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  1. Depends on the format, if it was something like Freelancer with the Discovery mod, then Yes in a heartbeat....if not, I not too sure.
  2. 1. Yubari-chan - I think it's the funnel, God that sure is sexy looking 2. Huang-He - compact, yet no too cluttered
  3. What type of crates do you pick?

    Flags and camo for the 1st two, and Roll the Dice for the 3rd
  4. Possible removal of Zao

    Just swap the "Jake"'s for "Rufe"'s(Zero Float Fighter) Love to have Tone or Chikuma in port
  5. Choosing Containers

    ^^^...Yup, this with 97 or so ships in port and +255 Mil in the bank, don't really need cred's or xp
  6. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    16% ...mostly in CL's with 7.6k battles 32% main batteries
  7. ^^^ Same, same. Whats with people complaining about winning FREE stuff...wow!
  8. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    ^^^ Yup, this....always go down swinging +1
  9. Happy Birthday LittleWhiteMouse...

    Happy Birthday to the 1st Lady of our community, LittleWhiteMouse! Hope it was a great day and you have many, many more to come.
  10. Not everyone uses the non-client cheats (XVM type programs)
  11. 2 flags

    AHH...ok, thx
  12. 2 flags

    We can fly 2 flags on IJN ships??? Do you mean the MMC and CBT type flags? Since when?
  13. Brilliant, just bloody Brilliant! +1