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  1. missile742

    Indian Navy ships -almost! - confimed

    “all our ships are 100 percent accurate to their blueprints”. ROFLMAO One of the biggest lies ever told by WG
  2. missile742

    ST, Poltava & Puerto Rico

    As I figured, WG (at least as of this version of PR) didn't give PR the planned 13" belt armor. Instead she has 10.1" which is what Alaska should have received. For balance reasons I'm sure..
  3. missile742

    I noticed something weird about Monarch

    IMO Monarch is a gudbote when fully upgraded. In 18 battles I managed 72% w/r, 77k dam, 1.89 frags and 2165 PR. She has good conceal and AA, turns well and guns hit hard as Bis
  4. missile742

    ST, change to Ohio

    Yorck, Marble, Kii off top of my head. Nurnberg too
  5. Benefit of prem account is ability to run three campaign tasks at a time, so i run one repeatable to ensure steady progress and two harder tasks.
  6. Really? Who do you think is watching Jingles, Flamu, Notser, iChase, etc? I doubt I am the only 50y/o who watches these guys.
  7. missile742

    Worst part of the new HE flooding ship.....

    So island camping HE slinging is the NEW meta. So what have US CLs been doing since release?
  8. I thought most of these underwater torpedo launchers were fixed at close to a 90 deg angle? I bet sub drivers would love to see you give broadside to launch your single fixed torp.
  9. missile742

    1,000,000 FXP finally got. (again.)

    I believe the German Tier 9 "large cruiser" Sigfried will be available for free XP like Alaska, Kron and Azuma. You might want to save some for her.
  10. missile742

    Brownwater Navy of the Civil War

    Who are you referring to here? If you think our forces who went door to door in Fallujah or fought Taliban in caves in Afghanistan are timid then you have no idea what ur talking about
  11. missile742

    5 Regrinds???

    thanks...that is tempting considering there are no interesting (to me) free xp ships in the pipeline
  12. missile742

    5 Regrinds???

    This...i am lazy
  13. missile742

    5 Regrinds???

    Has anyone posted a list of free xp cost to fully restore ship lines? I have 3.5mil lying around doing nothing
  14. I would agree with you if this is Wargaming St Petersburg I.e., Lesta Studios. Caliber is a joint venture between WG and 1C Studios. I don’t see an issue here