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  1. From a fellow old fogey who has met his share of aged fools (and been one from time to time), FTFY.
  2. The rules and consequences for breaking them are not merely public knowledge - they’ve gone so far as to push the articles from the game’s website into your game client. Through that medium, they pushed a number of articles in your face regarding the team damage/team kill system, which is automatic, and changed recently. If you were not aware that this was going to happen to you prior to torpedoing your team mates - regardless of their actions - that is fully on you. Wargaming went out of their way to make sure you had the opportunity to read and understand the rules. Now you know, and hopefully you’ll decide that it isn’t worth it. If you were aware, then you made a value judgement - retaliation was worth the sanction. Why are you complaining about it? Either way, you won’t find much sympathy for shooting at your team mates on this forum no matter what the circumstances were.
  3. Or possibly he was chasing a kiting cruiser who was just at the edge of gun range. Catch up a bit as she turns to get a full broadside off, ship appears. Ship turns tail, runs out of the range again and disappears. Meantime you're sailing towards him, so you're sailing into the shells he's launching at the edge of his range, but you're actually not in his gun range most of the time. It's more difficult to hit that way since you can't lock the target, but I've done it a few times and I'm only an average player.
  4. Fair enough, and solid reasoning. You're a better player than I am, judging by all the blue and purple in that sig, so it makes a lot of sense that I would choose captain skills and modules that help me mitigate the damage I'm taking - while you're just avoiding taking it in the first place.
  5. Why would you take PT on a battleship? You don't have the rudder shift to avoid any but the longest-range fire. And if you need to stop shooting to go dark, you certainly don't need that skill to tell you - the massive amount of incoming fire should be adequate indication. Good catch - I didn't read all the boxes on the wiki for that module. I'd still go APR1 here for the main battery buff unless you're running a dedicated AA build.
  6. Captain first: IMO, Expert Loader is a worthless 1-point skill - even on John Doe. The most efficient way to change your ammo type is to fire your guns. That lets you at least get some immediate damage on your target, even though you aren't firing the optimum shell type. There is a real, psychological effect to receiving incoming fire even in a video game. As @DreadRaybo mentions above, I would take Preventive Maintenance here. The improvement to the survivability of your modules is a benefit that no other 1-point skill comes close to for a battleship. Priority Target has its uses, but you don't dodge a lot of artillery when you're driving a battleship, and you can assume if you're seen, you'll be shot at. Expert Marksman is a great choice for MO at the 2-point level. I would switch out Jack of All Trades High Alert for Adrenaline Rush, again as DreadRaybo recommends. With that big HP pool and battleship heals, you can comfortably trade the first third to half of your health pool for a better rate of fire. (Just keep a weather eye on any Yamatos or Musashis in the match, and don't show broadside to any T9/10 BBs - but you should be doing all that anyway...) Basic Firing Training at the 3-point level works good on MO. Superintendent... there's a case to be made for it, but I look at it this way - how often do I end a battle out of consumables? For a US BB captain, I think that Basics of Survivability is useful to reduce the pain of floods/fires in the unfortunate (but inevitable) event that your Damage Control Party happens to be on cool down. Concealment Expert at 4-point is a solid choice. Advanced Firing Training will really give your AA umbrella a nice bump, and the CV rework will be coming along at some point. Alternatively, Fire Prevention is a 4-point skill you can get a lot of mileage out of since you can be pretty sure at least half (if not two-thirds) of the red ships are going to be bombing you with HE as often and as long as possible. Combined with Basics of Survivability, this can really extend the life of your Missouri in each individual match. In the upgrade modules, first, if you've played that much in Missouri, why on earth isn't your sixth slot filled already? You should have earned the credits to do that many times over. I would concentrate on it. Otherwise, for slots1 & 2, you're good. For slot 3, I'd dump the AA mod and mount either MBM2 (faster turret traverse, worse reload time) or ASM1 (tighter dispersion) to buff your mains. For slots 4 & 5, again I think you've got solid choices in there. For that 6th slot, I would either double down on improving your dispersion with APR Mod 2 if you put ASM1 in slot 3, or take a range improvement with GFCS Mod 2 if you put MBM2 in slot 3.
