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  1. Possible solution to balance Radar

    What did u expect OP when the maps encourage FPS play style? ROFL my butt off at the crowd who rail against the ocean map and cry for more islands to hump yet throw the historical accuracy card down on everything else
  2. Clearing Up Steel

    Deja vu WoT’s M60 fiasco. So many butthurt threads, youd think half the playerbase was ex-tankers who crewed M60s guarding the Fulda Gap crying over their fave tank
  3. Match Making F@^#%%^#%^ Fix it

    Ok so add radar to the MM algorithm. What about cruiser smokes?
  4. Naval tactical/strategy pc games?

    WWII Pacific focused Carriers at War is on sale on slitherine.com.
  5. Improved how? RoF, AA, sigma, traverse, HP? WG prob wants to avoid making them too attractive to vet players to keep the lower tiers more noob friendly. Buffing the BBs might attract too many would-be seal clubbers, beyond the King Al owners
  6. Yeah might actually go back to see what they do to my old Super P to make her capable versus Tier Xs
  7. AHLA: The Battle of Midway.

    Yeah he came up as a destroyer captain but Id put his record leading carrier task groups up against any of his peers.
  8. AHLA: The Battle of Midway.

    Since we’re in the Halsey campaign should point out that he wasnt present at Midway due to shingles. Spruance led the TF in his place and emerged as “one of the greatest admirals in American Naval History” per Morrison. Even so seems like he gets little acclaim compared to Halsey
  9. Buffalo should have more armor. The design called for a 190mm belt. Instead WG gave her same as Baltimore—152mm
  10. Massachusetts - Is she ready?

    Mamie’s secondary build looks enticing but not enough to buy until i have a 19pt captain ready. My current 19 pt BB capt that i use in Ala/Iowa/Mo wont take advantage of Mamies unique playstyle
  11. Had some great Indy games this weekend...getting top tier with so many cruisers in queue. I try to stick with other ships and look for opportunities where my target is fighting a BB or other cruiser and pound away. Yeah Indy can’t really take advantage of her radar due to her RoF but remember radar isn’t just for you...gives everyone a chance to shoot at the target.
  12. USN Cruiser Buffs - recommendations?

    Combo of both...many senior USN leaders in the 1930s were concerned with potential damage and around same time war games showed torpedoes’ lack of impact compared to improved gunnery. ( Per Friedman’s cruiser history)
  13. Wow wont unlock my twitch prime port

    Same here....got the flag, completed the Texas camo missions, received the camo, but never able to access the port. Plus stupid Texas camo mission keeps reappearing in personal mission tab
  14. Hi Mouse, I would like to know the developers' reasoning why they did not give Buffalo her planned armor scheme which was supposed to be an improvement over Baltimore, protected against the heavy 335lb 8 in shell. This resulted in 3 plans (CA-A/B/C) featuring 7.6in/190mm citadel armor belt yet the in-game Buffalo has the same belt as Baltimore at tier 8 - 152mm. Now that the bar has been set by Krohnstadt with a 230mm belt, why did Buffalo get the shaft?
  15. Cleveland - Spotter plane?

    At least Cleve has an option to utilize its catapult. IIRC they are for looks only on Seattle and Worcester.