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  1. Yeah right, this game needs all the publicity it can get. Any press is good press because hardly anyone knows about it. This incident isn't going to get people to not want to play it, that's goofy. Also, they did do a memorial for that Dsaefer guy who died (sp?)... So i guess Wargamings reponse to dead WOWS members is predicated upon how well they're liked in the forums apparently?
  2. Well, maybe he and dsaeffer (sp?) are chatting about the CV rework in heaven. Just because someone does drugs doesn't mean they don't deserve dignity when they die. it's an illness, they're not their true selves in the throes of addiction. He was a child at one point.
  3. HorrorRoach

    This will get me in trouble but IDK

    I don't think the rework is going to lessen the impact of CV skill disparities. Good players tend to figure out little tricks and stuff to get ahead, there might be exploits in the new system that can't be stamped out by tweaking, we'll see.
  4. HorrorRoach

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    theyre on a long vacation
  5. HorrorRoach

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    what does promo mean exactly?
  6. You know, a lot of games release mission editors. Makes me think of IL2 Sturmovik, that game has a great mission editor. We need something like that for WOWS, let the community make the content. WGing could "buy" the senarios off the players with free ships or doubloons or something, then resell them in client.
  7. HorrorRoach

    Another bit of PTS testing...

    Huh, who said anything about getting steel? You should be getting the XP back as free xp, and the credits I think
  8. When trying to torp with the US CV's, movement of your planes messes up the drop pattern much more severely than the jap CV's planes. Just nudging it will cause the pattern to widen almost instantly. I noticed that not only does the mouse allow you to pan around the planes, but it actually changes their direction slightly when your behind them looking forward (default view). Does that make sense to anyone else? I was wondering why it was so much harder to torp with US CV's. Now, I hold the right mouse button to force it to stay in pan mode, helps a lot. Can we get rid of this? Also, is this gameplay really worth ruining the game for ship drivers? It's kinda fun playing as CV, but if there are 2 on each team... IDK, it might distract everyone from regular ship combat so much that it turns them off. I really hope they limit it to one CV per team. Sadly, they're going to try monitizing the rework with premium CV's, so I'd bet they'll allow 3 per team. EJ
  9. HorrorRoach

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    I was able to do good damage with the Hak. Played 2 previous to that in the Midway, got 0 and 30k damage those games... BUT, I wasn't warmed up and didn't try longer range torp drops. How exactly would this game have gone if i played against mainly tier 8 and 9 ships? Yikes. But, they were bots. Real tier 8 and 9 might be equal to braindead tier 10's AA wise, idk
  10. HorrorRoach

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    i have all the ships on the list... spent 250ish over the course of a week or two i think. got 5 monaghans and 2 krasny kryms. 60,000 doubloons... probably 100 of each signal flag. Clearly rigged to give low value doubloon ships to prevent people like me from getting big doubloon payouts. maybe they should just be honest about that. With how rare a ship seems to be, getting 5 of the same one borders on astronomical. I did get a Prinz Eugen in there somewhere, already had it of course. EJ
  11. HorrorRoach

    Can we talk about AP please?

    I know this doesn't relate to OP, but the lock on bug they claim to have fixed hasn't really been fixed. There's video evidence for it. Sometimes the game doesn't register that your locked on to a ship, so you get the 50% bigger dispersion penalty. I'll bet 10$ that's what caused all the "missouri stealth nerf?" threads. It ISNT ALWAYS RNG. It's so irritating how people always just blame the person and RNG, sometimes that game itself is screwed up. It's not a fricking conspiracy. It's like some people can't handle the fact that the world may be slighted against someone in some manner. EJ
  12. HorrorRoach

    Missouri dispersion

    it's gotta be that lock on bug they've been sweeping under the carpet...i saw it happen to people live on stream since 7.12
  13. you know that up until about 2 weeks ago, only the best of the best players had her? Wow, lol. EJ
  14. Don't tell that to my employer!!! It is worth something though, it's called enjoyment.... And changing the end result of all that effort will dissuade people from committing to a long arduous grind. They won't "fall for it" anymore, and this game can't replace people at the drop of a hat