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  1. FullMetal_Inferno

    Odin Buff

    I've been using Odin for grinding out coop missions and I think I might be able to give some perspective. What I can count on with Odin is faster guns, a greater amount of shells in the air (especially when bow-in), hydro, and great concealment. 12km detection is nothing to sneeze at. I've been using it to sneak up on others and also disappear at range when I need to. I think you would choose her over Bismarck and Tirpitz if you want to focus on damage and hit-an-run tactics as you can reposition with concealment while you would be forced into a damage tanking role with the other ships. Why do I find the Odin better for damage? More shells in the air means more potential, especially considering the German BB national flavor of inaccurate guns. Having six guns in the front makes bow-in tactics incredibly strong with her icebreaker armor. Torpedoes are situational, and theoretically the secondaries would be better as they are 128mm instead of Bismarck and Tirpitz whose secondaries are also comprised of 105mm guns (no BB overmatch here). That being said her main guns don't perform too well and her secondaries in my opinion still seem inaccurate with a full secondary build. If her HP won't be buffed, I would at least like to see the reload buffed to 20 seconds or the AP fuse timer reduced on her main battery to prevent overpens on targets such as Smolensk and Edinburgh. This ought to be fair as the the poor dispersion on her main battery guns can make them act out even against a broadside target at 5km (which has happened numerous times).
  2. FullMetal_Inferno

    New German Alternate Camo Patterns

    Hey all, I recently ground out the German collection and have been able to complete the BB one. Here is Gneisenau's premium alternate camo: And here is Odin's: Personally I'm a huge fan of Odin's alternative scheme, but in general for BBs it seems like the alternate camo makes them more blue and white. Feel free to attach other alternate German schemes! Sea you out there
  3. FullMetal_Inferno

    Manual Cursor Screen Position

    This has been a problem for a while, but every time a new match starts it appears that my cursor (when I hold ctrl in battle) is always in some random corner of the screen. I play with a large monitor and it's always frustrating to try to find the cursor especially when you need it to use manual secondaries. Could you possibly fix the cursor to the center of the screen at the start of a match?
  4. FullMetal_Inferno

    Russian Ships need nerf, or germany need buff on cannons

    As someone who sails Odin as well, I can understand your frustration. From WG's point of view, this may be the "national flavor" they are looking for. They want German ships to have decent armor and the ability to brawl effectively. In all honesty, one of my biggest gripes is German battleship accuracy. The cruisers and destroyers (however infrequent they may fire) seem accurate enough, but the BBs never have. I guess if they were more accurate they would run the risk of being too effective at all ranges. I think it's clear that WG wanted them to be primarily defensive. As for Odin, it's a shame she can be so useless some days. It's not enough that the accuracy isn't there, or that you essentially have the same reload as a Bismarck or Tirpitz (3 seconds faster?), but penetration can be a major problem against some targets with 305mms. The fact that the fuse timer is so much longer on the AP shells means that even if you do have a juicy cruiser broadside, overpens can become an issue for you too. German ships really pay the price for their turtleback armor, but this makes them more defensively oriented than any other line. Although Russian BBs give them a run for their money in this department, they still don't have turtleback
  5. FullMetal_Inferno

    CV Balance proposition

    I don't think that any change that encourages CVs to snipe each other (via fire/flooding procs) is a good idea. Of course some people absolutely detest CVs, but playing a one-sided game of aerial supremacy isn't making things any more fair.
  6. FullMetal_Inferno

    New German containers (Happy Monday.)

    Only if you Instagram live stream it so all the kiddies can watch
  7. FullMetal_Inferno

    Wargaming and Hasbro Collab?! WtFrick?!!

    I really detest these kind collaborations. Not because of the content, I'm always for more content, but because of the means of acquiring said content. I count four new T10 permanent camos, which means there is no way WG is going to give these out for free (consider WG's tactic on obtaining the new permanent German camos). What happened to collabs like Arpeggio of Blue Steel? Say what you want about anime but the opportunity to earn free, unique ships and captains invested me in the collab. I can't help but feel like WG detracted from this model in favor of monetary models such as Azur Lane where the player must either drop a ton of cash for commander + ship packs or get insanely lucky with the two or three container missions they throw our way. I think a much more accessible option would be to make these skins for T5 - T7 ships. It would open up easier avenues for obtaining these camos while making it seem plausible for all the new players you are attempting to rope-in with the collab.
  8. FullMetal_Inferno

    Why was Odin criticized when it first launched?

    I think the armor is fantastic, especially the icebreaker bow. What I can't get around, however, is the AP fuse time. It was apparently a lot shorter when testing, but now...
  9. FullMetal_Inferno

    Indy love?

    I forgot about this. Any excuse to play Indy is a good one, she's definitely missing something to keep her in line with the NO
  10. FullMetal_Inferno

    Help me Pick a Coal-Ship: Georgia or Thunderer? Or Something else?

    I would get Georgia for a few key reasons: 1. The secondaries are intense when you invest into them 2. The guns, though lacking in volume, are incredibly accurate and are high caliber (457mm) 3. It can go almost 40 knots with a speed flag and speed boost 4. Fast reloading heal great for tanking damage and pushing With a decent captain, I really have no complaints with this ship. It can comfortably handle almost any threat provided you don't sail broadside. Thunderer is also a great BB, but a little more passive considering it's sniper guns and lack of strong armor.
  11. FullMetal_Inferno

    Why was Odin criticized when it first launched?

    Odin does perform well enough in these modes, but it hurts in random battles especially when playing solo. When you can't coordinate with your team, thereby mitigating the lack of HP, you're forced into pushing with it and tanking more damage than you can feel comfortable tanking. That, combined with the increased amount of enemies, many being T9 and T10 in random battles, makes the ship underwhelming. As a T8 in a T8 battle, yes she's balanced. In T9 or T10 battles she's lacking, and the reduced hitpoints are very noticeable.
  12. FullMetal_Inferno

    Which Tier 5 RU premium cruiser is your fave?

    Kirov. Not only is it more accurate than Mikoyan, but it also has more firepower per salvo. These rail guns allow it to easily and reliably citadel cruisers and even battleships. It's an absolute monster, the only weakness being it's lack of strong armor.
  13. FullMetal_Inferno

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    I ran MS a few times in coop and I was unimpressed. Coming from a ship like Georgia, it felt like the secondaries were still fairly all over the place. I'm currently considering either (1) AFT, FP, and CE or (2) MS, FP, and CE. I find myself having to close the distance with DDs (that or they rush me) and I think the secondary accuracy would be more meaningful at closer ranges. May not be the fun way to build her, but I think it will allow me to stay alive longer
  14. FullMetal_Inferno

    Balance changes

    What's so hard to understand? There ought to be consistency in rocket attacks considering they can take half of a DD's hp in one successful pass. There's consistency with torpedo plane approaches as well as bombers, why should attack aircraft be any different? Are you saying that CVs are useless now against them? Just because you don't know how to aim with a horizontal ellipses doesn't mean you can't learn. Besides, planes can still spot DDs allowing them to be focused by other ships even if you can't finish the job.
  15. FullMetal_Inferno

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    It's good, but unfortunately she's specialized. Because it plays more like a heavy cruiser and because of the low hitpoints she can't push in like most BB are meant to. This is definitely manageable if you play in divs with people you can coordinate with, but in solo it's a tough ship to love. Even if you know you have to play conservatively, you may be forced to lead pushes as you are the closest thing to a BB for your team. This makes her pretty inconsistent when I don't have others I can rely on. Like others have said $14 isn't bad for what you're getting. She can be fun!