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  1. Serevn

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    Can anyone think of a positive example of a game doing major revisions to gameplay elements? I can't think of any. Maybe FF14 but they practically rebuilt that game from the ground up.
  2. Serevn

    CV Rework Feedback

    So we go from the captain of a massive multi squadron aircraft carrier to being a commander of a single squadron? Can we queue with more than one carrier in a division? Maybe that'll be fun. I can already taste the salt of multiple squadrons coordinating repeated strikes to ruin someones day. And hey, if carriers get super popular, we may even get 3-4 per team. You guys ready for multiple squadrons making repeated runs on you? It'll be the good ol' days. Or they limiting CVs to 1 per team? Would defeat the purpose of attempting to make CVs more numerous. Of course we'll have those people who feel compelled to fly alllll the way over too the other enemy carriers to take them out before they can be taken out themselves. Riveting gameplay I'm sure. Really though, it's trading one niche gameplay for another. I'll take the RTS any day of the week. So far the only differences I see in balance is that we'll have more carriers, if that truly is the intent. And for everyone who doesn't play carriers the result will be more planes trying to nuke you. Repeatedly. Like 4 times in a row if you can't kill their planes fast enough. From multiple players all flying a squadron. I take it back, it's going to be good, soooo good.