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  1. FullMetal_Inferno

    Worth it? Most powercrept line imo...

    I assure you, the USN DD line is more than capable. The statistics only look abysmal because it is one of the oldest lines in the game if I'm not mistaken. If you didn't want to play an IJN DD, USN was the only other option, making them the ideal training DD for many players once they start the game. USN DDs have an answer to almost any problem. They may not be the best at everything, but it just requires a different playstyle. They won't outgun French DDs or spew out more torps than Japanese DDs, but they can rely on having the best smoke screens, workable torpedoes (they get really strong at T9), and strong guns (provided the ship is close to its target and the captain can aim). WG has been slow to give buffs to the line. I personally think they are in a good spot, but I welcome the RoF buff they gave to Mahan a while back (she's now a monster when fighting same-tier DDs) as well as the buff to Defensive AA effectiveness (50% --> 100% continuous dps).
  2. FullMetal_Inferno

    kidd torpedoe start time

    The simple answer is balance. Kidd is strong because of her consumable suite, and should be used as a cap contester, DD hunter, and destroyer escort. You should mostly be using the guns to kill DDs and low-health targets. Kidd has the same torpedoes as Benson (T8 tech tree DD) does, but only one launcher. I suspect that if the torpedoes reloaded any faster that the ship would be overpowered. Gneisenau likely has quicker reloads considering the fact that the launchers only fire three torpedoes for 13,700 damage as opposed to the Kidd with five torpedoes for 16,633 damage. The lack of range for Gneisenau's torpedoes is also troublesome for any targets at great distance. Kidd doesn't have this problem and can theoretically torp from stealth. Given the long reload and lack of twin torpedo mounts, try to hold onto your torpedoes in case anyone chooses to rush your smoke screen. They also work to surprise cruisers and BBs that wander too close as long as they aren't full health. If you are looking for a dedicated torpedo DD, I would suggest IJN or PE DDs. Despite their average stats, USN torpedoes start getting really good once you hit Fletcher.
  3. FullMetal_Inferno

    U.S.S. Hill...worth the coal?

    This review may help as well:
  4. FullMetal_Inferno

    U.S.S. Hill...worth the coal?

    Hill isn't bad, but it loses out to it's T5 tech tree counterpart, the Nicholas, in some of the most important aspects. For example, Hill has minimum surface detection of 6.4 km with concealment while Nicholas can get her concealment down to 5.8 km! Nicholas also has two sets of torps on each side (four total) as opposed to one on each with one center torpedo (for a total of three launchers) like on the Hill. Nicholas also gets the option to mount Def AA, which can work pretty well most of the time. All-in-all, Hill is good because the ship it's based on is good. If you are looking for something competitive, Nicholas is the better option on account of the extra torpedoes and the concealment. The option to swap engine boost for Def AA is nice as well. The gun firing angles aren't great on either ship, Hill most notably as you essentially have to be broadside to use the fifth gun. while theoretically it could work in smoke, smart players will already be trying to torp you. With minimal angling, you can get 3 of 4 of Nicholas' guns on target, and I find that it works better that way when knife fighting. ^^^ Hope it helps!
  5. FullMetal_Inferno

    Halland build

    I don't go AR in Halland or Ostergotland. The benefits to the guns is so marginal, and you shouldn't plan to be too low on health with 4 heals anyways. The torp mod and skill combine to give a consistent low reload
  6. FullMetal_Inferno

    The new test of submarines

    This change alone would help a lot. I think the limited dive meter has its merits, but all-in-all I think it's more of a countermeasure to keep subs from staying underwater 100% of the time. Perhaps if they were just a bit more generous with the dive time limit then it would allow skillful players to be more aggressive while ensuring that passive players can only get so much done if they waste time underwater unnecessarily. +1 for the feedback. I won't have the time to try out the test server, but I feel better knowing that players with your background are willing to offer their opinions to the community
  7. FullMetal_Inferno

    Why is Marceau doing so well in KOT?

    I think OP might be trying to ask why so many are picking Marceau over Kleber in KOTS. Personally, I would be interested to know as well. +1 OP for interesting post. I'll be lurking
  8. FullMetal_Inferno

    Thunderer Nerf...What Was WG Thinking?

    You lost 1.5 km and still have great range at 21.5 km. If you really can't handle the nerf, you can always equip With it, you get almost 25 km range. I don't know how helpful anyone would be at such ranges...
  9. FullMetal_Inferno

    What is the best 6th Slot Module for Gearing?

    If you go a torpedo build then the torp mod is great with the long range Mark 17 torps. Combined with the "Fill the Tubes" torpedo captain skill, you can get the torpedo reload down to 88.7s. Given the alpha, range, and speed, it can be a menace. I always felt the guns were good enough as is as long as you run AR. That being said, you did mention that you wouldn't pick this mod. If you truly are averse to it, I would pick the gun reload mod. The extra range is unnecessary and aux mod won't do much if anything.
  10. FullMetal_Inferno

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture - USS Enterprise cutaway model

    About half the ship is for the warp drive and nacelles (the antenna things). That just leaves the saucer section for lodging, storage, and equipment. I would imagine the location of the bridge is on a separate level for security reasons. Too many aliens and rogue crew members trying to cause havoc. I think the bridge could be on the top or bottom of the saucer, but its location on the top will probably keep the senior crew (decision makers) the safest during battle as it is furthest away from the warp core.
  11. FullMetal_Inferno

    Johan de Witt vs Zao

    Zao has torps
  12. FullMetal_Inferno

    The game speed should be sped up by 1.5x to 2.0x

    This is already a thing, just play French destroyers
  13. FullMetal_Inferno

    Suez Canal open

  14. FullMetal_Inferno

    Best camouflages

    Odin Nordic Camo! And from the stern: I love the intricate patterns, and the dark steel really makes it look intimidating
  15. FullMetal_Inferno

    Need help picking a DD line

    USA is the most balanced, but European DDs can be rather annoying in the right hands. Just have to remember there's no smoke, but you don't necessarily need it at higher tiers