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  1. No, my question is can I use WG mod station and Aslains at the same time.
  2. Is it compatible with Aslains?
  3. Bizzo1969

    Quick question about kidd mission

    Huh, ok, well ty!
  4. Bizzo1969

    Quick question about kidd mission

    No, I have a mission with it as a reward.
  5. So I have a mission where if I complete 20 ranked battles I get Kidd as a reward. No idea where I got it, I assume from a container or something. Anyway, I have Kidd already, and was just wondering what I will get instead. Do I get the doubloon equivalent, or something else? Anyone know exactly what it would be? Thanks!
  6. Sigh. You are still making this much too complicated. It's simple. The fact that this game isn't free to develop has nothing to do with my argument. It's their choice to make it FTP with the option to pay. Many people, for lots of reasons, have chosen to spend money. Some for stuff, some to support WG, and many others. Everyone who has ever spent money on this game is now being penalized for doing so, or at least that's sure how it feels to me. And handing me a couple of super containers and some flags on the anniversary is no comparison to the deal this is.
  7. Yeah, I thought of that too. That isn't the point. I really don't know why people can't understand this. WG decided to give an amazing deal to people who have done nothing, ever, to financially support them while specifically excluding everyone who ever has. Even if it was yesterday. Can't you see why that might upset some people? I see a ton of obtuse complicated explanations defending them, but at the end of the day that's the whole point.
  8. Agreed, I think the smart thing though would be to have both at the same time and have them be similar in value.
  9. So I should completely start over? I think you are missing the point. I have spent at least that, in fact I am quite sure it's more. I'm not some whiny 16 year old. I have been in business for quite some time and I am just saying that this was a terrible decision. In fact, the people who have spent the most are probably going to be the most upset about this. I know it's how I feel. After spending hundreds of dollars, it's shoved in my face that the people who have never spent a dime to support WG get the preferential treatment. They really need a "thanks for your support" event to balance this out. All I am saying is, give everyone a one time shot at this. Simple. One time use coupon per account.
  10. Why do you keep asking how much I have spent? I have spent what I consider to be a large amount. And honestly, none of what you say makes any sense at all. I say doubloon value is constant, you talk about camo. Seriously? I have been playing for two years, and the cost of doubloons is pretty much the same now as it was when I started. I honestly don't know how you can be this obtuse. It is very simple. Also, there IS a thread on this on reddit.
  11. This is exactly right, give everyone a one time shot at this, then it's equitable. Like a coupon in the in game shop. Click it, use it once, done.
  12. You aren't getting it. The companies that do so aren't shifting mid stream at the expense (shoving it in the face) of their paying customers for something whose value is constant. In other words, they would have had this deal from day one for everyone, not implement it after a bunch of people paid full price. It's different if the value of the item is changing, like a cell phone that has been out a year. People understand there is a cost to be an early adopter, that is not implicit in any way here. The value of doubloons does not go down because they are rarely on sale and the price is fairly constant. In your example, EVERYONE was a new customer at some point, and thay ALL got the deal. See what I mean? The fact that there is this much outrage proves it was a bad idea. Defend WG all you want, but something that angers this many customers is ALWAYS a bad idea.
  13. To generate real dissatisfaction, reward those who have never supported you, while shutting out those who have actually done so. Customer service 101.