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  1. missile742

    Special Event End Warnings

    Patch notes, portal news, Dasha videos, forum posts. Even if WG emailed every player the British Arc rules and forced them to pop up every time u log in someone would still say they didn't know when the event ended.
  2. I don't know why anyone (except MAC users) would start the game using WG launcher. I only use that when a new update is ready to install.
  3. missile742

    issues running wow on new laptop

    Recommend verify you have DirectX installed and latest NVIDEA drivers. Most 1060 laptops are set up for dual graphics, where the on board intel graphic processor handle most non-gaming loads. You can turn this off in the bios or via NVIDEA control panel. 1060 should run max graphics no problem. What are the specs of your display? 1080p/60hz? 4k?
  4. missile742

    For those with concerns about WGC

    Been using WGC for a couple months with no observed issues. I only us it for updates then close it out. I start the game with a shortcut to the EXE file.
  5. missile742

    Happy pumpkin spice season!!!

    Got a coupon today for Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes, Pumpkin Spice Special K and Pumpkin Frosted Mini Wheats. Will prolly get all three to go with my Pumpkin Spice coffee
  6. missile742

    19 point captain...help!

    With over 5000 battles you have never moved a captain from one ship to another?
  7. missile742

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    “significantly reinforce the ship's armor protection” Unfortunately WG chose to only reflect the CA-B’s increased deck armor. The Buffalo has same belt as Baltimore not the increased 7.5 inch belt in CA-B design. As intended, CA-B would have been a perfect stepping stone from Balt class to the Alaska.
  8. missile742

    Tilliman class US BB?

    Exactly...USN would never have asked for these designs. Only created to satisfy one Senator’s whimsy, resulting in dozens of forum threads past 3+ years
  9. missile742

    Tilliman class US BB?

    A Tillman would make a great operation boss battle. Tech tree ship? No way.
  10. missile742

    Math Is hard

    Meh I’ve seen that several times over past few months. One of many unaddressed mission related UI issues lately re personal missions that keep coming back from the dead
  11. Captains, S0L0 (Sierra Zero Lima Zero) is looking for dedicated solo players to fill out our roster. 14 or so slots to fill. No clan wars, divs or stat requirements. All of the XP and economic bonuses maxed out.All applications accepted till the roster is full.
  12. missile742

    A plea to players regarding Killer Whale

    Can I save this and quote you next time some idiot starts a forum crusade trying to get WG to (insert big idea of the week) because the “forum community” yadda yadda yadda
  13. missile742

    A plea to players regarding Killer Whale

    I agree but those players seem few and far between. Too many want to knife fight with the light cruisers or torp the Nassau and die trying
  14. missile742

    A plea to players regarding Killer Whale

    How about don’t bring a DD to this or pretty much any op. I groan whenever I see one or more on the team.