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  1. World of Warships and PAX West 2018

    If we’re looking at an evening event I request Fri, Sun or Mon. Just got tickets to Foo Fighters at Safco on Saturday
  2. Can I save this and quote you next time some idiot starts a forum crusade trying to get WG to (insert big idea of the week) because the “forum community” yadda yadda yadda
  3. I agree but those players seem few and far between. Too many want to knife fight with the light cruisers or torp the Nassau and die trying
  4. How about don’t bring a DD to this or pretty much any op. I groan whenever I see one or more on the team.
  5. American Dreadnought USS Delaware

    Lert is right as usual. Maybe if WG gave her a fictional upgrade to have competive AA we might have a tier 4 premium csndidate
  6. Reward Whales WG

    Whales are already awarded easy access to free xp ships and fully researched tech tree ships by virtue of xp conversion. I only have 3k or so battles but have generated enough free xp from converting xp from my many premiums to have MO, Nelson, Musashi and Kronstadt. I have 2.4M ready to spend on Alaska and ensure any ship I unlock is instantly fully researched.. I dont see the need for some special whale status symbol. My armada flag and full port is enough for me
  7. World of Warships and PAX West 2018

    I request a late lunch / early dinner to deconflict with my standing in line with 10k strangers for two hours to play a 5 min demo of a game I don’t know anything about to get cool collectible metal pin to wear on my gamer cred lanyard
  8. I lucked out and got my Ti for less than $700 last fall right before the next bitcoin rush. Just wait till the 1180s drop in a few weeks, prices will fall. Personally I’d stay away from Ebay unless u can verify the warranty. Never know if the card was used in a mining rig or overclocked by a noob
  9. Don’t waste your 1080 GTX on 1080p. Literally wasting half of its horsepower even at 180fps. Upgrade to a 1440p 24” or 34” ultrawide. Makes more of a difference then adding 80 more FPS
  10. World of Warships and PAX West 2018

    Yes the tank crushing and ride along was awesome. Was hoping for similar this year but GREAT that WG is back at PAX
  11. World of Warships and PAX West 2018

    Yea for legit reasons to stalk Fem and TL around the WSCC! Just kidding can’t wait to meet you both!
  12. Lol so the mean Tier Xs gave you an boo boo and you went crying to Momma WG hoping she’d kiss it and make it better? Get over it. If you aren’t ready to face tier X then stay out of eights.
  13. Bring on U.S.S. WASHINGTON (BB 56)?

    Why more gimmicks? Why not just a vanilla NC clone so those of us who love NC can have a premium version?
  14. Boise: The road to Nueve de Julio

    Lol those stats and he calls it a mehbote