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  1. missile742

    Running a fresh test on the WGC

    ^^^THIS^^^. Absolutely not required to use WGC as a game launcher.
  2. missile742

    Indianapolis type of marathon

    I am on the opposite side as Ensign. I can barely find time to complete 20 daily missions per month, so no way I’d complete the Dreadnaught grind, mainly due to the time limit. IIRC the Indy campaign had more calendar days to complete, and I completed that with days to spare
  3. missile742

    Cost for Steel Campaign?

    Yep i went the $/no stress route for the Graf Spee and DoY campaigns. Very glad i did, kept it fun and not like work to get it done. Wil probably do same for PEF. Too much else going on to devote hours per day to WoWS
  4. missile742

    This banner at the top of the main forum page amuses me

    ^^^THIS^^^. Been with WG since 2012 and can say that i have always received equal or greater value from purchaed crates or other drop boxes. Did i always get a ship, tank, or the golden goose? No of course not. But every time i got flags, gold/dubs, and camos greater value than i put in. Anyone buying these expecting to receive any ship let alone the ship they want is setting themselves up for disappointment. I look at it like buying packs of baseball cards when i was a kid. Bought packs hoping to get some Red Sox cards, but with 600 or so cards in a set, and maybe 18 Red Sox cards that is about a 3% chance per pack. Still got value from cards i received and a stale piece of gum. Was i bummed if didnt get any Sox cards? Sure, but i didnt accuse Topps of running a scam or encouraging kids to gamble. Bottom line If u dont need flags, camo or dubs dont buy santa crates unless u have disposable income.
  5. missile742

    Kutuzov really an OP ship?

    smoke firing changes and radar proliferation have removed much of what made MK look OP But she is still a Chappy with usable torps, smoke, great AA, with rail guns. Surely OP compared to tech tree ship. MK drivers will pop smoke and spam where they are safe from radar and torps — 15 km from targets.
  6. as a native Mainer I’d love to have the Maine in my port, but that is all she would ever be — port queen. Tier 1-2 ships would eat her alive.
  7. missile742

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    50.....where do he rest of u 50+ types find the free time to have ao many battles? Work, wife, kids, life all severely limit my play time
  8. missile742

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    What is your definition of casual? l avg maybe three or four battles per day, with just over 3k since closed beta.
  9. missile742

    My name is god like

    i predict u will be Renamed User before the weekend is over
  10. missile742

    20% coupon - what can i even buy?

    Premium time that will automatically become new enhanced wows prem time in a couple months?
  11. missile742

    Mandatory WoW's Game Center

    WGC is only required to download updates. Otherwise u can start the game using a shortcut to the exe file.
  12. missile742

    Random Battle Anomalies

    LOL OP edited both the thread title and his original post. Classy move
  13. missile742

    Random Battle Anomalies

    Hmmmm, i have 530 days of premium, always run max flags and xp camos and have a 55% win rate. Shouldnt i be losing more often?
  14. missile742

    Finished UK mission but never got the UK crate

    Did u get the directive complete screens? Did the next directive become available? Try a reboot and if no luck submit a ticket
  15. Patch notes said supercontainers, nothing about crates. Cant assume available ships is same for both SC and santa crates