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  1. marshallee24

    Submarines: How to Play

    I have waited for this moment since being in alpha when they guaranteed that they would NEVER be in the game. I cant wait to try these things out.
  2. marshallee24

    WG Your MM!!!!

    Yeah the difference in tiers in tanks is ludicrous. Ships its not so bad unless you are a carrier like a ranger t6 going against tier 8s dont even expect to be of any use....
  3. marshallee24

    WG Your MM!!!!

    I can say that playing tier 7s going against tier 9s and 6s going against 8s isnt super fun, but i will say thati feel that ship tier in this game does not feel as defining as in tanks...
  4. marshallee24

    200% Cashback Bonus Coupon

    Here is what my account looked like before and after purchasing the package that came with 9 million credits and 9k dublooms. Before: After: So after purchasing i can without a doubt verify the validity of the claims that the coupon gives you way more bang for your buck. If you get one of these i would suggest using it. I have played with Wargaming for years and have not seen a coupon so valuable in all my years. If only i could get one of these for World of Tanks
  5. marshallee24

    200% Cashback Bonus Coupon

    I have one of these coupons, and am thinking of using it. While there isn't a bunch of info out there about it, I do think it would double the amount you get from the transaction. I cant be too sure, but i will use it and report back here and tell everyone what happens...
  6. marshallee24

    CV take off time?

    Agreed. A little optimism never hurt anyone. Atleast i think so...
  7. WoWP has done it again. NERF NERF NERF

    1. ParanoiaXtreme_PRX


      You mean I think that WoWP only gets better