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  1. missile742

    The Smolensk isn't overpowered, it's just psychological

    Rather have a Smol in front of me than an unspotted Shimi on my flank (or anywhere)
  2. The Colorado Springs airport has a display honoring Don Stratton, with his medals, a very nice Arizona model and a beam from the wreck.
  3. missile742

    [ALL] ModStation

    Does this mod work? What is proAlpha? I assumed its similar to WTR? Installed several times but no result in game.
  4. missile742

    T9 is the sweet spot

    Sounds like Tier X. Most of my Tier X games are battle tier 12 / 100% Tier X. Wouldn't call that a "sweet spot" though unless you like dodging Shimi skill walls.
  5. missile742

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    USN's FY21 unfunded requirement (UFR) list is out. Block V Virginia at the top. No indication the list is in priority order after the Virginia. Couple interesting UFRs half way down: fact that the FORD needs a tech refresh already is sad, and not surprising to see sonobuoys. USN must have expended hundreds chasing the Sev, Oscar II and Akula around the Atlantic during 4QCY19. https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2020/02/21/heres-54-billion-of-stuff-the-us-navy-says-it-wants-but-wasnt-funded-in-2021/#.XlGBQ-W2ftQ.email
  6. missile742

    T9 Oakland class

    Here's the Tier IX US light cruiser OP @MEANN is looking for. Make a great replacement for Smol Eight dual 5in/54s.
  7. missile742

    Changes in the armory

    MIA ships: Odin (German tier 8 BB) Mainz (German tier 8 CL) Siegfried (German Tier 9 Large Cruiser) California (US Tier 7 BB)
  8. missile742

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Not surprising...pretty close to what I wore for 20 years
  9. missile742

    great stats does not make anybody an authority.

    This forum could improve immensely if our unicum shipmates took the time to create threads with their preferred builds and strats for success. Much greater chance of helping others vice targeting a lone player or cc
  10. Yeah I realize that, but I have almost 1000 temp camos with better stats so I always use one of those instead
  11. Wish I could sell my 5 NY perma camos. Not going to mount them on any ship, way too garish IMO. I rarely use any of the perma camos I have due to overabundance of better earning temp camos. End up being a skin to hang on them while sitting in port, then change out for a better camo when go to battle. Only exception is my Yamato's HSF camo.
  12. Fix the port ship filter. Have to reset / resort after every battle
  13. WG pretty consistent every date they post is DD/MM/YY. New players may have an excuse but not vets
  14. How about setting up a player donation program with WG matching? Players put their money where their mouth is. WoWS has ships representing all areas of the globe. Do players expect WG to pony up cash every time a disaster hits a region corresponding to a ship name?
  15. missile742

    Too Many CVs at low tiers for DD to work!!!!

    So closet E-peen thread using most OP DD in game?