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  1. LOL, just opened it up and this is my first visible from the token side: so what exactly are the odds of getting a ship? i'm confused... if it's perpetual bundles......
  2. HorrorRoach

    Why People In NA Were Confused By Ship Building Boosters

    the fact that the window for the fake refunds was so short is [edited] too, come on....was it like 5 days or something? greedy bastards
  3. HorrorRoach

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    You know why right? Because they're going to need a break from getting submarine sandwhiched. MUAHHA
  4. HorrorRoach

    Puerto Rico Warp Up Questions

    same with me... i got lucky on 7x big containers and got 6,000 doubloons, so i bought the first booster. i figured might as well just get the second so i can get PR for 15,000 doubloons. if there wasn't 2,000 steel and 15,000 coal I wouldn't have done it though. But I was able to get Bourgogne with my coupon, yay. Getting close to 200k steel now, so I'll have smolensk in a few weeks. I need to keep grinding credits for the T5-T7 tech tree coal flakes ugh.
  5. HorrorRoach

    the Puerto Rico IS NOT a premium ship

    Wow, this is [edited]
  6. HorrorRoach

    ST, ships balance changes

    @Varknyn12 knows what he's talking about. Except for Smolensk being balanced, the popularity of the ship has driven it to 50%. I.E. when there's one on both teams, one has to lose... Downward pressure on winrate regardless of performance. anyway, i don't want to turn this into a Smolensk thread lmbo. I just say "I disagree" vark.
  7. HorrorRoach

    PR stage 35 not granting clan bonus

    They keep deleting these threads, FYI...They don't want another crapstorm I bet. But they've known about this bug for weeks and haven't hotfixed it....
  8. HorrorRoach

    Horrid luck on santa crates

    1$ crates?
  9. HorrorRoach

    Puerto Rico Refund Drama

    yeah, but then his account is toast/erased. @Dave12w
  10. I bought 8 big crates last night. I got the Graff Zepplin, which is the last normal ship I didn't have on the list, leaving Fujin as the final remaining ship I didn't have. I got 4,000 doubloons back from the crates. That made me think, I do have this 75$ Amazon gift card my wife's mom got me... Thank god I got the first 3 free dockyard boosters. So I did the math, if I buy 5$ more of doubloons, I can do the first paid booster. That gave me 2 megacrates, one for the booster, and one for passing the 3rd Dockyard phase I believe. I got the Fujin, LOL. I don't get the point of that ship though, I was always under the impression it was a Pan Asian ship.... Why is it still Japanese? Anyway, so I did the point accrual math on the Dockyard manually by multiplying the time left by points per minute and found out if I do the second booster, I'll end up at 34,500,000ish points. That's super close to the final phase that lowers the "finish now" price to 15,000 doubloons. So I bought the second booster. I just need to make sure I finish the 3rd directive a day or two before the event ends. IDK, I do feel like I'm getting ripped off slightly, but whatever... it's not my money. I only spend 26$ of my money on it. LOL. 8 big crates and the 5$ for doubloons. By the way, the 2,000 steel will let me aquire Bourgogne and push my coal closer to 244,000 for Smolensk. If that wasn't part of the equation I probably wouldn't have done this. But, at least there's some alternative value tied up in it. Yikes, I still need to grind credits to buy all the T8 tech tree ships for that steel, and play all my lower tier premiums for THAT coal. There's no way I'll be able to buy all the tech tree ships at T7 and below to get that coal in the next 11 days or whatever. When is the next update? EJ
  11. well, when i get the 3rd booster, ill see where it shows up... i do have a 75$ amazon gift card i could buy doubloons with i guess. id never use my own money if it's more then 25-30$ more of doubloons though
  12. Hmm, i'm at phase 3 and I dont see it... I'll be at phase 4 in a few days though, maybe itll pop up
  13. Wait, but you had to have already purchased the 3 paid boosters to even see that right?
  14. where does it show the buy it now for 100$ if you hit phase 26?
  15. I bet they'll buff Puerto Rico 3 months from now too, to run salt in the wound