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  1. maybe the simple answer is WG is considering a partnership with GEICO. They have @geicogaming Twitter and have seen them well represented at PAX. I wouldnt answer any of those questions either, but the data gathering makes sense if building a proposal that might include player discounts
  2. zero battles in superships, not gonna do it
  3. missile742

    WG ignoring obvious issues.

    Pulled many alerts there, my picture is upstairs
  4. The only take away from this thread is yet another example of why Boggzy and Ahskance both deserve a raise to constantly deal with this level of " community engagement"
  5. Hmm, never had any issue during 10.0 with my 6800xt
  6. missile742

    Game not counted!!

    Hey think i was in that game with you in my Arp Ashigara. Filed a ticket with replay and screen shots from port showing not credited for the win or any battle stats towards missions. Seemed like client acted like battle never happened -- flags and camo still applied and not used
  7. missile742

    Server is down...

    Same here, when restarted ship back in port with camo and flags applied as though never entered the battle. No battle results credited to any missions.
  8. missile742

    The Problem with Subs

    Subs the only class you can practically ignore every battle without consequence
  9. missile742

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Received the Master Collector emblem today. Have 336 ships in port. Guess it counts ships low tier ships I used to own?
  10. missile742

    DevBlog 262 - Closed Test 0.11.1, New Ships

    darn , was hoping for a Tier 6 Hornet with Midway air wing of Wildcats, Dauntless, and Devastators. Maybe Tier 8 works if they get the Kaga treatment
  11. Port is def the worst but stay in mid 90s during battle
  12. And as a side benefit extra heat for the winter! My 3080ti runs constant 99% GPU utilization at ~75c while driving 4K at 144hz.
  13. Just got this little one from a Dockyard reward Big Gift. Down to just Max Immelman and Gronignen missing from the list. Sad thing is I dont even DD except in coop. Too bad I cant rent out my new Marceau, Hayate and Smaland.
  14. missile742

    Happy New Year!

    Worth watching, recommend use closed captions. TLDR: video bonus code: 2022HAPPYNYCOMMANDERS
  15. missile742

    Q: Coupons to buy ships. Free commanders.

    FYSA many clans dont participate or require participation in CB. My clan is solo player focused with no level requirements. Best to join one early in your grind to boost commander xp, ship xp and coal earnings. Like the other guys said, depends on what you want from a clan. Do you want to div with clanmates and try out CB later, or are you a solo type?