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  1. She was about 30 mins late leaving Scapa Flow and for the most part, missed the battle. She did launch a Scout plane, flown by P/O Rutland, who became known as "Rutland of Jutland." He didn't spot anything.....but mist and rain
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Had the honour and privilege of being on @LittleWhiteMouse's team last night. She was in her Fujin, stirring up all sorts of trouble, and I was in my Y-chan doing the same. She got into so much trouble that she almost missed the main battle. I'm sorry Dear Lady, but battles wait for no mice....not even Little White ones. We won rather handily.
  3. Yup, yesterday....Fatal Exception Error. that's twice in 2 weeks now
  4. Huang-He, Perth, Aoba, N-berg, Leander, Spee, DeGrasse and the other French CL, Duca, Hardly ever took Clev out anyways, so no great loss
  5. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    Tenryu - just love beating up on St.L's and Bogy's...that Varyag is a pain in the ***...lol always have very good and intense fights with those 3 Mid-tier - Yubari, Kuma and Huang-He, in that order
  6. This is probably pretty close to the truth. Me, I treat Huang-He as a "Super Y-chan" (Yubari) and she does just fine...swats flies like a champ without DFAA, and very nimble.Where she gets into trouble is in a tier 8 fight. I would think that if you can make Y-chan work, you would have no troubles with Huang-He. As to why the high W/R? I remember when they brought back Y-chan to the game, there was an uproar about how OP she was (roflmao), or more correctly, she SEEMED to be. The problem was, you had a bunch of Alfa and Beta Testers (I'm one of the later), who got quite good with her and that skewed her stats somewhat. LittleWhiteMouse's review of Huang-He was spot-on...she IS very fragile, she IS under-gunned for her tier and she's a tad slow for her tier. And I have a blast playing her, especially in Scenarios. The only difference of opinion I have with LWM's reviews is what she recommends for various slots and Capt. skills, and that's allowed. We all play the same ship differently, and that's allowed too.
  7. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Also, the Type VII-F, which carried 21 spare Torpedo's for re-supplying other U-boats.
  8. Historical Ammunition Levels

    They had about half of their loadout....used half during the Coronel battle.
  9. I think that might have been me. I came flying around an Island intending to "collect" a lone BB, just about to launch my torps and got hammered on the other side by another BB that I didn't even know was there.....and I watch my mini-map closely.....damn good trap and well done
  10. Tech Tree Premiums Updated

    ^^^ Yup, this....just skipper her the way you would a cruiser and you'll be fine
  11. As a case in point, go jump into a RNCL (say Danae or Em), and go against a BB. How mush damage do you think you'll do?....not bloody much, unless you can get close enough to torp....
  12. ArcherDude seems OP, Please nerf!!!
  13. I wonder if she gets extra Style points for Air Time, because those shells of hers sure are "floaty"
  14. So, how do you carry a team that doesn't want to be carried? Short answer?......You don't! lol