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  1. Incorrect, unless I don't switch commanders, which isn't possible. So your logic is flawed. But thanks for coming out.
  2. Still have the ARP names and neon colour background. Don't need them- don't want them. No reason for WG not to give us the ability to delete them. Wish I could delete the ships too.
  3. Yeeeeah, sorry champ - already enabled all that I could.. Still see them in my reserves. But thanks for trying to help...
  4. WARGAMING, now that you've bowed down to the anime lovers level and allowed them to use these commanders on regular ships, you have now broken your promise to the rest of us regarding the separation between the two and that we wouldn't be bothered by the addition of anime to WoWS. Give us the option to hide(again), or delete these unwanted eye sores. I'm tired of having to scroll through 8 useless commanders to access the ones I actually use. Kind regards.
  5. Dismiss ARP Ship Commanders

    Doesn't work. I have every anime junk hidden and I still see this crap in my reserve. WG- pls fix.
  6. So the servers are down?

    Patch release date/time were posted. Unfortunate for you, friend. But I must ask, why did you leave it to the last minute to complete the campaign? It's been out for quite some time.
  7. Play all the ships in in the tech line. Ships that people complain about/dislike, you may find that you love. I heard nothing but bad reviews about the Pensacola, Colorado, Izumo- but I enjoyed and did well in all three. I even came to liking the Izumo just as, or even a little more than the Iowa! Reading about 'terrible' ships, really, is all about perspective.
  8. I'll have to check. I was unaware that WG added a 14th service level this patch. I guess i'll have to double check the patch notes. I did however, find the Inventory(depot) that was implemented. You need to click your name in the top left corner of the port.
  9. This season of ranked will be very different. With Epicenter, it's going to be extremely difficult to get solo caps. Therefore, I believe this has given other classes(not DDs) a chance to get 1st in xp should your team lose. On the topic of rewards. If you reach ranked 2, you get 1000 doubloons. Rank 1, 2500! Not to mention the countless signal flags/credits/camo you get for reaching certain ranks - most definitily an inscentive to play ranked.
  10. I would rather choose to skip out on Bastion over Epicentre.
  11. Your free experience tally is noted in the top right corner of your port. You may be referring to Elite/Ship Experience.
  12. Ranked season general questions?

    Smoke, Radar and Hydro are gonna be key elements to win. Especially if WG is choosing Epicentre as the game mode this season. Not to say Colorado couldn't lay some hurt on people, without torpedoes - you're at a huge disadvantage over the T7 German BBs
  13. Ranked season general questions?

    Good luck bringing those into ranked. Bring anything other than a Flint, Belfast,Fiji, Blys, maybe Sims, Sharnhorst/Gneisenau -- you're putting your team at a HUGE disadvantage.
  14. All this anger over these useless crARP ships? Settle down there OP.