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  1. F80_1

    Game, Vid card crash? or other cause? Help!

    BURN_Miner I'd like to send you some gold for your time and patience. I ended up buying a new vid card and no more issues. Please post a reply and I'll follow through. I've very little time to research and the fact you took the time to post and try to help out means a lot.
  2. I am not an IT type! But love to play WOWS. Unfortunately this is plaguing my Origin System. I work 50+hrs a week and "need" this game to get my mind off work. I updated the drivers for the vid card (EVGA Geforce GTX770) purchased approx 4 yrs ago. Computer runs fine until I load the game. I can't even make it into a match. It lasts about 3-5mins then locks up. TIA signed, Clueless