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  1. Just received three regular Twitch containers....watched Notser for a couple hours as background noise on Sunday
  2. Yet another “fundamental” problem thread, starting to be as ubiquitous as the PSA threads were
  3. missile742

    CVs are Still Overly Effective in 8.2

    Really? Why wouldnt WG give CVs depth charge armed bombers?
  4. missile742

    CV's getting it Again

    IMO not much, now my fighter will arrive at caps same time or just before DDs instead of flying around waiting for them
  5. missile742

    CV's getting it Again

    i dont have a problem with the time delay but i would love to see CVs get +1/-1 MM. I think all classes would benefit from that change
  6. missile742

    World War One Operation/Scenario needed

    i like where ur going with this but purists would argue that ships would need to be in stock config, not sure how to do that for premiums like Warspite. Some Tier v shouldnt be allowed i.e. Exeter and Konigsberg.
  7. missile742


    So is this saying that container contents are determined at purchase, and not when opened?
  8. missile742

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    In some ways it's surprising the anti-cv hysteria has lasted this long, but makes sense now that CVs are so much more common versus the 1 in 10 matches pre-rework. Sure CVs are more persistent but I no longer have to worry about a CV dev strike at any tier except for the extremely rare detonation. Even DoT feels less due to flooding nerfs.
  9. Sick and tired of people posting like they speak for the entire player base, or think that the forum population is representative of the whole. For every player threatening to quit there is just as many who enjoy the rework and intend to continue to spend on the game. 90% of my 50 member clan is still playing almost every day. Guess what, the game will go on whether you are here or not.
  10. missile742

    Custom crosshairs?

    Here is the forum thread —- hit red link to download latest ModStation https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/155270-all-modstation-1600/
  11. missile742

    Custom crosshairs?

    Official WG modpack
  12. missile742

    Prevent Accidental Early Usage of Consumables

    WG should do a study of the age groups most likely to experience premature consumable use. Is it the teenage player with little ability to control the impulse or is it older players who are past their prime?
  13. “Lack of islands”. ????? What game r u playing?
  14. missile742

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Seems like logical next step following Scud-in-a-Tub, Club-K and LORA. NORAD and NORTHCOM have spent many man hours and millions of research $$ trying to figure out best way to defend the homeland against this kind of threat. No easy answers to detect, track or engage.
  15. missile742

    RNG & 20 Air Supply Crate Drop

    Just opened my 20, got everything I wanted.