at it than a DD. As for British and Italian subs in the Med, things were different in that the Sea was WAY smaller than either the Atlantic or Pacific battlefields, and targets were denser and more easily spotted and tracked by a number of means. Subs could be more proactive, and yet many warships were sunk in and around ports, because submarine captains like to lie in wait for their prey. Seriously, a ton of warships on all sides were destroyed in their harbors or within spitting distance. I don't even have time to get into U-boats in the Atlantic tonight. i suggest the following video. Not gonna lie, its pretty off topic, but its something. allow me to elucidate on my previous statement and perhaps provide illumination: they didnt lead wild charges into combat. like destroyers. or cruisers. or on occasion BBs. without proper fleet protection they are sitting ducks more so than most other classes of warships. As witnessed by HMS Glorious. and USS Gambier Bay. and IJN Chiyoda. I don't think you understand what i meant. i forgive you my child. bruh, thats just straight up rude. really. i shall say nothing else lest i lose my temper.
  10. dawggunner

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    This is the biggest issue for me by miles. Does every ship get depth charges? Or just ships that had them historically? Which wouldn't be every DD or Cruiser. And BBs with depth charges? Certainly most didn't. What i'm saying is every surface ship, no matter the class, can hypothetically damage any other surface ship in the game. BUT the same isnt true when fighting a ship thats barely at the surface. If i'm in a BB and a sub dives right at its detection range, surfaces next to me, fires torps, and dives again.....what the hell am i supposed to do?!? more important what is any ship supposed to do if that happens? imagine when that DD pops out from behind a island to ambush you, and when you get your guns on target it dives....its like giving a DD a cloaking device. And what tiers will they be? high enough for powerful hydro and radar(another issue) to spot them? Or low enough that no one can spot and engage them effectively? Will there be one on each team for balance, or will MM add more ships with hydro to a team that doesn't have a sub, but that is fighting against one? Good DDs players can ambush or charge down BBs and some Cruisers with majestic ease(i can't yet but it happens to me enough in my BBs that i'm worried)....so let's add something stealthier to do the same thing? yes, they won't have the punching power... but the stealth factor will more than make up for that won't it? What happens when all the hydro ships on a team die off? a sub on the loose might(and i do stress MIGHT) be twice as bad as a DD on the loose. There are a lot of unknowns but one thing i want to make clear: this is going to shake it up again, that is for sure. Not saying its good or bad yet. Additionally Notser floated the idea that CVs might get sonar buoys....."there aren't enough letters in the word NO to express the NO-ness of my answer"(Zits, a great comic strip about teenagers, and a quote i use alot ). I understand why he floated the idea out of necessity but i can't think of a worse idea for CVs. While the tech existed in WWII it wasn't perfected until the cold war. Not that WG cares about that at all. Or most of the player base either. Even if they did add them, a submarine can see a squadron coming from miles away and dive everytime they try line up AN ATTACK. So...Depth charge squadron for a 4th option? Oy vey, a mini CV rework! And i know there a few exceptions but I have to say this......................... SUBMARINES ARE STRATEGIC WEAPONS. NOT TACTICAL WEAPONS. SAME REASON CARRIERS DON'T FIGHT ON THE FRONT LINES. THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN A WW2 "BATTLE" GAME. On a sidenote: I am still in the wait and see camp because i've heavily invested myself in this game. that being said i left WoT when things got silly and way too arcade-y for my tastes. And i honestly feel this game might be headed that way, BUT i'm still going to wait and see. Still, just hearing about the introduction of subs really really REALLY worries me. and irks me.
  11. So the moment I heard the Italians cruiser line was not going to be getting hydro and DFC I started audibly wailing; loud enough my neighbor checked in on me. HOW?!? how could they leave these traits off the line when the premiums they have in game are floating swiss army knives with a number of handy consumables?!? I'm not saying I shoot down a lot of planes with them, or spot a ton of torpedoes, but theyre darn convenient and they can save your life occasionally. BUT then I remembered what I always read in an old history of 20th century navy book(Naval Power, part of a trilogy, yall familiar with them?) my dad had on the shelf when I was a kid: the Italian navy had weak AA and a lack of radar and sonar tech because they assumed they would always have complete air superiority in the Mediterranean Sea and thus would never need to invest in such tech. So I guess what I'm trying to say is its historically accurate? which is hilarious because I'm a history nut who likes when WGs arcade games get things right....except this time HOWEVER i am glad we get the new smoke thingy. i think. I'm just so stoked to have them in the game really
  12. dawggunner

    Cruiser stat comparison(WIP)

    I......have no idea what im looking at but i thank all of you for the effort. so if someone could just answer the following question with YES or NO: Do YOU think the italians will be good based on these fancy numbers yall have?
  13. dawggunner

    Itailains are coming!!!!!

