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  1. ArcherDude

    Bored with game

    Pretty much this ^ About the only thing I play any more is the tier 6 Operations, and maybe take out Tenryu and Yubari every now and again. As this week is a tier 7 Op, I'm taking the week off. There is nothing being offered that I have any interest in Maybe if Yahagi ever gets released (not holding my breath), it might perk my interest more.
  2. ArcherDude

    Confess, have you ever

    Nice to see a post where we get to laugh at ourselves, and have a few chuckle at others ( only because we've done it too ) For me, I play a lot of tier 6 Operations with Huang-He, Perth and Leander, and I am always forgetting what ship I'm in. Usually after I hit a button and either nothing happens or the wrong cheat/gimmick activates. Usually followed by a thick blue cloud and some choice words in as many languages as I can remember. When stuck, I invent them on the spot
  3. ArcherDude

    8.6 CV's in Co-op - Preliminary Information

    Pennies from Heaven!
  4. ArcherDude

    Thoughts on the new Raptor Rescue

    it's not much different than before...pretty much the same layout Nice to see it back
  5. ArcherDude

    Status of captains when "forgetting" a line

    Tenryu is an easy counter to St.L, Bogy and Charlie, but Krazy Kreme at tier 4?....*shutters*
  6. ArcherDude

    CV's in Co-op

    Raptor Rescue is on the Test Server right now
  7. ArcherDude

    Status of captains when "forgetting" a line

    Yup, I can just see it....tier 2 whatever running around with a 19 pt Capt The 1 question I have is, Does this NTC ,during a reset of a line, affect Premium Ships in that line? I got a crap load of xp on a few of mine and don't want to lose them....like over 2 mil on Yubari...lol
  8. ArcherDude

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    Would love one, but still waiting for Yahagi I know, I know....Soon T.M.
  9. ArcherDude

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    Black with lots of Chrome!
  10. ArcherDude

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    I'm well over that myself
  11. This, I think , will be the real problem, unless WGing is going to add Tier 11 &12 Imagine what a tier 6 is going to feel like in a tier 8 fight with a bunch of overstrength 8's running around. Doesn't sound like fun and engaging to me. Maybe adjust MM for every Special upgrade, or x number of Specials bumps your 8 to a 9 for MM purposes, or something along those lines?
  12. This is a very good..... wait for it..... Waste of an idea!
  13. ArcherDude

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    With 0 point Capt.'s
  14. ArcherDude

    Happy Canada Day!!

    Thanks!, and the same to you!!!