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  1. her guns are great cruiser deleters using AP, what i do is "trace" the path of the maneuvering cruiser for where i think it's going while shooting sequentially...broadside and sailing straight..forget about it
  2. they're going for the low volume high profit model
  3. IDK, i almost got the warspite with halloween doubloons. I like the queen, hated it at first like others... Then i realized how many citadels i can get on cruisers... Especially shooting sequentially and "tracing" the path of the ship if it's actively evading.
  4. a buff? Overpens for some cruiser AP?
  5. Sims deck armor on sims reduced from 16 to 13mm https://youtu.be/Tlk3-nASTDs 3:40 in the video
  6. You know what, I heard something about a sims nerf on a podcast or youtube video, zerra channel maybe? Or one of the 3 podcasts... I know that doesn't help, heh.
  7. i have a purely stock hipper with no module upgrades, that thing is no fun to play. i suppose i'll grind out some credits with my premiums to upgrade her one of these days. on the other hand, my stock nor cal is fun as hell to play, lol. EJ
  8. Exactly, I dread being one of the last people alive in a round when I'm in an Indianapolis or a Molotov...There's always a BB alive at the end that'll delete your butt as soon as you become spotted, or try shooting him over a mountain or something. I had a game like that the other day in the Molotov (I would've fared no better in an Indy). Me and 2 DD's on our team were alive, an enemy Cesare, New mex, Kidd and a CV on the enemy team. I was useless, plane spotted constantly...Had to hide the entire time, would've gotten deleted by either of those big guns in a heart beat. I had 50% health remaining, yet combat ineffective. All we needed to do was cap a few zones and burn down the BB's. Lol, i think i already said this in an earlier reply. I'm going to upload the replay and see if someone can tell me what i could've done in that situation to win.
  9. cool! wow, discord is blowing up I noticed... I remember using it a year and a half ago when it was fairly unknown. it's definitely a cool little program though, glad to see the inventor is reaping what he sowed so to speak. EJ
  10. i'm sick of you shitting on everybody constantly, what is you're problem dude? player feature suggestions will never be implemented ANYWAY. you get a high off picking on people.
  11. well, i had a pretty good game in it last night but we lost because i was literally combat ineffective at the end. i had half of my health still. me and 2 DD's vs a new mex/kidd/CV/guilio cesare. i couldn't even risk shooting, DD's had no smoke too. shame... might've been different if i wasn't being plane spotted. but those cesare/new mexico guns were itching to delete me. i could've taken either one, 1vs1...but the were on opposite sides of the map, so i would've gotten citadeled by either of them if i opened fire. maybe i should upload the replay and get people opinions on what i should've done in that situation.
  12. i noticed the cesare is gone from the premium shop, i have a feeling they're going to move it to the tech tree for doubloons. Lol, i got like 50,000 doubloons from wasting 125$ on Halloween crates. the only premium ship i had before that was the okt rev. so i ended up getting the scharn, indianapolis, molotov, kaga, saipan, atago, hood etc... damnit, now i can't get the cesare... i was planning on hanging onto 10,000 doubloons but i ended up getting the saipan.
  13. Is the survival rate lower as well? I heard Russians like brawling more often. Maybe they're being more aggressive at the start of the game and doing more close up AP damage to cruisers and then end up deleted when the BB's start shooting. I might try that, i don't care about my survival rate heh.
  14. yeah, i regret using my halloween doubloons on it...molotov too.
  15. I've only played about 10 games in CV's (8 in the langley), random battles. I bought the kaga and saipan with halloween doubloons. First game in the Saipan, 3-0-1 loadout (AS)...Ended up being against a 2-2-0 Kaga. I was kind of sloppy, he strafed a couple of my fighters to death, i lost a bomber squadron... Then he tried to CV snipe me, meanwhile my bombers do a 30k dmg HE bombing on an Nagato. Got 10k more dmg on the fires. He failed to snipe me, my AA chewed him planes up. I sent my bomber squadron back to his CV for revenge a few minutes later and did like 35k dmg...then my team mates finished him off a little while later. but over all, i was able to prevent him from doing much sky cancery and i'm a noob. so i guess the saipan is a little OP in AS loadout. i should record the replay and put it on youtube...might be interesting for some to see how a noob played a T7 premium US CV in AS mode. One more thing, no... I will not play the saipan or kaga in strike loadout till i'm better at CVing in general...because that would obv screw my team.