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  1. Had 2 dd;s and 4 BB;s in last battle. We tried to get the DD's to get bonus. Only ended up with three. Horrible game.
  2. i have about given up. I have had 6 losses in a row with damage done ranging from 125 k all the way to 185k. No one answers when I suggest or ask for a plan, They all just go off and do their thing, and my team usually it terrible and we loose with them loosing a ship to all of ours. I am usually 1 or 2, but i have been yo-yoing between 9 and 12 for the past 50 battles or so, and it is not fun.
  3. I also have and ArkB, a fun ship due to the tier 10 slots, but with the new CV meta, not the same that is was. It has no AA at all, and is a sitting duck for the two red carriers per game that now are common at tier 4. From a historical perspective, I would have no problems with WG coming out with a premium Arkansas without the B designation, and without the tier 10 slots. I understand that players like to have a port with historically important or different ships, especially US ships here on the NA server, but as with the Iwaki Alpha (which I don't have, got into WOW just a little too late for that), alpha and beta testers should have something unique in their ports to show their early commitment to the game. I proudly fly my BW and CBT flags when my ships go into battle.
  4. I started at rank 10 no stars, back to 12. I had a couple of good games, but generally, one side wades in, the other hangs back. Also, no one seems to be communicating. Unfortunate, I was really looking forward to this season. I think I will sit on the sidelines a while. Here is another good one, I had 150k plus damage with my Buffalo, looked like we would loose again badly. I thought at least I wouldn't loose a star, then my last remaining teammate, BB decided to ram to get enough HP to squeak by my by 2 points. Game over, loss of star.
  5. I don't understand this ranked season. I have been doing well myself, but the teamwork is totally missing so I am loosing at a terrible rate. Here, an awesome game, but we loose with only one enemy ship dead.
  6. _Guest_

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    I had the same choice, took Black, and am regretting it. I think the Flint would be more fun to play.
  7. _Guest_

    Change of Subjects: Ranked

    I am the opposite. Not really enjoying. There doesnt seem to be any strategy. No caps to try to win. Just a free for all shoot em up. I prefer some team strategic work.
  8. _Guest_

    How many draws do you have

    One with almost 6000 battles.
  9. _Guest_

    Rank challange for cc and Unicom players.

    i ranked out in 25 battles. tried anshan and t61 for 5 battles, then Farragut. Got all my wins in Farragut. If i started out with him, would have gotten there in 20 battles.
  10. Yes. Just purchased. A great deal. Thanks WG.
  11. _Guest_

    Best ships for ranked t6

    Farragut. Ranked out earlier today. 26 battles, but all losses were before I moved to Farragut. T61 an Anshan were so so. I had thought Shinome would be good but meh.
  12. _Guest_

    PSA Bonus codes

    Just redeemed all, thanks.
  13. _Guest_

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Hashtag, got your gift. Amazing. Thanks and Merry Xmas.
  14. _Guest_

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Thanks, you need to send to _Guest_. Underscores, not dashes. I appreciate your sending a gift. Yes, this time of year is great. n The WOW community is great.
  15. _Guest_

    2018 Secret Santa!

    One coming to you Naska