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  1. Bad CVs need to stop

    Actually its Good CV players that are the bane of DD existence, a bad CV will totally ignore DD's and let them run rampant.
  2. Ranked chat has always been toxic. Since its inception. Probably because it is the most frustrating mode in the game.
  3. How come Kaga gets a Tomato?

    Thats not a tomato its a meatball.
  4. That is a feature of Japanese TB's. American TB's torpedoes don't converge.
  5. UI bug..?

    I dont know about lag, but mine starts fickering and then boom! gone completely.
  6. How many ships do you have?

    86 with 20 slots waiting to be filled
  7. The torpedoes don't launch all at the same time they launch one after the other just like the real thing.
  8. Purchase Gaff and still do missions?

    Guess we'll find out. At a minimum you should get a port slot. I've gotten a port slot for each of the T6 mission ships I already had in port.
  9. Concealment expert + camo will bring his detection range down to 6.6km and when firing to 9.6. If he has a concealment mod as well the numbers are 6.0 and 8.9. But the ship turns like a BB and is slow as hell. I quit using the concealment mod on mine and went with the steering gears and the survivability of the ship went up.
  10. It has to be ship torpedoes, CV torpedoes don't count.
  11. Favorite Ship.

  12. So what branch/nation do you want next?

    German DD's preferred. But I'll take what comes.
  13. Ranked Season. wth?

    To go from rank 17 to rank 15 you only need 2 wins in a tier 6. After which you can play tier 8. I don't see the big deal here.
  14. PSA on the shortened term for Japanese

    Do we really need to beat on this horse some more?