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  1. Fishrokk

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

    Srsly, tho - most of my WoWs for about the last year has been with a group that does scenario/ops divs. Can't wait to log in tonight!
  2. Fishrokk

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

  3. Fishrokk

    Why isn't Arms Race T8 only?

    I don’t have a lot of experience with T9/10 randoms. Based on the volume of forum complaints I’ve seen about the stagnant play at that level, and the fairly dynamic Arms Race games I’ve played (even without full teams), I doubt it. There simply is no back line camping. Some of the players still make bad decisions and poor plays, but they’re making them up there on the front lines. And I’m not complaining about that since I’m still learning at these tiers myself. I’m pretty sure the lack of players in the mode is almost solely due to what rewards the mode is eligible for.
  4. Fishrokk

    Narai...it shouldn't be this hard

    That’s risking a quick trip back to port - the Missouri’s gunnery is no joke. Let your DD torp the Missouri. That’s what he’s there for.
  5. Fishrokk

    The Ring Contest

    Ummm... Nope.
  6. Fishrokk

    new Warspite owner

    Tell that to the then-tier-7, full health Pensacola I one-shotted at near max range (this was fairly early after open beta release). I'm not saying 'don't get close' or 'stay at range and snipe', but Warspite is effective at all ranges. If you have shots of opportunity as you're moving in, don't hesitate. Fire. ^^ What he said.
  7. Fishrokk

    Four dd's total or Four per side???

    Unless they are already behind, if one team quickly kills a few enemy boats of any type, the game becomes unbalanced.
  8. Fishrokk

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    Gotta be quicker on the Michael Bay joke when I see a topic like this. Okay, got it.
  9. Fishrokk

    Sprint Ranked; Neat Idea, Bad Timing

    It will give newer players a chance to 'sprint' through tier 5 without a lot of tier 7 competition to deal with. For ships like Emerald, that's a pretty big leg up. Maybe it's not a terrible thing that this particular season isn't as enticing to veteran players.
  10. So... <.< >.> ...what gimmick should it get?
  11. Fishrokk

    Fleet Action Friday - Operation Dynamo

    Sims, Leningrad, Blyskawica. All my tech tree DD lines that qualify are past T6/7. FWIW, they all work just great!
  12. Fishrokk

    Subs might underperform

    That's a definite possibility, but in one sense it kind of has to be a test bed. Given the recent leak of the new CV game play footage, NDA's notwithstanding, it seems very unlikely that they could have had any sort of live play test at scale with the new type to date without that getting out. Even if it has been thoroughly tested with a small group, until it is in the hands of the player base at large, I don't think WG can be confident that they've got it dialed in. They need to know, and that's what the Halloween event will provide. All that said, I'll say this - you could be 100% right.
  13. Fishrokk

    Subs might underperform

    Absolutely. I wasn't necessarily arguing against submarines. I'm just saying that none of the intelligent arguments on the subject - either for or against - has ever been, "If you disagree with me, you're a doo-doo head!".
  14. Fishrokk

    Subs might underperform

    Important to remember, all we've seen is gameplay concept video so far with very little concrete explanation from the developers to accompany it. Also, as Jingles pointed out in his video on the subject, the Halloween event as shown will only allow WG to gather information on how playable the type is from the perspective of driving one. Unless they are also added to the OpFor, and players are also allowed to drive surface ships for the event, testing ASW in game is going to require a whole additional process. Lastly, one of the sub models shown did sport a deck gun - though we didn't see any use of it in the video. Or even any indication that it would be useable. I don't think anyone can conclude that it won't be, though. Assuming that people who disagree with you are stupid and inconsequential merely because they disagree with you is both lazy and dangerous. Wars have been lost this way. There have been many arguments against the inclusion of submarines in game that are both intelligent and applicable. A good number of them have come from WG.