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  1. Friendly bump, Any openings on the casual side of the house?
  2. Been interesting , but not fun. Wish you the best, you will need it. later.
  3. Fully built base with membership open to 40 members! 11 slots open! Are you looking for a great clan with expert players and average players? Need a home with a active Discord, clan wars, ranked, and operations on top of all clan base bonuses? Check us out! We CAN HELP!
  4. Littorio-and-Vittorio-Italian-Battleships.
  5. Thanks for the replies. The frame rate is whats displayed in game. Accurate I dont know. Im going to check on the band width settings and then the Isp. Again thanks for the feedback.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    Yawn, none of these people are worth getting excited over...
  7. Anyone else have these issues? Frames are great over 120 for my rig, ping is all over the place from 20 to 500. Quad 1080 TI 32 gigs ram DDR 4 and 1 gig download. This is the only game I lag on and I don't get it since it's 10 years behind for graphics and overall demand. I do not have WG game center. Thoughts?
  8. I hope they bumping the pen of this new tier 8 Cleveland because the tier 6 sucks over all unless you catch a idiot. As far as cruiser lines go remember the Cleveland class was the most produced class of ww2 for cruisers. so why not a heavy as a replacement or why not just a skip in line to the tier 8? Nothing in this game is close or even close to history except looks.