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  1. bug in the odds algorithm!
  2. Free advertising for WOWS!!!
  3. Jeaz, I've had some good crate luck lately. Christmas, got the last 5 ships on the list, in 7 mega crates. Now this.
  4. HorrorRoach

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    Yup, good catch
  5. Wow, i new T4/5 were dead... Now T6 too? They might've killed the game. Playing with bots constantly is another turn off people new players. Is T6 being uptiered frequently on weekends or weeknights?
  6. HorrorRoach


    It's called a Metamorphic profit model. They're wiping the slate clean on all the ships, smoothing out the meta, so they can make money off new stuff easier.
  7. HorrorRoach

    Skill rework and Flint

    11km range on a cruiser is ridiculous, it has to have the range buffed. the shell velocity is garbage. just lower the ROF or something
  8. i've thought about such things. it'd be cool if they had a focus fire xp modifier.... If like 3 or more ships near eachother all shoot the same target and hit it in a certain amount of time, they get a slight XP boost for that damage. stuff like that
  9. HorrorRoach

    I think WGing IMPROVED the crate odds

    I know, i was being facetious... But it'd be a smart business decision to improve the ship odds a little so the tech support guys don't get as swamped with refund requests. EJ
  10. I found out the schtimulus was coming in a few days so I figured what the heck...I literally got 7 ships out of 20 megacrates. Z35, Indomitable, Flint, Pommern (wanted to enjoy her before the captain skill rework), Chesire, Makarov, Siliwangi. I have every ship on the list now I think, I should go over the list one more time, I don't think I'll find any I don't have. What ever happened to the Pan Asian Izumo clone? Can't remember the name off hand, she's so rare in game. That's one of the only ships I really want, bah. Anyway, maybe WGing IMPROVED the crate odds, so they don't have to deal with as many wanting refunds. How's that for a "conspiracy theory" EJ
  11. Yup, you're on to them. They want to see how far they can take it. 340,000 coal for the next T10 or some crap, watch
  12. HorrorRoach

    A special and sad CANCER UPDATE!

    I'm not a doctor, but i know a little bit about dealing with constipation. Are you on a bunch of opiate painkillers or something? Opiate inducted constipation is a B**CH. If your opiate dose is super high, suppositories won't trigger the bowel nerve. You know a hot Epsom salt bath will trigger a movement right? It's not as uncomfortable as drinking Milk of Magnesia (you don't get intense diarrhea). Your skin absorbs magnesium, your body then flushes it out through your backside (softening the poop basically). Much easier for a frail person to handle. Drinking magnesium will demand a lot of water from your body all at once, not smart. Also, a benefit of magnesium is it's good for your muscles (heart muscle too). Don't use as much Epsom salt as they say on the bag... like quarter a cup instead of 2 cups, enough to make the water a little cloudy basically... and don't sit in there for longer then like 30 minutes. See how you feel, if it doesn't trigger a movement, take another bath the next day. If euthanasia is legal, this Ingrid better not be making much money off it. EJ
  13. HorrorRoach

    My 2020 Black Friday 25 Container Haul

    me too, pfhh. but whine and the statistic's nerds will say you were just the unlucky part of the bell curve. I'd really like to see this bell curve.