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  1. _Guest_

    Thanks WG for the Birthday Present

    Yep, especially when you dont get one for a while, and then it happens on a special day like your birthday. Double treat.
  2. Got my first SuperContainer in a while on Try Your Luck today. 100 India Xray. Nice Birthday present.
  3. _Guest_

    Smalland any good?

    think thats what I will do. Hold the XP and see what comes down the pike. Thanks
  4. _Guest_

    Smalland any good?

    I have well over the 2 mill price, however, I can free xp the Halland for around 650,000. From what I read, Halland seems to be a better overall ship. I never free xp ships, however, havent played this line alot. Have the Friesland and like it alot. Thought as to spending 2 mill on Smaland, or going with the Halland and keep a bunch of my free XP in the bank?
  5. _Guest_

    Ships you never see anymore

    Used to love my Ark Beta, but just cant go out with 4 CV's every game.
  6. _Guest_

    Camo color scheme

    The ability to change between two colors was something earned through directives/missions. It give you the ability to change between stock and a secondary color scheme on certain camos.
  7. _Guest_

    Do you stay and watch the after battle?

    Almost always. Its interesting to see how the teams work against each other. Also, act a cheerleader.
  8. _Guest_


    Yep, works, Thanks
  9. _Guest_

    Daily Rewards

    I have a Rewards Collected button at the bottom of the left column.
  10. _Guest_

    Is PTS Down?

    Thanks, didnt notice the date.
  11. _Guest_

    Is PTS Down?

    I have been playing every day on 9.5, but cant log in today.
  12. _Guest_

    How to win in Ranked

    As the computer WOPR said in the movie War Games, the only way to win is not to play the game. How about a nice game of Chess?
  13. _Guest_

    This seasons ranked

    my teams have been horrible. been see sawing up and down. No fun
  14. 15 containers, 90 tokens. Wow, I thought I was doing bad. you have only had 5's.
  15. _Guest_

    Error Directive 1 : Earn 2200 base XP

    Yes, my mistake. I see people looking at screen 1 xp and believe its base. You had a really good game and met the directive. I did 2679 base in my Shchors yesterday and got credit for the directive.