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  1. Jarkorsis

    side effects of cv change

    I am not sure premium cv's like the Kaga are viable at all. Lots of low tier planes when you are at tier or in T10 games means you cant contribute at all other than scouting. This is even true when going up against DD's. You get 1 attack run at most. (Or at least I do) I even popped the figter consumable to distract the AA, but to no avail. I do suck at new CV play, but not contributing at all is a bit much.
  2. One other thing. There is a write up on reddit with more details. The most interesting thing no one has mentioned is that CV's will no longer be on the map. They are off board and cant be sunk. If you throw away squadrons, each respawn takes longer and longer. This is like a MOBA. I am not sure how you give each nation a flavor. But we will see when/if this goes live.
  3. Jarkorsis

    Sharks Eagles is there enough time?

    You are assuming you get an invite to switch each day. Sometimes you don't. I had 2483 go navy points Saturday night and never got asked to change sides. You will get 1 camo for sure. As far as getting 2 you may need to spend some money on go navy crates. Each has 10 tokens for each side, plus a flag, coal and one camo.
  4. Jarkorsis

    GO Navy token problems

    Since the last patch there are a lot of instances where you don't get the post battle. You are dropped straight to port. Well last night I had 2483 go Navy points. But never got asked to change sides. At least I never saw the invitation. I played clan battles and randoms. So those two loyalty points which probably would have been acquired if the interface was not buggy will cost me 100 tokens. The ticket response was we do not have the tools to fix it. Support may not have the tools to fix it, but the programmers do. It is a database so it can be updated. I am not the only one with this problem. Something should be done to correct it.
  5. Jarkorsis

    Server Issues

    Still can't log in.