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  1. I would try the other direction - look for that particular signature in the context of metal/bronze casting.
  2. Gremyaschy needs a buff

    She still hasn't shed her rep of being the OP tier 5 gun boat. I don't feel it when I drive her - that turret traverse is just bad. But I've been putting that down to me just being an average player.
  3. Best or Most fun gun boats?

    If you're talking gun boats, I'm really liking De Grasse right now (of all things). I'm mostly using her in operations, dedicated captain with IFHE, putting up some pretty stunning hits and damage. Never have to load AP, you can citadel most of the cruisers you face with HE. In Randoms, well, she's a little more challenging. Shchors was fun - strong, accurate guns with long range and fast reload. When I'm done with Chapayev, I'll likely buy it back again and put her captain back in her. The Donskoi and Moskva might be challenging with a new captain, but my Russian cruiser line captain is set up for 152mm mains and fourteen points is a long grind. Edit - Ark Beta for sure, @Morpheous!
  4. Thanks for featuring me again! Neither of these were particularly spectacular games on my part, I appreciate that you're willing to feature and critique us 'average joes'. At least I can watch these without facepalming!
  5. What do you think of RDF?

    1) Not often, but statistically speaking not never. I still feel that is a deficiency in the skill. 2) Fair point. 3) No, I don't believe I made that argument. I'm not making it now. But, for the cost, the benefit for PM is actually pretty huge. In Dungeons and Dragons terms, it grants a universal +6 to module death saving throws. 4) Point taken. 5) True, but I'll take PM in most cases anyway for the increased module survivability, and just assume that when I'm spotted everything I can see is aiming at me, plus some things I can't.
  6. What do you think of RDF?

    Are you 100% sure of this? The listing of the skill in the wiki seems...imprecise and a little self-contradictory to me. The description says is shows how many people are targeting your ship. Only in the effect window does it specify "main battery guns". If so, that seems like a bug that swagged it's way into being a feature. How valuable a skill is it if you can have three DD's tee'd up on you with torpedoes and never have a clue?
  7. DD Question

    I dunno. Both the KM and PA DD's have some pretty heavy deficiencies in the DD vs. DD knife fight. KM guns are good, and the hydro is a nice trick, but that traverse. If the enemy gets you in a turning contest, you're done. The weakness of the PA DD's in that scenario is, of course, the deep water torpedos. Your enemy has freedom to maneuver, and knows it, and (unless they are also PA DD) may be able to force your rudder with their own torpedoes.
  8. Seagal's departing!

    That's right. ... Now where can I vote for Boaty McBoatface?
  9. New Player, Bunch of Questions

    1. True. You probably have a couple of months, you should be able to finish Phoenix, get through Omaha and pick up Cleveland in that time. 2. No. One of the biggest flaws of this game, in my humble opinion. 3. Personally, unless you can play about ten games each and every single day, I wouldn't bother. If you can and want to, more power to you and best of luck! 4. Not. Some WoT veterans want to make CVs out to be the 'Arty of WoWs! '. Personally, I don't buy it. CVs are ...broken (for lack of a better term), but for different and much more complex reasons. Unless you like and are good at top-down RTS games, can keep track of at least four and maybe up to ten assets, and want to dedicate yourself to this one class, I would skip it for now. We've been told there is a rework coming, but it's been a long time since I recall any clear communication from WG on that. If they do rework it, I would revisit it at that time.
  10. Along with a nickname for the city (and ship) I've never in my life heard before.
  11. Gotcha - if I came across uptight, my bad. Interesting thing, they note in that summary "up to .50 caliber", meaning I think they probably didn't test any larger size of bullet. I didn't see that particular episode (though I did see one where they were shooting into snow and ice). Be interesting to run that test up to 16" and see what happens!
  12. This is not what they found. The link I provided above is to Mythbusters referencing this issue.
  13. That's because the faster bullet disintegrates as a result of contact with the water. Not because it slows down faster than the slower moving bullet - that would break the laws of physics. I doubt the projectiles fired by the guns in this game would completely disintegrate, since they have so much more mass than a bullet, so my educated guess to answer your question would be 'no'. A definite answer would require knowing how they have modeled shells hitting the water.
  14. Seeing as how you can already add a clan graphic in WoT (that displays in game on your tanks to everyone), it is difficult to understand why a clan graphic in WoWs would need a prelude.
  15. Ah, that wasn't immediately apparent. Who said anything about mad?