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  1. Pussnboats

    CV Exploits

    So I ran into a exploiting CV's today. He was stealth dropping torps every 20s causing everyone to die from flooding. I took 70k damage from flooding and 50k from shells. This is not fun not engaging and very frustrating. Needless to say wont be playing anymore bbs until this is fixed. He was also using the F key exploit when he did get spotted like a real sport. Otherwise I really enjoy the CV just not the exploits at IJN T10
  2. Pussnboats

    DD Grinds border to win knife fight

    No A DD is not a easy target to hit when they are grinding the border....it is cheating and they need to take damage otherwise it will never stop, the fact that they do it all the time is proof enough that a majority of players DO NOT find this easy. It is a very easy fix for a ship to start taking damage as soon as they hit the border
  3. SO I jumped a DD near the border and he intentionally grinds the border to win a duel....even with the slow down...this cheating needs to be fixed NOW by you WG. When Ships grind the border they must take damage. It is cheating especially when they do it on purpose Very disgruntled about this
  4. Seen many ships now grinding the border to exploit game in ranked. I would strongly suggest that when a ship does this they take flooding damage at least until they stop, and team points reduction as well.
  5. Pussnboats

    Captain Skills

    Well Bugger Me, I played yesterday in Clan Battles, but it sounds like I missed the cut off. Why restrict it to Clan Battles Only? Do people playing randoms not count for anything WG? Seems a little odd.
  6. Pussnboats

    Captain Skills

    With the change in the meta, I have adapted my gameplay. However now I need to tweak captain skills in this new meta. With 140+ ships I really do not want to pay in Doubloons or Elite Captain XP. Any chance of a free captain reset soon if you choose to?
  7. Pussnboats

    Possible Solution to Radar

    After a weekend of playtesting DDs with new influx of radar. I came to what works for me, maybe it works for too? DDs can no longer cap, without backup from at least half the team. DDs can no longer knife fight ever. If you do and try to run Ha, hello radar and back to port for you. Some dds simply cant be played anymore due to range of radar and lack of range in DDs guns and torps. When shooting Guns, do so close to your max range, Run and Gun if you want to stay alive. No more scouting, stay close to fleet if you want to live. Minotaur with Radar in some smoke a DD puffed LOL yeah i hate that. If you have the option of something else over smoke take it, smoke is useless now in most cases. Interesting to see what WG will do now, you just never know. I did have some really good games though, with high damage and to ship, but nearly as much damage I was doing per influx of radar. Best DD was Z-52 for me suprisingly
  8. Pussnboats

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I have just spent AN ENTIRE MATCH SPOTTED BY RADAR. Yup nothing wrong here, just move along. solid 7 mins spotted by radar between 5 and 10 km away from opponents. Yup completely balanced. (trying to move out of range using islands but yeah)
  9. Pussnboats

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Firstly, I am a cruiser main. I was a DD main when I first started. Decided to give DDs a try again with influx of all new radar ships. Attached is a picture of literally as close as I could get to a cap before being radared for the entire match ( I tried ALL caps, this is just one photo, but it was the same on ALL caps). Also you have to be very lucky to get a torp hit in with all the hydro as well. To end on a positive note, love cruisers lots of fun (Not so fun for the other ships though).
  10. Pussnboats

    Elephant in the room

    I cant tell you why no one caps, but I do know there is Radar Spam, HE Spam, and Torp Spam when you do. Had a game recently where a Radar Division get one cap point Radared FOR THE ENTIRE GAME> So yeah. WG has killed this game themselves, and only have themselves to blame.
  11. So I have been using training room to find citadels for CA and BB. Only problem so far is finding ANY citadel on a British or German BB. So far I have been using my Alace as the testing BB (as it is my main BB now). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Pussn(Salty)boats.
  12. In order for this game to succeed we need MORE players. Rewards for the top minority are not going to encourage the masses to come play. Me, personally, I am fine with what the OP is talking about but I do not think it will help to make this game popular, which is a problem.
  13. This. 3 Tier 10 BBS chasing a single bb on the bottom of the map when we are losing on points. They make no effort at all to win the match at all. I think in the photo only 2 remained.
  14. Pussnboats

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I have to admit, as a huge fanboy of cruisers and especially usn cruisers, I am very concerned for the current meta in this game. Their is such much dam radar, hyrdo, and aa burst around now that I see some classes at a major disadvantage. BB's are clearly the easiest and strongest boat at the moment followed by cruisers with DD's being very difficult to play and do anything. CV's being pretty much unplayable unless you are very skilled. I had a match recently where the closest I could get to any cap without being spotted by radar was the B line. With Light Cruisers yet to come, I am dreading the new meta for my favorite teir (T10).
  15. Pussnboats

    Coal Question

    One Question Will the coal be equal to ALL the oil you have earned in different clans ? or just the oil earned in current clan? Cheers