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  1. HorrorRoach

    Drake... Come on.

    I started playing with the reload mod, iIve gotten better now. My win-rate is slowly creeping up. Funny thing is, I'm like 15k xp away from the Goliath. Oh well, heh. Hey, I'm not selling it though, I refuse to sell T9's to fund the T10. I need to play Missouri a few times a day in perpetuity so I can rebuy all the T8/T9's so I can profit properly from coak flake events etc. EJ
  2. HorrorRoach

    ST, changes to test ships

    They expect the German premiums to sell in high volume, so they feel the ships need to be very mediocre to compensate. Volume comes into play when they're deciding on the strength of a premium, bet any money.
  3. HorrorRoach

    More Codes, come get free WG stuffs

    wth, is this normal? i can't tell if they're working, is this a new page for the code submissions? I enter then, hit return... i dont see the dialog that pops up to tell you if it worked.
  4. HorrorRoach

    Moskva moving to special

    what if you have moskva researched but don't own it? Don't really feel like wasting credits on it right now, I want to buy Goliath and the T8 EU DD in the short term. Suppose I could play Missouri twice a day for the next couple weeks. I'm guessing you'd still get Moskva as the premium, then you'd have Nevsky unlocked but not purchased.
  5. HorrorRoach

    [UPD] Geforce Driver 445.75 and Image Sharpening Crash

    i noticed game filter was automatically enabled on my machine, i never turned that on... Luckily I haven't had problems with WOWS, i have a newish computer and a gfx 970. I just thought to respond here and mention that it was on, could be why some people are getting big FPS drops for no reason.
  6. HorrorRoach

    Mainz is out!

  7. HorrorRoach

    Mainz is out!

    Quick firing light cruiser that doesn't need IFHE to pen 32mm, comes out right after IFHE rework...Go figure
  8. HorrorRoach

    Nevsky looks fun, but...

    LOL, Mainz... The light cruiser that doesn't need IFHE comes out right after IFHE rework goes live. Not a coincidence. Quarter pen
  9. HorrorRoach

    Get Skåne now, for the perma camo?

    is that really enough for 3 ships? idk, cant check atm
  10. HorrorRoach

    Mainz is out!

    She can pen 32mm right? Math says 31.25 with IFHE, rounding up?
  11. HorrorRoach

    Drake... Come on.

    I guess it just bugs me that they released a defective ship right out of the gate. It's not the Izumo where the meta left it behind over the years. They released it like this, knowing full well how bad it is. It's a tech tree ship for crap sake, they can nerf it if it overperforms.
  12. HorrorRoach

    Drake... Come on.

    I know exactly what they're gunna do. They're gunna buff the reload slightly and call it a day. Not good enough.
  13. HorrorRoach

    Drake... Come on.

    Is this thing the new Izumo, free xp sink? 1. The shell velocity is comically bad. Accuracy isn't anything to write home about either, come on. It fires so slowly, could it at least have slightly better then average dispersion/sigma? Not saying it needs Venezia dispersion or something for Christ's sake. 2. The maneuverability is horrendous, even with Steering gears 3 and Propulsion mod, you're literally forced to take these because the ship drives like a BB if you don't... That's not an exaggeration. The ruddershift is ridiculously slow. Propulsion mod doesn't help the acceleration much either. 3. The reload is so long if you go range mod, to 18.8km... 18s. You're terrible at long range for anything other then burning BB's, which doesn't influence the match very much. 4. Reload option, drops range to 15.9km at 15s reload. This lets you influence the match more, but you're still humping islands and sitting bow in, you eat full pens like crazy. Everyone know's you're a juicy target. I average over 1mil potential damage every game. 5. The AP isn't even that good. For everything that sucks about the ship, they don't even give it GOOD AP? How did it get through all the testing and end up like this? There's no excuse, it has to be intentional. There are too many negative's and not enough positives. If you think Puerto Rico is mediocre, it's a monster compared to Drake. By the way, I refuse to blow free xp on it. And I refuse to waste my special signals to grind it quickly. EJ
  14. HorrorRoach

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Yup. Volume of games forces winrate to 50% with a margin of error. Same ship being on both teams, one has to win... That's why Smolensk hit 50% winrate so quickly, popularity.
  15. 1:49:00? Starting to watch the series now