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  1. Timberwolf84

    Pommern: Buy or Pass?

    So far it's an amazing ship in ranked sprint. The 12 guns make up for the 1.5 sigma even in randoms. The HE chance is decent enough to deal with bow tankers until you close in. This also burns a lot of DC and repair parties so when your secondaries and torps cause dot damage your enemy is toast. It's less likely to catch fire than the GK as it has better deck armor. It may not be for everyone, but it's like a Tirpitz on steroids. Plus for coal and a coupon it's free, aside from your time playing the game. Very glad I picked it up.
  2. Timberwolf84

    AL sov. Rossiya vs Pommern

    Not sure where all the Pommern hate is coming from. It has the same deck armor as the FDG, so very good HE resistance compared to the Kurfurst. Save your coal and it's a blast to roll with. Lert has it correct as it being a super Terpitz. The 12 guns make up for the lower sigma value from what I have seen. It's the best brawler at tier 9. If you dont like to brawl, it's not a good fit. That being said it has a little extra range over the FDG and Kurfurst which is nice.
  3. Timberwolf84

    Public Test 0.9.7 German Carriers Part 2

    Is the PT up yet? I have tried to log in but I keep getting failure to connect to server messages.