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  1. Careful. There's a lot of dads lurking on this forum that are just waiting to pounce on a typo like this one.
  2. Arizona is absolutely fine for all current T6 Operations. Sure, Raptor Rescue and Newport have some variability to them, but not so much that you'll find yourself out of the battle for the duration in either case. Once you learn the routes, you know where to be at each decision point. I rather doubt WV 41 will have any problem with them, either. Sure, less guns, but more damage when you hit.
  3. Fishrokk

    In-Game Countdown Clock

    It has bacon armor. Which should be a... [searches internet] ...yep, turns out it's a thing.
  4. I'm not so sure cruisers don't actually have a greater risk than DD's. On the whole, a DD in a tight spot almost always has a smoke screen available to break line of sight and beat a hasty retreat - an option which is not available to most cruisers in the game. Cruisers also have citadels and are less prone to large-caliber AP overpenetration. Not a point I'm going to argue with any vigor, just food for thought.
  5. Fishrokk

    Neustrashimy vs Black

  6. Which is something I mentioned in my quoted post just after the sentence you highlighted - but I don't think that's the real question. If it does turn out to be that boring then the initial swell will die down pretty quickly, but there will always be a fractional CV population because of new players and completionists. We'll end up in a short time back at an equilibrium relatively close to what we have now - except the small CV population will be due to the lack of variety rather than the inherent difficulty in being able to play competently with the class. Ultimately this chain of events would have little impact on the size of the player base as a whole. Even though the mechanics have changed, players who don't play CV's and don't like playing against them will experience far fewer encounters with CV squadrons overhead. That, for them, will be a net positive. This is where the CV rework fails, but it doesn't kill the game. If it doesn't turn out to be that boring, the initial swell will last a lot longer. WG will have a short window to tweak several balance aspects to make sure the CV population doesn't stay too high, and that CV's are not overly powerful. If they take too long getting there, they will lose a lot of regular players who just get tired of fighting OP planes battle after battle. This is where the game dies. I can envision a version of what I've seen where a little more is added to the CV player's plate to combat the lack of variety, AA is strengthened to be viable and possibly mechanically tweaked, and we end up with a satisfying gameplay experience for everyone. WG has already been saying they intend to make changes to what they release in 8.0 to try and get there. The length of time the influx of CV's lasts will depend on this. How many players the game ultimately loses will depend on this.
  7. I can fully understand that! And I sympathize with those who have the degree of aptitude necessary to develop the skill to do well in the RTS - but I'm not one of them. I am very much looking forward to this new mode which seems much more within my grasp. At the same time, after the game play video I've watched, I'm also afraid I might quickly find it dull as well.
  8. More carriers, without a doubt. Even if they allow three CV's per side, though, the rest of us are still looking at either the same number of, or a general decrease in the number of squadrons overhead. The real question is how long it will last.
  9. Fishrokk

    Tier VII BB Lyon

    Yeah, and with dispersion that pretty much guarantees hits on any light cruiser in the general vicinity of the point of aim. When a Lyon's aim is on point, you won't get a chance to dodge a second salvo. Wanna see something scary? Edit: I'm laughing just watching this again. I've been wanting to try this since I saw this. Haven't gotten around to it yet. Lyon's safe as your favorite T7 BB, at least from this competition.
  10. Fishrokk

    Just wondering, really no salt intended.

    If you play a DD the same way in a match with a Belfast on the red team as you do in a match without a Belfast... OP - I like them in game (and don't play them under the current UI) because they just make the game feel more realistic. WW2 naval combat without carrier aircraft just wouldn''t feel like authentic WW2 naval combat to me. As it stands, there are enough Random matches without them that they don't bother me overly much.
  11. Fishrokk

    Fix the CV rework in three easy steps.

    Okay, I can understand the frequency issue. No, I have not played the rework - either in a CV or as a surface ship. But a basic comparison between current game and rework, except at tier 4 and maybe 5, have players under the eyes of more squadrons of aircraft now than they will be under the rework. One Hosho at tier 5 in the current game fields more squadrons than three rework carriers of any tier. So, I hope you can understand where my skepticism comes from. What do you mean by 'incidental spotting'? You still have the, "well, you won't understand 'til you experience it for yourself" argument. And you could be right. My experience with the game so far is that a logical analysis of announced changes beforehand has largely matched my experience of the change once it rolls out.
  12. True enough. Also, OP, removing friendly fire can enable an entirely different form of griefing. It would probably also not be used very often, but imagine a friendly blocking your movement and shots just because they can. It would suck mightily. Well, we can't have a good prediction go to waste. Here you go.