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  1. dawggunner

    Now I figured out how to word it: Ooyodo

    It's a premium. You don't have to buy it.
  2. dawggunner

    Huanghe has tier 9 secondary guns?

    Well I don't like the guns anyway so I spent points on the aa/secondaries. They get out to like 7+ km and have a nice reload. Kills DDS and sets fires on BBs so I'm happy with them!
  3. dawggunner

    How long until Kitakami?

    Saw these back it the day a few times. But managed to never witness anything that stood out(mutiple deletions in a salvo or krakens). That being said I've seen the videos. And I'm gonna go with a hard NO. It really is a class of its own. And I'm fine with that class not being represented. At all.
  4. dawggunner

    Italian Duca D'Aosta - Really Disappointed

    So I for one think these ships are INCREDIBLE! And I'm gonna put it down to play style too. I am a Light Cruiser Acolyte. And when I got this ship I manged to sprint to a 19pt capt in a matter of weeks. I'm still working on 2 18pt Japanese captains that I've been working on FOR YEARS. The Duca's are some of the greatest ships for my play style: hunting DDs and torping everyone else. Even then I catch DDs all the time with 12km torps that they didn't expect. To me the only glaring weakness is AA. The maneuverability of these Italian CLs is to be feared and respected. When times are tough I have no problem charging a BB, dodging salvoes, and torping it at close range. Think of it as a giant Russian DD with torps. Fire, dodge, torps, dodge. Rinse and repeat.
  5. dawggunner


    Yeah it is one of THOSE ships: a CL. There is virtually no CL in the game that doesn't need both (minus the poor brits and their AP). The guns are pretty darn accurate and good velocity so you can stand off (not the best range) and get better hits than an atlanta. And the ability to dodge and weave is essential. But seriously this thing is a BEAST. I love going weak flank, engaging the DDs, and then kiting away dumping torpedoes EVERYWHERE. if I have a flank to myself and multiple CAs and BBs coming I often get 3 to 6 torp hits from random wide salvoes. Do it right and you can put torps in the water every 30 seconds. So in addition to IFHE and CE bring TAE for these Italian Stallions! Yeah they take a lot of points to make them work. But they are fun ships no matter what. I absolutely cannot wait to see a line in the game ASAP!
  6. dawggunner

    Why not bring ARP back for a second round?

    Yes. This. But only cuz I need Takao t compete the collection. Sold everything but hiei, kongo, and.... haruna? Pink ships are fun and I like the IJN.
  7. dawggunner

    Now I figured out how to word it: Ooyodo

    I honestly forget, I'm not by my computer right now. But I think between 6.5 and 7.2? I shift between AA and secondary modules and of course AFT/BFT
  8. dawggunner

    I want the Dutch cruisers from the Battle of the Java Sea

    OK well I'd love to give you guys more details but I'm sitting bedside in a hospital, I'm just on here while the patient sleeps. Maybe when I have more time. Or I'm sure @Lert has a few more numbers than I do.
  9. dawggunner

    Tone why is it so hard to balance?

    I'm gonna agree with Pete here. We all know it's gonna be a premium, so as long as it's not broken I say bring it on and let those who want it pick it up. I will aso throw money for one of these.
  10. Tromp, Java, De Ruyter. I would love see these ships in the game next year. No rush, I want my Italians first. But these ships are so under appreciated. Not only because they fought a losing battle but because they are overshadowed by other Allied nations ships. They're light cruisers in every sense of the word, with a few torp's and some AA to keep the Japanese at bay. I'm a huge fan or light cruisers and find them as fun as they are delicate. So how about we get some more positive comments on this thread and maybe we can get some CCs to notice and take up the call!
  11. dawggunner

    Yubari-yay or nay

    Ya know as a massive Yubari fan it pains me to say nay, with the stipulation and in agreement with the majority, but for the fact that is so unforgiving. I enjoy the he'll out of that ship. I play it everytime I'm online. But it's so damn soft. So I would get something else, like the spee. That thing is a beast!
  12. So I've gone down this path before: I want some unique Japanese cruisers in the game. Specifically an Ooyodo with good AA and deadly torps. Now how to achieve that used to be an issue. Used to.... Then came Huanghe. I ****ing love that ship. Yeah the guns are a little underwhelming but hey I love Yubari too. I guess i like an uphill battle. It's the AA/secondaries and torpedoes that I enjoy in the ship! Build it right and your secondary battery will obliterate DDs and set fire to BBs as you torp them. And you'll be shooting down 20+ planes in dual CV matches. AND why not make a Japanese version. It had the same caliber guns in the same layout. Similar AA with its Akizuki turrets. And similar torps (OK so it's a center line mount BUT it historically had a quick reload system). But seriously can y'all pick up on what I'm putting down? Im not saying copy it over, obviously devs and designers need to make a whole new ship. But the ground work is there for this type of cruiser. So please tell me what you think and maybe we can get some momentum to get new ships in!