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  1. Prob that darn WASD hack
  2. ArcherDude

    CVs in Ops

    Yup, very much this...In many battles I'll get 5+ "Kills", but maybe 2 or 3 of them are really mine....the others?, just taking out someone else's trash
  3. ArcherDude

    Raptor Ops game

    I've also had probs with the LMB....double click to fire a salvo and only 1 turret fires....thinking a bit of lag going on
  4. ArcherDude

    Ever consider rage quitting the game?

    Usually just shut the game off and pick up a guitar.....rage?, what rage??
  5. ArcherDude


    There's a few points I'd like to bring up that players tend to ignore if it's not about guns. 1. For a CL, she's very tiny. 2. With the right upgrades to the ship, she's very nimble, very, very nimble....fast rudder and tight turning circle 3. the smoke....enough said! this will be a "go-to" ship for OP's
  6. ArcherDude


    The 113mm's start to bite at about 5.5 kms, the 133 around 6 kms
  7. ArcherDude


    The AP starts biting at about 5.5 kms, justy do a lot of wiggling till I get close enough for the AP. This ship is a blast!....weak armour?, yup...weak guns?, yup.....no hydro?, yup....yet, she is so much fun, and she's not a bad DD hunter at all....pretty good, actually, inspite of no hydro
  8. ArcherDude

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    You don\t mind if I park here, do you?
  9. ArcherDude

    Server is down...

    I'm in game
  10. ArcherDude

    New Pan Asia CLs for PVE

    And here I'm sitting on 3 - 21 pt Capt.'s and a 19 pt. (thx Huang-He) Rahmet is very fragile....no, no, I dont think you understand.....very fragile as in Yubari-fragile.... guns are underwhelming to say the least, not too bad vs DD's (kind of....) and Dallas levels of floatiness. she dances pretty darn well, almost as good as Huang-He....almost. just love the smoke on her...one of the best can lauch torps from stealth....just (0.5 km with CE) she's suppose to be an anti DD/AC ship but doesn't get hydro?!?!?! guess I wont be clearing out any smoke clouds with this I've played about 20ish battles in Operations with her, and she IS fun. just dont expect to be at the top of the score board as much when playing her. not saying she wont, I've had a couple of very good battles with her....good for any CL, but any of the other Brit CL's with do much better.
  11. ArcherDude

    Is Aiming Messed up in 1.10.10?

    ^^ yup, this too....as too the accuracy?...wow, like I suddenly forgot how to shoot.... shots I would normally make without thinking about it are falling short, and sometimes, VERY short thought I was just having a bad day(s), as sometimes happens
  12. ArcherDude

    Remembrance Day - lest we forget