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  1. DD XP....Seriously?

    Shhhh, you'll anger the apologists
  2. Summer Sale - doubloon compensation

    you know what, i wouldn't mind the lowered doubloons if they massively increase the flags you get from the santa crates.
  3. What happens if you pick a 16 year old with no visa? Or an adult that can't drop everything and fly to russia?
  4. Deal of the Day, good deal

    i think all the ships should be like 20% cheaper
  5. Wow, you might need to go blow wargaming's fece's out of your nose. They're not the "feeder"... The customer is the "feeder", and Wargaming is the "grower." If the game doesn't grow like the big spenders want, they stop spending...Wargaming then needs to replace the big spenders. Eventually they won't be able to if they keep pissing people off because the ship combat market isn't that big.
  6. Indianapolis compensation?

    thats actually sickening... Why would i ever buy a premium again if there's a risk it could become free for everyone, flushing my money down the drain.
  7. Indianapolis compensation?

    I think they're going to give doubloons to people who paid cash for it.
  8. Indianapolis compensation?

    I bought the Aigle when it came out... I ended up getting credits for the duplication when I finished the missions, which makes sense... It was never a cash only ship. It's not so cut and dry with the Indianapolis, it was a cash only ship for an extremely long time. I paid money for it, am I going to get credits when I finish the missions? That doesn't seem fair. They're "devaluing" the ship by giving it away for free, are paying customers going to get doubloons? Otherwise, that money (or the value you could say) just evaporates into thin air if they give it away for free. I think they should've just buffed it a little more and kept it cash only, would've sold a lot more of them. EJ
  9. Mystery doubloons addition????

    i was wondering when they were goin to dole it out, i think i'm expecting a few thousand too
  10. Mystery doubloons addition????

    Did you buy something in the shop in May that gave you doubloons for already having the ship? They're refunding the doubloons you lost out on
  11. only 7k damage for flooding?!
  12. Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    Do you guys think the Mass will be in the shop for a long time? Hmm, might be a christmas crate ship for me if it isn't. I already spent like 90$ this month, I can't bring myself to spend even more money. The old lady will strangle me, heh.
  13. Ban Clattles, map rotation idea

    "Cherry pick"... Not really. If you're clan doesn't have ships to take advantage of islands, it's the opposite of cherry picking. Rail guns vs rainbows can be a huge advantage depending on the circumstances.
  14. No one plays Helena because they don't wanna go "backwards"... i've heard several people say this. They already have the Cleveland, so ehhh. BUT, Helena gets way better matchmaking, sounds like way more fun to play then the Clevester. I'm gunna go play a few Dallas games right now, get it over with. EJ
  15. At Cousins subs waiting for an order, just thought I'd make a quick post about what came to mind... How about set map rotations during clan battles? The sessions last 2 hours right? Have a set map for every 30 minute interval. Put out a schedule ahead of time, going a few weeks into the future. This would allow players to pick from a larger variety of ships hey? Some are better at open water fighting, some are better with islands. EJ