  7. American crate missions

    I would expect mission distribution to be the same for all players. Typically, if you buy a premium in the shop that you already have, you get the port slot, whatever extras might have come with it (x-point captain, for example) and the doubloon value of the ship. If it comes in a mission, you usually get the port slot, whatever extras might have come with it, and the credit value of the ship.
  8. So you publicly support injustice? Interesting.
  9. And an obligatory warning for those of you using laptops with Nvidia cards built in: You need your drivers from your laptop manufacturer, not straight from Nvidia as these cards are NOT the same as the video cards of the exact same model for desktop PC's. There are differences in the drivers. There's an outside chance this may be dated information, but it was certainly true for the last two laptops I've gotten with discrete video cards (meaning an actual separate video card as opposed to the Intel video hardware that is integrated into the laptop motherboard).
  10. OP, there was a major change to the smoke mechanic a couple patches back that has the potential to really mess up games for you if you don’t know about it. Now it will reduce your detection bloom when you fire your guns, but the larger the guns you have, the farther away you can be seen from. DD’s still have good concealment in smoke, only a little more than 2km auto-detect radius. Cruiser size guns in smoke will get you spotted by ships between 5 to 7-ish(?) km, and BB guns will light you up out to 12 km or so.
  11. I don’t think overpens on hull hits are a thing for either one of these ships. OP, look at the angles of the bows of both ships. Nagato has sleeker lines from her prow to her full width, where Colorado has a much more pronounced double curve. This means if you present the same bow-on, angled profile to an enemy, they actually have a flatter area to hit on Colorado than they do on Nagato. That will result in fewer bounces for Colorado.
  12. If I’m playing a BB in the tier range, Nurn is pretty much the only target I’ll prioritize over an Omaha if they are both in gun range. They pop like zits. Thing is, I have to get those shots off quick or else someone beats me to the punch. If you’re not experiencing that when you drive her, you must be doing something right.
  13. Iwaki Alpha? I think I saw a couple of Makarov’s in Ops last night. But yeah, having played Nurnberg, experiencing it living up to the phrase “obligatory exploding Nurnberg” (which I’ve heard from multiple sources), I’m not surprised it didn’t sell like hot cakes.
  14. Atlanta Captain Skills

    Yes. Sure, you're firing 14 guns at any target, but they are the WoWs equivalent of pop-guns. Without IFHE, they can bounce and shatter even on BB superstructure. The fire chance for a single shell is so low to begin with that, to light fires on enemy ships, Atlanta relies on volume of shells to get the job done. You won't see any significant change in that aspect of Atlanta's gunnery with IFHE vs. without. I don't have a dedicated captain for Atlanta - whenever I run it I move my Cleveland captain over (the ships are similar enough to benefit from the same skill set). At 14 points, I'm currently running PM, EM, BFT, AFT, IFHE. If that changes after the split, what with Cleveland moving up two tiers and facing thicker armor, then I'll keep this captain for Atlanta specifically and put a new skipper in the Cleveland.
  15. Torpedoes on cruisers are mostly a defensive weapon. Except in very few instances, you don't have the concealment that a DD does when you're trying to line up a strike, and the firing arcs, as mentioned above, usually mean that you need to be near enough to full broadside to your target that your citadel is exposed. Sure, the UK CL's have smoke, but everyone expects torpedoes out of smoke so that's a low-percentage play. Couple that with how smoke usually attracts torpedoes, and the percentage gets even lower. If you're not risk-averse, you could try island ambushes. That's your best bet to use them as an offensive weapon. Otherwise, they're for surprise DD's and BB's that manage to close range. And in the second case, they're more likely your last resort weapon because your match is most likely about to end. But, but, but... 4 is an even tier! [wah, wah, wah, waaaaaah] I'll see myself out.