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  1. _Guest_

    Smolensk- well worth the coal

    I was running at 16km with aft. Slot 6 was for concealment so I hid and disappear when necessary. It is a toss up as to which way to go.
  2. _Guest_

    Smolensk- well worth the coal

    Got erased early in all 5 games I had last night. Not a good sign, Big damage no matter what my angle to almost every enemy. On plus side, love the 16 guns. Decimated some dd's. On the whole, up in the air on my assessment. Definately not a Kuterzov on steroids. Kutz a much sturdier ship.
  3. DD killing cruisers too squishy to BB AP. Sturdier ones like Roon dont have rate of fire to go one on one with DD's effectively.
  4. _Guest_

    Done with Ranked.

    i really used to enjoy ranked. First, I dont see salt in ranked. Usually both teams are friendly and don't talk smack as they do in WOT Second, there used to be more safe ranked levels. With only level 12 as a safe spot, you yo-yo up and down too much and too far. Third, I don't know what is going on with the MM, but the games are tending to be very lop-sided. For every match that is close, 1 on one or 2 on one at the end, there are 6 or 7 blowouts with only 1 dead opponent with the other team at the bottom of the sea. This is not really fun for either team. I don't know how to solve this. Maybe I have been getting the radom short end of the stick, but the team disparity has been noticable, and commented on my many players. Lastly, any tier has OP ships. Yes, this seems to be 4 DD's, Kronstadt, Mushashi. Cruisers are generally not played, and are taken out early. Kitty, Jutland and Black are the DD's of choice.
  5. I have 300,000,000 credits. Was hoping to cash them in for doubloons based on how they have it worded. When I went in game, saw that its purchasing credits with doubloons. Bummer
  6. Got my tier 5 after buying 7 premiums and earning 5 in the first round. 1 for 12, not the greatest percentage.
  7. _Guest_

    Just finished the Jaguar mission.

    66 Pontiac Catalina. 389 4 bbl. 12 mpg. During 73 gas crisis didn't always have enough gas to go odd even rationing days.
  8. _Guest_

    Georgia 7 KM Secondaries

    Thanks all for you answers. There were two issues: The first was that he in fact was not speced for secondaries. He is a WOT guy, and hag a couple of hundred games in WOW. He bought the Admirals package and told me he was fully speced so I didn't check what he had in his slots. The upgrades with the package did not include the secondary build. I replaced the two slots with secondaries and he now had the 11 km plus ranged. I had set up his captain for him, so he had AFT and BFT as well as manual, but without the upgrades, the secondaries were meh. Second, as was said above, the Georgia needs to be turned slightly more than the Massachusetts in order to get the secondaries firing away. My buddy took it out the respeced ship and with this knowledge (in co-op) and had a blast. Had over 300 hits with secondaries. I am trying to get him to wean off WOT and become a full fledged WOW player. He was really excited when the ship performed as it should thanks to you all.
  9. _Guest_

    Georgia 7 KM Secondaries

    Thanks for the reply, i will check out the upgrades to see if he has the secondary build there. There were no shots fired until 7 KM. Was not bow on, probably 45 degree angle to the targets.
  10. _Guest_

    Georgia 7 KM Secondaries

    I left his house earlier today, and he is going away for the 4th. I will see if he can forward me the replay and I can post.
  11. I was playing my buddies Georgia. 15 point captain, fully speced for secondaries. Had the secondary signal hoisted. Had Manual secondaries on target starting at 12 KM. Secondaries did not start firing until 7 KM. We then took out the Georgia in a division with my Massachusetts in a co-op. I had 275 secondary hits, and they started at 11.5 km. His Georgia only had 50 secondary hits, and again, they did not start firing until 7 KM. I thought a fully speced Georgia would be same or better secondary ship in comparison to the Mass.. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be?
  12. Had this happen in a Ranked battle yesterday. CV on our team was doing great. Needed a kill at the end with one enemy left. We had 5 ships and all caps. A certain win for us. A teamate proposed letting him get his Kraken, and we all agreed. At least we thought we all agreed, but a rental hindy took the last shot just as his planes were getting there, and took the kill. We all felt that the rental was being a jerk and let him know after the battle.
  13. Agree, Kill it before it comes back to haunt you and your teammates. Only caveat is the end of a game, you team is going to win no question, and someone is going for the Kraken. Let that player get his or hers Kraken.