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  1. _Guest_

    New Code

    Still Working
  2. _Guest_

    New of new code

    Yep, thanks
  3. _Guest_

    SC for this month 1k DB!!

    You all did well. I got the proverbial 100 detonation flags to add to the 900 I already had.
  4. _Guest_

    getting ridiculous

    I just got 100 detonation flags in my December Super Container. I can lend you some. LOL
  5. _Guest_

    Epic bonus code still valid!

    I dont see anything in port. What was this supposed to give?
  6. _Guest_

    Epic bonus code still valid!

    worked for me. Thanks
  7. _Guest_

    Amazon Prime free containers lol

    I did well. Ship, flags and camo.
  8. got the Ragnar. Thanks all for the advice
  9. Yes, i found with Druid, detection is difficult, and once I am spotted, the DD who spotted me has friends and that means trouble. Sounds like the radar on Ragnar is the key.
  10. I like playing DD's especially in Ranked. I have found the Druid to be a little too specialized to work in Ranked. Have had good luck with my Marceau and Halland. What are you thoughts as to the Ragnar? Is it a better option than any of these? I have enough steel with coupon to get one now.
  11. Used doubloons for 8 and got three more ships including Georgia!!!
  12. Opened 4 Mega and got three ships. Thanks WG
  13. Said I got it, but when I went into the game, didnt see anything.
  14. _Guest_

    supercontainers are a waste of effort

    I have enough coal so go Try Your Luck. In the past 30 days or so I have received 2 SC's this way. Got 25 dragon signals in one, and 100 Victor Lima signals today.