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  1. ArcherDude

    Why the silent release of the Mysore?

    Oh my....what a little gem.
  2. ArcherDude


    Very true. I gave an up vote to a N-berg this morning in a Operations battle. Had the whole world shooting at me and buddy showed up and helped. We lost the Op, but I still gave him/her a +1
  3. ArcherDude


    ^ Pretty much this....it's suppose to be a "safety vent?" of sorts. I usually give out "+'s" for nice plays that saves my but, or if I notice a sweet move/play. Don't care what kind of ship. Same is true of a really bad play (-'s), and we all have days like that. I really wouldn't hold much store in Karma per se, nice to get, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it
  4. ArcherDude

    How to karma - a guide

    Got a double in 1 battle yesterday...they each had their own notification
  5. ArcherDude

    A Gift to Turn the Tide

    Thank You very much! All you people @Wargaming stay safe and be careful.
  6. ArcherDude

    Caption this!

    Beam me up Scotty....NOW!!! Of course my initial reaction would be "Oh crap! (or something similar...lol)
  7. ArcherDude

    Moving Warships to a new PC

    Maybe I'll give it a try...if I have problems, I can always do a fresh install
  8. ArcherDude

    Moving Warships to a new PC

    Yeah, that what I was kind of thinking...not sure how much SSD Star Citizen will need
  9. Not sure if this belongs here or not. Getting a new PC and I was wondering if I can transfer Warships to a Flash Drive (Thumb), and then transfer the game to the new PC? Also, the new PC has dual Hard drives...HHD (or is it HDD?) and SSD....For Warships, does it matter with drive I put it on. Don't want to clutter up the SSD because Star Citizen (Open Alpha) requires SSD and I'm not sure how much SC with need to run
  10. ArcherDude

    The Weekly Review: Fiji

    Don't you touch my turning radius! Nice write=up +1
  11. ArcherDude

    What do your stats say about you?

    With 8 pages of results, I'm not surprized you lost track. Nice job on this thread. Love these types of threads. Don't bother with mine(you've got more than enough) as I've only played tier 6 OP.s and maybe less than 100 random battle in the last year or so....low tier stuff....love my Tenyru and Yubari-chan
  12. ArcherDude

    Fun/Effective Tech Tree ships for Operations

    Tier 6 OP's...Huang-He, Perth, Leander....rinse and repeat ( Hatsu and Geade are a blast too) Tier 7........Belfast and Fiji
  13. All maps with Islands on them
  14. I'm running a GTX 1050 and I'm getting it too