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  1. When I'm looking at a ship in port I think it would be cool if, when I put my mouse cursor over a weapon (torpedoes, main artillery) in the ship stats detail panel on the left-hand side of the screen, the firing angles of each mount of that weapon was projected on the water around the ship. It should look like when a player activates their torpedoes in game, just without the aiming indicator.
  2. Fishrokk

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Why the drawing? Why not just complete the missions and earn the ship? You guys are way too stingy with digital goods.
  3. Fishrokk

    New MM Looks great :( <FACEPALM>

    I had one of those last night in Donskoi - no CV in my match, and the queue was reading 20+ for all the non-CV's.
  4. I use it, but like most good mods, it should be adopted into the client. Also, like *all* other purely cosmetic options, this should have had a built-in off switch on the first day of release. Pray tell, where can I find it?
  5. Can we please have the option to turn off patches and emblems in the client? They are the only cosmetic feature that does not have this option. I do not want them. I am not interested in the patch or emblem of the player who killed me obscuring my view of the battle when I get killed. I'm not interested in shoving anything personal in the face of any player I have just killed. That's just juvenile. I am not interested in either of them as rewards. I don't want them in crates. I don't want them from completing missions. I do not apply them to my account. I will not grind for them. They are a net negative in my experience of the game. Please just let me make them go away. I don't want to take them away from any player who likes them. How many times do we have to ask for this?
  6. Takao should be available via missions. Missions should not require devotion to the game as a second job for a player to earn a reward. Seriously, I haven't earned a reward ship through missions since before Dreadnought was released.
  7. In Random Battles with three ship tiers present, a team gains/loses more points for sinking ships based on their type, with CV's awarding the most, BB's next, then CA/CL's, then DD's. If the game is balanced properly, each ship at each tier should be equally capable considering their relative strengths and weaknesses. Points gained or lost for sunk ships should be dependent on the ship tier, not the ship type. Why should my team get more points in a T6 - T8 game for sinking the red team's Nürnberg than the enemy team would get for sinking our Kiev? One of these things is definitely easier to do than the other given players of equal skill.
  8. Fishrokk

    Should I save my free XP?

    I would add, if you are enjoying a ship (and by your following posts, you are having a good time with Nagato) - even if she has weaknesses - enjoy playing out the grind. Bank the FXP, and snag an FXP ship.
  9. Fishrokk

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Been playing since CBT. Just not the way you want me to, I guess. At tier 8 & 9 on 20 tech tree lines. Hasn't been an award ship I could earn in the time I get to play since Dreadnought was released. See you October 5th.
  10. There's nothing they buy that I want. Why does regular game play at certain tiers with no opt-in accumulate them on my account? If there's to be some payout at the end for unspent tokens, why can't I just get it now, token for token?
  11. Fishrokk

    Why even play T10?

    So if it's getting stuck in with a serious team versus another serious team for good coordinated action... yeah, Random battles are not going to be your sweet spot, and you need to pull down at least one tier 10 as soon as you can to get there. Being that's your wheelhouse, find yourself a clan that is stuck into Clan Battles now. They can work with you to teach you the finer points of game mechanics that normally won't set in through osmosis 'til at least 1,500(-ish) battles for the average player - and that's if they ever do set in at all. There are some edge cases for angles, armor penetration, and damage mechanics that I'll probably never have a gut-level understanding of. A few hundred battles in this game is not really that much experience yet. I didn't read the whole thread closely, so if someone's already mentioned that the rewards at T10 are at least partially meant to keep you playing lower tier ships at least some of the time (to be able to afford losing at tier 10), please forgive me for the repetition. Individually, to the player it is happening to, it is unsatisfying. Overall, it keeps the lower tiers more populated, which helps fill queues for newer players. All that said, you're completely correct in noticing there isn't a whole lot of coordinated tactical play going on in Random battles. It is what it is, 'The Circus', 'The Zoo', whatever you want to call it. You'll have a better chance of encountering some of it, though, if you regularly start your matches with some sort of communication to your team - either asking if anyone else has a plan (for me usually asking which two of the three cap points to focus on, or which flank to go on), or announcing what your opening move is going to be. Edit: I forgot to tell you about the second step here: Ignore any jerks who give you crap for this, and try to play the other side of the map from them. Original continues... You probably have a lot more situational awareness and ability to multi-task in game than I do - I am rarely able to keep that communication up once the virtual ordnance starts flying, but I'd bet that the longer you can, the better results you'll get. Welcome to the game, hope you enjoy it, good hunting!
  12. Except that time my Tirpitz took out a Khab on one side and a Gearing on the other, leaving my mains available to finish off another T8 BB at close range. It wasn't torpedoes that got me in the end - it was a Yamato standing off about 18 klicks. Yeah, I know - "that one time..." And to be perfectly fair, it was just that one time that it worked so well, but it's not like that's the only time I've had secondaries firing off both sides in PvP. But for some of us, the fact you have remember to activate it under fire to get anything out of it makes MS the inferior option.
  13. Which was why, in my suggestion, I also suggested a nerf to DD visibility from the air - to give the CV player an opportunity to make that rocket attack. The very fact that my stats are public completely negated someone assuming I'm a DD main in the first place, but don't let that enter into your calculations.
  14. My suggestion was to limit airplane field of view. But - according to my thread - I only suggested that because (as a player who plays all classes) I want to see DD's more powerful than CV's. Either that or I only suggested it because I run straight into caps at the beginning of each and every match and just can't handle adapting to the new meta. Careful about making threads like this. You'll learn stuff about yourself you never knew before!
  15. Fishrokk

    Monarch: Bad at t8 worthless at t10

    Woohoo! I'm exactly one game in on my Monarch grind! I'll have to keep this in mind. I did tend to use AP more on the QE, but only because Warspite. TBH, I don't exactly remember how effective it was...