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  1. Wow Stop Logging Me Out

    You need to log into the forums, then immediately log out manually. Then log back in and you should be good. This fixes the issue for me when it occurs.
  2. Ive seen someone running around in a Langley with 7 fighters in their Fighter squadron
  3. Tirpitz, Or Not To Tirpitz

    She was one of the most commonly used Battleships for this season of Ranked games once you got to Rank 10+ and is the ship I used to grind to Rank 1.
  4. You should be running the stock loadout on American Carriers all the way through the Lexington. Switch to the Stock Bogue loadout and you will be able to do a solid amount of damage with your torpedo planes while using your fighters to protect your bombers and your team. When you run into dual fighter loadout bogues, just play smart and try and engage them over friendly ships so their AA fire can help you kill them quickly. The few times you might get shut down by a dual fighter loadout bogue will be more than offset by the damage you do in other matches with your torpedo squad.
  5. Had a good one a couple days ago. Queued up in my Midway and was immediately dropped into battle. When the battle launched I was in for a suprise as the MM has put a Midway vs Midway one on one battle. After laughing with my opponent FC about it, we decided to battle it out with secondaries only. We both lost money on the match, but got a great laugh out of it.
  6. Yea......I stopped reading when Kancollewuzhere didnt list grinding the blue line as his number 1 strategy
  7. Bogue air craft carries

    Then start running the stock config of the Bogue where you get a squad of Torpedo Bombers and a Fighter. More damage = more exp and you still have a single fighter squad to protect yourself/shoot down enemy planes.
  8. I didn't run anything but the stock load-out until I got the Essex and then I saved up free exp to buy the 2 torpedo bomber load-out. The US stock load-out in my opinion is their best option of fighters/torpedoes/bombers until you get to tier 9 and 10.
  9. 132 Confederates in 2029 games for an average of one every 15 games. http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1002253486-Alaric_/#tab=pvp/account-tab-achieves-pvp
  10. Ah, another CV overpowered thread from a player with 0 games in an aircraft carrier.