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  1. That's the assumption of some which could be so. But an Atlanta B is relatively new so there might be hope, that's what most people want to think
  2. Weebs can be both as I know those "weebs" who battled also talk Star Wars, and there's a few Trekkies too. Being a Weeb doesn't mean you can't be a nerd too
  3. Stahlfaust_XVI

    We need more than randoms

    They could remove the aircraft entirely from The Ultimate frontier and it'd just be a timer like Newport without any major issues. But they don't.... because???
  4. Stahlfaust_XVI

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    He didn't, he also didn't because I got all the spotting on my way south. He got zero kills and did FA, and yet he got TOP even after we fought the 2nd wave, the Convoy, killed the 3 BBs, and fought the cruiser reinforcements. @StoptheViolins He did NOTHING besides dying. He shouldn't have gotten top for doing nothing before the rest of us did everything ELSE.
  5. Stahlfaust_XVI

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    @StoptheViolins So how do you explain this then? Dead by 16:29 before even engaging the 2nd wave or Convoy, AGS and I carried the convoy through, HSF AGS killed both BBs up north, I worked over the Fuso and yet this dead dude from 4 minutes in gets top?
  6. Stahlfaust_XVI

    What are CV's supposed to do when up tiered by 2?

    Just like how CV players say jUsT DoDgE
  7. Spreadsheet approved 8-ball right?
  8. No I would be playing against bots all day regardless of the reward, but I won't because WG won't put any effort into PvE outsides gutting it even more. Are you suggesting that PvE should have no income what so ever because you want everyone to suffer in randoms anyways? Outside of Narai there isn't much "large" rewards for you to be spouting such HS at, you want more seals to club in PvP I get that, why can't PvE get literally anything good done for them? Unsustainable and unhealthy rates are only because WG allowed and made it worse with such liberal amounts of flags and camo boosts to exist. Then again I could load up all the flags and camos from what I whaled out and take a Mo and basically do the exact same thing in PvP. But WG allows such because money so.... your "argument" is complete and utter Horse crap
  9. Good god what's the weather like on that high horse of yours? It's a game, people play how every they want to but you're going to criticize people for playing PvE and criticize people who don't suffer through randoms to get to the end game ships. You literally want people to play PvP for everything?
  10. I knew Narai was going to have the income slashed the moment they announced "fixing" her. There was still people who seriously believed WG's lie about that then Here I am even being surprised that they're not just nerfing Narai but ALL the operations, I'd figured they wait a bit before screwing over the entire Ops community more but yet here we are
  11. I mean you basically are if we swing it like how you've been swinging our "concerns" of the missing operations. "We should trust WG to keep their word on returning these ops". The same WG that hasn't kept their promise on returning several Operations that it removed a year ago Said same WG then removes 2 more operations to "fix and then return them shortly", exactly the same way that the 4 ones before were removed. You say we're "overreacting" but at this point is there no reason not to be concerned? WG and their "promises" haven't been the best in the last year and you coming around calling everyone tinfoil hat people for questioning WG's motives. Yes they've announced that they'll be returning those two Ops but I'm still going to be skeptical until I play them again
  12. I'd say TuF/Dynamo/Cherry Blossom/Hermes since as of now haven't been stated outright that they won't be coming back but saying that "PvE doesn't merit the resources" is that it's implied. I'd like to be proven wrong but I doubt that will be the case....
  13. WG turning off ops was annoying because of how last minute it all was, or more just getting told in a few days you favorite op won't be playable. Meh at least we'll have others, then getting told that they all don't work. It's a bit annoying that we have a PTS that could have been used to figure out how to figure it the easiest way possible. But ala PTS isn't used as a testing stage anymore. I'm not saying WG is actively sitting around a table smoking cigars plotting to kill PvE crowd but by neglecting it, saying it's low priority, and giving no info what so ever is still giving the same vibes of that feeling. I didn't mind the fact my favorite ops were to be "temporarily" removed because of the rework, I was willing to give them that chance. But now 12 months and 18 days later I want SOME word on when they'll be back in any form. My issue was, how sudden it was, and why of the ops they focused so much on Narai. Not a single mention of RR in the beginning even though it was well known how broken it could be. Of all that Ops they've now pulled all t7s which made my investment in premium ships of that tier worthless for why I got them. I don't see how you couldn't have enjoyed some of them outside the Allied Only/ Cruiser/ DD/ Only ones TuF was my favorite and also would be the easiest one to bring back if they just delete the aircraft and set the defense of the island on a timer. But Nope, not a word besides "No plans for this year" . I've put up with them working on other things for a year now so I'd rather like them to throw us a bone
  14. DD-Whiners? I mean being told nothing about any future plans and waiting hopeful for any word on the return of Ops since WG "said" that they'd hopefully be able to get them back "Soon" Then going from "Soon" to being on the back-burner, to them not being planned on at all for the current year, nor the next year How would you feel if the only thing you enjoy about the game gets cut back and watered down and any hope for your favorite Ops just keep getting thinner and thinner?
  15. To be fair with the whole Rework I was willing to let them "fix" it once the dust cleared. Stupid me, to think that WG would actually care about returning them. So the self fulfilling cycle. WG Says "PvE Isn't Popular" > People get bored of playing it > People stop playing it > WG sees less people playing it > WG Says PvE Isn't Popular > Repeat until the entire game mode is dead.