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  1. Submarine Poll

    you know what, DD's are going to be spotted even more now... and we thought radar was annoying...
  2. Holy crap, supercontainers

    See, I knew 2 steel containers was a rare occurance. Honestly I think i'm gunna use my 600k free xp to unlock the tier 10's instead of waiting for the next free xp ship. I have plenty of special signals to climb back up to that level in a month or two. I'll prolly buy 15$ of the upcoming british containers anyway. Special signals are so much better for free xp, but you gotta work for it basically.
  3. Holy crap, supercontainers

    I'm hoping for a premium for the doubloons, then I'll have enough free xp for the Alaska or Jean Bart...which ever one ends up being free xp. (to offset the free xp i'm using to unlock Moskva/Grozovoi, which won't be too much since they're both half way and i plan on grinding a little more with the special signals)
  4. Holy crap, supercontainers

    This is what I've gotten. (Besides 25 of every special signal, thanks WGing) I plan on rebuying my Z52 for that supercontainer, seems worth it for these results. I think I'll probably grind my tier 9's so I can get a few more supercontainers. Glad I got the Missouri, you make about 1.2mil for an average game with the new special signals combined with wyern/zulu. 1. 1.5k Steel yay 2. 15k coal (I bought salem a month ago, so that's nice to get my coal number up again) 3. 50 restless fire (These are nice now because you can stack more XP multipliers with the new signals) 4. 50 Restless fire (Eh, ok) 5. 50 Anniversary camo's 6. 100 India Xray (a few days ago I pulled a super container and got 100 Victor Lima, so thats nice I suppose..now they match) 7. 1.5k STEEL AGAIN wth? the odds must be pretty high to get steel again after only 6 tries I can't remember what the 8th container had. What luck though, I basically made up a bunch of steel I missed. I didn't get all of the Gale/Storm steel from clan battles. Proof or it didn't happen:
  5. Dunkirk Crates

    Why are they getting stingy with the crate contents? 5 signals per crate isn't worth the money. At least with Yamato crates you get 12 of each. I suppose you can use the currency in the crate to buy more signals in the Arsenal.
  6. Dunkirk Crates

    I heard the scenario with the German E-boats and ship mines are coming back... Does that mean premium Dunkirk crates are coming back soon too? Those are definitely the best for special signals. I'll take 50$ worth, thanks. Do you think they'll mention it a week or two after 0.7.9 drops? EJ
  7. Massachusetts is the weakest premium they've ever released... Think about it. Without the right captain skills it's JUNK. You need atleast 14 points hey? I don't have the ship. I bought Gascogne instead, now that ship is funn. The guns are way more accurate then I was lead to believe by all the community contributors.
  8. They were right (19pt Captains)

    Playing well and special signals is a bigger factor.
  9. They were right (19pt Captains)

    No, this is a red herring. SO what if you have a 19ptr. So what if elite xp ends up in a bank. So what if you then apply the elite xp you've built up, to that certain captain your leveling up. ITS NOT HAPPENING ANY FASTER. You could just play that captain your trying to level up and achieve the same thing. 19 point captains do not magically remove the work of having to play games and generate captain XP. 19 pointers do not snowball. You're just accuring captain xp faster because of special signal flags and playing better... That's the main factor changing over time.
  10. whats the most accurate prem bb?

    If you want to BB snipe, Nelson is your best bet. It pumps out freakishly accurate salvos sometimes. Cesare is probably second best, and much more maneuverable. Nelson is way harder to play because of your immobility. You'll have more "HAHAHA" moments with the Cesare because of the ships you're shooting at, the players sail broadside all day long.
  11. WGing works for our money. I swear the core game programmer department seems fairly understaffed. I'm severely underwhelmed by that CV rework, that's proof they barely have anybody actually working on the core game itself. They have a bagillion people working on various other things though.
  12. Premium ship bonus mission

    Wargaming works for OUR money. Your response makes me think of a pimp brainwashing his girls into thinking they've got it good.
  13. New Radar Tactic - BB's capping

    Put AFT on the Asashio captain, it's super useful because you can then shoot ships out of radar range. If your torps force a repair on a BB, you can go to town on his keester. Asashio doesn't sacrifice smoke for reload booster. I would face away while doing that though, since your going to cause cruisers to sneak up to radar you (which might make them more vulnerable if they're dumb enough to do that). EJ
  14. Refunding premiums

    The devs said they WILL issue refunds for CVs (when the CV rework hits) if you so choose, but they didn't specify if it's doubloon or cash. It was that interview about 2-3 months ago on Flamu's twitch maybe? A bunch of community contributors were asking them questions. Might not be wise to sell since they tweak things and the various premium CV's might end up strong again due to gameplay mechanic changes