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  1. Hoping to see WG let Cleve be Cleve and give her 10 RPM / 6 sec reload. This is on the low end of what she could do in real life. That would allow Worcester to have 15 RPM / 4 sec reload which lines up with quoted capability in Friedman's history (1.5 times faster than previous 6/47 mounts). Would also allow WG to give Helena around 8 sec reload - 7.5 RPM and Dallas could then have 6 RPM / 10 sec reload at Tier 6.
  2. Yeah I know what the drawings show but this is what is in Friedman's history. I really don't care about the torps. I am more interested if WG will give Buffalo the armor belt per the below design.
  3. Incorrect, CA-B (and the A & C versions) had 8 21” torpedo tubes. That said practically every ADM involved in the selection process was against them so who knows if they would have made it past early design phase
  4. 203mm/50???

    I found the same thing...by 1923 all the studies had the 203/55s. Amazing what you can find when you read real history vice relying on Wikipedia. I never cared about the 203/50s before...I free XP'd past them back in the day. IMO major mistake if WG insists on putting these notional guns on a historic ship class.
  5. What's going to happen Indi?

    Northhampton/Portland are more of a 6.5 -- improved over Pensa/Salt Lake City but not equal to New Orleans. Radar will keep Indy at tier 7.
  6. 203mm/50???

    In Friedman's history, the 8/50 gun first appears in Chap 4 discussion of the 1920 Scout Cruiser designs. Still doesn't justify mounting them on a ship class that never carried them. BTW the 1920 studies include several 6" variants
  7. Any info on the new USN CLs?

    Yes Friedman states 10-12 rounds per minute. 5 sec reload....can dream
  8. Any info on the new USN CLs?

    RE Seattle...looking forward to seeing ST stats. Hard to tell from sketch how many guns per DP turret. Pre-Worcester designs had a couple versions with four turrets. Study A had 4x4 but no belt armor. Study C had 4x2 with a 4” belt. 8 guns at Tier 9 is weak even if RoF is 1.5 that of the Cleve as noted by Friedman
  9. Sales Idea for Wargaming

    Good idea...like that it would only affect appearance and not the ship names on the team list.
  10. Agreed thats why i said she needs preferential MM
  11. I’d love to see her too but think the DP 5/38s would bump her up to tier 8. If so she would need restricted MM to just 8-9.
  12. Starting to wonder if OP is working his way down a list of “Top Ten Questions WoWS Vets Dont Want to Hear From a New Player”
  13. CVs can't get a break

    Complaining while winning always looks dumb. However i can sympathize after battles dodging multiple air attacks with no friendly fighters in sight, with two CVs on the team. Would help if the CV drivers told u their priorities at the start — spotting or AA support
  14. Yes ROF mostly....Large number of targets plus plethora of DDs in most OPs. I rarely saw anything but Cleve, Atlanta or Brit CLs in the OPs I played. Rather my team go all CLs over any other class
  15. Worked for me thanks!