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  1. Jack_Gallows

    Alternatives to World Of Warships

    Any alternatives to World of Warships and/or [edited] (don't mind the game, grind is too much for me personally,) that might already be out or are on the horizon that people play or are looking forward to? Preferably int he same vein as WoWS/WOT.
  2. Jack_Gallows

    So who’s ready for the official response?

    I'm incredibly late to the party, what happened? (I've been out of game for almost a year.)
  3. I have been a very off and on again WOWS player over the years, I hardly post on the forums and I think my highest tiered ship is (non-premium) is USS Ranger / (premium) USS DAKKABOTE- er Atlanta. I mention this because in all of that time I have only purchased Atlanta and only did so after finding your ship reviews a few years back and I just wanted to let you know that even as you are moving on you helped me learn so much about this game and even when I wouldn't be actively playing I'd be here looking through your wonderful reviews. Thank you so much and best of luck in all your future endeavors!