    STOKED! Whos says shes getting a 150mm belt but seriously i hope so cuz yeah she deserves some respect
  14. dawggunner

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    I'm gonna start by saying i love Warships in general and have been a faithful player since Beta and every major update has never made me falter. BUT this is exactly NOT what i want to see. Of all the modes they've tried this is just stupid. I understand its for testing, and voluntary. but the fact that they are testing mechanics like this scares me for the future of this game. the reason i play warships is because its not like all the other crap out there that i could play. and yet as voluntary as it is there are rewards attached to this mode that i would like but i really dont have the patience to event attempt grinding to them. space battles was fun, the torp version less so. this is a whole other magnitude of distasteful. to echo other people in this thread: how about national/historic battles? or modes that teach you how to fight each class of ship against the others? of the myriad of directions WG could have gone how the hell did we end up here?!?
  15. dawggunner


    ....Just no. I'm sorry but with Enterprise at T8 already... a sister ship will NEVER sit 2 tiers lower. no matter the loadout. Trust me, i don't like the idea of this at T10 but it makes sense IF the B-25s are a "wonder weapon" otherwise yes T8 please! Completely agree! Ok now i'm gonna try to bring things back because i feel like all this great discussion has actually gotten us further from what i was thinking/and would be easy to implement. 1) I really like the idea of a squadron of historically accurate Wildcats with rockets/small bombs to harass light enemy vessels. For sake of argument with @WanderingGhost lets give them nice small reticles no matter what weapon they use. Can we agree on this? 2) I would like to see B-25s with 4(historically it was 3 500lb HE and a 500lb bundle of incendiaries) medium(in the game american DBs get 1000lb bombs) HE bombs per plane with a high fire chance. I think the reserve should be fairly low. maybe 8 planes? But this depends on squadron sizes. Now lets expand this into two more parts: A) Bombs and damage: historically lets call it 4 500lb bombs for ease of math. 1000lb HE bombs currently do 9200HP max. So lets make them 4500HP and high fire chance(not looking for percentages right now) so thats 18,000HP potential in a single plane. Times 3 or 4 planes thats 54,000HP and 72,000HP respectively. That is INSANE for a single run(4 planes in a run) B) Squadron size: So based on damage figures im really tempted to say a wave is 3 or 4 planes in individual, or maybe double runs. Doubles could be really fun, although obviously that leaves only 2 drops in a wave. My thinking here is the Mitchells are designed to go after isolated capital ships and with their high HP and durability you should be able to get multiple runs off on a BB with little to no issues. I wouldn't want to go overboard on Mitchell squadron size cuz the reserve needs to be small. A "historical reserve of 16 planes" would be ridiculous, so lets say 8? and a slow replenish like Saipan. with a reserve of 8 you could get up to 6 in a wave, with doubles in runs. But if you waste your first squadron of Mitchells you will FEEL it. SO that brings me back to smaller squadron size with individual planes. or doubles. To address the idea of a "diamond drop" of 4 planes with 2 runs in a squadron thats 144,000HP.....just....NO Wildcat squadron: 8 or 10 in double runs, 9 or 12 in triple runs. we have alot of data to go off of here, so it just depends what tier Hornet sits at and adjust to fit. They will be weak for their tier but thats the name of the game. C) Drop reticle/damage: honestly i'm fine with a reuse of the British drop pattern. You can mess with it a bit but point is its a carpet bomber These are medium level bombers, lets not get too fancy. If planes are dropping individually then use the Furious reticle to line up on capital ships and hit them with at least 2 bombs. if dropping in doubles i would make the reticle slightly larger(more bombs more dispersion). The point is i want the Mitchells to be all about attacking capital ships and not DDs and smaller cruisers. even then these things could wallop a lone CA out on the flanks. Give the Wildcats that small reticle so they can go hunt those pesky little ships that are hard to hit with the Mitchells. if they use bombs, a circle or small length-wise oval. or if rockets give them Japanese rocket dispersion(circle). 3) The mechanics/style of the ship: Use your Wildcats to attack light targets and scout while the Mitchells replenish. Use Mitchells to attack isolated capital ships and deal massive damage. At the end when enemy AA is weakened you could use a wave of 3 or 4 to bomb the heck out of remaining clusters. imagine spreading 54k or 72k between 2 or 3 ships in under a minute. So this is a more fleshed out idea of what i posted a month ago or so: American Indomitable. pick it apart piece by piece and lets see where we end up this time(down another rabbit hole forsure!)