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  1. About the ship dispersion, just get used to it, the dispersion is the same for all players, if others can hit things consistently and you don't it's not the game's fault. Teammates can be very frustrating indeed, MM does not take into consideration skill so it's inevitable you will face many matches with a handicap, maybe joining a good division with friends and good players may help.
  2. Zywl

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    how do people get these stats in-game? in some matches, there is always some dude bashing people on chat because of their stats.
  3. Zywl

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    These "I'm stopping playing"/"I'm closing my wallet until Wargaming...." threads need to stop... really, who cares? you think Wargaming will panic and release a hotfix to accomodate the game/MM to your liking or just ban potato players and keep you in the game?
  4. Zywl

    Fun and engaging!

    Agree, they need to find a way to make carriers more useful when they are bottom tier, I play my t6 carriers and surprise! massachusetts, Bismarck, double Atlanta and Kidd on the enemy team. Most planes get destroyed before I can get close enough to do minimum damage... Best you can do is harass some dds and spot.
  5. Zywl

    Change my mind WG. Ball is in your court

    Hey man, don't take things personally, if you need to shame people showing their stats you already lost. You can't handle criticism, no one is allowed to disagree with your point of view then.
  6. Zywl

    Change my mind WG. Ball is in your court

    In the end, no matter what changes/adjustments they do there will be always someone whining because the game is no longer fun particularly for them.
  7. Zywl

    Change my mind WG. Ball is in your court

    Why blame new players for you not having fun? You can't expect everybody to have the same skill level you have. Should we have a reduced number of pro players only and ban everyone with a low WR? I understand it is frustrating when bad players ruin your games but what solution do you propose? WG won't change the game to keep some pro players happy, those braindead players you mention are the majority and they still pay for premium ships.
  8. Why people insisit on keeping thing as realistic as posible? This is an arcade like game, not a simulator. Want everything to be realistic? fine, one citadel hit should incapacitate ships and most of their crew, making them unable to function properly for the rest of thr fight, fires should take at least 30 minutes to be fully extinguished and floodings cannot be repaired. Realistic enough? Sure. Good for the gameplay? You decide.