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  1. HorrorRoach

    The Deal of the Year!

    Not true, last christmas i got like 3 Krasnys and 5 monaghans.
  2. HorrorRoach

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    They nerfed CV's for the upcoming French DD line release. Who would buy 200$ of crates if CV's were pre0.8.5 strength, buzzing around DD's constantly? DD's without smoke to boot! They wanted the CV population to drop off temporarily. It's called a metamorphic profit model. CV's will be buffed when the French crates leave the premium shop. That whole IFHE change is to set up future profit points, might have something to do with the italian cruiser :-P EJ
  3. HorrorRoach

    Summer Sale

    I got 3 Krasny krym's and 4 Monaghan's from 2018 christmas crates, it seriously pissed me off. It's like it chose the cheapest ships to limit my doubloon payout. (i had every ship possible to get)
  4. Do you find your anniversary date in the in game profile section?
  5. HorrorRoach

    Battleships now inaccurate at closer ranges??

    IT WAS THE LOCK ON DISPERSION BUG, the guns didn't properly lock on to a ship which caused the dispersion to have the +50% penalty. It appears it was happening on certain ships more then others. Didn't you see the patch notes where they supposedly fixed it? I still see it occasionally, it's just not a big deal anymore. Your "everyone has to be hallucinating" attitude is kind of irritating, sometimes the truth is somewhere in between
  6. HorrorRoach

    Introducing Neustrashimy, the cockroach

    Doesn't Nuestrashimy have poor gun dispersion? That turned me off, i was about to get it. Still could technically. Suppose I could buy it without the coupon, then use coupon on Sommers or Bourgogne. EJ
  7. HorrorRoach

    Don’t nerf IFHE so bad

    I made a thread about how I think this change to IFHE is intended to shift profitability in new directions in the future. Metamorphic profit model. Smolensk as a T10 coal ship makes more sense if IFHE gets nerfed. Like someone said above, IFHE is a problem because of quarter pen on Akizuki line!!! They know that, they know they could fix it, but thats not going to set up future profit as much as toying with everything now.
  8. HorrorRoach

    savage service cost broken?

    I can't look because i'm at work, how much is the service cost? I vaguely remember the service cost being in the 110,000-150,000 range, you're seeing much higher? I remember looking at the breakdown and noticing you only keep about half of the credits (when you make 300k). What was reset today exactly?
  9. HorrorRoach

    What happened to Alaska?

    Yoshino MIGHT be the better option if you want to do tons of damage and you're good at skirting around the edge of your detection/firing range and dodging salvos. Higher skill floor but better rewards. Alaska is a good damage chunker because of the AP angles, one of those ships that does a decent chunk of damage every shot, middle of the road for survivability I'd say. You can rack up the same amount of damage in each ship, but it's going to feel completely different while you're doing it.
  10. HorrorRoach

    Metamorphic profit model

    Times have changed, I figured I'd get way more negative reactions and responses... If i would've written this a year ago I would have. I think they've burnt a lot of bridges over the last 12 months. Can they ever give a good deal that doesn't involved blowing tons of money on a volume discount? I think revenue dropped a good 25% I bet.
  11. HorrorRoach

    Metamorphic profit model

    Nerf CV's before French DD's come out, watch stats. Excessively convenient that French DD's won't suck quite as bad if you're not being hounded by CV's constantly. No one would buy crates to get missions for french DD's if CV population was pre 0.8.5. They'll buff CV's after French arc crates are removed from premium shop. I heard those French DD's are a dumpster fire below tier 9, they'll be dropped like a hot potato when the CV population comes back and the next new thing comes out. IFHE and plating changes is a potential metamorph, probably for the upcoming Italian cruiser line... There has to be a simpler solution for the IFHE issue on ships like Haragumo. I'll guaranty their thinking is, "Well, if were going to find a solution, we should simultaneously set up future profit points while we're at it." That's fine, they need to make money. I just wish they'd diversify profitability to things other then pumping out new premium ships, and ship lines. Profitability needs to be spread out more like a spider web then a vine. EJ
  12. HorrorRoach

    No Benham for me

    I'll be getting Benham for 33$. I already bought the crates and calculated what I need to do, not the worst price but jesus, it's a fricken job it feels like. Luckily those savage games go quick, you can knock out like 8 games an hour if you really want to.
  13. HorrorRoach

    No Benham for me

    I bet they'll put Benham up for 80$ just like Azuma and Alaska and Bart...They're all 80$ even though the classes are different, kinda [edited] how the price difference vanishes for the classes vanish because it's T9... They wish they could put Yoshino up there for 100$. It'll happen, mark my turds. EJ
  14. There's always 2 Sinops on every team, and they bow in at two separate spots on the map, they're not that easy to citadel from the side either... that's ridiculous.
  15. it doesn't matter because the rest of your team dies before they run out of repairs