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  1. Thanks WG (SC)

    Getting 2 ships like that is like winning the lottery odds wise i'm sure, jeaz dude.
  2. Play The Z-39? How was it?

    What are the camo bonuses? 50% xp and -10% service costs? I'm not gunna buy it unless there's a 50% commander or free xp boost on there as well.
  3. Z-39 is Here

    WGing, notice the crickets... If it was the T-61 there would be 50 replies to this thread by now.
  4. Lol, I can't believe they aren't going to buff the Indianapolis to be at least equal to the new New Orleans, wth!!! The radar isn't even that useful most of the time, unless it's a cyclone at the end of a game where you need to find a DD or something. At lower tiers the focus fire doesn't engulf the radar'd DD fast enough to really make a difference.
  5. why cant they introduce some game modes that are in the same vein as what he already have instead of bizarre weird ones?
  6. they were mega embarssed by the FPS bug so they're overtesting now to be safe
  7. Oh wow, skill based match making doesn't have to be a complicated process. You don't need the average winrate of each team be exactly 50% (average of each players winrate in the particular ship being brought). What you do is prevent wild disparities between the average winrates, like each team's avg winrate can't exceed 5% for example. I've seen rounds where one team is 42% and the other team is 55%. Ridiculous. Plus, less frustrating matching making will help player retention, offsetting a queue time increase. Also, I've seen low winrate teams win vs. high win rate teams, but it's rare. I'd always put my money on the higher WR team obviously. But, if the disparity is only 5%, well, it's not a sure bet. That's what it should be aiming to achieve, unsure bet between two teams... Not perfect balance.
  8. funny thing, I have probably 2-3 14-16 pointers for each major nation... one french thats 15 pts as well. I never thought to bounce one captain around multiple premium ships. DOH, i'd probably have two 19 ptrs by now. I have 600k free xp, which isn't quite enough to put one 16pt captain to 19 points...damnit. I'm guessing after this coming christmas i'll definitely have one, with all those special flags you get. People whine about them, but they're SUPER USEFUL. Look at the 200% xp first win going on right now, and the discounted type 59. If you run the type 59 with the special flags, and bounce a captain around premiums, you'd get GIANT results because of the first win bonus... even without first win bonus it can be huge. I'm going to buy 5 yamamoto crates I think... can't lose out on this opportunity.
  9. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 8th, 2018

    How about a mode where it's 4vs4 human players, and each player has control of a BB, 2 cruisers and a DD. You control them from the top down, kinda like carriers, but you can jump into the cockpit of each ship during the battle/bounce between them. That would be super fun. There already is code in the game for plotting ship way points anyway, hehe.
  10. New Update question

    How exactly has the Scharnhorst gotten weaker over the past 6 months?
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 8th, 2018

    Have you guys seen how Heros & Generals has a "war", and every battle effects the war. That'd be cool for WOWS.... You could keep the random battle style, just match-make the ships to be axis vs allies.. Then apply the win/losses to the war progression. You could have the war mode be optional obviously, like have 10 battles everyday between 7-9pm chicago time. The larger ship quantity per match would allow everyone to take part. Thing is, I think these war mode battles should be more "senario battle"-esque that would be amazing. Coastal defense, open ocean battles... Shore bombardment objectives etc. This would totally give WOWS a kick in the [edited].
  12. wow, what does that MEAN?
  13. they announced italian cruisers? i wouldn't bet on it, i have a feeling they want to do russian BB's first
  14. Wargaming Profit distributions?

    They don't want to admit it's failed, and don't want the bad publicity that'll come with it... So our game has to suffer. They are not investing into the future of warships, they only create content that makes a profit while the game itself kinda rots.
  15. I'm in Wisconsin right now, where is this damn ship so I can visit it. JK heh