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  1. All great comments. Thanks all. I will wait to see what comes in over the next 6 months.
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. I believe I will sit out this coupon and see what comes up in the future.
  3. I have both, and play them both. As said above, two different playstyles. Marceau generally just flies around the map at top speed spamming HE at anything in range while it dodges incoming. Cannot contest caps in general in my opinion. With its super heal and large HP pool, Neustrashimy contests caps and can go one on one with most dd's and come out ahead. If a cruiser comes broadside at 5-6 KM or less, your AP will do nice citadel damage. Personally, these two are my two favorite DD's and I am glad I have both.
  4. Yep, I am tearing myself apart on this one. I am not as interested in the Bourg, but Austin looks interesting, however, in the new world, cruisers seem to be left behind.
  5. I had been saving up my steel to get the Stalingrad for ages. Have more than enough now, and my son wants me to pull the trigger using the soon to expire coupon. I have 250 ships, including the Petro which I understand out performs the Stalingrad. Everything I have read in the last number of months is that Stalingrad is no longer the ship it was. I hardly see it in game anymore. I dont want to regret my decision. The alternative is Shikishima (one of the few lines I never went all the way to the top on is the Japanese BB, so I dont have a Yammy) or wait to see what come out in the next 6 months and forego the coupon. Any thought would be appreciated.
  6. I also run my closed Beta patch. Between all the patches, symbols, emblems, etc, I dont have the time to change mine, but I do take a quick look at others in battle.
  7. _Guest_

    KoTS Collection Complete!

    Got the Hood for mine. It was a happy surprise.
  8. _Guest_

    Premium Ship Review - Champagne

    I was a pumpkin for Halloween event and got to play Champagne. It was a blast. I was so sorry that I just missed the purchase window for it. Hoped to get it from Christmas crates, but no deal. I can only hope it comes back.
  9. I will take it. Thanks WG. Had wanted it for a while, and its a nice addition to my port. Very historic.
  10. _Guest_

    Invite code

  11. _Guest_

    Why is ranked set up this stupid?

    I used to play exclusively from 7am to 9am and then get on with my day. Cant do that anymore. Start at 1pm on any day, especially the weekend does not happen. The change in time for Ranked sessions is keeping me from a battle type that I really enjoy.
  12. _Guest_

    Ranked: An Unpopular Opinion

    Was in a ranked battle with you yesterday and we had a great match. You are better than you are allowing. LOL
  13. _Guest_


    I was going to get this for steel, but it was taken out just as I was getting enough. I got it for coal and it is one of my favorite ships. I have had numerous dreadnaughts in it and with the heal, can go toe to toe with most DD's and come out on top. Great concealment. Good Torps.
  14. _Guest_

    Buying ships for FXP

    You dont have to unlock free xp ships. Any ships that are available for free xp are on the right side of the tree by themselves. Look at each nation to see what it looks like. Now sure if Alaska is available as a free xp ship.