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  1. Sky Cancer Weekend

    I think I lost only 2 matches in my shiny new USS Enterprise over the last 2 days. It's been a while since I got a kraken unleashed. Feels like people forgot how to deal with carriers. That or none of them are AA speced. I was slaughtering BBs with AP dive bombers who didn't have manual AA, particularly German BBs. Also ruined the day for a few Yamatos.
  2. Makes me wonder what will happen when they release the USS Enterprise CV-6 as a premium ship. RIP wallets and matchmaking as the queues are swarmed with bad high tier CV players.
  3. I got matched up in my New Mexico in a Tirpitz full match somehow. I made a lot of credits and xp that match. What was really funny was most of them shooting HE.
  4. I enjoy it when the enemy carrier sends it's planes at me in my carrier. I've never sunk to a single run and by the time their planes get all the way back to their carrier after traveling the whole map back and forth, I've already sunk 1 or 2 ships. Just gotta make sure you leave at least 1 plane in a squadron so they have that full travel time.
  5. I get what your saying, but you seem to be coming across as a little over the top. Lets keep it friendly.
  6. The amount of anime related things in this community disturbs me. Actually it's not really the anime, it's the so called "cute female" anime things that disturb me.