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  1. Goodbye PVE

    Lol, it's funny how many posts i see like this... Then the typical "cya" responses... For every guy that writes a post, 5-10 didnt.... I wouldn't be that snarky over consistent player loss.
  2. Dasha Contest Winners

    what chu get @Lord_Zath? 10 Radar mods
  3. How much do you spend on this game?

    I bet some people pumped a similar amount of money into physical Arcade games back in the 70's/80's...
  4. How much do you spend on this game?

    Hmm, about 600 over the last 9 months. Half of that was free money I got from this Christmas though, the old lady would've killed me if it was my own money. I think I had 10ish premiums before this last christmas. I spent 280$ on christmas crates last month... I got every single ship on the big list. The absolute last batch of 2 by 5x mega crates I bought gave me the Gremy, nikolai, belfast, kutuzov etc. Funny how I had to approach the 300$ mark and it was FORCED to give me the OP ships on the list. I got pretty lucky, i'm sure tons of other guys spent 300$ and never got the ships. I ended up with 450 Frosty firs. I've been soaking up free Xp with those, I think i'm down to 30 of them now. Combine those with Papa papa and Juliet charly, you'll get 1,500 free xp for a decent win. All the special flags I got from the christmas crates, I grinded the Missouri and Musashi, the papa papa/frosty firs/juliet charlie got me the nelson (and test server special flag rewards obv)
  5. Issues with the Aigle not fixed

    Heh, I think if the Aigle had US smoke, it'd be OP when the fire bug is fixed. Probably balanced pretty well after the bug fix. The thing can't evade incoming rounds very well, it's better to do the propulsion mod with it...Especially when you're running the speed boost consumable. It's amazing how many torps I've evaded sitting in smoke because the ship can accelerate instantly. It's a shame the shell velocity prevents you from putting AFT on it and playing it like a Russian light cruiser.
  6. Issues with the Aigle not fixed

    Yeah, I'm not wasting doubloons to respec my Aigle captain temporarily. The ship is a brick, it needs good gunnery to make up for that. Seems like they could hotfix this IFHE problem, I'm betting it's just a simple math error in the code. Less than or equal to 139mm instead of just less than 139mm
  7. French BB missions a dud?

    i bought premium crates, no missions. Then, got bret and Lyon fromt the regular container...go figure. but, i scored huge free xp with the special flags over the last weekend with the +200% win bonus
  8. KGV - Burning Down the Enemy Team

    I bought the KGV last night and got a kraken on my second game, stock hull/guns/engine.
  9. The interesting thing about the Aigle replay, it was one of those endings where each team had a few ships the other's cap. I zoomed back to our cap and shot all 3 ships to reset our base... Our DD in their cap was lambasting me in chat, saying that I lost the game (for leaving to reset our counter.) He was close to capping their base, but the enemy Kaga came back and torp'd his DD because he was just sitting there yelling at me. its actually funny. Aigle's speed was perfect for the situation, heh.
  10. Asashio Idea

    I know about the recent gun reload/traverse buff. Anyways.... Get rid of torpedo reload booster. Give it a generic armament reload booster. Last for 45 seconds with a 160s cooldown. Premium version of consumable would last for 60 seconds, with a 120s cooldown. You get 2, 3 with superintendant. It reduces your gun reload by 20%, so it goes from 7s to 5.6s. If your torpedo's are reloading, have the torp reload timer run 20% faster until the consumable expires. It's AA will also shoot 20% faster. Asashio captains will use this consumable at the beginning of the game when initially capping a point... When it runs out, they'll retreat to the DW torp playstyle... But this consumable will lure them back to a cap point again when the consumable reloads... Or I should say, they'll have more motivation to contest a cap in the middle of the match if they can smoke up and shoot faster like a US DD. I know i know, not gunna happen. Just interesting to think about. EJ
  11. I played the Lyon/Rich on the PTS server... The meta was mostly tier 8-10, the Lyon still felt ok playing against tier 8-9... The HE spam didn't set as many fires as I expected though. I can only imagine what it'll be like top tier in a predominantly tier 6 match... On the weekends?! Poor cruisers. It was my daily free crate you get from playing the Aigle. I was suprised, you do get the French BB missions from the generic crates, it's just alot more rare. I get the bretagne mission from the free Premium crate you get at some point. What's cool about the Lyon is that you can see "sigma" in action. A giant blast of shells, and rounds from the various guns go everywhere, but there's usually a tighter grouping where you aimed. The interesting thing about it, is the shells that end up near where you aimed aren't from the "middle guns" of the ship... They're from random barrels spread out over the ship and they end up drifting to that spot due to the sigma odds.
  12. Musashi Gamepley

    Yeah, the big hitpool is just a crutch for Musashi...Deceptive. It feels like a stock hull tier 8 ship, with its proportions enlarged... with average at best gun accuracy. I think it needs 1.9 sigma and reduce hitpool to normal tier 9 levels or something