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  1. Downloading WoWs China client..

    remember to get the dragon boat skins too - -
  2. So Many Updates

    guess you haven't been reading the forums
  3. Dragon Ship of China

    find a contact on the asian server and make a mod to change the skins
  4. WG Game Clock....Time Runs Out

    suggested alternate
  5. weren't the rewards for playing the most current round on the PTS given to the pts
  6. Pinky .. Dont fire at your allies

    that's one on your bucket list having a bot troll you for a team kill/kill steal
  7. WG Game Clock....Time Runs Out

    wasn't the clock that stopped you
  8. German BB's already ruined for me...

    and here I thought the Tirpitz was a tier 8
  9. Pinky .. Dont fire at your allies

    isn't :whocares: a bot?
  10. free torpitz for playing your first tier X random must be within 1 year of joining
  11. Some In Japan Want To Raise The Yamato

    Under the Category of Murphy's Law is a lesser known law (forget the name) clearly stating that nothing can be made "idiot proof" because "idiots are too inventive" wonder how many Darwin Award Finalists this endeavor will generate
  12. Dragon Ship of China

    makes me wonder what the good Major could do as a Dragon skin maybe a contest for Niko
  13. Chinese live Stream QA with Danny

    Thank you Wink --- will take Turtle for tier 1