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  1. 7 day ban for not cheating

    Still got players banned last year...You have a product your trying to protect too so no trust for you either... The solution is simple WG needs to include the mods in the game down load then all other mods become illegal until they include them in the game.
  2. REVY is recruiting Casual only Captains

    1 member slot open. Who wants it!
  3. Have Fun and I do miss you buddy!


    1. Rolkatsuki


      You too Solar miss u lots too!

      /^_\\ /


  4. REVY is recruiting Casual only Captains

    REVY is full but I do have a select few MIA members I can replace with the right active players. Don't be shy. We Love explosions!
  5. REVY is recruiting Casual only Captains

    I must apologize, I messed up sorting Apps to the clan and mistakenly declined 4 apps. Please resend the apps if yours was declined.
  6. REVY is recruiting Casual only Captains

    Made room for 1, so if you are looking for a Clan to give you base bonuses without the hassle of Clan wars or forced play times check us out. All I ask is you play the game somewhat each week. Happy Hunting!
  7. REVY is recruiting Casual only Captains

    REVY is happy to announce we are full at this time. If you still want to join us please PM me I will see what we can do. Happy Hunting!