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  1. Godeg

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I have to say I like this Waterline format. Hopefully it will recur on a fairly regular basis. With that said, wow, there's a lot of changes in the works. I'm looking forward to hearing more details about the Halloween event this year.
  2. @henrychenhenry Thanks for the invite code. Your code brought me back to the game and I appreciate the times that we div'd up. I'm sorry to see you go, but I wish you well wherever you end up.
  3. Godeg

    Goodbye Denarmo

    That's too bad, I really enjoy his videos. His love letter to Big Mamie was well done.
  4. Godeg


    Nice job, it looks like you had a monster game. Glad it worked out for you.
  5. Godeg

    WOW! Splendid Super Container with Sims!

    Congratulations, I think Sims is a fun ship. Very wiggly.
  6. This is a good question. Beyond the question about steel, I do like that the rest of the video was fairly clear about what you'd be earning through the dockyard. Certainly more clear than the PR dockyard event.
  7. Yeah, I like this idea. There are some permacamos I'd like to buy, like Fiji's, but there's something about the design that doesn't appeal to me. If I could choose a different skin, my fleet would be sailing around in the all-white "For Meritorious Service" camo all the time.
  8. Just heard that it does refresh each week. Maybe this changed in the last couple of minutes? Here's a link to a screenshot I saw that somebody shared from Sehales - probably legit? Either way, thanks again for your help Chief @Hapa_Fodder
  9. I agree. The triple coal stack is nice to get and seems to happen fairly often.
  10. Thanks Chief @Hapa_Fodder. It might be worth clarifying this in a more prominent position since the ship description is a bit misleading. The last paragraph in the description can be read to say 840 tokens with the ship on its own (implying 210 x 4 = 840).
  11. Do you know whether this has been confirmed? Curious if @Hapa_Fodder could verify whether the challenge missions for the Bagration, Ochakov, and Mikoyan repeat each week. That seems to be the only way to get to 840 tokens with Bagration for example.
  12. Godeg

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    My most memorable premium of this year was Graf Zeppelin B. I got it out of a Black Friday container. I wasn’t expecting it to be as much fun as it is, but those secondaries are fun when I push up in the carrier. It’s especially a hoot in coop. The bots don’t know what is hitting them and players think you have overextended, but then you end up with a bunch of kills. Username: Godeg Region: NA
  13. Godeg

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Merry Christmas @CAPTMUDDXX - gift is on its way happy holidays to all!
  14. Hi all, looks like my PR boosters are gone. Has this happened to anybody else? I bought the free one, the first token one, and the 6000 dub one. The dockyard shows my dubs and tokens at 0. What's odd is that the main screen still shows my progress as 88% in phase 2. I still have a couple dubs as shown here. Sucks to lose what little progress I've made. I'll file a ticket later after work.