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  1. FullMetal_Inferno

    The Benham

    I'll play the Devil's advocate and say that it isn't as good as it used to be. The proliferation these days of CVs, gunboat destroyers, and Russian cruisers that can radar from another zip code really hamper the ship's ability. It feels kind of how I would imagine Asashio feels: very strong when a lot of BBs are present, and a poor pick when there are more cruisers and DDs to contend with. Obviously it can be a monster in some games, but I feel like the composition of the enemy team plays a big part in your effectiveness too. It's unlikely you will pull off high damage games unless the enemy is a) comprised of a lot of BBs, b) spatially oblivious, and c) content with pushing into your rather short torpedo range instead of playing passively like most high-tier matches. The fact is, being primarily a torp spammer really hurts the flexibility of the ship when you are forced into an inevitable gunfight against essentially any DD. Your low HE DPM and health pool really hurt you. Even playing with your team as a DD/SS picket can be risky as your low speed punishes overextensions more harshly and you lose out heavily on most gunfight trades once you are spotted. IMO, good tech tree alternatives at T9 are Jutland, Fletcher, Östergotland, and even Kitakaze if you are looking for more consistent damage.
  2. FullMetal_Inferno

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    Pretty sweet update from a balance perspective with two US lines getting some much needed revamping. Hoping you folks can continue to update models and adjust balance for other lines as well. Looking forward to this update!
  3. FullMetal_Inferno

    How to Sims?

    For setup, here is my build: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASD029&modules=11211&upgrades=143200&commander=PCW001&skills=5457968&ar=100&flags=2269&consumables=111&pos=0 Note: Torpedoes are personal preference. You can use the longer range Torpedoes as sea mines for area denial, or use the shorter range ones for ambushes. Given the anemic damage of both, and the incredible short range of the latter option, I tend to run long range Torpedoes. Sims is incredible for fighting other destroyers. She tends to be the most agile and fast USN DD, with guns that have lightning fast traversal. Use this to focus on dodging shells while fighting DD's, keeping guns on target. As a T7 DD, her concealment becomes lackluster in T8 and T9. The focus should be on taking caps when safe, attacking destroyers, and using her smoke, maneuverability, and guns to be as annoying as possible to bulky capital ships. Sims fairs well against Subs given her speed and agility, but with the proliferation of secondary spec BBs, you need to take more caution when open-gunboating. Try to use a combination of smoke and islands for cover when engaging with guns. A last note on CVs, her Defensive Fire used to be much better before the CV rework. Speed boost is the preferred option however due to the ability to either reposition or ambush. She's one of my favorite ships, and I can't wait for the HD model over the next few updates!
  4. FullMetal_Inferno

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.5

    USN DD HD hype
  5. @Boggzy any word if this will include lowering Gearing's hull model? It's height and width has been an issue for so long that if it's not fixed now I'm afraid it will never be
  6. FullMetal_Inferno

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.2

    Savage battles!! I remember originally grinding for Benham a few years back, and although I hated having to play that mode for a month or so daily, I have to admit it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to bringing in some new players to test the waters here where the battles are more intense and brawly. Also, any news on the tick-rate fix? With Forrest Sherman releasing soon, it will definitely affect a decent portion of us upon its release
  7. FullMetal_Inferno

    What Can We Do with Depth Charges with No Submarines?

    If you have front-launching depth charges (Halland, Ragnar, etc.) you can shoot them like missiles at friendlies with no repercussions
  8. FullMetal_Inferno

    Maass-ive disappointment

    To be fair, T7 DDs are, by-and-large, uncomfortable by design. It's that awkward tier where detection ranges are completely uncompetitive compared to the T8-9, and the armament is scaled back so that T5-6 aren't completely blown out of the water. That being said, Maass really needs good equipment and a good commander to be strong. The HP pool and hydro are the main selling points. Here's the build I use (start with the right-most skills first and get concealment ASAP): Some general tips would be to: 1. Use the hydro primarily to push into smoke or assist you early on in taking caps safely. She's not agile, and needs as much torp warning as possible. 2. Ask your team for help and keep them informed of your plans. As you mentioned, the guns aren't the best, so see if you can div with a gunboat or cruiser to secure kills. 3. Don't be afraid to use the AP against broadside DDs. The HE is anemic, so if you can get AP pens it can really help the damage numbers. This also works with a good angle close-mid range against cruisers, but be prepared to swap to HE if you find you're getting overpens. It's a little bit of a mixed bag until you get used to how the AP works. 4. Always have an escape plan. Again, she's not agile. Try to play her conservatively and use her HP later when you really need to push in and make plays. Best of luck!
  9. FullMetal_Inferno

    Tashkent sixth slot Upgrades - or are they all just downgrades

    Still on Kiev myself, but think of it this way. 1. There may not be planes to shoot down every match. Even if there were, the upgrade would still not deter a determined sortie. 2. There may not be any opportunities to launch or even land torpedoes. Russian torps are fairly short-ranged and almost impossible to fire from stealth. This requires closing the distance or utilizing a driveby strategy. Both of which may be impossible due to radar, planes, basically every other DD spotting you, etc. 3. There is always an opportunity (and, frankly, and expectation) to use your guns when fighting. This is one of the main offensive advantages of the Russian DD lines: accurate, fast shell groupings with strong guns. Mid-long range engagements are preferred, using your speed to dodge incoming fire. The opinion of many skilled players would be to use the MBM for faster reload. As warheart says, this can be mitigated by taking the appropriate mod and captain skill if it truly bothers you. Another trick: Hold ctrl + x when aiming to lock your turrets in one direction. That way, you will have the turrets facing the correct side by the time you end up in a fight. Just remember to unlock them before firing.
  10. FullMetal_Inferno

    What music do you listen to while playing WOWS?

    Great for carrying!!
  11. FullMetal_Inferno


    I absolutely agree, Benson is underrated and could definitely use a buff in the torpedo department. Quick note Ahab, those are stock torp stats. Here are the upgraded: A huge alpha improvement, but the torps can be almost painfully slow at times and the reload is unsalvageable. When they hit they certainly hit though. With recent buffs coming to the Buffalo, there just might be some room for them to reevaluate some of the USN ships. Still praying for a Gearing model update
  12. FullMetal_Inferno

    Blyskawic coal ship and gold ship bug?

    I wish it showed. Don't get me wrong I can make her work, but it's definitely a lot more effort to play well compared to even tech tree T7s. She either needs more buffs or a retrofit T8. Which do you think WeeGee will choose?
  13. FullMetal_Inferno

    3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Rock Music on the Airplane

    Thanks for the good read, I will genuinely listen to the radio the next time I fly. Seems I can have a truly unique experience doing so. I can speak to rock music being great for long flights though. I remember one time when I flew to Seattle my MP3 shuffled to Nirvana - On A Plain (the Live MTV Unplugged version). Not only was it soothing but oddly fitting as it sounded like Kurt was singing about being on a 'plane' I can't complain!
  14. FullMetal_Inferno

    Update 0.10.8, technical issues

    Thanks for the communication on this. It's actually interesting seeing how problems like this are tackled. Best of luck, hoping for a quick and effective fix