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  1. Reactions not working

    I'd give you all a thumbs up for explaining this BUT.... I'm out of reactions so here's a few dancing turtles instead , Enjoy!
  2. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    Hello! I'd like to hang with some Rust / Oxide players in Discord, maybe run a few divisions to see if there is a fit. Am interested in improving my game significantly, running solo not nearly as much fun. Can field T10 ships for Clan battles. MST time zone.
  3. Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    Another great review, very thankful to you LWM! I hope you are over the flu and feeling much better now!
  4. Sorry Blorgh, you may be cute and all, but for this you cannot be forgiven... back to the dungeon with ya!
  5. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    AMEN! What I have been seeing though is many running it up as frontline dpm and getting wiped in short-order. It is still not a tanky ship and needs all the cover and positioning it can muster.
  6. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    A bit late to the party, but have to say this is my favorite review of yours yet!
  7. I really like this approach to improving ones play. I'm struggling to get better myself and seem to be backsliding at times. Slap my forehead, walk away and think about what I can do to correct myself. Seeing this is the approach from someone better is encouraging! I figure if I keep working on that, rather than worry about my WTR , I'll be a better team player and player overall.
  8. I hope this gets resolved soon. Premium or F2P, we are all effected and it is making it more difficult to keep a group together for battles. Can’t really blame anyone for trying other games when this one is so messed up. So having said that, is there any work around or way to help resolve the issue as players?
  9. USS Lexington wreck found

    You may do as you wish EP. Funny thing is, you tell me to be nice, yet seem perfectly fine threatening to take away an upvote. Not sure what point you are trying to make here. I posted what seemed to be a pertinent bit of info in a on-target topic forum here and in first reply got told it was late and that I should search first. If policing forums is your thing, hey, good on ya! You caught me not putting gum in the wrapper before throwing it out.
  10. USS Lexington wreck found

    Sorry mate! Guess you had to make sure to tell me I was late and how I f'd up. Congrats!! (BTW, I did search here, did not see it in this area, felt it fit. So if you really feel it doesn't belong, please have a moderator remove it.)
  11. USS Lexington wreck found

    The wreck of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington has recently been found in the Coral Sea by a team of explorers. For more info, see the article at https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/aircraft-carrier-uss-lexington-sunk-during-wwii-found-in-coral-sea/ar-BBJVlYA
  12. Trying to view a recent replay of mine and am getting stopped at the login screen. An error pops up stating "invalid property requested", and gives some additional info on a Buildpath. The error dialog shows thee is plenty of memory to execute, so I'm uncertain as to what this could mean. I'm running the latest client without any mods loaded. Has anyone else experienced this error when trying to watch their own replay?
  13. I actually was surprised by surviving a ram the other day. My Missouri was rammed by an Iowa, their ship at around 20% health, I was a bit over 65%. They hit me amid ship with their bow at an angle, about 45 degrees.
  14. Hmm...Captain Skill...oh wait

    Choked on my drink when I read this! Great explanation!!