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  1. missile742

    Embedded Chromium Browser - eh?

    Been in the code for years. Think it allows us to browse stuff like armory, premium shop, and profiles.
  2. missile742

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    The tier VIII does in fact look like the 1920 So Dak. Won’t know til we get more details but the planned funnel is pretty distinctive and the model shown has it. Why WG chose Kansas as the name is a good question. Same for Florida. USN tended to name BBs after states that didn’t have one recently, and Florida was a WW 1 era dreadnaught. Would go to any of the Iowa or Montana class state names before Florida
  3. missile742

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    Where did I say I was happy? Just providing some background info. Out of the four BBs show today this one at least looks playable.
  4. missile742

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

  5. missile742

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    How about this for the Regia Marina? Looks like a Italian Tillman.
  6. During the almost two year design period for the North Carolina class the USN produced 16 different designs, with many variants, all within the constraints of the London Naval Treaty which was in negotiation at the time. Looking at Norman Friedman's big book of US Battleships, appears the Florida is based on initial specs for Scheme XVI, delivered in Aug 36. Design called for twelve 14in guns in three turrets, and a mixed secondary battery of dual and single 5in/38 guns. This design also had a 11.2 inch belt, about 2 inches less than NC and Washington, so when Hapa says she is squishy, there you go. NC and Washington were built from a modified version of Scheme XVI, with more belt armor at an increased slope angle, replaced single 5in with duals, and 16in main battery when the London Treaty escalator clause was invoked in 1937.
  7. missile742

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Spring Styles drawings are not exactly blueprints, but yeah, better than Kremlin What is your reasoning for saying Tier X is Tilman III? Based on the 100k HP I'd say its the 80K ton displacement Tilman IV. Plus Friedman US Battleships page 153 states: "On 29 January 1917 Secretary Daniels directed C&R to develop the fourth study with 18-inch guns." Wont know for sure until we see some armor stats.
  8. Recommend u submit a support ticket ASAP before u spend any converted FXP.
  9. missile742

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Been waiting a long time for an upgraded US standard BB to come out and we get this turd. Whelp this one goes in the "will get in a Xmas crate" category.
  10. I'd say fewer SSBNs is more of an issue than number of missiles. Current load outs vary in warhead counts and no boat is "fully loaded" with RVs. Deployment of the new small yield RV will further complicate the load outs as you cant mix them with the W88 RV.
  11. missile742

    Why does AA take so long to start firing?

    Just pretend it's the AA director's fault taking too long to issue orders to his section of the ship's AA defense
  12. missile742

    AA Gun Mod. 1, does it work?

    I don't see the point of using this module. Removed it from every ship in my port. Would love to hear from an expert if any ship gets an advantage from using it versus the other mods in that slot.
  13. missile742

    Possible California Release date

    Very good looking ship model and I'd love to add her to my port but that 34 sec reload is a deal breaker. Can deal with the speed and 14in guns, but that reload with no booster module available is brutal. Maybe if they gave her cruiser level Sigma and dispersion? Siegfried level accuracy? If no changes will pass for now and probably get her in a Xmas crate.
  14. missile742

    Night combat with flares please

    yes with CVs sporting surface search radar equipped night fighters 😄
  15. missile742


    not possible until the new line is out of early access...prolly 0.9.6