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  1. If YY has radar it does not have smoke. So if you spot him, then he does radar, your team should wreck him as well. He can't fire his guns without being seen for 20 seconds. So I get from your post, that you are either out on your own, or you are not getting help from teammates. If your teammates are not helping you or can't shoot straight the game is lost anyway. If you are out on your own, be more careful. I have more battles in DD's than any other ship class, so I am not a BB baybe.
  2. Too many credits!!

    I had over 500 million but bought a T7,8,9 and 10 ship so down to 471 million. Being able to lend out credits or add to Clan bank would be bice.
  3. Alabama worth it?

    The short answer is yes. I have both the Alabama and the Missouri. The Alabama earns about half as much credits. 160k game with 3 ish kills is 600k credits for the Alabama and 1.2 million in the Mighty Mo using the same flags.
  4. Should I get the Gearing?

    The major advantage Gearing has is the long range torps can be fired outside radar range. (even with torp acceleration) The longest range radar is 11.7 or 11.9 km. This is huge in higher tier games.
  5. $1/Small Crate Buyers, Come Here

    I bought a single $1 box and received a T6 French CA DeGrasse + 10 point captain.
  6. Wow!! These Christmas crates!!!

    Were these $3 crates or $5?
  7. Wow!! These Christmas crates!!!

    Talk to me tonight on discord and I will tell you what I have done with the Arkansas Beta.
  8. Initial Santa Crate results

    I purchased a $1 box --> DeGrasse + 10 point captain $3 box --> 15 ice camo $ 5 box --> 50 percent xp in battle flags.
  9. Remember her citadel is very high, so all the US 16 inch guns will hit her hard. She really cant be a brawler, unless that changes. As far as roasting goes, all the UK BB's will see to that. Moving her to T9 will be difficult. I am thinking more and more, that the premium camo for my Yamato is a much better idea. (My 19 point captain is Admiral Yamamoto)
  10. My biggest concern is what will the Musashi be. There seems to be a trend to make Premium ships significantly worse the normal ships a a given tier. This is a recent trend. (Less pay to win) Shoehorning a T10 into T9 is going to be difficult to begin with, so I am concerned about an over nerf. I already own the Missouri, plus many other premiums. I have well over a million free exp sitting in my port for the next Freexp boat that looks to be fun and/or interesting. I am not sure the Musashi will be it. I think I would be better off spending $25 on the Yamato premium camo, and using my 19 point captain in it to generate elite captains Xp, I can use for a variety of purposes on any ship. (The potential of 35 second reload at T9 on the main guns is a definite turn off to me.) The T10 premium camo makes all Tier 10 ships very profitable as far as credits go.
  11. Pan Asian South Korea flag / ROK

    In the Korean war 1950-52 the South Korean forces, US and UN forces fought mainland china when they intervened when North Korea was about to lose. In truth, the DMZ is where a cease fire was declared. The war technically never ended. Mainland China was not recognized by the UN at that time and Taiwan sat on the security council.
  12. Tier Salt

    I wish the DEVs would come up with some kind of equation, because they have access to a lot more data than we do. I do not think there is enough data in the API, to come up with a decent equation, so making one might be fun, but I wont do that until there is enough information to make it relevant.
  13. Tier Salt

    It is damage done without regard to the objectives, or context. So it is damage done in a vacuum. It is good at telling you how much damage you do vs the average player of a ship.
  14. Tier Salt

    The best alternative is not an equation, but your mark 4 eyeball. Division with a person for 15 to 20 games at various tiers and you will see how good or bad he or sh is. Blindly following a very flawed equation is not helping anyone. I am not a stat denier when there is a meaningful equation available. WN8 is a reasonable equation, in tanks, even though it made many people ignore winning, and just try to pad stats. WTR is not that meaningful.
  15. Tier Salt

    WTR is not a very good way to rate performance anyway. This is due to in large part, a lack of useful information in the API and in a small part in assuming that like WOT damage done correlates to win rate. That is mostly true for BB's, but still not very accurate. All WTR is good for is to see how well you are doing at WTR, not at WOWS. When I am bottom tier, I tend to do as well as I do at top tier. Some of that is due to me playing in closed beta where I had to learn using +-3 MM, but I do play a lot more carefully when I am bottom tier.