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    Hola a todos, como miembro ya veterano en las pruebas Alfa y Beta de WoWs, les doy la bienvenida a quienes quieran participar en los foros y con suerte pasarla bien en el juego. Cualquier duda o consejo, pregunten nomas, que estoy para darles la ayuda que necesiten. Soy aficionado a temas de la SGM y el ambiente naval más que nada, apegado a las Armadas de Japón, Alemania, Italia, Francia y Rusia, paso los ratos libres creando modelos en 3D de buques y/o fabricando firmas y jugando KanColle xDD


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  1. BrunoSchezer

    Pan-American BBs?

    That is the best way (for now until we find something more) to reach the high tier list. Gonzalez describe and show us a lot of things and with that we can work well. @Trophy_Wench Well, we can see Moreno entering in game as a premium with or without the refit. To us, the class is a 4.5 and could end in tier 4 or 5 with some changes but at the end we still keep discusing where to put they, for some reason or another. You can see Moreno is a bit diferent of her sister (this model show us her form in her last days of service) and with a bit of work with some AA refit or the german one we can use her in Tier 5. About the options of the replacement for the main guns was proposed send both ships to Germany and choose 3 options: 1- change the main guns for new 305mm of german construction, 2- upgrade to 355mm of german construction or 3-keep the old ones and just modifie the elevation of the guns. Other founts say there were plans but to use 320mm of italian origin but well, that one is new for us, but the other german plan is well know.
  2. Good work! A few fixs: Rivadavia was scrapped in Italy and Moreno in Japan. Also, just in case someone ask about why one image of Gonzalez design have a diferent setup in the Tier VIII (they could know or not about our work, you know), here is a resume quoted from a english redaction about the ship itself and historical background (you know, some people tends to know everything about one thing or another): About the other tiers, I will take care of the images in the time, modeling is a hard task for one person but is fun after all. Also @Talleyrand, lets try to find a way to adapt the 152mm of La Argentina like you suggested here, or maybe the ones from Design 1124A?.
  3. Well, ok, thanks. If you need another viewpoint of the ship I could made a special one for your presentation, just ask me anytime.
  4. Not a single word about my suggestion?
  5. You really need to re-think about the ship, like my friends told you. We can have also other models to represent the design in the basis of historical data, like this one made be me: Ganzalez is too specific about what he wanted to the Argentinian Navy, but if you want and if you dont have other designs to use, try using mine and Talleyrand in the Tier VIII / IX if you want to have a image to show to the rest of people over here and in other places.
  6. Good work dude, if you need advice ask my friend @Fr05ty about your proposal.
  7. BrunoSchezer

    Well...Goodbye Gremmy...

    Looks like I will not be able to get her in any way. I am really sad now, because I was hunting her since the first day she was added into the santa crates and at this day, I am unable of get a single crate with that ship, at this point I am soo tired of my luck on this gamble and hunting and cant keep wasting more money (even now with the bad times my country have I need to pay x2 just for one item in the store...and for other part, I need to save a few bucks to upgrade my PC this year and it will cost a lot...). No Gremmy, not even a Enterprise, or both, nothing....just a lot of other stuffs.... Thanks for reading, just wanted to expres my sadness somehow...Hope you guys get something you have waiting for years in those crates, good luck and happy new year...
  8. Podría ser algun concurso de diseño de buques en algún formato (3D, Dibujo, etc).
  9. BrunoSchezer

    ¿Cuál es tu barco favorito?

    Tengo varios buques que me encantan de diferente tipo, pero podría decir que mi favorito es Shimakaze, que le vengo usando desde que estaba la Alfa activa hasta estos días.
  10. BrunoSchezer

    Is a Pan-American line coming?

    Sorry, but this only show how uninformed are you about the ships that belongs to the "Pan-American" nations, and I dont blame you, because someone who dont know just could end speaking about something based on a few examples and generalising (and with this clone trend to bring ships more easily, it does not help even). Let me ask you: The battleship Rivadavia is a clone? what about Minas Gerais?, Latorre?, La Argentina? Almirante Brown?. Sure, there could be a few to be used in a way like this one is used, but it does not mean the whole tech tree will be filled with clones.
  11. I only want these ships: -Rivadavia -La Argentina -Veinticinco de Mayo(CA) -Independencia -Mendoza -Santa Fe -Latorre -Minas Gerais -20 de Julio -Almirante Grau -Derfflinger -Bearn -Admiral Scheer -Lutzow -De Ruyter -Canarias -Cervantes -España -Méndez Núñez -Navigatori -Maestrale -Soldati
  12. BrunoSchezer

    Nuevo Administrador de la Comunidad de Latino América

    ¡Sea Bienvenido!, ¡Y que espero nos podamos llevar bien y que todo sea viento en popa para toda la comunidad! También doy parte a lo dicho por el colega @COLDOWN, estoy en el grupo de investigación, dando mi granito de arena con ideas y también dando vida visual a los proyectos. Esperemos puedas darte una pasada con nosotros y preguntarnos por lo que sea, que estaremos para ayudarle en lo posible para que tengamos nuestra rama Pan-Americana en el futuro cercano. Saludos!
  13. BrunoSchezer

    Pan-American Battleships?

    Maybe you could take a look at this topic for a reference:
  14. Sure, everything could happen and if she end with better guns, good for us, it will be more fun (But I enjoy my Roma and I will enjoy her sisters in the tech tree and this one anyway) cause I really love these Italian ships. Well, the base exist, we only need to carry a test to see what projects could finish the line, at least in the BB part, the others, well, we have a lot to use. This BB is a solid adition, and I for sure hope it will be usefull. Many thanks sir! Oh yes, I dream with that too, all the time. Indeed, that was the name used in this proposal. Also, there exist two ships with the name Veinticinco de Mayo: the Heavy Cruiser Veinticinco de Mayo you linked and the VdM CV of the Colossus-class.
  15. Well guys, just coming here to share with you this battleship proposal (a hard work to model, but everything counts if can be usefull), you can see the complete info about the ship below those lines. Hope you like this and hope this could be usefull in the near future to have a spot into the game. Historical Info: "In 1941, the government of Argentina released a law to acquire the funds to purchase new naval units to put at service of the ARA (Armada de la República Argentina). One part of the funds was to be used in the construction of a new battleship class to serve alongside the old Rivadavia-class battleships, Rivadavia and Moreno. One Commander from the navy called Osvaldo J. González, in 1943, proposed the characteristics the new battleship class needed in that time to serve in the Argentine Navy. He proposed a battleship based on the Italian Littorio-class battleships. She would need to carry nine main guns of 381mm on a 3x3 setup, a secondary armament of 12 pieces of 152mm in a 2x6 setup, an anti-aircraft system of 12x89mm in dual mounts, 16 of 37mm in quad mounts and 16 of 12.7mm in quad mounts. All of this in a hull of 238 meters x 31 meters, with an armor belt of 356mm and a deck of 200mm (150mm+50mm), while the armor of the main turrets was to be 381mm. The propulsion should be enough to be capable of navigate at a speed of 30 knots and carry a central hangar alongside two catapults to launch three aircrafts, with a standard displacement of 37000 tons. She most likely was planned to be built in an Italian shipyard, like the heavy cruisers of the Veinticinco de Mayo-class was built in Livorno by OTO, but due to the current war at that time in Europe and the consequent cancelation of the plan, she was not built." Many thanks to @Talleyrand and @COLDOWN for the info about the ship. Lets hope someday we can play a few matchs with this battleship!