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  1. VincentArasin

    New WOWs player (CV main)

    I find keeping a margarita nearby as I play helps. You don't need to worry about salt, as we have a constant flow being the CV player. There are games you're going to get cussed out no matter what. Don't respond, WG does mute fairly often so.... Yeah. It sucks but it is what it is. CV's force the game to be played dramatically differently, and have an unfulfilling method of interaction that most players hate. As a CV main, I hate the AA mechanic with a burning passion. I would recommend not pushing hard in T8, and get the other carrier lines up to there first. That will help a lot in learning the mechanics, and then as you play T8's across the different lines you'll develop a feel for how to play in the upper tiers. It *IS* frustrating. I have games where I basically can do little more than spot until the enemy breaks up (so their AA isn't overlapping to kill planes). In those games, just accept the spotting role and get damage *when you can*. A win is always better than a loss imo. At T8+ you have to know which targets you can actually hit reliably too based on their AA. It seems daunting, but minus the odd premiums it starts to make sense and be more apparent than lower tiers. T6 and below isn't really playing the same game for CV's. You can be way more sloppy in mechanics while still being successful. That margin of error is almost gone in T8, and certainly is in T10 (with both having a solid helping of RNG). Ahskance's stream, his archives, youtube, Reimu's (on youtube), and a few others have been invaluable to me in learning. Very much worth the time to sit down and learn from experienced players what you "should" be doing, if nothing else so the learning curve is easier to figure out if you're pointed in the right direction :)
  2. VincentArasin

    0.10.1 Flak Change Explanation

    Sure. There is a discrepancy between flak clouds not appearing, yet still doing damage. The instance I see, both receiving on my CV, and what I witness my DD doing, is the same. Take my Oland, vs say a Lexington (to my knowledge, what CV is irrelevant. I've had this happen to me on every CV I have, including t6's. Oland is my only DD with notable AA). I can be boating along, and spot attack planes coming at me from their say, 10km range. Oland AA Is ~6km. It does not matter if I leave my AA on, allowing my flak to begin when they breach my outer AA Ring, or if I turn my AA off until they are closer than my AA ring and "surprise them". Does not matter if I am using defensive AA, or priority select. Sometimes, flak will obviously do damage to a squadron of planes, without having the visual graphic of flak. Meaning: The planes run along taking constant damage, and then spontaneously take a huge chunk or are outright destroyed. With emphasis on zero visible flak. To the DD, they just nail a bunch of planes, and the plane damage jumps up by the thousands in one bump. To the CV, your squad spontaneously takes thousands of damage with *zero* visual indicators of flak. HP constantly is dropping due to constant AA damage, then just plummets. 15k down to 5, or so. I have successfully nuked entire squadrons of planes when this happens. My highest point of damage was 19k to a FDR's bomber squad, with zero flak visible. Obviously, its a graphics bug or something along those lines, because the damage scales properly with priority and defensive AA active vs not. It's simply a ghost shot, and is not consistent. The patterns I have noticed when this happens as a CV, tend to be when I am confident there is a latency issue. Often times, in these games, take the Oland again for example. 6km AA. I will start taking fire at 6km, but often that Oland will not appear until I am ~4.5km away (assuming I flew straight at them). THOSE are the instances where flak appears to "ghost" more often than not. It *consistently* happens from the same player within a game, and happens *consistently* from game to game with that same player. I have also heard one of my clanmates remark on this happening. For reference, he is in Europe and says his ping is between 80-130. Does that help? When I can figure out how to send working replays, I can do so. I also was going to send in a CV gameplay for commentary, unrelated
  3. VincentArasin

    0.10.1 Flak Change Explanation

    So instead they make flak hit planes when it shouldn't? And now desync the graphic to when it actually does damage? I am having my planes blown out of the sky by *no visible flak* on the regular. I also SEE this happening when I play my Oland. I nuked three different squads of planes, and there was ZERO flak in the air visible. Edit: After more digging, this is supposedly related to Latency. I consistently have a 30-50 ping (NA). I do notice, however, some players network manipulating (there's a few clans specifically I see it from often), and I wonder if that is why sometimes its rampantly apparent that flak is not working properly.
  4. VincentArasin

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    Oh thanks for posting this. They got a nice writeup from me on this crap. I want my refund for the year of premium a few weeks ago tbh.
  5. VincentArasin

    Commander Skills Update

    I, also, am EXTREMELY pissed I just did this too. I would not have, in the current state.
  6. VincentArasin

    Gamebreaking rework

    If the commanders didnt have to be re-grinded to be effective I wouldn't have as much issue. As it is, I'm on the fence about even continuing to play at all. This is... not ideal.
  7. VincentArasin

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    Will you be updating your commander videos with the new skill tree in the near future? I hope! :)
  8. VincentArasin

    My First CV hate directed chat

    This level of toxicity is the very reason I have nearly lost all interest in playing WoWs. If you defend yourself in any way, as the cv player, you also get silenced. Bad part is, Wargaming literally bought out an indie studio that killed their own game for doing this same type of policing.
  9. VincentArasin

    CV Hate

    You can outmanuver the torps by staying in good positioning as anything but a BB, forcing the cv to have to circle in your AA to strike. Which works just fine. Stop exaggerating the power of AP rockets. If you shot 46 planes down and still died, the cv literally dumped all their resources onto YOU. Congrats you got focused down, but that cv was useless afterwards. I'm guessing you got focused because you were open water alone like most people who whine. You certainly weren't partially in cover and/or with another ship. CV Hate is [edited]. It's a major discouragement to even play the game
  10. VincentArasin

    Asking for advice for on Lexington

    Check out this post Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming - Aircraft Carriers - World of Warships official forum He has legit everything for CV's, and there's a few others as well on youtube.
  11. VincentArasin

    Ranked Battles Rework: Things I wonder...

    The biggest concern I have, and this will be a deciding factor soon in if I continue to play WoWS, is the TIMING of when we can play ranked. If I can't participate in my usual schedule (Eastern timezone, I work usual 9a-5p, meaning I can play in the EVENINGS), then I'm going to very quickly lose interest.
  12. VincentArasin

    Help on damage dealing?

    Junda makes a lot of good points, and something I've personally been noticing. Sometimes going for damage makes my team lose, I have a lot of games that are handily won where I might only do 20, 30, 40k damage (t6 or t8), but I'll have spotting damage for days.
  13. VincentArasin

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    Yep, that's what I thought you had on. What upgrade can go in that slot? I only see 7 options for those kinds of upgrades, is that where the engine boost upgrade would go? Reallllyyy would rather not spend coal to find out, that's a hard thing to get enough of for one of the 175k commanders
  14. VincentArasin

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    Looking back on your Weser equipment video I compared the stats. Your Air groups mod 1 has a star under it, mine does not. But they both seem to be 20% faster. My apologies on the unclear terminology (and I also didn't check the numbers first) What does the star denote? I layered the screenshot with my client on the back, your paused twitch breakdown on the front.
  15. VincentArasin

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    This may seem horribly obvious, and if so I apologize. I'm relatively new and still have much to learn on CV's. Where are you getting the unique upgrade for the Weser equipment? Absolutely love your videos! Very helpful, I'm going through them in detail of what I'm playing now and researching which T8 to get next (American or JP, though leaning towards jp because I'm close to the azur commander from collections)