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  1. The Grand Battle, its okay. I am using my Izumo and having my way with the enemy. Most have not played on the higher tiers, not knowing how to handle themselves, so when i swing my Izumo tanker around and steam off at a diagonal, they think I’m retreating, but i’m just aligning for the attack and limiting their ability to hurt me. The Izumo is a beast, it can take on a X tier pretty well with those accurate high velocity shells and tough deck armor and belt.
  2. Dreddnort

    Izumo — Japanese Tier IX battleship.

    I’ve been slogging through this game to accrue xp for the Nelson, and just as i’m a few thousand away WoW takes the Nelson out of the listing. So, with an enormous amount of xp and associated cash buildup i got the Izumo. I love the Amagi, not interested in the Yamato (never played a game where it had an ounce of impact, my Amagi dispatched it often) haven’t had much of a thought about the Izumo, though i like it in World of Warships Blitz ( two extra 6” turrets than standard WoW), so when I got it I maxed it out and started playing it. I immediately moved it forward a few clicks, when the first bb is sighted, then turned steering it diagonal heading back firing off an effective first strike volley. Unlike my handling of other BBs, with the Izumo i found myself zig-zaging never exposing my broadside or nose for any length of time. The result was my Izumo being quite the punisher, easily hammering X class BBs, while taking marginal damage. The current super battleship head-to-head mode is great too, i’m equal to any of those super special ships, pounding them pretty well. So, i’m pretty happy with thus ship, and i still could not care a less about the Yamato.
  3. Dreddnort

    Vanguard is Great!

    I agree. I don’t have a Vanguard yet, but with a modern battleship like this with old, used guns, there’s little hope if improvement against other heavies in its tier or above. Similarly the Gneisenau has its challenges and is mainly a cruiser killer, it has little hope against other BBs in it’s tier and above in head-to-head engagements. I try to play it like a big cruiser, that way i survive longer, i have more kills, and its much more fun.
  4. This is a great ship, if you know how to use it’s strength and minimize its weaknesses you will have a good time with it. It has better than average accuracy, its pretty resilient when fired on, as long as it’s positioned head on or at a three quarter angle, allowing the opponent to fire on you at your broadside is a no-no.
  5. Dreddnort

    Iron Duke — British Tier V battleship.

    This is a slow lumbering BB where you have to watch the map, seeing where other ships are and where they are likely to go is critical, you have to be one step ahead in your intention. Focus on Cruisers first (it will knock cruisers out at medium distance, so long as you concentrate on the target, no quick broadsides, fire each turret successively, not all at once, accuracy improves because when you fire all at once, the single wobble aim of targeting will be for all rounds, where as a single turret shot has its own separate moment of aim) and as your fellow BBs fight the BBs on the other side, these opposing battered BBs will likely not have the time to focus on your ship for any length of time (like in the beginning), having time to capitalize on your ship’s shortcomings, they will be focused on survival, so you can plod into the field of fire hammering them in the fashion mentioned above.
  6. Dreddnort

    Submarine Tech Question

    In the sphere of regular WoW gameplay i’m not seeing how the subs are going to work. If the subs follow any degree of reality, at least to the level of the surface ships, sub players will be moving around without making much contact with the enemy. It would have to be mission based play to be fun.
  7. Dreddnort

    So what happened to the subs?

    Although the game is old, from another time (from a 3-d model/graphics standpoint) the in-game play was relatively strong, and in many ways more complex and versatile, the carrier/plane gameplay is superior to WoW, the bots were more intelligent, the historical scenarios (geographical, ship makeup and missions) were better. The only huge leap WOW has is graphics detail, number of available ships, and ship to ship warfare mechanics. The WoW missions, attacking a port, defending a port, escort delivery/retrieval, etc. are very rudimentary and one dimensional, no sub or land based air attack. AI bot mechanics is simple and predictable. BP’s major flaw was it’s focus on fleet management rather than individual ship control (though obviously it had that aspect).
  8. Dreddnort

    So what happened to the subs?

    Battlestations Pacific handled subs pretty well. I would say yes to subs but have a unit limit per mission, meaning only allowing one, maybe two. it will be cool to see an I-400 class, carriers watchout!
  9. Dreddnort

    ST 0.10.0, new ships

    In regard to mismatch, in reality ships of a national fleet were strategically positioned based on their capabilities. So many of the ships we see in WOW are going to be out of their element in broad head to head matches. I would suggest that there be more scenario based missions, where both sides are live, not bots. Especially the convoy or base protection, this will bring more strategic thinking into the mix, and the vessels with its own particular strength will fair better. in regard to preferential treatment of nations, i would say it’s mostly even. The Russian fleet is a little juiced up when you compare other nations in regard to reality and the game, paper ships aside. The Russia gun capabilities are way above true grade, especially with clustering and aim. Also, on the fly recovery from fire damage is a little too good.
  10. Dreddnort

    AA for Dreadnought

    The Dreadnought in WoW Blitz is pretty good, somewhat of a tank, it is placed among similar era ships so it is relatively balanced. However, the HMS Agincourt, using similar paint scheme, is devastating against IV, V and VI tiers. I’ve thrashed New Mexico’s and Fuso’s with moderate ease. Sometime’s two at once. A very nice ship.
  11. Dreddnort

    AA for Dreadnought

    As I understand it there was little need for AA during the prime period that the Dreadnought existed. Frankly carriers should not be in play a tier or two later (maybe V and with many penalties so they don’t effect the battle greatly), carriers during the WWI era were not a factor for surface combatants. Not till the mid 1930’s did they generally factor as a legitimate threat.
  12. Dreddnort

    WOW Blitz HMS Agincourt

    Tier V would be the target. It would be like the Pensacola in regard to armor, somewhat vulnerable, but the stand off broadside would be its defense. An example of flexibility in this game is the HMS Hood in a Tier higher than it deserves, and it’s a tank armor-wise which is not believable considering it’s huge, thinly armored boat deck and fundamental structure stress.
  13. Dreddnort

    WOW Blitz HMS Agincourt

    Also, thinking outside the box, it might be necessary at some point to rework some of the main lineups, spinning some of the poor fit vessels out and reworking the lineup to include some obvious omissions, like what we see with the British cruiser lineup. Thoughts?
  14. Dreddnort

    WOW Blitz HMS Agincourt

    It’s always been a puzzle about the County class CA. Would be nice to see a British heavy in the mix, as the rest seem like glorified Atlanta class AA cruisers.
  15. Dreddnort

    WOW Blitz HMS Agincourt

    Yes, I had been lobbying for the Agincourt a few years ago for the regular World of Warships, either tier V or VI as it is part of the British style BBs we see with the Kongō and the Fuso. The Fuso’s broadside is spectacular so imagine adding another two guns to that firework display. Fun stuff.