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  1. Too Many Resources?

    We've had this discussion before. The benefit that was provided =/= the mechanism it was provided through. Nobody is arguing against the benefit.
  2. Too Many Resources?

    It's not. There were very easy to think of ways to use already existing parts of the UI to accomplish what Coal, Steel and the Arsenal were added to do. I would much rather the core product platform was further developed and improved than have shiny new things added to distract me from the fact that the core product platform could really use further development and improvement.
  3. Considering that, in order to make it less appealing would almost necessitate incorporating actual physical pain into the process, I'm not sure your poll question makes much sense. I mean, I suppose they could make it where if you ready up a CV and click the "Battle" button, it waits and loads you into a match... and then plays a graphic of your ship being bombed, kills you and dumps you back to port. That might be less appealing, if not much different from the experience as I remember it. But short of that, yeah, would require some sort of bodily injury. There is a small possibility I may have engaged in a slight degree of hyperbole here. Small. Very remote.
  4. This is the a problem. The existence of Tier X doesn't automatically make it the "end game" - people don't stop playing and declare they've "beaten the game" because they've reached tier X. That's what "end game" means - the game ends. Nor can we regard Ranked or Clan Battles as 'end game' content. Owing to the schedule alone, it isn't likely a player will graduate to these modes and play them exclusively. Pile on the economic incentives to play other tiers in other modes, and the odds are far lower. In a game such as this, is the concept of 'end game content' useful? If the answer to that question is 'no', shouldn't that inform the tier selection for competitive modes like Ranked and Clan Battles? Tier IX should absolutely be in consideration for competitive modes.
  5. "Men, I know that hot-bunking hasn't been pleasant so far. Well, I have some bad news. As you know, we pull in to take on supplies tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, you will all be hot-bunking with a torpedo."
  6. Yeah, but they can be shot down through islands, too. What you lose in the turns, you make up for in the straightaways.
  7. Boise

    That's Fishrokk, spelled F-I-S-H-R-O-K-K.
  8. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    I was going to say as much myself. There isn't any shame in that, and don't let anyone shame you for it if that's your choice. There is a set of the player base that only play co-op, even at least one clan dedicated to it. If I implied any looking-down on co-op players, that was not my intent. If that's what you like, ship on, sir! You're welcome!
  9. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    There's a world of difference between the bots and live players. Making the bots "more skilled" may sharpen your mechanical skills at the game, but they do not do things that live players will do - both smart and not-so-smart (to be generous). If you're great at ammunition selection, targeting and armor angling you will have a leg up over someone who isn't - but the bots won't teach you strategy. A bot is never going to set up an island ambush on you. If something like that happens, it's a matter of circumstance - the bot just happened to be on the other side of that island from you on the way to wherever it was going anyway. About the only thing a bot will do that approximates what a (bad) player is run right at ya. I don't play a lot of co-op, but I've never seen anyone report a bot kiting, angling armor, or turning away to preserve HP. Whatever tier you are at, I would consider dropping two tiers back and starting into randoms from there. You can begin to develop your strategic intelligence in regards to the game at a level you might feel more comfortable with.
  10. Seattle is Terribad

    What's a "sullivan class cruiser"? Atlanta was the lead ship of her class. The Sullivan brothers perished on USS Juneau (CL-52, which was an Atlanta-class cruiser). USS The Sullivans (DD-537) was a Fletcher-class destroyer...
  11. Pensacola vs Dallas

    Oh, and one more thing, OP. If you play Operations with any regularity, selling the Pensacola would be a sub-optimal move. It is very good in all the T6 ops.
  12. Pensacola vs Dallas

    I don't think the Pensacola's problem is in-game performance. I think it is because the better players had already gone past her at T7, and most of them hated the ship at that tier. So none of them had any reason to play her again at T6 and discover that she's really much better equipped to handle battles in that MM space. The people who are playing her now are grinding, they are getting to her a tier earlier, so they are less experienced overall and - there's the jump. The jump from 6" to 8" guns. Maybe they've already encountered it on the IJN cruiser line jumping from Kuma to Furutaka, but maybe not.
  13. I've been choosing the least-hyped team of the three every day so far. So little publicity for it that hardly anybody even realizes there is a third team - Team X! (We're very mysterious, us Team-Xers.) It's tough to spot with the Join Sharks and Join Eagles buttons being so big in comparison. They only gave my team's button a paltry few pixels in the upper right hand corner of the splash screen. But it's enough to get the job done. I don't blame WG for that, though. Obviously they just ran out of screen real estate. Planning can be such a nightmare. No complaints so far!