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  1. Alpha and Beta tester with 10K battles and dont know about your inventory? You been on a long break?
  2. missile742

    5 vs. 5 Brawl With Tier X Cruisers

    thanks for the Tier IX 1 on 1 brawl....running ADM Schroder helped me finish the Battle Pass yesterday
  3. missile742

    Christmas Crate Ship Haul

    converted the 25 certs from completing Battle Pass into 5 mega crates. Pretty good haul....
  4. missile742

    Teasers for the Japanese light cruisers?

    Hard to imagine a line that I would be less interested in (aside from subs)
  5. so i cant demount them to the inventory?
  6. Did I miss something in the notes? Some of the single use camos on my ships can be demounted but dont show up in the inventory to sell. Example—-my tech tree French ships all had Revolutionary mounted and I can see it still on the ship but if I demount it disappears. Is it getting converted to a different expendable camo?
  7. maybe the simple answer is WG is considering a partnership with GEICO. They have @geicogaming Twitter and have seen them well represented at PAX. I wouldnt answer any of those questions either, but the data gathering makes sense if building a proposal that might include player discounts
  8. zero battles in superships, not gonna do it
  9. missile742

    WG ignoring obvious issues.

    Pulled many alerts there, my picture is upstairs
  10. The only take away from this thread is yet another example of why Boggzy and Ahskance both deserve a raise to constantly deal with this level of " community engagement"
  11. Hmm, never had any issue during 10.0 with my 6800xt
  12. missile742

    Game not counted!!

    Hey think i was in that game with you in my Arp Ashigara. Filed a ticket with replay and screen shots from port showing not credited for the win or any battle stats towards missions. Seemed like client acted like battle never happened -- flags and camo still applied and not used
  13. missile742

    Server is down...

    Same here, when restarted ship back in port with camo and flags applied as though never entered the battle. No battle results credited to any missions.
  14. missile742

    The Problem with Subs

    Subs the only class you can practically ignore every battle without consequence
  15. missile742

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Received the Master Collector emblem today. Have 336 ships in port. Guess it counts ships low tier ships I used to own?