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  1. I would add a setting to the UI that defaults all the ship info panels in Port (save the Armor profile one) to open all the time. I would add a similar setting to default all mini-map circles to 'on', and also add a control where I can set them per ship *without having to be in a game*. I would add a section where I can see and manage all my captains whether or not they are in the Reserve or currently assigned to a ship.
  2. Fishrokk

    New Map: Voting Results

    Voted no. Why's it all gotta be icy?
  3. Fishrokk

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    o7, LWM & Chobi. Thank you for all you've done! Happy trails, and best wishes to you both.
  4. Fishrokk

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Alright, collab kinda makes sense. Both properties have a maritime aspect. This could be cool, new 3D skin... DEAR GOD WHAT IS THE LIZARD DOING TO THAT PAGODA MAST?!?!?!?
  5. No - thank you for reading what I wrote, actually thinking about it and giving a constructive response, rather than just knee-jerk popping in on a new thread, and dropping a deuce.
  6. Fair enough! I would advocate for this as better than my original suggestion.
  7. Limiting the skills used in battle to the ship-type-skill tree is too restrictive - some ships are not exemplary of their type. For example, as another player mentioned in another thread, USS Alaska has a lot more in common with a battleship than a light cruiser. I should be able to use some of the battleship skills on my Alaska captain. Currently, every Alaska captain is limited to a set of skills that are optimized for ships that are very little like her. Putting every ship-type skill tree on every captain just quadrupled the player's job of managing commander skill profiles. 60 captains before 0.10.0 meant 60 skill profiles. After 0.10.0 - now it's 240, with the additional task of figuring out which specific four ships a player is going to train each captain for. This makes port management a much larger time sink. Going out on a limb here, I think most players would rather be playing the game than managing details in port. Suggested solution: Each commander has one set of skills. (Insert Liam Neeson reference...) The skill tree for the ship type a captain is (currently) trained on is shown as "main" or recommended branch, each of the others are shown as "not recommended". If a skill is in two branches at different point levels: If it is in the captain's main branch, that is the only place it can be selected. If it is in two "not recommended" branches, it is only available at the highest point cost. The player is allowed to fill captain skills from all four ship-type trees without additional penalty. (i.e., it doesn't cost more to pick a BB skill for a DD trained captain, BB skills aren't less effective in a cruiser, etc.) This takes it back to one captain, one ship; and allows the player to select the best skills for the specific ship that captain is trained on. It also restores intended and tested capabilities to ships that have been effectively removed by the captain skill rework.
  8. 1. Sell Reports for Doubloons. 10 Doubloons for 5 Reports. 2. Permanent camos ala Type 11 (Anshan-specific premium camo, with additional +100% FXP boost) or Type 30 (Prinz Eugen-specific premium camo, with an additional +50% base XP and +50% Commander XP boosts) that we can purchase and apply to any ship. Kinda like permanent economic flags.
  9. When I'm looking at a ship in port I think it would be cool if, when I put my mouse cursor over a weapon (torpedoes, main artillery) in the ship stats detail panel on the left-hand side of the screen, the firing angles of each mount of that weapon was projected on the water around the ship. It should look like when a player activates their torpedoes in game, just without the aiming indicator.
  10. Fishrokk

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Why the drawing? Why not just complete the missions and earn the ship? You guys are way too stingy with digital goods.
  11. Fishrokk

    New MM Looks great :( <FACEPALM>

    I had one of those last night in Donskoi - no CV in my match, and the queue was reading 20+ for all the non-CV's.
  12. Fishrokk

    Should I save my free XP?

    I would add, if you are enjoying a ship (and by your following posts, you are having a good time with Nagato) - even if she has weaknesses - enjoy playing out the grind. Bank the FXP, and snag an FXP ship.
  13. Except that time my Tirpitz took out a Khab on one side and a Gearing on the other, leaving my mains available to finish off another T8 BB at close range. It wasn't torpedoes that got me in the end - it was a Yamato standing off about 18 klicks. Yeah, I know - "that one time..." And to be perfectly fair, it was just that one time that it worked so well, but it's not like that's the only time I've had secondaries firing off both sides in PvP. But for some of us, the fact you have remember to activate it under fire to get anything out of it makes MS the inferior option.
  14. Which was why, in my suggestion, I also suggested a nerf to DD visibility from the air - to give the CV player an opportunity to make that rocket attack. The very fact that my stats are public completely negated someone assuming I'm a DD main in the first place, but don't let that enter into your calculations.
  15. My suggestion was to limit airplane field of view. But - according to my thread - I only suggested that because (as a player who plays all classes) I want to see DD's more powerful than CV's. Either that or I only suggested it because I run straight into caps at the beginning of each and every match and just can't handle adapting to the new meta. Careful about making threads like this. You'll learn stuff about yourself you never knew before!