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  1. ArcherDude

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    Have it and use it
  2. ArcherDude

    Is Trento good for co-op/Scenarios? Worth getting perma-camo?

    Took her out this a.m., not too sure if I want to go through that again...lost 1/2 health in 1st wave (d*mn bots never miss) did alright, I guess, but she is fragile...crazy fragile prob best to fight at a distance, if possible the 203 SAP are boss vs DD's and CL's...do good work on CA's and BB's too
  3. ArcherDude

    Italian Sacrilege

    About the same as Zara...Zara is a bit better is all....these ships sure do handle nice....very nice
  4. ArcherDude

    Hey thanks for the anniversary loot!

    Hey thanks for the anniversary loot! What a nice surprize...received 3-4 "Anniversary Gifts" Thanks much!
  5. ArcherDude

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    ^^^ Exactly this.....in spades!
  6. ArcherDude

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    I remember that....wasn't it a CB kind of thing?...don't remember, but I do remember how funny it was at times....tier 8's trying, without much success, to hit tier 1's with gunfire....ended up easier just to ram them...lol
  7. ArcherDude

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    with 0 point Captains
  8. and an Akula hiding in the depths
  9. ArcherDude

    Seldom seen premium ships?

    Does so!...love my Perth in Op's
  10. 14th or 15th...can't remember exactly
  11. ArcherDude

    Italian Cruisers - Serious Discussion

    Did that an hour ago...it was hilarious, planes falling all over the place
  12. ArcherDude

    Weird Spotting Bug

    5 spots after sunk, and an Atlanta had 1 Reported it, but apparently it's old news
  13. ArcherDude

    Spotting Bug

    Ah, ok Thought it really strange when I started getting these ribbons....thought WTH???? extra points for me, but it felt wrong so I thought I would mention it
  14. Just came out of a battle in Monte (tier 5 Italian CL), and I collected 5 "Spotting Ribbons" while I was dead. No airplanes in the sky. There was an Atlanta that collect 1 as well, and yes he was dead at the time. Just thought you should know