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  1. Wouldnt that still solve another problem? by limiting how many would be in a match instead of just matching them against cruisers it gives a fairer MM We could then, theoretically, see a match with: 3BBs, 2 SC/BC, 3CA, 4 DD
  2. AutumnalReaper

    ST, Axis vs coalition

    Really looking forward to this game mode as I think each opposing faction offer unique advantages. That being said Tier VII needs to be included as Scharnhorst itself was the most successful German battleship of WWII. Also to make it more diverse there could a limited option of Tiers VII-VIII/VI-VIII and then an unlimited Tier with VII-X limiting each team to 1 Tier IX and X ship or giving it an asymmetric type style. Think this could make it really interesting and showcase how powerful some ships (Yamato, Musashi) were for their time.
  3. i think Alloh has a great point. I mentioned this in another thread and it could be a small start to what he mentions and that is creating a separate class: Battlecruisers/Super Cruisers that can access either the cruiser or battleship line. Would bring a lot more diversity and help feel out this idea
  4. Perhaps creating a separate class: Super Cruisers/Battlecruisers and allow them access to the Cruiser and Battleship skills. One or the other but not both at the same time. This would allow for a lot of diversity.
  5. AutumnalReaper

    feedback on the game in 2021

    This thread brings up a lot of good points. Particularly with cvs I think having a mandatory reconnaissance plane/squadron that would be used to spot only. Especially in the beginning of the match while the rest of the planes are on cool down and this would also allow for the recon squad to be used if other planes ran out giving relief to a ship that may be overly focused by a cv.