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  1. missile742

    Nutshell ISE review

    right now see too many ISE drivers dropping torps head on...way to easy to avoid all of them that way. Broadside drop or dont bother
  2. missile742

    Jutland containers opened

    Appreciate the thought, I will buy it outright when becomes available
  3. missile742

    Jutland containers opened

    already had Konig....40 crates later and no Agincourt, sigh
  4. Any RN light cruiser tier 7 -10 can rack up large citadel numbers if targets present themselves. Volume of fire is key.
  5. missile742

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Was following this at work and saw message traffic indicating USN is sending a sizable contingent to assist. Saw no mention of possible causes or detection of objects.
  6. missile742

    ST, visual improvements

    Please let us turn that off
  7. missile742

    What do the spreadsheets say this week, comrade?

    Havent played a battle since 10.0, miss the game less every day
  8. missile742

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Meh...we do it all the time though I usually see it reported against adversary subs
  9. missile742

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Maybe a translation mistake -- meant to say "constructive" kill?
  10. missile742

    How would you fix CV's?

    Remove fighter spotting surface ships, give rest of CV planes the same delay timer as radar spotting before sharing with rest of team,
  11. missile742

    Weekend Spree, 22-24 January 2021

    Haven’t logged in since Tues, hoping to hold out until 10.1. and skill reset settles down a bit. Finishing Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and picked up Scott Pilgrim Vs The World for nostalgia
  12. missile742

    My Captain Re-bone Strategy

    Same plan here...built up 8.5M elite XP reserve but planning to reset all my Capts (23x 19 point-ers) and go on a month or longer break while things shake out. Time to finish some other games I've neglected.
  13. missile742

    Pay WG to reduce your ships Dispersion

    Sorry, did I stumble into a Parler thread?
  14. missile742

    Permanent Camos

    Free ones are nice sure, but IMO perma camos are a waste of money unless you’re playing so much u have no premium expendable camos. Poor returns for commander or free xp. Wallet warriors should spend elsewhere.
  15. missile742

    What's Going On With Your Servers, WG?

    been playing for 7:hours no issues